What if in 'Dog Tags' when Perelli was arrested, McGee wasn't able to close the car door containing the attack dog? What would have happened?


"You are under arrest for the murders of Petty Officer Hansen and Petty Officer Bidwell." Ziva said.

Petty Officer Perelli stood there, a cold smirk plastered on her face. Ziva took her handcuffs and tried to cuff her when the dog let out a growl and started barking. She jumped out of the way, but it was too late. The dog had jumped on her and the Petty Officer.


Tony, Gibbs and McGee saw the flash of brown fur and heard Ziva cry out. They pulled their guns.


Gibbs saw a flash of red hair and tackled. He pulled Perelli off of Ziva and the dog, cuffed her and shoved her towards McGee. McGee grabbed her and pushed her towards Petty Officer Dixon who took her into the main building. McGee then ran back to the others.


Ziva felt the load on top of her get lighter and quickly glanced at her surroundings. Tony had a look of horror on his face and she could tell he was doing all he could to keep from panicking. Gibbs' face showed anger, at what, Ziva had no idea. She saw McGee, he also had a look of fear on his face, but he was doing a slightly better job at hiding it than her partner was.


When Gibbs pulled Erica off of Ziva he saw her look at him. He felt a twinge of guilt that he couldn't do anything to help at that second, but told himself that as soon as Perelli was out of the mess he could assess her situation much better. He pushed her into McGee's hands and took a quick look at his other team mates. He saw that they looked just as scared as Ziva did.


"Take a shot!" Ziva yelled.

"And risk hitting you David? I don't think so!" He replied.

Tony and Tim glanced at him. Did his voice shake?


Tony was, for the first time in a long time, scared. The fact that the Boss' voice voiced it too made his fear rise. If that was possible. He watched as his partner rolled around on the ground with the dog on her. He saw blood. Perelli was bloody when Gibbs had pried her off. Was the blood hers? Ziva's? The dogs?


Ziva dug at her waistband for her knife. Her hand closed around something hard and she pulled it up.


All three men saw the glint of the blade in the sun and heard the dog whine within nanoseconds of each other. They all put a good number of bullets into the canine's body before rushing to help their fallen friend in different ways. Tony and Gibbs at her side, McGee running to the main building to get help.


Ziva was lying in a pool of blood on the gravel parking lot when Tony and Gibbs knelt down besides her. She looked a fair amount like Petty Officer Hansen did when they found him. Not quite as blue though.


Timothy McGee hadn't run that fast since running the mile in high school. When he finally reached the main building, he found Perelli was getting her wounds attended to.

"Call 911! My partner was just attacked by a dog."

Perelli smirked. Dixon got up and ran outside. The woman that was bandaging an arm wound on Perelli got up and ran towards the front desk.


"Gibbs," Ziva whispered, "I am cold."

Tony and Gibbs glanced at each other.

"I know Ziva, but you need to stay awake."

"I know…" Her eyes started to close.

"Don't make me slap you David!" Tony yelled.

She smiled slightly. "You slap me?"

"Where the hell is that ambulance?!" Gibbs called as he shrugged off his jacket and pressed it against one of Ziva's flowing wounds. Tony quickly followed suit.


Gibbs, Tony and McGee sat in the ER waiting room at Bethesda in a worried silence.


Tony DiNozzo was staring at a picture on the opposite wall. The pictures were obviously meant to cheer, with it's bright colors, but all it did was annoy and depress Tony DiNozzo. How could something be so happy and full of joy made him feel sick to his stomach. The smiling clowns staring blissfully at him made him want to rip, no, not rip, shoot, them in the head. Ziva would find that amusing, especially since she already didn't like clowns. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he thought of his partner who was currently fighting for her life.


Leroy Jethro Gibbs sat in the uncomfortable plastic hospital chair, staring down at his hands. He'd be damned if Ziva ended up like Kate. He felt guilty making that comparison, but he couldn't help it. He quickly glanced over at his senior field agent. The sight of DiNozzo looking so lost and broken caused his heart to break even more. He knew that Ziva had feeling for him, and he was starting to wonder if Tony was starting to feel the same way for her. He'd noticed that their playful flirting had increased, during this particular case, and he didn't want DiNozzo to become him. Loosing Shannon and Kelly had been the worse thing that had ever happened to him, and Tony had already lost one partner. He didn't know how the younger man would cope if he lost another.


Timothy McGee was in a slight case of shock. Gibbs and Tony had rode with Ziva in the ambulance, so he was forced to drive one of the cars to the hospital. During his trip he had repeated one phrase over and over in his mind. Please let her be okay. It was ironic he thought. That he the writer could only come up with something so plain as that, but at the moment, Timothy McGee didn't feel like anything other than a concerned friend. He knew that he shouldn't think of Ziva dying, but he felt that he had to mentally prepare himself. He'd admit that he wasn't as strong as Gibbs, as Tony. Kate's death had changed them for the worse, and he could imagine how they would be after the death of Ziva.


Jennifer Shepard set her desk phone back down on it's cradle and took a deep and shaky breath. She had just received a call from Gibbs that Ziva had been attacked by a dog. She knew Jethro long enough to be able to tell when something was wrong, and the moment he said her name, she could tell that something was off. She rubbed her temples warily and slowly stood up using the desk to help her stay standing. She took another deep breath and left her office. She needed to tell Ducky first. She'd need all the help she could get when she told Abby.


Ducky looked up as the doors to Autopsy swished open. He felt his heart drop when he saw the look on the Director's face. His heart sunk even further down in his chest as she filled him in on what Gibbs had told her. Ducky knew that dog attacks were particularly bad, and that Ziva's chances weren't good. He was barely aware of when she stopped talking, his mind still running probabilities and problems that she may have in the future. Jenny asked if he would accompany him to Abby's Lab to help her inform her. He nodded and sent a quick prayer up to any Gods that might be listening.


