Chapter 1: Naruto's Introduction to Jyuken

In the Hidden Countries which were nestled in an obviously hidden portion of the world, there existed the country known as Hi no Kuni or to others, the Land of Fire. It was one of the most prosperous nations among all the hidden countries. Within this country was a village dedicated to the way of the ninja. This place was called Konohagakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, or just Konoha for short.

Despite what it stood for, Konoha was a relatively peaceful place. The citizens worked hard to make their economy and businesses work. Most of the population were ninjas, used to be ninjas, or were teaching the next generation of ninjas.

It was hard to believe that they were attacked by the strongest demon in existence.

In the Hidden Countries, there existed nine demons of such incredible power; they were given a class of their own. They were known as Biju, the tailed demons. The weakest was known as Shukaku, the one-tailed tanuki, while the strongest was Kyuubi, the nine-tailed fox.

Eight years ago, Konoha was attacked by Kyuubi for reasons unknown to anyone but the demon itself. It had been a long siege and many lives were lost to the powerful beast. Soon, the greatest ninja in the village, known as the Yondaime Hokage, gave up his life to seal the beast with the power of a death god. The Kyuubi was then sealed inside the belly of a newborn child.

That child's name was Uzumaki Naruto.

After the sealing of the Kyuubi and death of the Yondaime, the previous Hokage, known as the Sandaime, came out of retirement to lead Konoha. He was besieged by many to kill little Naruto or make him into their weapon simply because they believed him to be the Kyuubi reborn. Things became so bad, the Sandaime made it a law not to talk about what had occurred and he enforced that law with the utmost prejudice. He made the law hoping that Naruto would be able to grow up without having to deal with the stigma of being called the Kyuubi.

Unfortunately, being people who lived in a ninja village, they discovered ways around that law.

Growing up, Naruto had been treated as if he was the lowest piece of trash in the universe. It was a challenge just to find any nurses to help him while he was an infant or doctors who would treat him rather than ignore his cries. When he was old enough, he was placed in an orphanage, but the director showed him no care. He was deprived of all the things the other orphans had and was given only the bare essentials. He was pointedly ignored as prospective families came looking for a little one to adopt and the director often snapped at him for little or no reason.

At the age of five, Naruto was thrown out of the orphanage and left to rot. The Sandaime discovered this and gave Naruto an apartment to call his own with a small sum of money to help him get what he needed. Sadly, merchants would often refuse to serve him or charge him ridiculously jacked-up prices for their worst wares. Often, Naruto went to bed cold or hungry because he couldn't get what he needed.

Often when his birthday rolled around, there was a festival to celebrate the victory over the Kyuubi. Often these just ended up with some of the older people getting drunk and deciding to 'finish the Yondaime's work' and try to find Naruto. Sometimes they did, and sometimes they didn't. Little Naruto was lucky that he had advanced healing or else he would have died, but that only convinced people that he was the Kyuubi.

Soon enough, Naruto was able to go to school, but his trouble didn't lessen much. A number of the teachers would ignore Naruto or snap at him when he asked a question. He would often have to study alone since a number of parents in Konoha told their children to stay away from him for a number of reasons.

Although, it isn't said that this was a large constant in his life. He would face this discrimination now and again but he got used to it. To deal with being ignored, Naruto took up the fine art of pranking to get attention for himself. He was a regular guest in the Hokage's office to receive punishment for his gags.

Naruto wasn't entirely friendless either. Sandaime was a close confidant of his and always had time for him. Another was one of his teachers, Iruka, who would often treat him to ramen or some other treat when he was feeling down. He got along well with some of his other classmates, who were misfits in their own ways. His favorite ones were Teuchi and Ayame Ichiraku who ran his favorite ramen stand. A lot of people found his pranks amusing too, even though most of the ninjas found them annoying.

At the moment, Naruto was eight years old. He wanted to be a ninja more than anything else so he could be the next Hokage. He was out by the river trying to train in the school's Taijutsu style since none of the instructors present wanted to help him. He couldn't go to a proper training field since they were being used and no one wanted to share. The others needed him to be a ninja before he could go in. All that was left were wild areas like this.

"Yah! Yah!" Naruto cried as he punched a tree. His blonde hair was spiked wildly and sweat glistened down his face, over the whisker marks on his cheeks. He was wearing a black t-shirt and orange shorts. Hardly suitable training attire, but it was the only clothes he owned save for his pajamas.

A particularly hard punch to a tree left several cuts in his hands, which healed instantly. Sadly, he could still feel the pain and recoiled with a groan.

"Ow," he mumbled, checking to see if the wounds were bleeding. He heaved a sigh. "Stupid teachers. Why won't they let me learn any of the good stuff?"

Shaking his hands to get the feeling back into them, Naruto decided to try out his kicks. Once his hands got better, he would move back to his punches again.

Little did he know that someone had taken an interest in how he trained.

Sha-Fu was a feline who liked to travel the world. He had taken many travels since the GekiRin Rebellion and now that he had some time to himself since joining SCRCT, he decided some more travels were in order.

Sha-Fu did not look like a normal individual. In fact, he looked more like a cat than he did a human. His face had a furry feline look along with the ears to go with it. His hands were actually paws and a tail came from his waist. He wore a dark red bodysuit while a blue sash went with it. Heavy boots were on his feet to help with the travel.

He hadn't always looked like this. In fact, he and his friends, Sharkie Chan, Bat Li, Michelle Peng, Gorie Yen, Bion Biao, and Elehung Gambou used to look normal. That all changed when their former friends Maku, Rageku, and Kata created their little rebellion.

You see, Sha-Fu was a master of a fighting style called GekiJyuKen, which was a discipline based on the movements of animals. Shafu's personal expertise lay with the Felis-Ken, or Felis-Fist. Sharkie, Li, Michelle, Gorie, Bion, and Elehung had all created and mastered their own versions of it, calling themselves Kensei. Maku, Rageku, and Kata had their own, calling themselves Kenma.

The Kensei firmly believed that positive emotions were the groundwork needed to become strong. Shafu firmly felt that the three aspects of the GekiJyuKen, Unbreakable Body, Fantastic Technique, and Honest Heart was only the beginning in learning GekiJyuKen.

The Kenma unfortunately, felt that negative emotions were a better source of strength. Anger, hate, and jealousy were their personal feelings. They believed this so much that they made their own school, the RinJyuDen Akugata, a school of violence, destruction, and pain.

It was only natural that the schools would come into conflict. In a battle known as the GekiRin Rebellion, the Kenma were defeated and sealed away by the Kensei, at the price of their humanity, turning them all into human-animal hybrids whom never aged.

