Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm do'in a Jack-Danny abuse fic. What-eva. It called to me.

(Ha. I've actually been messing around with this pointless thing waaay more than my Frozen Christmas sequel.)

ALLLLrighty then. Just to forewarn you all, I haven't really checked over any of this for grammar mistakes and such because frankly, I just don't care. This is just a little thing I play with when I'm bored and I figured I'd plague FanFiction with it cause I'm a jerk like that.

And sadly, no DannyXVlad...T_T Although I am gonna give the whole "father-son" thing a shot. Weird, I know.

Things...have been a little weird since Mom left.

She's coming back of course, in about four months, but she is coming back. A fancy cooperation or school or something had mailed her about spending five months in Germany to teach aspiring ghost hunters. She had immediately turned it down, since Jack was unable to come due to A: it was an all female school, and B: he wasn't a very good ghost hunter.

The little brochure was sticking out of the trash can that day when Dad pulled it out swiftly. I remember watching him scan the small print with growing fascination, looking elated.

"Maddie-cakes, this is perfect!" he jumped in the air.

"What's perfect, dear?" she walked in the kitchen with an apron on and a spatula in her hands. I had quickly grabbed a bowl of cereal because only Dad has the ability to stomach her, literally, monstrous cooking.

"This German Ghost Hunters Academy for Girls!" he waved the brochure in her face.

"Oh that silly old thing? It's an all girls school sweetie, you wouldn't be able to come. Besides, it's five months long! I couldn't be away from my precious babies for five months!" she laughed, the idea absurd to her, and took out a large pan.

"But they'll fund all our ghost projects for ten years! And they'll pay your way over!" Dad was grinning from ear to ear.

"Jack." she looked stern, turning around and pointing the spatula at him, "I know money's tight, but I don't need to leave my family to make ends meet."

"It's not about that baby. You'll get to spread the Fenton name all the way to Germany! All those girls would be perfect under your master training! And while your raising up the army, I'll hold the house down here!" he whipped out an ecto gun and shot it haphazardly, the blast annihilating my cereal.

"Uh, Jack dear..." Mom looked double unsure now.

"You could tell us all about your adventures across the ocean, and get all kinds of new ideas for ghost weapons, and help the world become better protected from ghosts, and-"

Here he had started getting disgustingly cheesy and Mom was giving him a nauseatingly gushy look, so I ignored them and brushed soot from my backpack, heading out the door to school. I was just stepping outside when I heard mom say,

"I'll think about it, dear."

Two days later, they sat me down and told me Mom was going to Germany for five months.

At first I hadn't cared. I mean, I was gonna miss her, yeah, but I thought things might actually be easier without her constant scrutinizing. The house was a little lonely with Jazz off at her first year of college, though (Princeton, no less). I had enjoyed the prospect of not having the second set of disapproving parental glares (my grades weren't as shining as Jazz's) and the smaller chance that Mom would figure out my secret. You can't pry into your sons life when your an entire continent away. But after two straight weeks of no Mom, Dad started getting really grumpy.

He'd frown and glare a lot, slamming things more than usual. Not realizing his own strength he'd break most of them. "Danny! Pick that up!" he'd bark. He lost a lot of his usual happy, bubbly moods, turning it darker and blacker. It was like Mom was his sun and without her he was a constant scrooge.

It got so bad that I didn't even want to be in the same room with him. Him! My own father! At breakfast he'd always talk about how perfect Mom's cooking was and how the house was so much nicer with her around. I felt a little resentful at that comment. Was I not good enough?

Apparently not, because he started getting on my case about chores. He was to lazy to do most of them, and I had to cover Mom and Jazz's stuff on top of my own. Coupled with fighting ghosts and struggling not to fail out of my first semester of sophomore year, you can guess I was having a bit of trouble.

"Danny! This room is a mess! I told you to clean it an hour ago!" Dad yelled angrily, coming up from the lab and surveying the moderately messy living room.

"I'm trying to get my homework done." And for once it was true. No ghosts were out and I was trying to catch up. He was always telling me how grades are the most important thing, after ghosts of course.

His frown had deepened, looking from my open math book to the living room.

"Jazz would have gotten it done." he grumbled loudly, turning and trudging back down to the lab.

That comment had kinda hurt, especially coming from him. I'd never heard him say a mean thing in my life (except to ghosts) and here he was telling me that Jazz was better. I guess, technically it was true, she did get into Princeton after all, but hearing it from your own father was different. More concrete somehow. That's when I began to realize I was a disappointment to him.

Then, a week ago, he grounded me from all house phones, taking my cell phone away too. This was really bad because I had no way to contact Sam and Tucker during ghost fights now.

"If you can't keep up with chores and homework then you can't handle the responsibility of a phone." he told me coldly.

At first, I had been furious. Responsibility? I'd screamed in my head. I take care of this entire city every day and your trying to lecture me about not being able to handle a cell phone?