Abby felt like the wind had been knocked out of her. Sure, she had hated Ziva when she came. Abby felt that Ziva was replacing Kate, that the rest of the team was trying to forget Kate, but after a while, she'd grown to like the assassin, and now, they were best friends. She started hyperventilating, she couldn't loose another friend, not again, not now! No! She mentally yelled at herself. Don't think like that! Ziva'll be fine! She's always fine! She wished with all her might that Ziva, and herself, could fight through this.


"Despite the common myth, dogs mouths are filthy." Doctor Maxwell supplied. "Dogs have natural antibodies in their mouths to fight off bacteria that us humans don't."

"Is Ziva going to be alright?" Gibbs asked as he ran a hand over his tired face.

The doctor sighed. "We're not sure. The surgeons are currently working on some of her more serious wounds, but she'll have to go back into surgery tomorrow. When she's out, we'll pump her full of antibiotics and fluids, give her a tetanus and rabies shot, and hope for the best. Do you have any more questions?"

"That's all you can do?" Abby whispered, tears threatening to fall again. McGee pulled her into his arms.

The doctor nodded. "I'm sorry. We're doing all we can."

Jenny hesitated a moment before asking the question that she dreaded she knew the answer to. "Will Ziva be able to…work in the field, if she…if she survives?"

The doctor thought about this for a minute before finally speaking. "Ms. David may have some nerve damage that will prevent her from functioning properly. Now the surgeons may or may not be able to repair this damage. I wish I could offer you more information and hope, but," he shook his head, "unfortunately, I can't." He sent sympathetic glances at each members of the team before turning and walking away.


Fear. That's what Anthony DiNozzo was currently feeling. He was scared. If he lost Ziva… He couldn't even bring himself to finish that thought… He'd already lost one partner, what if he lost Ziva too? He made a silent vow right then, if Ziva died, he'd resign.


Hours passed before they were allowed in to see their friend. They all entered the room and were immediately surprised at how pale the normally olive skinned Ziva, was. Gibbs slowly made his way over and brushed a hand across her forehead. Abby ran to one side of the bed and grabbed Ziva's hand. McGee came to stand behind her and but his hands on her shoulders. Jenny stood next to Gibbs, staring at Ziva. No one else in the room noticed when she slipped hand into his. Ducky made his over to the foot of the bed. He slowly took her chart and started to read it. Tony stood in the doorway, feeling that he wouldn't be able to move without falling over. Ziva was so pale. Her ghostly white skin stood out greatly against the bright white sheets. Several tubes were connected to her small body. One was clearly blood, the tube and bag were bright red. Tony figured that the other was an IV and another was antibiotics. He wasn't able to tell which was which, and frankly, he didn't care. He was stalling, he'd admit that. Tony was snapped back to reality by Gibbs calling his name.


Tony shook himself and found Gibbs standing two feet in front of him.

"Yeah Boss?"

Gibbs put a hand on the younger mans shoulder. "Are you alright?"

Tony looked uncertainly into his boss's eyes.

"I don't know." He peered around Gibbs and his eyes fell, once again, on his partner.

"You don't have to be here." Gibbs whispered.

"No, I do. Ziva's my partner." He made his way to the empty side of the bed, sat down, and gently took her hand. He was surprised at how cool her skin was. "Ducky? Why is she so cold?"

The doctor looked up. "Ziva lost a lot of blood during the attack and during surgery. They had to give her a blood transfusion."

Tony nodded.

The NCIS crew sat in Ziva's room until the nurse came in to usher them out. Gibbs refused, naturally, and only left after Jenny convinced him that Ziva wouldn't want him to sit around and do nothing. He, reluctantly, agreed.


Tony DiNozzo lay in his bed later that night staring up at the ceiling. He looked over at the clock on his bedside table for the umpteenth time. 2:18. He groaned and ran a hand over his tired face. Slowly, he threw his legs over the side of his bed, and made his way into his bathroom. He took his time in the shower and dressed himself slowly. He made himself into the kitchen, glancing at the clock on the microwave. 3:22. Deciding that he had nothing better to do, he grabbed his jacket and bag and left his apartment.

Tony let the pen fall from his grasp as he rubbed his eyes. His decision to go into the office hadn't been as productive as he had hoped it to be. He'd gotten very little work done, and the only thing he could think clearly about was Ziva. He checked the clock on his computer. 4:36. He rolled his head around, feeling a slight sense of satisfaction when it cracked.

"I need coffee." He said out loud and he jumped slightly when a cup of the liquid was sat down in front of him. He looked up and was met with the sight of Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

"Boss?" He asked, making sure that his boss was really there.

Gibbs nodded slightly before making his way over to his desk. They sat in a few minutes of silence before Tony spoke.

"You couldn't sleep either, could you." It was more of a statement than a question.

Gibbs stared at Tony for a moment before nodding.

Tony was quite for a minute longer before hesitantly asking the older man the most serious question that he'd ever asked before. "Do you think Ziva'll be ok?"

Gibbs thought about that for, what seemed to Tony, hours. He finally answered, just loud enough for Tony to hear. "I don't know."


A/N: So, I'm planning to do two endings for this fic. Please know what you think of this part, I'd really like to know your thoughts. I haven't written anything past here yet, so please be patient. I also feel I should add that the episode 'Dog Tags' is one of my favorite episodes EVER. There's flirty subtle Tiva, McAbby banter, some Jibbs, the plot is amazing…It's just an awesome episode. Thanks for reading so far, I hope that you will stay tuned for the conclusion.