Sha-Fu's thoughts were currently on his last students, Dan, Miki, Gou, and Rio. They were all very promising students. Dan had mastered White Tiger-Ken and was probably the strongest of his students. Gou was showing promise with his Wolf-Ken, even if he couldn't use Geki or Ringi, but something else called Shigeki. Miki was probably his brightest student, which showed in her Leopard-Ken. Rio was by far the most aggressive with his Lion-Ken.

Things had turned badly. Dan had been murdered and his village was destroyed. It was assumed Rio had done it since he had left Shafu's tutelage earlier that day. Gou had been lost in a fight with Rio and was feared to be never seen again. Only Miki was left and she was getting more pressure from her family to take over in SCRCT. It had been years since that day, but it was still fresh in Sha-Fu's mind.

Sha-Fu had decided to travel through the Hidden Countries since he had not been there for some time. The last time he had been there, he met a young man named Sarutobi who had just been declared the Hokage. Sha-Fu liked the country because it reminded him of simpler times where he was still training with his nine friends and master. There was no RinJyuDen and there was no rebellion. They were just young people searching for skill and strength.

Entering Konoha had been easy since he still could use his Felis-Ken skills, even if he had sworn to never fight again. He had nothing against ninjas, but they were notoriously suspicious of everything and his appearance would not help things. He could have fought them off, but Sha-Fu did not think like that. Violence only brought more violence and he had enough of that. Believing violence solved problems was what caused the GekiRin Rebellion in the first place.

Moving through some of the dense forest, Sha-Fu admired the scenery of Konoha from afar. He noticed that a fourth face had been added to the Hokage monument since he had last been to the hidden leaf village. It seemed a new Hokage had been elected. Well, Sarutobi was probably getting on in years so it stood to reason he would choose a successor.

Enjoying the scenery, Sha-Fu's feline hearing alerted him to the sounds of someone hitting something. Slightly concerned in case someone was being hurt, Sha-Fu decided to see what the source was. Moving through some foliage, Sha-Fu came to a small clearing. Over by a river was a small boy with blonde hair. He was kicking at a tree with what looked like a martial art of some kind. It was incredibly sloppy and looked self-taught to an extent. To Sha-Fu's trained eyes, it seemed the boy had witnessed the moves, but hadn't received any true training in the style it came from.

'A waste too,' Sha-Fu pondered. 'He looks like he has some considerable potential.'

He used his trained eyes to take in the boy's appearance. The boy had considerable toughness if he could keep kicking at the tree like he had been. There was also a considerable amount of Geki, or what ninjas called Chakra, in him. However, what caught Sha-Fu's attention most was the deep well of Ringi that was trapped inside of his stomach. It was expertly sealed with something akin to Genki, but oppositely charged. Still, it was being filtered into his body and at the rate it was going, by the time he was fully grown, he would be a powerhouse. Still, there was an underlying feeling of Ringi in his normal body which hinted at a troubled past. His Geki far outbalanced it, but there was far too much Ringi for a normal child to have even if he was slightly troubled. Something bad was happening to this boy and if it kept up, he might become something equal to the Kenma if he got some proper training.

Sighing, Sha-Fu made his decision. Since his most recent students had finished their studies under him and the Kensei, it might be time for another student. Besides, Sha-Fu had a soft spot for children, especially those in need. Steeling himself, the master of Felis-Ken moved to introduce himself.

Naruto kicked at the tree again, feeling his foot getting sore again. He would have to switch feet soon or at least go to his punches again. He was close to finishing for the day since the sun was getting low and he didn't have his evening bowl of ramen yet.

"Not bad," a voice spoke out of the foliage.

Naruto whirled around to see who was talking to him. His eyes widened in shock when he found himself looking at a cat man who was looking at him in an almost analytical way. Not that Naruto completely understood what analytical meant at his age. Most people might be frightened at the image of such a being.

"That is so cool!" Naruto cried as he laid eyes on the cat man.

Naruto wasn't one of those people. He thought seeing a cat man was one of the coolest things to ever be conceived. Well, maybe next to chocolate-flavored ramen, if someone would get off their butts and invent it already.

Running up to the cat man, Naruto admired him, "Wow, Neko-san! I didn't know there were animal people like you around!"

"Oh, we exist," Sha-Fu chuckled, being reminded of his former student Jan. "I saw you practicing martial arts."

"Oh," Naruto frowned, deflating in depression. "I'm not really that good at it yet. The stupid teachers won't let me practice that much."

"Well, you're just beginning," Sha-Fu replied. It was becoming clear where some of his negative emotion was coming from. "You just need some proper training."

"I know that," Naruto huffed. As dense as he was in some cases, he knew that you couldn't learn much without training or proper teaching. "It's just no one wants to teach me."

"I see," Sha-Fu nodded. The picture was becoming even clearer. This boy was in serious need of assistance. It was time to make his offer. "You know, I know a martial art you can learn,"

"HUH?!" Naruto gaped. He looked up at the cat man in surprise. "Really?! You do?! Does that mean you want to teach me?!"

"I wouldn't be offering otherwise," Sha-Fu smiled. "The question is; would you like to learn from me?"

"HECK YEAH!" Naruto cried brightly. "That would be so cool! I'd be the only guy in Konoha who has a cat man for a teacher! The other kids at the academy are going to be sooooo jealous! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Hold on a second, young one," Sha-Fu spoke calmly, miraculously gaining Naruto's attention. "I am offering to teach you, but why exactly do you want to learn?"

"Um," Naruto blinked as he thought hard. Why would he want to learn what the cat man was offering? That was simple; he wanted to be a ninja! Becoming a ninja was the first step in becoming Hokage. He wanted to become Hokage so people would recognize him, but that reason had changed as he got older. He wanted to make sure the people he recognized as family would be safe. As loud and mischievous as he was, Naruto was deathly afraid of being alone like he was in his early years.

"I want," Naruto began, showing a maturity beyond his years. "I want to protect…my precious people."

Sha-Fu smiled. That was a perfect reason to learn GekiJyuKen. With a reason like that to power his determination, there was no doubt that he was going to become great.

"A good answer," Sha-Fu nodded. "Now, to fully learn what I have to teach, you will have to leave for a while. Is that all right?"

"Umm," Naruto mumbled again. "I'll have to ask Jiji about it. He might think its okay."

"Jiji?" asked Sha-Fu. "And who might he be?"

"Oh, he's old man Hokage!" Naruto grinned. He pointed up to the Hokage monument. "The third face on the monument."

"Sarutobi?" Sha-Fu asked with some surprise. "Is he still the Hokage? What about the fourth face?"

"That's the Yondaime!" Naruto grinned. "He's the guy who defeated the Kyuubi and saved Konoha! He gave his life to save his home!"

