A/N: For some reason, writing stories has never been my forte. Writing poems on the other hand is a strength of mine. This was what I was thinking of the character Brooke Davis. I was thinking I can really relate to her and I wanted to write something about it. Somehow it became Julian's point of view and what he could be thinking regarding Brooke. I don't know if this is good. I just wanted to write something in the One Tree Hill fanfiction genre. I do love this show a good amount. Hate it/love it---Review.

I've wrote several other poems since then and this is actually the 3rd poem that should be read from my Brulian stuff. Please read 'Trance,' and 'Three Words' before if you can help it cause that's the order then 'Harboring Belief for a Love Story,' and 'Delayed Goodbye.'

"Loving Brooke Davis" (THT)

Brooke Davis,

I know what you're going through.

It's so hard letting anyone in.

The heart can be so guarded,

Yours especially because of Lucas.

I see that your formidable walls are not penetrate-able to most

I understand. I do.

You need that steady wall to make it through the day.

It's dangerous territory to let them collapse.

Because after the debris settles,

What's left is your generous red heart,

Vulnerable to predators that may lurk.

Beating to constantly give,

Watching others become successful,

And you question yourself,

What do you have to show for it?

The world had caused your heart transform to specks of purple.

Blue is the color of coldness and negativity.

Red was love and passion, now that's dimmed.

Your color is somewhere in-between because you're lost.

There's only so much more you could endure.

I know you're a fighter, but please let me in.

I love you.

You and you're Molly Ringwald dance, that determined fire, your big heart

It's so easy to get lost in you.

Sometimes I feel like you're mesmerized too,

And then you pull away just as rapidly.

So I raise this ultimatum:

You claim that this is where home is.

You're happy…but what if you're only pretending?

I'm what you need.

I need you just as desperately.