Neku slammed his fist into the ground. Hard. He could not believe what just happened. The past three weeks were still fresh in his mind, piercing his memories. Sure, he had made new friends that made him change. One in particular made him feel like he was understood. Someone who contained the same morals and views. Neku thought that was a rarity in the materialistic Shibuya, but thanks to the second week in the Reaper's Game, he met someone he can truly relate to. However, just as quickly as he established that trust, the binds were torn by a devastating truth.

The one who not only listened to the headphoned tangerine headed boy, but actually understood him, was his killer. He didn't only kill him once, but twice. With that gun. Both times, a smile grazing his ethereal features. That broke the boy. The one who he established a bond with, more different than the others established during that time, was the ruler of this whole twisted game. He was the creator. Joshua, the one who listened, was the Composer of this twisted orchestral death march to those literally risking their lives for a second chance. He composed the music of Shibuya, but much to his dismay he heard the saddest tune of minor chords and twisted chromatics. Joshua needed to change that. He wanted a new Shibuya. He wanted to save her. His Shibuya.

Neku blinked and gazed up at the sky. He smiled and whispered to himself.

"At least I'm alive.."

The whole game left Neku with a new appreciation for life. He opened his heart up to people and realized that everyone has their purpose. Whether their morals and beliefs may lay either parallel or a complete juxtaposition of his own, everyone really mattered. He glanced down to the ground, eyes half lidded.

"I guess I have to thank you for that, Joshua. I don't think I can ever forgive you. However, you were my partner. I do trust you."

Neku felt a slight breeze caress his cheek.

"What the hell?" Neku glanced around, there was no wind possibly around the shopping district. Buildings would have broken off the wind's path. Neku just shot a few glances around and decided to continue on his way to go visit Mr. Hanekoma at his low-key cafe, The Wildkat.

"You know, boss, he's gotta live his life. I mean, Phones has a lot going for him." a tall man reasoned, sipping on a coffee cup.

"I know, Sanae. I just wanna check up on my proxy. I do have those powers, you know." A slightly ethereal set of pipes chimed, looking down directly at the confused teenager that was near.

The older man sighed and took another sip from the porcelain cup, "Some things will never change, Joshua."