Ice Cream

Aki's POV

'It's so hot.' I moaned, irritably tugging at my bangs.

Despite me wearing nothing but my black strapless dress, the heat made it so that I was sweating like a pig. My face made it look like I was blushing, and this made me a bit self-conscious.

Especially since Yusei was beside me.

He had been my first true love, in a sense. I had never told him how I felt, for fear of ruining him with my powers. And besides, he would never love me back. True, he was gentle with me, but he was gentle with everybody. One would think one was special when around him.

'I suppose.' He replied, trying to hide his heavy breathing. His blue jacket was tied at his waist, evidence that he, too, dreaded the heat.

'We should go swimming.' I suggested, trying to start a conversation.

I frowned. The heat must be getting to him, for his cheeks flushed a dark red.

'N-no.' He started. 'Maybe we should just get some ice cream.'

With that, he stood up and disappeared inside the small kitchen of his ghetto. It was interesting, how content he was with such a simple life. It seemed like forever before he came back with two cups filled with the cold, creamy substance. One was pink, the other white.

'Strawberry and vanilla.' He clarified, perhaps reading my thoughts as he handed me the pink one. 'Here.'

Tentatively, I scooped up a bit and brought it to my mouth, letting the sweet flavour spread all over my tongue. Unable to hide my delight, I smiled and giggled, much to the amusement of the handsome man beside me.

'You seem happy.'

'I've never tasted something so good before! I wasn't able to have this "ice cream" till now. Divine never introduced it to me.'

His features didn't move, but something in his eyes changed. Pity? Compassion? Sympathy? Whatever it was, he wouldn't say. So we just kept on eating, with him watching me with that mystery emotion while I relished the food he so generously provided me.

He finished quickly, setting his empty cup aside and never taking those cobalt blue eyes off of me. It was strange, how his gaze made me feel so vulnerable and flattered.

I needed to know why he was looking at me like that. It was driving me crazy. Did he find me strange for not having this type of dish before? Perhaps finding me stupid? Did he really think that low of me? My very soul grew heavier with such thoughts. I want to be a normal girl in his eyes. I want him to see me for who I am, and not what I am not. I have many shortcomings, but if he could see past that, then...

No. I can't expect so much. I love him, but he might never feel the same way, or even contemplate of having a relationship with me. Maybe I deserve it, having injured so many people and causing so much suffering.

Lost in thought, I didn't realize that I ate all of my ice cream. I licked my lips, already missing the taste. I immediately regretted, forgetting that those burning blue eyes were watching my every movement.

But how could Yusei see the real me if I was too busy being someone I'm not? I should just be me around him, why should I become another person?

'Was it good?' his deep voice asked me, making me blush even more.

'Yes, it was. Thanks a lot.'

'Would you like to taste mine?'

I turned to face him, my look questioning. Was he toying with me or something? Was he teasing me for not having this before? He had finished his not very long ago. 'Yusei, don't play games with me.'

'I'm serious. Do you want to taste mine or not?'

'Of course I do! But-'

Time stopped, the sound of my heart's increasing beating ringing in my ears. His lips covered my own, coaxing me to open my mouth, which I did after several moments. I tried to pull away, but his hands kept me in place. Then I could taste it; the sweet, corrosive taste. It was similar to the strawberry flavour I had earlier, but tasted much better.

My mind shut completely, going blank. Right at that moment, nothing existed except for him. When he ended that shared moment, I felt disappointment rush through me. I didn't want him to stop, and that very thought made me scared of myself.

I looked at him with eyes that displayed my need for him, my love for him. He in turn pressed his form upon mine, my head under his chin. It was a mutual understanding between just the two of us. I didn't feel like a seperate being from him. I felt like I was one with him, if that made any sense. There was no way to describe the feelings I experienced at that time.

'I think yours tasted better.' I said stupidly, immediately regretting it. That's it? That's all I could say? Way to go, Aki.

He roared with laughter at this, cupping my hands and making me face him. 'I love you.' he whispered, pressing his lips once more to mine.

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