"I see," Sha-Fu nodded. Maybe he would need to ask Sarutobi about what really happened to the Yondaime. Maybe he could even ask Sarutobi if he could take Naruto to SCRTC to be trained in JyuKen. With his eyes, he could tell Naruto had strong ki. Seeing it go to waste would be a terrible disappointment.

Looking up into the sky, Sha-Fu felt as if someone was looking down at him.

---Hokage's Office---

The current Hokage of Konoha wasn't oblivious as to what was going on at the moment. Looking into his crystal ball, he was more than capable of seeing that Sha-Fu was talking to Naruto.

Sarutobi was an old man with white hair and still managed to keep his goatee. He may have been old, but his knowledge of jutsu had him called 'The Professor' in his prime, jutsus he still knew today. Even in his advanced age, he was a force to be reckoned with.

Sarutobi easily recalled Sha-Fu from his younger days. It wasn't everyday someone met a cat man after all. Said cat man had been touring the Hidden Countries and ended up near Konoha. Some of the more eager ninjas had confronted him and tried to pick a fight, but ended up knocked out, their own movements working against them. Sha-Fu hadn't raised a paw on them. Since one of them was an Uchiha, the clan was disappointed to know they couldn't steal his moves, but also demanding his surrender. Sarutobi had spoken up for the cat man, stating that it was their forces who challenged him. It was a political brawl until Sha-Fu decided he had seen enough and left like a cat. Sarutobi was sure he'd never see him again. It was suitably understandable that the old man was surprised to see the cat-man looking the exact same as before.

While the council was making demands of Sha-fu showing the extent of his abilities (so some Uchiha could probably copy it) or defending his rights and letting him go, Sarutobi took some time to talk to the traveler. He had learned that Sha-Fu was a martial arts master and was looking for some students. The old Hokage had to wonder if this…GekiJyuKen training might be good for Naruto in the long run. He certainly wasn't getting any breaks from many of the villagers. Maybe some time away from the village would be good for the young Kyuubi container.

Naruto stood at the gates of Konoha where his new sensei said to be. Jiji had sent him a letter saying that he had permission to leave Konoha with Sha-Fu for his training on the condition that he return for his final exams to become a Konoha ninja. That suited Naruto just fine and he was off like a shot to get his things together. Every scroll, every cup of ramen, every picture he had of the people he cared about in his life.

"Ah, hello, Naruto. Off for another adventure I see," someone spoke. Naruto swiftly turned around and saw that none other than the Hokage himself and his homeroom teacher Iruka were standing behind him.

"I have to say this is a huge opportunity, Naruto," Iruka smiled. "I'm glad it was you this Sha-Fu fellow picked to be a pupil."

"Ah heh heh heh," Naruto grinned while happy to see two of his favorite people. "Of course? Who else would Neko-sensei pick? I'm gonna be the Hokage after all!"

Sarutobi and Iruka both smiled at Naruto's truly happy face. He usually wore a mask to hide the pain he was sometimes in, but a true smile on his face was always a sight to see. Both men knew they were going to miss the over-energetic blonde, but this would help Naruto in the long run.

"Ah, I see you have some friends to see you off," a voice broke through the crowds. "Excellent."

All three residents of Konoha turned to see who was speaking and only Iruka's jaw dropped when they viewed Sha-Fu's image. He wasn't the only one either. Citizens of Konoha were openly gawking at Sha-Fu as he appeared out of a side street and walked towards the trio.

"Greetings," Sha-Fu bowed politely. "It is good to see you again, Sarutobi."

"And you as well, Sha-Fu," Sarutobi laughed while Iruka tried to recover himself. Naruto just laughed at how funny Iruka's face looked. "As youthful as ever I see."

"Oh, sometimes the years catch up to me," Sha-Fu smiled. He then turned his attention over to Iruka. "I take it this is a friend of young Naruto's?"

"Uh….yes," Iruka dumbly nodded. "I'm Iruka Umino. I'm one of Naruto's teachers. He's somewhat of a special friend of mine outside of class so when I heard he was leaving on a trip, I just had to say goodbye."

"I see," Sha-Fu nodded. "I am glad to see Naruto has such good friends here in Konoha. There should be a warm welcoming when we finally return."

"Oh yeah!" Naruto cheered. "A ramen party! Wahoo!"

"You should first complete the training before looking forward to coming back Naruto," Sha-Fu chuckled. "By then I am sure you will have earned it."

"You bet I will!" Naruto grinned. "Believe it!"

All three of the older men laughed at Naruto's eagerness to learn. He may not have been the best of students, but if it caught his attention, then there was no stopping him. It certainly proved true in his career as a prankster. If Naruto took to Sha-Fu's style like he did his pranking skills, then Naruto was definitely going to get an education.

"Well, shall we be off then?" Sha-Fu asked.

"Yeah!" Naruto nodded rapidly. "I want to get started as soon as possible!"

"Well, we'll all miss you, Naruto," Iruka smiled as he ruffled Naruto's hair. "We'll be here when you get back. You had better concentrate on learning."

"Heh! Sure will!" Naruto smiled.

With final goodbyes and farewells, Naruto and Sha-Fu exited the gates of Konoha and headed out into the distance. Sha-Fu remained quiet until he noticed Naruto sniffling and wiping his eyes. The master of Felis-Ken guessed that this was the first time Naruto had been away from home and was sad for leaving his friends.

"There, there, Naruto-kun," Sha-Fu smiled as he patted Naruto's head. "This isn't goodbye forever. You'll see them again."

"Yeah ," Naruto sniffed. "I'll be back. Can't become Hokage without being a ninja of Konoha after all!"

"Indeed," Sha-Fu nodded. "Now, would you like to hear about the place in which you will be learning GekiJyuKen?"

"You bet!" Naruto cheered.

Four Years Later…

Three figures stood in front of the large gates of Konoha, watching everything around them. They had large backpacks on and all looked to be about twelve years old. One might wonder what children their age were doing by themselves, but it was the aura of intensity and experience that they gave off that made people steer clear of them.

The boy on the left had dark brown hair that reached to his shoulders. He looked Chinese in appearance. He was wearing a black jacket that had gold lines on it and gold scratch marks on the back. The scratch marks were the familiar logo of SCRTC. His pants were black, but had gold lines running down the sides. His shoes were made for traveling and training with their thick black soles and it matched the rest of his outfit with the gold coloring on it. Adorned on his hands were gauntlet-like devices that were orange and black. His name was Shen. His last name was his own business.

The girl on the right wore a green jacket like Shen wore with black markings on it. Instead of pants, she was wearing a short black skirt. Her feet were donned in black training shoes that had green trimming. She had the same pair of gloves that Shen was wearing. She was Japanese upon closer inspection. Her hair was black and done up in buns on the sides of her head. Her name was Mimi Fujitaka.