After I cooled off I just got on my computer and messaged Sam and Tucker about it. Their sympathies were up lifting, and I got over it quickly. After all, it wasn't like Dad knew I was fighting ghosts for him everyday.

He got moodier and moodier, and I took every chance I had to get out of the house (it wasn't that difficult really). So, currently, I'm at Sam's house, confiding my feeling to my two best friends.

"Mom's been gone for a month and it's Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde over there." I jerked a thumb in the direction of my house out Sam's window.

"Your Dad just misses her. I'm sure he'll be back to his old self once he gets used to not having her around." Tucker tried to console me, but I was still worried.

"But he's been getting worse and worse."

"I'm tell'in ya dude, it'll all blow over soon. You just gotta wait it out." Tucker shrugged. Sam looked unconvinced.

"I dunno Tuck. I think your giving parents too much credit. Maybe you should try talking to your Dad about it. Maybe he doesn't realize he'd being so grumpy and rude."

"Yeah. Maybe." I bit my knuckles nervously, not relishing the idea of talking about that to him. Would he get mad?

"How long you grounded for anyway?" Tucker asked.

I shrugged.

"I don't know, he wouldn't tell me. When I kept asking he told me I'd get them back when I learned to shut my mouth."

"Your dad said that to you?" Tucker said incredulously.

"But that's so unlike him. He'd like a giant teddy bear." Sam shook her head.

"Well, he did burn his breakfast that morning, so he was grumpier than usual. It was probably just his anger talking. Besides, tons of parents tell their kids to shut up, right?"

"Mine don't." Tucker muttered.

Sam had gotten a warning look during my comment.

"Danny, don't go making excuses for his behavior. Even if he is in a bad mood, he shouldn't take his anger out on you."

"Yeah, I know." I sighed reluctantly. Suddenly Sam's alarm clock beeped once and my eyes snapped to the flashing red numbers.

"Crap! It's ten o' clock! Dad's gonna be pissed!" I jumped up, so not looking forward to getting chewed out again. My Dad can yell pretty loud when he wants to.

"Be careful!" Sam called out as I zoomed through the window, wind screaming past my ears.

I didn't have time to call back to her. I flew as fast as I could, hoping I could sneak into my room and pretend I'd been their all along. But as I approached Fenton Works, the Op-center looking like a fat spider against the night sky, I saw the living room light on, my Dad's large form sitting expectantly on the couch.

"Crap." I muttered, falling behind a building and transforming back into my human self.

I sprinted across the street, seeing my Dad's bulk cross over the window to the door. I bounded up the steps and grabbed hold of the knob, twisting it and pushing it open.

Well I tried too. The door was locked. I jiggled it a bit, waiting for Dad to unlock it. When he didn't I leaned over, looking through the window.

"Dad, the doors locked." I called through the glass, scanning the room for him, but I didn't see him.

It was only till I looked to the steps that I saw him slowly ascending them, not looking back and obviously going to bed.

"Dad!" I called, trying to get his attention by knocking on the windows. His answer shocked me; I could hear it clear as day through the thin glass.

"Your curfew is ten o' clock Danny. Maybe now you won't be late anymore." he continued on up the steps, not looking back at me and turning the corner to his room.

The shock reverberated through me. Did he just lock me out of the house because I was five minutes past curfew? I jumped back to the door again, grasping the knob and shaking it. When it denied me entry, I tried banging on the door. Either Dad didn't hear me or he ignored me because no matter how many times I knocked, I didn't see a hint of his large form from around the corner.

As it slowly dawned on me that I was going to be sleeping on the sidewalk because Dad wouldn't let me in, an odd sense of betrayal seeped through me. I backed away from the door, blinking and trying not to believe it. I turned around and sat on the cold step, the chilly night wind scraping past my arms.

This was a problem easily solved. All I had to do was go ghost and fly up to my room. The only problem was explaining to my Dad how I managed to get to the second floor of the house with the door locked.

I went around and tried all the windows I could reach in my human form. Every single one of them was locked. So I turned ghost and flew up to the second story windows, seeing which ones were unlocked so I could start making up a fancy story of how I got through it. But they were all locked too, which was shocking because I always left my window unlocked in case I need to jump out and fight a ghost.

As I settled down on the steps and changed back to human, I tried to push away the idea that Dad had gone around and locked all the windows so I wouldn't be able to get in. He wouldn't do that, would he?

Frowning, and feeling very rejected, I sat back down on the steps and hugged my arms to myself, the silence of the night pressing in more than ever. I debated going to Sam or Tucker's house, but I didn't want them to freak out. What would they say if they knew Dad kicked me out?

I sighed heavily, putting my head in my arms. Lancer was gonna kill me tomorrow. All my homework was up in my room, uncompleted of course. I hoped Dad would let me get it in the morning. I tried all the windows once more, just in case, and landed back on the steps, laying down on them with a numb sense of disbelief still lingering in my stomach.

The concrete was hard and cold, just like Dad's new personality. I laid my head in my arms, shivering, and tried to get some sleep. It took a very long time to finally slip off into darkness.