I wrote this for a prompt by my friend moonypads on LJ. Sorry it's been a while since I posted any Detective Conan fic. I'll try to rectify this. I do have the second chapter of this written! I'll post it in a few days. (Basically, I'm trying to stall while I type and edit part 3. Sorry for the wait, but I hope it'll be worth it.) I don't really have a plan or a plot in place for these. Basically just a series of sweet, naughty or otherwise fun Heiji/Shinichi (Heiji/Conan, Shinichi/Heiji... you get the idea) scenes that happen along the same timeline. Please enjoy the fic!

For most people, a bad cold would be a reason to take a day off work, get plenty of rest, and maybe pick up some over-the-counter medicine to fight off a fever. For Shinichi Kudo, it was apparently an excuse to take highly suspect drugs that only served to make his fever worse, and chase a dangerous murder suspect through a nearby forest.

Not that Heiji wasn't glad to have Kudo there with him, it simply occurred to him that his friend wasn't taking as much care with his health as he might have. Heiji was also aware that he currently didn't have a leg to stand on to lecture Kudo in that particular area, not after his own scuffle with the dangerous criminal in question.

'Dangerous' was a subjective term in this case. Heiji had sustained more damage sliding and falling unceremoniously into a ditch along with his cornered suspect than he had when the man tried to stab him. The assorted bruises and cuts from his awkward fall certainly hurt more than the shallow knife wound in his thigh. The latter was hardly even bleeding.

Of course, Heiji thought he was much more likely to die of embarrassment than as a result of any injury. He would have to fall on his face, in a ditch, right in front of Kudo.

"You're such a hothead, it's a wonder you've survived this long!"

Heiji winced, more from the ungentle ministrations of Kudo scrubbing at the cuts on his face than from his obvious irritation. He was used to getting lectured for being heedless, and as long as it got the job done he would keep on the same way.

"Oi, Kudo. What're we gonna do about him?" Heiji jerked his head towards their suspect, who was incapacitated more thanks to Heiji than to the fall.

He hoped to distract Kudo from playing world's crankiest nursemaid for at least a minute. Unfortunately, Kudo's passing glance for the unconscious man only seemed to remind him that Heiji hadn't just taken a graceless fall. He eyes locked almost immediately on the slice on Heiji's leg, or at least the blood seeping through the leg of his jeans.

"Hold still," Kudo demanded. Before Heiji could even blink he found himself staring as Kudo unbuckled his belt, then unfastened the front of his jeans.

He didn't even think about questioning the action, lifting himself enough to let Kudo tug his jeans down to his knees. Heiji almost had to swallow his own tongue to avoid letting any incarnation of the phrase 'sexual healing' slip out of his mouth. He didn't know how Kudo of all people could be unaware of how this looked, but if enlightening him meant losing the vision of Kudo kneeling between his legs, Heiji wasn't going to say a word.

Heiji was wondering if that fall had knocked him silly after all when Kudo pressed his handkerchief hard against the wound. The unexpected pain of that gesture made him hiss through his clenched teeth, but it still wasn't enough to shift his attention from Kudo's closeness, or the feeling of Kudo's hands pressing on his bare skin.

Very quickly it became unimportant that Kudo's grip was rough enough to hurt, or that he was still glaring at Heiji like he'd done something unforgivably foolish. All Heiji cared about were the simple facts of proximity and touch, and the fact that he need only tilt his head up a few degrees to kiss Kudo on the mouth.

Heiji wasn't fully aware of that last impulse until after he had already acted on it, and by then he thought it was surely too late to stop. He brushed light kisses back and forth across Kudo's lips, trying to encourage him to join in. He wanted to trace the texture of Kudo's mouth with his fingers, or even his tongue, but the first would have meant breaking off the kiss, and he thought Kudo might slug him if he tried the second.

For the first few seconds Kudo was frozen, not even pressing his lips closed to prevent Heiji from taking further liberties. When he finally moved it was to clench both hands hard over the wound on Heiji's thigh. It hurt, but Heiji still thought it was better than having Kudo jerk away. He pressed in, deepening the kiss from butterfly touches to an unmistakable demand for more.

Kudu made a sound that might have been protest, but all Heiji heard was a muffled, "Mmphf!" He responded with a low moan in his throat, trying to at least make his own feelings plain.

It took another moment for Kudo to jerk his head back, breaking off the kiss. In some distant part of his mind, Heiji was amazed at how long he had allowed it to go on. The rest of him was more concerned with the fact that Kudo was practically shaking in anger.

"You wouldn't beat me up when I'm already injured."

'Injured' was probably stretching it, but Heiji tried to put on his best pitiful face to go with that statement. Considering his head was still spinning with pleasure from having kissed Kudo, he doubted it was very effective.

Heiji got an open-handed smack across the top of his head, followed by Kudo trying to back up so quickly that he tripped over Heiji's jeans in the process. That scramble to get away from him hurt a lot more than the smack. More than any injury, in fact.

And even more than the sudden panic, what hurt most was the idea that one little kiss had lost him a friend. He'd held back up until then, thinking Kudo would try to shut him out the minute he confessed that his feelings for his friend didn't lie on the straight and narrow, and it looked like his fears were well founded. Kudo wouldn't even meet his eyes.

Even after Conan's 'reappearance,' he refused to even talk to Heiji. He just kept looking sideways at Heiji, touching his mouth, and quickly turning his face away.