The boy in the middle was infinitely more familiar with the village of Konoha. He was donned in an orange version of the training jacket with black pants and orange trimmed training shoes. The same orange and black gloves as his friends were adorning his hands. His eyes were a bright blue with spiky orange hair. Whisker marks adorned his cheeks. This was none other than Naruto Uzumaki himself. He had returned from his studies under Sha-Fu.

"Boy does it feel good to be home!" Naruto grinned as he stretched his arms. He then turned to his teammates. "You guys are going to love it here! There's all sorts of stuff people like us can do for training!"

"That sounds good to me," Shen shrugged. "I don't want to get out of practice here. I hope the academy students are up to snuff."

"As if they could beat you, Shen-sama!" Mimi smiled brightly. "Besides, we can train together too!"

Naruto looked at his near stoic teammate and almost laughed as his faced softened. Shen was very dedicated to his training in GekiJyuKen under Jan-sensei, the heir of the Tiger-Ken. He looked up to Jan a lot and was determined to match him and prove that he was worthy of the training that Jan offered him.

Shen had come from outside the Hidden Countries, from a city called Hong Kong. He was an orphan who was living on the streets most of his life. One day he saw a bunch of kids talking to a man who was showing them martial arts. Coming closer in curiosity, the man took notice of him and they began talking. This man was actually Jan, one of Sha-Fu's disciples. He offered to teach Shen GekiJyuKen and Shen happily agreed.

Mimi was also outside of the Hidden Countries, but from a city called Tokyo. She had trained under Retsu-sensei and Ran-sensei in the basic classes. Mimi found the GekiJyuKen style incredibly interesting and desired to learn more. Her passion in it reflected in her skill. Eventually, she was accepted into the advanced training at the top of her class.

Mimi was infatuated with Shen ever since they met. She would follow him everywhere and train with him whenever they could. Sometimes she would ask for dates while doing so. For some reason, Shen could never say no to her. For that same unknown reason, he felt warm around her and enjoyed her company when they were able to hang out.

Naruto had been introduced to both of them when they began their advanced training under Sha-Fu and his three disciples. They stuck together through thick and thin despite their different attitudes. Shen was stoic, Mimi was a fangirl, and Naruto was the loud child out to prove himself to everyone. Their bond of friendship was strong and it was only natural that they travel back to the Hidden Countries when Naruto's time to return drew near. Of course, convincing Mimi's parents was difficult, but when they saw how badly their daughter wanted this, they relented.

"So what kind of stuff do you think we can do here in Konoha, Naru-chan?" Mimi asked curiously.

"Well there are all sorts of specialized training grounds to use if you have permission," Naruto explained. "There's also an awesome ramen shop! I could eat tons of the stuff! I can't wait to go there again!"

"Didn't Ran-sensei tell you not to eat so much ramen?" Shen asked suspiciously.

"Ran-nee did mention something like that," Naruto huffed. "But she's never tasted Ichiraku ramen before!"

"She had to take all your ramen away to finally break you from the habit if I remember," Mimi giggled.

Naruto snorted as he and his two friends entered through the Konoha gates with the merchants. No one really seemed to pay them any mind beyond the fact that they were dressed weird as compared to them. Still, some people were shooting dark looks at Naruto, grumbling about demons. Shen and Mimi were quick to notice and frowned at how some people were talking about their teammate.

"Some of these people don't seem very nice," Mimi huffed. "They don't seem to like you, Naru-chan."

"No," Naruto huffed. "They blame me for what that stupid fuzzball did twelve years ago."

"I can't believe people refuse to let go of the past," Shen frowned. "The Kyuubi was defeated twelve years ago. They should just accept that fact and move on instead of stewing over something they can't change."

Several people flinched at the mention of the nine-tailed fox. It appeared they still feared the beast, but their glares still meant they wanted to do something about it.

Naruto had long since learned about the demon sealed inside of him. With such a deep well of hateful aura inside of him, all seven of the Kensei had come to see him and try to discern what it was. After all seven examined his seal and the energy behind it, they researched the Hidden Countries and discerned that it was a Biju that was within him. Naruto easily recalled the story of the Kyuubi attack and everyone easily guessed which Biju was inside of him.

"Well, nothing a good prank won't solve!" Naruto smiled. "And no Miki-oba-san to stop me! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Here we go again," Shen sighed while Mimi giggled.

While the trio was walking, Mimi's backpack began to shuffle. There was a grunting sound coming from inside before the flap popped open and a living being popped out. The being in the backpack turned out to be a small fly-like creature with four arms and two feet. It wore black pants and a white shirt. Its head was bulbous with large red eyes and a fly moth that ended in a silver ball that seemed a little like a microphone.

"Aaaaah!" the fly creature sighed happily. "So we are finally here? The Village Hidden in the Leaves?"

"We're here, Bae-chan!" Mimi giggled before she grabbed the little fly man and hugged him close. "We're just heading to the Hokage Tower!"

Bae was actually a fellow practitioner of GekiJyuKen. His specialty was the Fly-Ken, an art using his Geki along with his words to make his attacks. He was a student of the Kensei and fought in the GekiRin rebellion. He attempted to seal away one of the enemy generals but screwed up the technique and was turned into what he was now. He was trapped by the enemy for some time before he was finally freed by the collapse of the RinJyuKen Akugata.

He lived in the SCRTC building until the three children came to train. Mimi took one look at Bae and instantly squealed at how cute he was. She never missed an opportunity to cuddle him when she couldn't hang off Shen. Shen and Naruto thought he was a little odd, but eventually he became a member of the little troupe. Mimi had asked nicely if he could come along and Bae melted under her puppy eyes.

"Excellent!" Bae nodded in Mimi's arms. "It has been some time since I had been in the Hidden Countries and I hope we will be welcomed warmly."

"No problem, Bae!" Naruto smiled. "Jiji's still the Hokage so we'll be welcomed in with open arms!"

"How do you know that he is still the Hokage?" Shen asked suspiciously.

"Simple!" Naruto continued to grin. He pointed up to the Hokage monument which still only had four faces carved into its surface. "If there was a new Hokage, they would have carved their face into the mountain!"

"Is he nice?" Mimi asked curiously.

"You bet!" Naruto nodded. "Jiji was the one who gave me my apartment. We can stay there while we live in Konoha."

"I just hope it has enough room," Shen shrugged.

The three students of GekiJyuKen continued on the road to the Hokage tower. No one seemed to give them a second look unless they recognized Naruto. After that they seemed to either glare at him or watch him go in shock. Apparently a lot of people hoped he would stay gone when they learned he had left. Their journey continued until they reached the Hokage tower and entered. The Hokage's secretary was a little reluctant to let them in, but she relented since the three children seemed like foreigners.

