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It was inevitable, I loved games seeing as I never played in my childhood, thanks to the sight problem, but to be moved into hero class just sucked. Oh well now I can at least not carry the stick around which I was doing at the moment. Maybe I should tell Gym Teacher Man the full extent of my powers.

Science first, yes! No sarcasm there, science is my favorite subject. Maybe this will be better in hero class. I doubt it.

I entered the class a late and my punishment (if you could really call it that) was to get partnered up with Will Stronghold, he was the worst at this subject it seems. It doesn't matter, I think I'm good at this subject, shouldn't be too hard.

5 Minutes Later

What was I thinking? Why the hell do we need to know about death rays! I can learn this I think. It didn't seem too hard, if I just think technically.

This lesson just keeps on going doesn't it? I could hear Will stutter every time he attempted to talk to me, which was a bit pathetic. Even though he had ever right to fear me, it made me a bit guilty, therefore, for making me guilty I glared at him.

"So . . . uh . . . can I get something straight with you?" he managed to get out, I turned to glare at him. Oh no, oh no, he wasn't going to bring up our parent is he? "What happened with our parents, stays with our parents right?" he asked. Was he stupid? Of course that's correct.

I ripped a bit of paper from the middle of my book. 'Are you insane, of course it's your parents and mines problem.' This was true; I held no grudge against him.

"Then why are you glaring at me?" he asked slightly surprised. I sighed as I wrote again 'Because all that stuttering is making me feel guilty. I hate guilty.' I wrote to him, why I am being so damn honest I'll never know. He was taken aback by that last comment. "Sorry about that." He replied simply. I continued to ignore him as the rest of the lesson went by.

Lunch, more something-that-I-have-no-idea-what-color-it-is-but-I-have-a-feeling-that-it-is-grey food. I'm the luckiest person in the world to get to eat that stuff.

I claimed my table and searched the room. The group that followed Layla, Will, and that Warren dude came in. They walked to my table damn it! They sat down and cautiously looked at me. I continued eating, ignoring them completely. Take that!

"Hi, this is Layla" he said pointing to the Layla girl, duh. "Ethan" he continued pointing to glasses dude "Zack" he pointed to a lanky dude "Magenta" that was the other girl "and you know me and Warren" he introduced, I gave him no acknowledgement. This was my table.

"I heard your parents were Explosion and Manipulator" the guy named Zach, sitting next to me, ventured. How dare he mention my parents!

I took out my drawing book and wrote quickly 'If you insist on talking to me, find something other then heritage to talk about!' I hastily ripped out the page and shoved it in his face, took my uneaten food to put in the bin and left.

Long and Lanky and his Speedy Subordinate decided to make an appearance then, trying to hit on me I suppose. I stopped when he stepped in front of me, used my power to shove him aside, I was in a bad mood alright? I went straight to Gym, not caring the looks everyone was giving me.

This time in Gym Boom-Man wanted to ask me about what I could do. I decided to tell him, if I was stuck in hero class, I may as well make people afraid of me. I took out a note 'My powers consist of the atoms, long story short I can control everything.' Ha I'm sure that spooked him. He hastily made his escape making me smile slightly. And trust me when I tell you I don't smile often. I could tell the one named Warren was staring at me. I wanted so desperately to return his gaze.

Where did that come from? Who knows, I won't dwell on it. But these butterflies in my stomach are so hard to ignore! Why just his gaze is affecting me so. I'll ignore him; that has always worked in the past.

We were playing a sport and I was allowed to play! Yes, I've always wanted to play a sport. I got partnered up with Warren, and we had to chuck a ball around. Despite the lack of moving, it will suffice.

I smiled a little. What was wrong with me today? I'm smiling too much. I had no trouble with the ball, seeing as I could see it. Everyone was impressed I must say. This is so much better then watching people fall over themselves when they see I'm blind, there's practically no competition.

I could tell Warren was amused with my little smile-a-thon. I bet he has never seen me smile once since now.

