"Worries" (THT)

Mom, I'm terrified

You're going to be a grandma

I just don't know if I'll join you there in heaven

Something's wrong with this pregnancy

I could die

But I'm going to do it

I'm going to carry this baby full term

I love this baby so much already

I can't imagine killing it like it was never here

It's apart of Lucas and me

It has be alive and healthy

Things have to be okay mom

Will you pray for me?

I want to see my baby grow up

But the situation seems so bleak

I'm drawing again, telling Lucas and I's epic love story

So this baby can see how its parents met and eventually gotten together

It seems so dreary leaving keepsakes

Like your photograph of holding me in the hospital when I was born

And putting a copy of the Friends with Benefit CD in the box

What kills me is the thought that I may never hold my child

How do I deal with this fear?

I don't have all the answers

I'm just putting up a strong front for Lucas

I don't want him to worry

He checks up on me often enough

You know I love him more than anything

I don't want to say goodbye to everyone I know

There doesn't seem be a choice

And yet I'm still dreaming of a scene where I'll be fine

The three of us are smiling brightly, happy because we're a family

I want to believe this is what the future holds

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