I got out of the car and felt the sun shimmer on my skin. I took it all in. I should have expected it after all, it was Arizona. Sunshine city.

"Ah, Bella. You're gonna love it here. Now, remember… don't get in trouble or anything seeing as its you're first day-" I cut him off.

"Dad, you know me, I'll be good, okay?" , I hugged him and released him with a peck on his forehead.

"See you soon , Bells!" he smiled and waved at me as I made my way past the gates and into Arizona High.

It was a pretty big place and I could see some girls looking at me. They quickly turned away and started snickering. Bitches. I was interrupted from my stream of thoughts as I collided with something hard. I looked up and saw a god staring down at me. Jeez Bella…snap out of it. I shook my head and saw the guy smirking. Hmm… I'd show him.

The guy was holding a hand out to me and I could feel myself blushing. I quickly took his hand and he effortlessly helped me up.

"Thanks", I murmured and quickly walked away.

"Hey what's the rush sweetie, my name's Edward and you're…?" he put his arm around me. I shrugged out of his warm and strangely comforting arms. Wait, what did I just say? It must be the sun.

"I'm Isabella, but I prefer Bella and if you don't mind, I've gotta get going", I turned on my heel and left him there grinning like a Cheshire cat. I could hear him snickering as I walked past him. I knew his type…thinks he's God's gift to women.

Now what was my dorm number again. Oh yeah, 126. I looked at the doors…124, 125, 126! I entered the room and I stared in awe…this place is really cool. Whoever had done this must be amazing. I wonder who my roommates would be? I hoped it wasn't a couple of bitches since I've seen a few of them earlier.

"Hi, you must be Bella. I'm Alice and this is Rosalie", she squealed gesturing to her left. My eyes flickered from Alice's to Rosalie's faces and I smiled at them. They seemed nice. Maybe this school wouldn't be so bad after all.

"Wow, this room is awesome!", I said as my eyed wandered around the room.

"Thanks, me and Rosalie customized it yesterday," I laughed straight out at that. She was talking about the room as if it was an outfit or something. Rosalie and Alice looked at me quizzically.

"Um, Bella, what's funny?" Rosalie questioned. She still had a puzzled look in her eye.

"Oh, it's just that Alice seemed to be talking as if this room was an outfit you guys had customized."

"You'll get used to it. Alice can be like that sometimes." She grinned at me and I grinned back.

"Hey, I am in the room you know!" She raised a finger at us in mock anger.

"I think we should show Bella around the school and maybe go shopping." She beamed at me and I couldn't help beaming back at her.

"Yay, shopping That's a great idea. Bella need new clothes anyway-" I cut in.

"Now who's talking like I'm not in the room!"

"Guys chill. Let's go shopping!", Rosalie said in a calm voice. We got up from the leather sofa and began to make our way towards the shops.

If only I had known a certain somebody was gonna be there I would never have come. I told Alice and Rose I needed to check out the bookstore. They were already intoxicated by the clothes so I don't think they even heard me.

I turned around and noticed a guy standing over me. He was wearing a grey top and black jeans. He looked hot! Wait, Edward's hot? It must be the sun.

"Hi, Edward. What brings you here?" 'and will you leave me alone any time soon' I felt like saying.

"Oh, I saw you walk in and I thought I'd say hi." He flashed his daring grin at me and walked out. He left me there dazzled until I was snapped back into reality as I saw Alice and Rose waving their hands in front of my face.

"Sorry, I think I zoned out for a moment there." I saw Alice and Rose giggling.

"What?" I was confused until I heard a chorus of oooooh's coming from them.

"Edward and Bella sitting in a tree-" My face turned a shade of bright pink. I knew where this was going to lead to.

"Nothing happened. He just saw me and decided to say hi. Nothing more."

"Look who's getting hot and bothered." Rosalie chimed. At this Alice and Rosalie were sent into hysterics and a few people even turned around.

I quickly paid for the book I was holding and dragged them out of the store. It was already four so we decided to go back to our dorms. We walked in and were met by three guys. One of them who I recognised as Edward. Is he stalking me or something?

"Hey Bella, this is Edward, Emmett and Jasper. Edward is my brother, Emmett's Rosalie's boyfriend and Jasper's my boyfriend." I heard her voice go soft at the last bit and from the way Jasper and Alice were looking at each other... I knew they were in love.

They nodded in my direction and I nodded back.

We sat down next to them and I unfortunately had to sit next to Edward. This was going to be on hell of an evening.

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