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At the famous all-girls Konoha Academy, a pink-haired beauty walked the stone-gray path lined with cherry-blossom trees, shouldering her bright-red duffel bag so that the strap sat properly on her shoulder.

Her light-pink hair swayed in the breeze, kept short just below the nape of her neck, beautifully complimenting her peach-like complexion. Parted bangs revealed a broad forehead, followed by striking, emerald-green eyes, and petal-colored lips. The traditional sailor-uniform she wore looked absolutely stunning on her slender figure. A properly-knotted, red ribbon sat beneath the dark-blue collar, followed by the matching skirt that fluttered about gently with the wind, revealing black short-shorts underneath.

Her legs were long, and for a girl, she had to admit that she was quite tall. Much to her displeasure, she stood at a good 5 feet and 9 inches. Wearing red and white sneakers, she ran for the school's entrance, after having checked the time on her wristwatch for the second time that day.

"Oh no, I'm gonna be late for practice!" She cried, running towards the academy.

Haruno Sakura wiped away the sweat on her brow, grinning down at one of the juniors she'd playfully sparred with only seconds ago. The victory had obviously gone to her as her opponent stared up at her with wide eyes, her mouth flapping open like a fish. Never had she expected to be so easily flipped over like that. Laughing, Sakura helped the younger girl up, her teasing grin eventually melting into a gentle smile.

"You've been practicing a lot, haven't you?" The junior nodded her head, a blush painting her features. Her brown hair, slick with sweat from the rigorous training she'd just done stuck to her forehead. Sakura smiled again in acknowledgment. "I can tell. Your form's changed, and you have even more stamina than before." To encourage the girl even further in her training, Sakura affectionately patted the top of her head. "I like people like you. It's nice to see someone work hard at something they love."

The other girl merely blushed a deeper shade of red and nodded again. She knew her sempai wasn't aware of the effect she had over her, or any of the other girls in their school for that matter.

Fanning herself with the looser part of her white gi, Sakura let out a sigh, raking a hand through her short locks drenched with sweat. Classes would start soon, and now was the perfect time to get ready.

Thus was her reason for being late to class.

After apologizing several times to her teacher, the easily-irritated Anko sent the girl to her seat.

"Next time you're late, I'll do more than make you run around the entire campus," she threatened, a dangerous glint in her eyes.

Face paling, Sakura managed a barely audible, "Y-Yes ma'am…"

Taking her seat, Sakura scooted in with her chair, sighing as she let her head rest on the cool surface of her desk. Training had been particularly refreshing today. She enjoyed that. What she didn't enjoy was how often it slipped her mind during morning practice that she had classes afterwards. Usually, she would barely arrive to class on time, but today, she'd been flat out late. And Anko had taken strict notice of this, despite it only being homeroom.

"It's just homeroom," Sakura muttered to herself "Why should it matter whether or not I'm late?"

"This academy was established in order to train young ladies into becoming fine women. I would think punctuality is important, wouldn't you say?" came a haughty voice.

Glancing up towards the source of the voice from her desk, Sakura heaved yet another sigh, rolling her eyes. "Oh, it's only you, Ino."

Yamanaka Ino threw her head back and laughed. "Late again, are we forehead?" She flipped her long and platinum-blond hair over one shoulder, her pale-blue eyes reflecting pure amusement towards the other girl opposite of her. She was shorter than Sakura by an inch, but that alone didn't stop the powerful and queenly aura she emitted whenever she was around other students. The girl was an absolute narcissist. And much to Sakura's annoyance, she was her childhood friend.

"Give me a break," the pinkette moaned, her muscles soar from all the training and running she'd done. "Not everyone's perfect like you."

Feeling insulted, the blond huffed, her hands on her hips. "I never said anything about being perfect. How big-headed do you think I am?"

Sakura demonstrated by slowly stretching her arms out as far as she possibly could, a strained look on her face. "This big," was her reply before she lied back down, ready to fall asleep. As the school's top-student, Sakura had no need to study as she seemed to know everything already, much to the annoyance of her teachers. Trying to catch her off-guard proved to be futile when she only responded with a more-than-correct answer. The girl was a genius. While many hated her for it, there were also many who adored her for it as well, such as her juniors and teachers.

Ino pushed back a lock of blond hair and frowned. "Well, at least I don't stink like you do!" she said while sticking her tongue out.

Blushing, Sakura raked a hand through her hair and muttered quietly so that only Ino could hear, "I didn't have time to shower, okay? But unlike you, at least I work out on a daily basis." She snorted. "I can already imagine all of that fat building up on your body while you sit in a room and do nothing but put flowers in a vase."

