For Her

Aki's POV

'Ah... As of today, Number 37658 has injured two of her caretakers, one of which is currently in the ICU and has lost nearly two litres of blood.' yet another member of the Movement, Elias, complained to my husband. 'Sir, it's getting increasingly harder and harder to actually contain the organism... Sir, as much as it disturbs me to propose so, I believe that it is in the Movement's best interest if Number 376-'


'Come again, Sir?'

'Rosa.' the emerald-eyed man repeated, smoothing his fiery red hair with a gloved hand. 'Rosa Blanca. That's her name.'

'Oh... I see, Sir. Well, as I was saying, perhaps Miss Rosa should be-'

The sentence was never finished. However, it didn't take a genius to decipher the following phrase. That child was dangerous and everyone knew it. Her powers were even stronger than those of her father's or mine... Perhaps even combined. The minute she was born into this disgusting world, the entire energy supply of the city shut down for a few minutes. Some psychic duelists who bore witness to the event tried to shrug it off as a mere coincidence. But I didn't believe that, not at all. I believe that my daughter had powers which could eventually rival that of the actual Momentum of Neo Domino City. But because she had yet to even learn how to control such abilities, she was a threat to the safety of the citizens within the vicinity. Of course she needed to be put down.

To be killed.

The poor fool didn't know how to keep his mouth shut. It happened so fast, I had no idea of knowing how Elias' bloody corpse ended up at my feet. It really was a ghastly sight; his mouth was contorted into a screech, his eyes so wide I could hardly see any colour except the emptiness of white stained with splashes of lovely crimson. I glanced up at my spouse, who was at the other end of the room, as if he never moved. His breathing was deep, cold sweat forming on his fair skin.

It amused me somewhat to see him like this. Never before had I known Divine to love. Yet when the life of his daughter was put at risk, he could no longer mask himself in his aloof and collected demeanor. His vision was blind to everything but the blazing rage that filled his heart. He had learned to love, as funny as it seemed. Yes, he did love our daughter. Although he will never tell her in words, his actions had already gotten the message across.

'Daddy!' Rosa escaped from my arms, rushing towards her father. Her cascade of red hair flowed behind her, as smooth and fluid as the flow of blood from a wound. Divine's strong limbs enveloped her, cradling her as tenderly as he did the first time he held her, with as much care as if she were a precious porcelain doll. But of course, Rosa Blanca is the only person in the entire world he would never even dream of controlling with puppet strings. I smiled to myself. He actually wanted her to have a heart, he wanted her to experience emotions. And I knew why. As sad as it seemed, he wanted to know that he was loved back, as a father. He wanted to feel the warmth his parents have deprived him of; the warmth of family. He was so broken inside, this man. My very soul bled for him.

'Sweetheart, I'm sorry you had to see daddy get mad again.' he mumbled, tucking her head under his chin.

'It's ok!' she exclaimed. She look up at him with her enormous, green eyes. They were hauntingly beautiful against her skin, skin so pale you would have thought she were the offspring of an ice god. And indeed she was, though she had the ability to melt his heart. 'I love it when daddy protects me!'

I just watched them hug and bask in each others' love. It was a doomed love. A god who prides himself on ice must never melt, and yet his very own kin is allowing him to do so. I've noticed that his powers have been wavering, and that he was having more and more difficulty calling them forth. He would sweat, he would pant, he would be rendered exhausted even after only a few minutes of use. Just like me, the heartless and violent nature of his mind would be reflected on his powers. But, to indulge in petty things like family and love would diminish the intensity of our "gift". Knowing that, he still refuses to kill her. He loves her more than anything in the world.

'One day...' his husky voice whispered. 'My child, you will have the city. It will be your playground, your little doll house. And all those people...' he carried her over to the window. 'All of those people, those organisms, those mechanisms... They will be yours to control and play with. That I promise you.'

'Really? You don't need to get me such a big gift, daddy.'

'But I want to. And you'll have so much fun playing with them, I guarantee.'

Me too. I would work with him. I would give all I had to him, for her. For my daughter, who is damned to a life of being used by others for her special capabilities should she leave this place. For my daughter, who I know will never understand the criminal view of death and murder, for it is part of her daily life. For my daughter, born of a mother who has been manipulated by a god. For my daughter, who I know will never truly be happy. For her, I will turn this city into ruins. I will make them bow down to her, to live under her hands. They will be at her mercy. They will pay for all they've done.

The Signers will pay for abandoning me.

Yusei will pay for turning away from me.

Yes, my Rosa Blanca will start a new civilisation; one filled with misery and destruction.

I would be sure to make both my husband's and daughter's dreams a reality.

For their twisted love.

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