Chapter 1 Baby on Board

At the NCIS building everyone was at his or her desk looking at files. Either on the computer or on paper. McGee was typing away while Gibbs shifted through papers. Ziva was on the phone while typing and Tony was looking through paper files as well. They knew at any moment they would have to leave to solve some kind of case. The question was when was it ever going to come. As everyone sat there doing their own thing Gibbs' phone rings. The three agents shifted their eyes for only a moment to watch him pick the phone up. As Gibbs talked on the phone the others were getting ready for him to give an order. After he hung up it was like they predicted.

"Get your gear and come with me." Gibbs said as they hustled to grab their things.

"Where are we going?" Ziva asked as she caught up to Gibbs.

"We're going to a crash site." Gibbs answered as the rest of the team got on the elevator.

"What kind of crash site?" Tony asked as he put his bag on his shoulder.

"It seems that a marine lost control of his car and smashed into a tree." Gibbs said only giving a little bit.

"Do you think the marine could have been pushed off the road by another vehicle?" McGee asked shifting his body a little.

"Well we'll find out when we get there." Gibbs said as the elevator stopped and all of them filed out one by one.


Arriving on the scene they saw that the vehicle was a red 2009 Subaru Forester. The front end of the Subaru had smashed into the tree. Nonetheless, the front end was totaled. The windshield was shattered. There was also a large mark on the right side of the car. The mark had what looked to be yellow paint on it. As they walked up to the police Ziva looked at the back of the vehicle and noticed a sign on it.

"The dead marine is in the vehicle." The police officer said as he pointed toward the red Subaru.

"Where's the baby?" Ziva asked as she looked over the car.

"How did you know about the baby?" The officer asked a little confused since it had not come up yet.

"The sticker." Was all Ziva said as she pointed to the 'Baby on Board' sticker.

Nodding the officer went to say, "The dead man over there is Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Matthew. The child's name is Tabitha Matthew." The officer then handed over everything to Gibbs.

"Where's the baby?" Gibbs asked as he looked through what the officer had given him. His team was already scoping out the scene.

"The baby is in my patrol car. I am waiting for someone from the CPS to call me back." The officer answered as he pointed to his patrol car.

"How did you find this wreck?" Gibbs asked making the officer feel like he was being interrogated.

"A phone call from a man. He did not tell me anything about himself just that there was a wreck and where the wreck was located." The officer said getting a little uncomfortable.

"Did you at least get a number?" Gibbs asked looking up at the officer.

"Yeah but when they traced it they said it was a pay phone. The number is included in the report." The officer was about to say more but his cell phone rang. Holding up his finger he then answered it. After a few moments the officer hung up the phone with a slight curse. "Damn they say they're too busy at the moment. I am going to have to turn her over to you. At least that is what they told me."

The officer then went to the car and opened the door. He then picked the toddler up only making her cry. As the officer carried the child to Gibbs, she cried and pulled at the officer's hair and nose. The child's hair was a strawberry blond that reached to her shoulders. Her dress was blue with little pink flowers all over it. She had on a pair of black dress shoes with white stockings. The girls green eyes were filled with tears that streamed down her face. The child looked no older then two at the least.

"Here you go." The officer said handing the screaming toddler to Gibbs. "See ya." The officer then went to his patrol car and took off.

Gibbs then looked the child over but there did not seem to be any harm done to her at all. He then tried to calm her down but it all ended in failure. The child only screamed and wiggled in his arms. That's when the other three agents then went up to Gibbs and the screaming child.

"Ziva take her." Gibbs said unable to handle the crying anymore. "Try and make her stop."

Ziva then took the child and started to rock her. "It will be okay Tabitha." Ziva said as she rocked her back and forth. However, the baby only cried and pulled Ziva's hair. One of Tabitha's hands was curled in Ziva's hair pulling and the other was pulling her shirt. At this point she was crying so hard buggers started to ooze out of her tiny nose. "I don't think she likes me." Ziva said as she tried to free her hair from the baby's grasp.

"Then give it to DiNozzo." Gibbs commanded. He was willing to try anything to make the tiny child stop crying.

Ziva then handed her to Tony. Right when she was in his hands she started to quiet down. As he watched, the child Tabitha wiped her eyes. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Look at that she likes you." McGee said making Tony look at him. "I guess what they say is true. You are a babe magnet."

This only made Ziva giggle. Tony glared at both of them. As they looked at the body it became clear why the baby seemed to be calm around Tony.

That was when Ducky and Palmer showed up. Getting out of the vehicle both of them headed over to the Subaru. Right when they got to the driver's side it was then that Ducky saw Tony with a small child in his arms. Now this was new. He never took Tony as being good with children.

"Wow Tony I did not think you were good with children." Palmer said as Ducky looked at the dead man.

"Shut up, Palmer." Tony said moving away from the Subaru saw Tabitha did not see the dead body.

Ducky then moved the body back into the seat to get a good look. There was a huge laceration on the man forehead. The blood had already dried. Looking further there seemed to be more blood on the man's shirt. Looking closer Ducky saw that the man had been shot twice.

"Oh my, Jethro come look at this. I think I found the reason why the child is so calm in Tony's arms." Ducky said making Gibbs walk over to him.

"Tony I found out the reason why she likes you." Gibbs said as he took in the man's facial features.

Walking over to the driver's side Tony leaned in but also made sure that Tabby did not get a view of the dead body. The dead marine looked almost like him. They both had the same color hair and eyes. Their jaw structure was almost the same as well. The dead man before them could almost pass as being Tony's identical twin.