Inside the office, Naruto, Mimi, and Shen spied Sarutobi reading over some paperwork. Hearing his door open, he looked up to see who had entered. Upon seeing the familiar face of his young friend, a smile broke out on his face.

"Well, well," Sarutobi smiled. "It has been a long time Naruto. It's good to see you again. Who are your friends?"

"Hey, Jiji!" Naruto grinned. "These are my teammates Mimi Fujitaka and Shen. They're students of GekiJyuKen like me!"

"Hello, Hokage-sama," Mimi bowed politely, Bae still in her arms. "Thank you for allowing us to come with Naruto.

"Hnn," Shen bowed politely as well.

"Well, I wasn't expecting Naruto to return with new friends," Sarutobi admitted. "But, any friend of Naruto is a friend of mine. Welcome to Konoha."

Buzzing excitedly, Bae slipped out of Mimi's arms and flew over to Sarutobi, slightly surprising the older man.

"And what an honor it is to be here, Hokage-sama!" Bae buzzed excitedly. "I am sure we of the GekiJyuKen will learn much while we train here!"

"You…are from the GekiJyuKen school as well?" Sarutobi blinked in surprise. He had assumed Bae was some kind of doll that Mimi carried around. Well, he did until he started moving.

"Yes!" Bae nodded. "I am a practitioner of the GekiJyu Fly-Ken! I am Bae!"

"A pleasure to meet you too, Bae-san," Sarutobi nodded. As Bae flew back to Mimi's arms, the elder Hokage regarded the three of them. "Well, Iruka was notified of Naruto's impending arrival so I'll send him notice about two more. You're lucky the day hasn't begun yet at the academy. If you head out now you'll be right on time."

"Gotcha, Jiji!" Naruto nodded with a thimbs up. He then turned excitedly to his teammates. "C'mon guys! The academy is pretty cool even though Iruka-sensei's speeches are boring!"

Grabbing his teammates' hands, Naruto roared out of the office like a shot. Shen and Mimi could only be dragged along helplessly. They knew by experience that once Naruto got excited by something, there was really no stopping him until he felt like stopping. Sarutobi could only watch as they left, feeling déjà vu at seeing Naruto's boundless energy back in Konoha.

"Welcome home, Naruto," Sarutobi smiled to himself. "Konoha just wasn't the same without you."

With that, Sarutobi started writing the notice Iruka would need. The man could handle kids better than any other teacher. Who better to handle three students of the GekiJyuKen school? Besides, he just hadn't been the same since Naruto left.

Iruka held the slip of paper in his hand which had been delivered straight from the Hokage's office. A warm smile came over his face when he read that Naruto had returned and was going to be at the academy. He was also a little curious as to who these other two who were supposed to be with him. They were the same age and were students in the same discipline that Naruto had taken up. The teacher had to admit, he was curious about this GekiJyuKen that his 'little brother' had taken to.

"Okay, class!" Iruka called out to his students, who were gabbing it up. Well, some of them were bickering over who was going to sit with Sasuke Uchiha…again. As expected, none of them were paying attention.

"QUIET!!" Iruka roared, utilizing his big head technique. Seeing that his students were all mollified (I.E. frightened into silence) he continued. "Now, I have a notice from the Hokage that one of our students will be returning to us along with two new students. I hope you will give them all a warm welcome."


Everyone looked to the back of the classroom where the entrance/exits were located. Standing in the doorway was a very familiar blonde with a huge grin on his face. Next to him were two foreigners dressed in either black or green. The boys immediately took note of the new cute girl while the girls in the classroom began comparing the new boy to Sasuke. One violet-eyed girl blushed brightly upon seeing the blonde, easily recognizing him.

"Is that you, Naruto?" one Kiba Inuzuka cried. "When did you get back?"

"Just today!" Naruto grinned as he and his teammates headed down to the front of the classroom. "Miss me?"

"As if, you dobe!" Kiba laughed. "Who are those two with you?"

"My name is Shen," the darkly dressed boy answered. "I came to see if I could get extra training in ninja arts."

"I am Mimi Fujitaka!" Mimi giggled, earning stupid grins from a number of males. "Wherever Shen-sama goes, I go!"

Most girls in the classroom felt relieved that they wouldn't have another rival for Sasuke's affections. One girl just felt a growing well of happiness seeing Naruto had returned while one boy was eyeing up the new students. He wanted a challenge to see if he had gotten stronger and despite Naruto being a dobe when he left, he might know something interesting now.

"Well it's nice to meet all of you," Iruka nodded. "You're lucky you got here when you did. We were about to head out to the training yard to practice Taijutsu. Maybe we can see the things you three have learned."

"All right!" Naruto grinned. "Perfect!"

"Now all will see how good Shen-sama is!" Mimi giggled.

"You two like to show off too much," Shen sighed.

Still, the whole class relocated outside the school where a simple ring was planted in the ground. Iruka explained that everyone would draw lots and fight whoever they had drawn. Shen decided this was good training while Mimi used it as a chance to show Shen-sama just how her training was paying off. Naruto just hoped he could fight Sasuke, remembering the fierce rivalry he had with the Uchiha.

"Okay, first is Shen," Iruka nodded on the clipboard he held. He figured that he might as well get the new kids first. He was curious as to what their fighting styles were like. "Come up and draw a name."

Shen silently walked to the bowl being used to hold names, seemingly ignoring Mimi's cheers. Really, he was glad for the encouragement. Reaching into the bowl, he drew a name.

"Sasuke Uchiha," he read. "Is he here?"

"Right here," the last Uchiha smirked, glad to be able to go against one of the new kids. He was eager to see how strong they were.

Both boys stepped into the circle and squared off against each other. Sasuke took the stance of the Uchiha style of Taijutsu while Shen went into a stance that no one recognized. The Uchiha fangirls squealed and cried out, anticipating Sasuke's victory. Mimi and Naruto called out to Shen, wishing him luck, and saying he could win.

"Okay," Iruka said to the two boys. "This is going to be a Taijutsu match. Your goal is to knock your opponent out of the ring. Understand?"

"Yes," both boys nodded.

"Good," Iruka nodded. "Then begin!"

Sasuke shot forward, beginning a barrage of punches which he thought would overwhelm his opponent. However, Shen calmly began blocking the barrage. He would catch them or turn them aside. The foreign boy's reflexes were very sharp. Almost cat-like…

"Kick his ass, Shen!" Naruto roared. "He doesn't stand a chance against you!"

"Go, Shen-sama!" Mimi squealed excitedly.