School was over after much passing's of the ball. I hopped on the bus only to find the last seat was next to Warren. I sat down without much thought.

"Hello" he said to me, wow this was so much different from the original 'Get away from me' he gave me before. I was in such a great mood after playing sports, I decided to answer him. I pulled out my drawing book which I shall now name Sir Frankie and wrote a simple, curt 'Hello' I'm guessing he was surprised that I actually answered him.

"I was suppose to tell you 'sorry' from Zack, he really didn't mean to offend you" wow, that was the most he's ever talked to me. I had to reply, something compelled me to do it. 'Perfectly fine, it's just a sticky subject for me.' I wrote, wondering if he would continue to talk to me. "What's your favorite color?" he asked suddenly, practically blurted that out.

Should I answer him?

Warren's POV

What is wrong with me? One would think I like her the way I'm staring at her. Wait . . . do I like her? Well I guess I do as a friend, but there's something saying 'more, more, more' inside of me. Me? The great unfriendly Warren, who has just broken up from a bitch, have an attraction to a girl I don't even know?!

I could see Coach Boomer getting flustered from talking to her, I only just saw what she had written on that paper 'Long story short I can control everything' wow. She must be good. There was a spark in her eye when the Short Shorts man told her she can play, thanks to her power.

She was partnered up with me. Yes! Oh god, I'm acting like a hormone crazed teenager, damn, what is happening to me?

Whoa, Silent's pretty good and she's never even played sport before. I was silently assessing her; she was of average height, had straight black hair, button nose and clouded over eyes that see everything. She was curvy in every place she needed to be.

Beautiful was the only word I could find for her. But that was cheesy; I'd never say that out loud. Schools over finally, any more staring of her would drive me insane and I eventually would have to run to her and hug her guts out. I ran out of the door and maintained my seat.

Silent hopped on the bus and sat down next to me, not missing a beat. I'm impressed, but I would be with anything she does.

"Hello" I said without even thinking, damn she must think I'm an idiot. She can't even talk you idiot Warren. To my surprise she took out her book and wrote a reply.

'Hello' whoa, she's writing to me! I feel a bit smug actually; I was the one she's talking too. Get out of this mode dude; it's not the persona I'm going for. May as well say the apology Zach made me say if I ever saw her again, at least it's something to talk to her about.

"I was suppose to tell you 'sorry' from Zack, he really didn't mean to offend you" there was shock in her face, what did that mean? I knew I wasn't all that friendly to her but she's shocked I talked to her? To my surprise again, I'm getting surprised too easily, she wrote again.

'Perfectly fine, it's just a sticky subject for me' did I offend her? Will she keep talking to me? Will I keep talking? I was still undecided when I exclaimed "What's your favorite color?" I guess that answered my question on whether I'll talk or not.

Oh god, she's writing again. 'You would be surprised but I like black. It's not a confusing color, always the same. What's yours?' she asked me via writing. I was a little surprised, but it fit I guess.

"Red" I replied in my one syllable sentences. She was talking to me! "Flower?" this time she took her time writing, but I still got her answer.

'I like the chrysanthemum because of the amount of petals they have, seriously how many can one flower need? What about you?' I had to rack my brain for what a chrysanthemum looked like.

"I would have to choose a daisy" I replied, daisies don't suit me at all, but their cute. Just like her. Enough! Get her out of your brain!

Silent's POV

Why am I obsessing over this guy I just met not so long ago? He said liked daisy's, I didn't see him as that kinda guy.

The Bus stopped and I walked out, straight home. I still had that feeling in my stomach. Once inside, I smelt my parents cooking, nice. I might actually eat with them for once; I am in a great mood!

I sat down at the table with them, and took out a plate and started eating; I could feel them gawking, great. I should probably get used to all the staring; no one said a word during dinner. Afterwards I went to my room and sat down on my bed.

I lay down and waited for the nightmares to come.

What will happen next?


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