Title: Confronting
Author: Bernarde
Rating: It'll end up NC17 in all likelihood. We all know I can't resist sex scenes.
Summary: "When he said he could heal Dad, we didn't believe him... thought he was pulling our legs. It's going too far now. We didn't want this."

Author's Note: If you're looking for just the sex (and I know some of you are - I do the same thing), then here are the chapters you want:

Chapter 2
Chapter 4
Chapter 7
Chapter 9
Chapter 15


Gangrel's grip on me is harsh, nails digging into my skin. I bare my neck to him and shake my hair back; it'll make this whole process somewhat easier. He leans close and I feel his breath on me. Briefly I see Jeff pulling at his chains across the room and then that image shatters as fangs drive into my neck. It feels like all of the heat is being yanked out of my body though my jugular and I quickly go limp in his grasp.

Then my shirt is being torn off and I'm on my back. Gangrel is playing like he usually does and I can't suppress a cry of pain as he slashes my left side open. He lowers his mouth to the wound and laps at it, then spreads the blood around on my chest.

I cough as a strong hand wraps around my throat and applies enough pressure to make me wheeze. Jeff's screaming now, and I know he's pissed as hell, but all I can really focus on is the pain.

I can breathe again for a minute and then the vampire flips me onto my stomach. Pain blacks out my vision and I try to withdraw mentally. I don't know how long this is going to last, I never do, but it's always best for me to just calm down and accept everything Gangrel does. Even though it hurts like a goddamn whore.

He's having a field day cutting me open and feeding when he suddenly shudders and stops. It's been about fifteen minutes, which is abnormally short, but he's done.

After about two minutes of being still, I feel his hands on my skin and the warmth of him healing me. Then he's gone.

Well... that was quick.

I lay there for a bit. Then, groaning, I roll over and get up. I'm absolutely spattered with blood and my pants are ripped some more and they have new stains. My ruined shirt lays ten feet away. I sigh... you would think I would just stop wearing clothes to this, right?

"Will you fucking unchain me?" Jeff fumes, and then adds an afterthought, "Are you ok?" He hates the chains, and I don't blame him, but if he's not chained up he usually tries to beat 'Grel off and that never ends well.

"Yeah," I answer both questions with one word and slowly get to my bare feet. I take the key from a hook on the wall and release my little brother. He immediately starts fussing over my wounds like a mother hen.

"Jeff, it's not a big deal," I mutter, but it's no use. He's already got a damp cloth and is urging me to lie on the bunk near the south wall. I do so simply because it's easier this way.

"I hate him," Jeff spits, "I hate damn vampires. I hate all this fucking shit."

"But it's keeping Dad alive," I remind him gently. He goes quiet for a second.

We play this same situation out once a week or so, whenever Gangrel decides to tear one of us apart. Usually it's me, but sometimes he picks Jeff if he's in the mood for a fight because Jeff will fight him. I just take it.

I don't mind it too much when Gangrel comes. It's when Adam comes with him, which has been frequent lately, that we're both fucked... in more ways than one.

Apparently, not all vampires feed the same way. You didn't know that, did you? Yeah... neither did we. There's a bunch of different types, but I'm only aware of two.

Gangrel feeds solely off of blood and the energy in it. He particularly enjoys playing, hence the reason why we're usually soaked with it once he's done. But Adam... Adam's some kind of sex demon. He prefers Jeff to me usually... unless he wants much more sordid things.

That story, however, is for another time.

Jeff tosses the bloody rag onto the stairwell and sits down beside me, his hand on my chest, stroking slightly.

"Matt, we've got to get out of this shit," he mumbles. "There's gotta be a way." He's just talking again; he usually does it after Gangrel visits.

"Yeah. I know," is my empty answer.

We've been going through this ritual for almost two years now... ever since Dad was diagnosed with a severe case of lymphoma and given four months, at most, to live. Jeff and I were devastated, and desperate to keep him alive. We had been off the shows for awhile, and most everyone knew that something was up.

Gangrel approached us a month after Dad's prognosis and offered a trade. He claimed that he could have Dad cured if we did a favor for him. There were two conditions: he would cure Dad first, and we wouldn't know the trade until afterwards. Despite our skepticism, we agreed, fairly certain that he was just being an asshole and bullshitting us.

A week later, Dad went in for more tests. The tests came back odd; they said that he was fine, that the muscular atrophy he had been experiencing was gone. The doctors were convinced the tests were bad and had more done. They came back with the same result. Somehow, Dad was cured.

Completely in disbelief, we found Gangrel a few days later. He told us, right then and there, that he was a vampire and that he wanted to feed from us. We didn't know what to think, but we let him do as he wished. It wasn't until he healed us both after the 'feeding' that the truth really began to sink in. Gangrel was a goddamn shit-sucking vampire.

We thought it was over at that point, but of course it wasn't. It couldn't just be a once-and-done deal. Gangrel flipped us over and threatened that if we didn't submit to him once a week, he would let the disease take over and kill our father. He also warned us to never speak of his "condition" to anyone.

With no other choice, we accepted. We searched for others of his kind, we tried everything. It was all useless. Everything we came up with led to dead ends. The bastards either hid well or didn't fucking exist.

I'm brought back to reality when Jeff says my name.


"What do you want for dinner?" he asks. I know he's still bitching in his head from the look in his eyes.

"Uh... ham. And green beans." I suggest, sitting up. Jeff nods.

"Grilled cheese it is." Then he's up the stairs and I'm following him doggedly. He snatches up the bloody rag on the way and I glance down at the basement as I flip the light off.

Until next time, I guess.

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