"Sasuke-kun's going to win!" several fangirls of Sasuke shrieked.

"Yeah right!" Naruto laughed. "Shen is the strongest physically out of the three of us. He can even break stone blocks with his bare hands."

"Shen-sama is so strong!" Mimi giggled. She hugged herself and adopted a dreamy look. "I feel it every time he holds me."

The battle between Sasuke and Shen was heating up. Sasuke was beginning to get mad. Usually his style of fighting was only rivaled by the Jyuuken of the Hyuuga Clan. Yet this...outsider was not only matching his blows, but returning them!

Shen admitted that this boy was good, but his attacks were rushed. The boy had no patience for learning techniques and it showed in his battle skills. Patience and discipline were needed to really master battle techniques. It reminded Shen of himself before Master Sha-Fu sat him down and told him a story about a former student named Rio.

Deciding to end it, Shen pressed forward. He dodged a punch from the Uchiha boy before plowing a first into the boy's gut. Sasuke stumbled from the force of the blow before Shen punched him a second time in the face, forcing him to stumble backwards. Shen pressed his advantage, unleashing combos in motions much like that of a feline. He rained down blow after blow on Sasuke, leaving the boy stunned. The Uchiha style was meant to lay down powerful strikes on the opponent, but it was meant to be used as a power style. Shen's style was proving more powerful.

'No!' Sasuke hissed in his mind. 'I am an Uchiha! An Avenger! I will not let myself lose to anyone!'

Slipping, admittedly clumsily, to the side, Sasuke began flipping though several hand seals. Normally he might not have done this, but Sasuke was punch-drunk at this point and his temper was getting the better of him.

"Sasuke, no!" Iruka shouted.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!" Sasuke called before heaving a deep breath and unleashing a large fireball out of his mouth.



The two other students of GekiJyuKen cried out to their teammate. They knew Shen could probably survive the attack, but they didn't want to even see him hurt in the first place. Iruka was about to try and intervene before Shen started moving again.

"Gekiwaza!" he called. "ShiShi Dan!"

Rearing his fist back, a golden energy began collecting in his arm. Punching forward, the energy burst, taking the image of a large black lion with a gold mane. The beast gave off a roar before charging at the fireball and Sasuke. Amazingly, it swatted the fireball to the side before leaping at the last Uchiha and colliding with him. Sasuke was knocked back several feet and straight out of the ring before skidding to a stop. The lion faded out of existence, leaving a roar before it left.

Iruka and his students were left gaping at what they saw. They hadn't seen a kid do something like that before. A soft groan from Sasuke brought everyone to reality as they saw the Uchiha getting back up. The fangirls immediately started crying out and running to try and see if he was all right. Thankfully, Iruka beat them to it and managed to get the boy back onto his feet.

"This was supposed to be Taijutsu only!" Iruka frowned. "I expected better from the number one in the class. I hope you have a good explanation for this."

Several fangirls cried out in Sasuke's defense, declaring him to be let off because of some reason or another. Some were because he was limited or others because Shen was cheating. It seemed impossible in their minds that Sasuke could be defeated by anyone. The Uchiha himself remained silent, apparently expecting the problem to go away.

"All right, Shen!" Naruto cheered as he and Mimi ran to their friend. "You've been practicing, haven't you? The lion looked way clearer than it did before!"

"I got some extra tips from Jan-sensei," Shen nodded. "I'm glad it worked."

"I knew you could win, Shen-sama!"

The remaining students who weren't busy glaring holes at Shen for what he did to 'Sasuke-kun' were gaping at the trio.

"What the hell was that?" demanded Sasuke as he glared at Shen who looked back with a neutral expression. "That looked like Ninjutsu, but you didn't even perform hand seals! What is it? Tell me!"

"Hey, Sasuke! Shen-sama doesn't need to tell you anything!" Mimi snapped. Of course, Shen answered anyway.

"GekiJyu Lion-Ken," said Shen simply.

"What?" asked Sasuke.

"The King of Beasts, Powerful and Noble. Unyielding Power. GekiJyu Lion-Ken," explained Shen further. "That is my style."

"How did you make that lion appear?" asked Sasuke. He wanted to know.

Shen gave one answer, "Geki."

"What kind of answer is that?" Sasuke frowned. His eyes were practically demanding for an explanation for the technique.

"The only one you're getting," Shen answered coolly.

"Shen-sama's so cool!" Mimi squealed.

"Sasuke-kun's cooler!" numerous girls shrieked in response. Shen rolled his eyes and Naruto laughed.

Iruka sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. One day with the new kids and there was already trouble. Sasuke would have to face disciplinary actions, but some of the other teachers would probably play it down. Sasuke was the golden boy of Konoha after all. The people respected him because of his name, and the kids adored him because of his abilities, and the council because of his eyes. Sasuke had been favored for a lot of things ever since his family got slaughtered.

"Okay!" he called, catching his students' attention. "Sasuke is going to sit out the rest of the training since he can't seem to follow instructions. Next on the list is…Mimi Fujitaka."

"Yay!" Mimi cheered. She skipped up to Iruka and drew a name from the bowl. "Ino Yamanaka!"

"That's me!" a ponytailed blonde in purple clothes announced as she stepped forward.

"Cool! Let's have fun!" Mimi giggled. She made a quick turn to Shen and Naruto, smiling brightly. "Shen-sama! Make sure to cheer for me! You too, Naru-chan!"

As Mimi was waving, her backpack began to shake and buzz. The class looked on in confusion before the flap opened. When the thing inside came out, several students gasped and cried in shock.

"-yawn-" Bae yawned as he buzzed into the air. "I felt some fierce fighting ki, did I miss a fight?"

"Sorry, Bae-chan," Mimi giggled as she snagged Bae into a hug. "But I'm about to go fight so could you please commentate?"

"Oooooh! A chance to commentate a battle between a GekiJyuKen user and a ninja?" Bae buzzed excitedly as he buzzed into the air. "You know my passions well, Mimi-chan!"

"Course I do, silly," Mimi smiled. "You're one of my best friends!"

"What is that thing?" Ino questioned, surprised.

"That's Bae-chan," Mimi said with a frown, "And he's not a thing." Mimi took offense every time someone treated Bae anything less than he deserved. She then bowed at Ino, "Shall we begin?"

Naruto leaned over to Shen. "Hey, Shen, you think Mimi's going to show us what she's been working on?"

"Knowing her, I guess so," said Shen. For a while now, Mimi had been working on some of her own techniques but she never told either of the boys. She said it was going to be a surprise, though. "Can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve."

Mimi and Ino faced off against each other. Ino was determined to show this new girl what she was made of. She was pretty ticked about what had happened to Sasuke, but she was going to take it out of the girl's hide. What she didn't know was that Mimi was just as determined to win and show Shen just how much she had progressed.