Ino slapped her against the back of her head. "I am not fat! And for your information, Ikebana is not even close to just putting flowers in a vase, forehead." She gazed off into space while she spoke, her hand over her heart. The girl was needlessly dramatic, but Sakura said nothing and listened, despite knowing what her friend was going to say already. "It's all about bringing together the art of nature and humanity, while achieving the overall natural balance of the flowers' beauty. It's a form of art that only florists and flower-lovers, me for example, can enjoy." She nodded her head while grinning to herself. "It's definitely something a female brute like you wouldn't be able to understand."

"Oh yeah? Well this female brute is tired, so how about you be a good friend and shut up?" Sakura replied with sarcasm, waving her hand at the blond dismissively so as to leave her alone for the time being.

"Sempai, I baked some cookies in my home economics class. W-Would you like to eat them?" asked a blushing junior.

Another girl stomped over and shoved the girl aside with her elbow, holding out a white box wrapped neatly with a red-ribbon. "I baked this cake just for you, sempai. Please accept my love," she smiled.

"Sempai, I bought this hand towel for you to use during karate practice. You'll take it, won't you?"

"Sempai I-"

Sempai, over here-!"

"Sempai, this is-"

Overwhelmed by the sudden flood of schoolgirls, Sakura raised both her hands to fend off her admirers, a sheepish grin on her face as she inwardly panicked.

"Ah, th-thanks guys, but I don't think I can carry all of that." The pinkette gestured to her heavy duffel bag over one shoulder and the school bag in her other hand.

There were sighs of dissapointment as Sakura gently made her way through the crowd of girls while apologizing to them.

"Geeze, what a day…" Sakura sighed to herself. Tired from her after school practice, the seventeen-year old girl headed for the acadamy's dormitories, thoughts of a warm shower and her soft bed floating about in her wandering mind. She checked her wristwatch. "Hmm, stupid pig should be in the room right about now," she muttered to herself.

Continuing down the schoolyard's winding path, Sakura let out a surprised yelp as she fell forward, face-down with her arms outstretched. The fall had been hard. "Oww…" Embarrassed, the girl quickly climbed to her feet and dusted off the front of her pleated-skirt, wincing at the sharp pain that passed through her right knee. She looked down only to see that it was bleeding, and badly at that too.

Taking out the hankercheif she kept in her pocket, Sakura began dabbing at the wound, while wincing in pain with each touch. It hurt like hell. She made a mental note to herself to clean it up before having the nurse check and treat it for her first thing tomorrow morning.

"Damn these shoes…" she muttered, kicking at the ground, only to send dust flying into the air.


Her ears easily caught the faint sound of a passing object. What the hell was that? Looking around, Sakura's eyes immediately landed on where the source of the sound had come from, her eyes widening in curiosity as she took a few steps forward, peeking through the traditional bamboo-made fence.

She stood just outside of the archery club's dojo. Her spot at the target viewing area gave her a clear view of the girl in the shooting hall just twenty feet away, and for some reason, she was oddly mesmerized.

Silky locks of glossy-dark hair were pulled up into a high ponytail, the end of it reaching just below her back, perfectly-cut and straight. She wore the traditional uniform suitable for a female archer, her grace like that of a queen. The navy-blue hakama covering her legs looked visually-stunning against the whiteness of her neatly-pressed, wrinkle-free kimono underneath. The chest protector she wore was black and smooth, complimenting both her pieces of clothing with its' dark-shade of ebony.

Her stance was elegant as she slowly raised her arm to draw back the arrow, the long bow standing parallel to her slender frame. Pale, opalescent-eyes stared straight ahead at the red and white target, focusing solely on the task she was to fulfill. The seconds that passed by felt like an eternity before she finally released her arrow, swift and almost too fast to catch as it hit the target dead-on. There was a moment of silence. A polite round of applause was heard from the other members as they purposely voiced their comments a few seconds later.

"Hyuuga-san is amazing!" someone cried.

"Three shots in a row! Can you believe it?"

"She truly is the ace of the archery club."

"I've never seen a person look more beautiful when drawing their bow!"

"It's to be expected of the club's vice-captain."

Staring at the girl, Sakura watched as she bowed to her audience, her long hair swishing as she turned around to leave the dojo through one of the available exits.

Such pale and strange-looking eyes.

Never had she seen such a dignified and beautiful-looking girl.

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