"No jutsus, remember that," Iruka reminded the two. "With that said, begin."

Ino took a defensive stance for her taijutsu style. It was the kind the academy used since her family used more along the lines of her mental jutsus. She squared off against Mimi before she realized that the dark-haired girl was already charging at her.

"Woah!" Ino cried as she dodged a forward strike.

"Oooh! And Mimi-chan begins with her surprising speed!" Bae announced as he buzzed around the fight. "Ino-san looks like she is already on the ropes!"

"WHO ASKED YOU?!" Ino crabbed as she dodged another strike.

"Hey, don't yell at him," Mimi defended Bae. "He's just doing his job!"

"He's a pest!" snapped Ino.

Mimi could take it if somebody insulted her. She would just ignore them. But, if somebody insulted, Bae…well, they wished they never had.

"Now Ino has done it," grimaced Naruto.

"What do you mean?" asked Kiba.

"Mimi doesn't take too kindly to those that insult Bae," said Shen. "And, well, Mimi does have a really bad temper."

"We both learned that when that punk in Retsu-sensei's class said girls shouldn't learn martial arts," Naruto shivered. "It took Neko-sensei to put him right."

The collected students paled at the way Naruto and Shen both looked queasy. Turning back to the fight, they saw that Mimi was frowning deeply, looking almost murderous. The only one who seemed oblivious to this was Ino herself.

"Ah! Mimi-chan seems to be taking those words to heart!" Bae commentated as he continued to buzz about. "Mimi-chan finds all her friends precious and does not let anyone speak ill of them! It is one of the aspects which makes her such a contender in the GekiJyuKen Beast Arts!"

"No one insults Bae-chan!" Mimi shrieked angrily. Moving into a new stance, she began powering up her Geki. "Gekiwaza: Kakusareta Kyokatabira!"

Before everyone's eyes, Mimi vanished in a wave of air. The students gasped out in shock and even Iruka was gobsmacked. He was so surprised, he didn't even try to reprimand Mimi for using something similar to jutsus.

"INCREDIBLE!" Bae cried in sheer joy. "Mimi-chan has made use of a new technique which she must have learnt in secret! She is full of surprises!"

"Wow," Naruto gaped. "I guess she took my jibe at the chameleon thing seriously."

"Hmm," Shen nodded. "That's taking her style to a new level. Ran and Retsu-sensei will be very pleased."

"What kind of style does she use?" asked Chouji as he ate some onigiri.

"GekiJyu Chameleon-Ken," Naruto answered.

"Where are you?!" Ino cried as she brought her hands together in a hand seal. "Kai!"

"And Ino attempts to break Mimi-chan's technique, believing it to be an illusion technique called a Genjutsu!" Bae announced. "However it seems it has failed!"

Bae was proven correct too. Ino's attempt to break the technique failed miserably. Mimi didn't reappear. She was quickly getting nervous. She had no idea that the new kid was capable of something like that. Snapping at the fly…guy was suddenly looking like a stupid move.

"Gekiwaza!" Mimi's voice rang out. "Mugen Koru Nami!"

Ino shrieked as it looked like she was being struck from behind. The students with the sharper eyes like Sasuke or Hinata (with her Byakugan in use) could see impacts where something small was poking her repeatedly. As the assault wore down, Ino collapsed onto the ground. Mimi faded back into sight with her arms crossed underneath her chest.

"Unnnnn." Ino groaned. Her body felt like a ton of rock and she couldn't move.

"The Mugen Koru Nami allows me to strike a pattern of pressure points in the body," Mimi explained. "The more I hit them, the heavier the body feels. Even using your chakra won't help."

"Just what kind of fighting was that?" Ino hissed. "It's cheating!"

"It is not!" Mimi frowned. "Adapting to any challenge I face. Wise Instincts. GekiJyu Chameleon-Ken."

"Winner of this match, Mimi-chan!" Bae cheered.

As soon as the match ended, Mimi's frown turned into a wide smile as she hopped up and down happily. "Yes, I won!" She then ran towards Shen and Naruto, hugging Shen tight. "Did you see, Shen-sama? How were my new techniques?"

Shen's cheeks turned red and he attempted to hide them. He was still a little unused to how affectionate Mimi was. Naruto would've teased his friend but that could wait for later. Mimi let go of Shen and then smiled at Naruto.

"Wow, Mimi! That was awesome!" Naruto complimented.

"Well, we do move like the beasts, so why not use some of their talents too," Mimi nodded. "It's all thanks to your words. We have to be one with the beasts, right?"

Iruka smiled at seeing the new kids. They hadn't used any special jutsus, just something similar. This GekiJyuKen…the power…what was it really? He then turned back to the list. Now it was time for Naruto to show what he'd learnt. "Naruto Uzumaki!"

"Alright!" Naruto grinned before running to the bowl. He picked a name. "Great! I get to fight Kiba!"

"Ha! As if you'd beat me, dobe!" Kiba boasted as he and his partner Akamaru stepped forward.

The battle had to wait for a moment so Iruka could bring Ino out of the ring. Mimi assured Iruka that the technique wouldn't last too long. She'd lightened up soon enough. Once Ino was out of the way, Kiba and Naruto faced off against each other in the ring.

"And we come to the third battle of the day!" Bae commentated. "Today's combatants are the energetic and entertaining Naruto Uzumaki!"

"Go, Naru-chan!" Mimi cheered brightly.

"Don't lose, Naruto," Shen spoke with a shrug.

"And his opponent," Bae announced as he buzzed over near Kiba. Akamaru attempted to sniff at him, but failed. "The younger of two heirs of the Inuzuka Clan, Kiba Inuzuka!"

There was polite clapping for the scruffy boy. That just served to make Kiba growl annoyingly. Why wouldn't any cute girls cheer for him?

"Refereeing this match is none other than the wise instructor, Iruka Umino!" Bae finished as he buzzed up away from the action.

"Okay," Iruka smiled. He had to admit that Bae was quite the character. It seemed he was the type that someone could get along with very easily. He looked over to the grinning Naruto, easily recognizing the grin. "I don't suppose I can stop you from using those Gekiwaza can I?"

"And miss the chance to show off?" Naruto chuckled. "Fat chance!"

"Fine," Iruka shrugged. "Kiba, you have permission to use jutsus. Try not to take it too far."

"Yeah sure," Kiba grinned. "I've won this now, dobe!"

"I'm not the same kid who left four years ago," Naruto grinned. "Let me show you that!" He went into his personal GekiJyuKen stance, getting ready to face Kiba. "Get ready, Kiba, because Naruto Uzumaki is gonna kick your ass!"

"Bring it, dobe!" Kiba grinned.

"Begin!" announced Iruka.

As the match started, one of the girls said, "I don't think Uzumaki can win. Aside from Sasuke-kun, Kiba is the best when it comes to Taijutsu."

Another girl shrugged, "Maybe, but he did train with those two new kids. Wonder what he's picked up?"

Sasuke eyed the match from afar. He wanted to see what this Geki really was. He'd seen what Mimi was capable with it, now it was Naruto's turn. He had his doubts since Naruto was a complete dobe when he left. One didn't shake that sort of thing off in only a couple of years without intense training.

Kiba smirked and launched himself at Naruto with Akamaru next to him. Both had a target on Naruto's chest, hoping to hit him hard before he pulled some kind of technique.

"Gekiwaza!" Naruto grinned. "Tsui Tsui Zen!"

To Kiba's shock, Naruto sank into the dirt. It was a technique similar to a kind of Doton jutsus, but it was so smooth and swift, Kiba didn't have time to react.

"What the-?!" Kiba cried. He began sniffing the ground. One of the drawbacks that this kind of technique had was that the scent followed the user. A human scent underground stuck out like a sore thumb.

"Arf!" Akamaru barked loudly.

"Whaddya mean you can't smell him?!" Kiba cried. "He's gotta have a scent somewhere!"

Try as he might, Kiba and Akamaru weren't picking up Naruto's scent. It was where he went down, but it vanished after that. It was starting to freak the young Inuzuka out.

"Yo, Kiba!" Naruto's voice rang out.

Turning to the source of the sound, Kiba's eyes widened when he saw Naruto's head sticking out of the ground. Almost as if he was rising out a lake, Naruto came to stand on the ground again.

"Tsui Tsui Zen is a lot like some Doton jutsus, I'll admit," Naruto shrugged. "What's different is that this cuts off all traces of my presence. Sort of like when an animal makes a new burrow. The only way you know they are there is if you see them go in."

"Ha!" Kiba grinned as he charged for another flurry of taijutsu moves. "I'm gonna blow you away!"

"Not today!" Naruto grinned as he held up a bunch of leaves he had plucked from the ground. He pressed them to his forehead as a golden energy began to light them up. "Gekiwaza: Kitsune Bunshin!"

Gripping the leaves, Naruto tossed them in all directions. Kiba knew that something was going to happen, but he wasn't going to give up the chance of taking Naruto down. He didn't even notice that the leaves had erupted in smoke as he brought back his fist.


And that was before Kiba found himself mobbed by several copies of Naruto. The sudden dog pile caught him off guard and left him and Akamaru under several Naruto clones. Everyone just stared at the fight in shock, wondering how Naruto did what he did.

"Is that a Kage Bunshin or something?" Shikamaru asked with some very, very slight curiosity.

"Naru-chan can create clones out of things he puts his Geki into," Mimi smiled as she explained the technique. "They last as long as the Geki is in them. They can survive attacks, but that drains the Geki faster."

"It's one of his specialties," Shen nodded. "It's one of the reasons why I like training with him. I can fight multiple people at once."

Back at the fight, Kiba was being held down by several clones while Akamaru was being held up by another one. Naruto stood in front of the pair with a smug grin on his face. He recalled how he would get his butt kicked in Taijutsu training by numerous students. Being on the opposite side of the beat down was fun for the energetic blonde.

"Ready to call it quits, Kiba?" Naruto grinned. "One chance only!"

"Hell no!" Kiba growled as he and Akamaru attempted to break free. "I'll still kick your ass!"

"Then I'd better finish this," Naruto shrugged. "Be thankful, Kiba, Elephant-sensei was the one who helped me perfect this technique!"

Over at the audience, the students were beginning to get curious again. Feeling bold, Shino Aburame stepped forward to ask what was on everyone's mind.

"Who is Elephant-sensei?" he asked stoically.

"He means Elehung Gambou-sensei," Shen answered. "He's one of the seven masters of the GekiJyuKen. The Elephant-Ken. I didn't know that Naruto was seeing him for extra help."

"I wonder what technique he needed help with," Mimi frowned in thought. "The only technique he really needed was…," a look of irritated realization came over her face. "Oh no! NARU-CHAN! DON'T YOU DARE USE THAT TECHNIQUE! RAN-SENSEI, MIKI, AND MICHELLE-SENSEI WILL HAVE YOUR HIDE!"

"Gekiwaza!" Naruto grinned. "Kitsune Henge!"

Naruto seemed to explode in smoke. The audience was wondering what kind of technique some of Naruto's teachers didn't want him to use. In their minds, it must mean that it was some kind of violent attack. They just wondered how brutal this technique was going to be.

"Kibaaaa-kuuuuuuuun!" a sultry feminine voice whined seductively as the smoke began to clear.

Before everyone's eyes, a voluptuous woman with the best curves in all the right places appeared in Naruto's place. She was also completely nude with smoke hiding the barest minimum. Her hair was long and blonde with small whisker marks on her cheeks with sapphire blue eyes. She smiled seductively before blowing a kiss at Kiba.

"GUH!" Kiba groaned as he erupted in a massive nosebleed. He collapsed immediately to the ground while the Naruto clones vanished into leaves again.

Kiba wasn't alone in that act either. Numerous male students dropped to the ground with nosebleeds of their own. The only ones who were unaffected were Chouji who was too busy eating, Shikamaru who had gone to sleep, Sasuke who averted his eyes, and Shen who did the same. Iruka wasn't immune as he flew back from the force of the nosebleed that hit him. Bae had just passed out from the stimulus since he didn't have a nose anymore.

"Guh," Bae groaned as he struggled to stay conscious. "The winner is…Naruto-kun. Ugh."

In an explosion of smoke, the girl once again became Naruto. He cheered as he jumped up and down in happiness, "Woohoo! I won! Yeah!"

"Naruto," Shen began as he turned back around. "You might want to run, now."

"Eh?" questioned Naruto but then he could pick up a mass amount of killing intent, female killing intent. He looked to see all the girls glaring at him, including Mimi. "Oh, crap."

"GET THAT PERVERT!!!" the girls all screamed before giving chase after the blonde. Naruto didn't even have time to activate his Tsui Tsui Zen Gekiwaza so he opted to just run and hope for the best, screaming at the top of his lungs as all his female classmates, with the exception of Hinata, went after him with murder in their eyes.

Shen sighed as he picked up Bae and watched his friend getting chased by the girls. "Naruto, sometimes I wonder if you do these things to yourself on purpose and why I even put up with you."

ZK Chromedragozoid: While Ten-Faced Paladin did help to write this fic, and most of the plot, it was my idea. I thought it would be fun.