Son of Chaos

By Skye Silverwing

Chapter 1: The Crystal Tokyo Rebellion

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, and many of them are actually owned by richer people then me.

The Leader of the Crystal Tokyo Rebel Alliance, a young man with his long, black hair tied back in a loose ponytail stared through his high resolution imager across the bleak, frozen, landscape that surrounded the crystalline citadel they called The Crystal Tower and frowned. It was a terrifying and imposing structure a thousand feet high, so it towered over all of the rest of the so-called city, Home to the Despotic Queen herself, and forged of her own fell magic.

The young warrior looked back at the forces arrayed behind him. These were men and women who had stood with him from the beginning. They were all skilled warriors in their own right, his teachers and his family and his friends, following him with respect for his tactical mind and skills.

The three Eldest and most skilled of his allies, Happosai, Cologne, and Genma, were the Masters that taught him some of his most powerful techniques, and stood by his side as his most trusted advisors throughout his seventeen years of life. Also, his Aunts, who were almost like mothers to him, since the capture of his own mother, were trusted allies.

As the warrior studied the defenses of the target of the oncoming strike, the two most aged of his advisors approached him.

"So, my boy," Happosai asked, "how do you intend to proceed? It's not like the Sailor Senshi in there are just going to surrender, and, while we do have the superior force, doing this the wrong way is likely to result in a large number of deaths amongst the civilian population, as well as our own forces."

"Indeed." Cologne agreed, "As much as we wish to end the tyrannical reign of Queen Serenity and her Sailor Senshi, we must not forget that the citizens of Crystal Tokyo are merely victims in their thrall."

"I know. And we have to assume that those bitches would sooner destroy the city then see it fall to us." The young man replied, "That is why I waited for the strongest and most dangerous of the Senshi to be away on a diplomatic mission. That way, we will only need to deal with the Queen herself, King Endymion, the Princess, and Sailors Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and, of Course, Pluto."

He stepped back over to the hastily erected planning table.

"That is all well and good, boy," Genma said, approaching, "but even the weakest of the Senshi are formidable warriors with powerful magic that would carve through out infantry in moments."

"Indeed, Oji-san." The younger man replied, "That is why we are not going after the Senshi with our infantry."

He indicated a map and beckoned all of his commanders closer.

"The Senshi expect that we will charge in through the city streets where their powers are strongest and their wards will keep us penned up and separated to be dealt with at their leisure, as a team." He said with a grin, "They are, of course, wrong. We will attack the Crystal Tower directly. Our hero units will engage the Senshi one-on-one in close quarters, where their ranged magic is useless. As we keep them from ganging up on us and our skill will be more then enough to overcome their magic."

He smiled triumphantly.

"We will defeat and capture the Senshi and our infantry will occupy the city." He looked around the table, "and get Mom back."

Several faces lit up and others nodded in agreement, but Genma was still somewhat skeptical.

"That plan does have some promise, but how do you intend to attack the Tower directly?" he asked.

"That depends," The boy said with a smirk, "Auntie Akane, how is your aim with that thing?"

All eyes turned to the short-haired woman, who hefted her large mallet.

"Only one way to find out." She said with a malicious grin.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Sailors Jupiter and Mars stood on a balcony high in the Crystal Tower and kept an eye on the enemy army that stood poised to attempt to invade Crystal Tokyo.

The sound of boots behind them caused them to turn and bow to the husband of their Queen, Endymion. The raven-haired man nodded in return, and the Senshi returned to studying the enemy.

"Have the rebels made a move yet?" he asked.

"No." Mars replied, "They seem to be waiting for something."

"Perhaps," Jupiter guessed, "they are reconsidering attacking us at all."

Endymion sighed.

"I doubt it." He said, "Rebel groups tend to need to be smashed in order to see that their pitiful force is nothing next to the might of Serenity's power."

Jupiter groaned.

"Rebel scum…" she muttered, "When will they realize that it will a lot easier if they would just give in and let the queen's magic wipe the evil out of them."

"Hey, wait," Mars said suddenly, "something is happening."

She indicated where a group of people that they had determined to be the leaders of the Rebel Army were assembling.

"What are they up to?" Jupiter asked, shading her eyes from the Sun, "Is that… A mallet?"

The pair of Senshi and the King watched in confusion as one of the leaders proceeded to swing the Mallet and send one of her compatriots flying.

Right at them.

"They are attacking the Tower!" Mars shouted, "Endymion: Secure the Queen! Jupiter: Call the others! I will hold them off! GO!"

With a crash, the first enemy arrived. As the dust cleared, a young man with black hair and a Yellow bandana and a patch over his left eye glared at the red clothed Senshi. Vaguely, she recalled being responsible for the damage to his eye, having mistaken him for a Youma a long time ago.

"Sailor Mars, Because of you, I have seen Hell! Prepare to die!" Ryoga said.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

In less than three minutes, the mightiest warriors of the Rebellion had all reached the Crystal Tower. Several already had their assigned targets, but the Leader and his advisors went over it once more before they would split up to find their own targets.

"Uykou is dealing with Jupiter, Xian-pu has Venus, Ryoga is beating Mars down, and Moouse has Mercury." The charismatic man said, "That leaves the four of us with the Queen, the King, the Princess, and Pluto."

Happosai leapt up, grinning ear to ear.

"I will handle Pluto!" the old master said with a laugh, "I have this pair of her Underwear, and the chi I draw from them will protect me from her Time-altering magic!"

The young leader cocked his head and started to ask the question they all wanted to ask.


"1964. Wild party. Very complicated. Tell you about it later!" Came the response as the old man bounced off down the hall.

The boy shrugged and turned back to the other two.

"Cologne, you secure the Princess. Oji and I will handle the Queen and her consort."

The old woman nodded.

"Am I to render assistance to the others, should they need it, as well?"

He nodded.

"You do that, after all, how much trouble can one Princess be?"

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

The Sixteen-year-old pink-haired Princess of Crystal Tokyo, Usagi Small Lady "Chibi-Usa" Serenity, sat up and looked around curiously as the alarm started to sound. She blushed, thinking that it was somehow because she had not been paying attention to Sailor Pluto's lesson on Temporal Physics.

Pluto cursed and hurried to the intercom, pressing the button to talk to the security room. Venus was on duty at this time and should be able to explain the disruption in her student's studies; after all, any time-traveler needed to know the basics of Temporal Physics to properly manipulate space-time without endangering the timeline.

"Venus, what is going on?" Pluto asked, calm as usual.

"Pluto, we are under attack! The Rebels found a way to go over our defenses and attack the Tower Itself!" The blonde responded franticly, "Crazy martial artists have already engaged Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. Reports are coming in about… Huh?! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!?"

"Obsticles are for killing!" declared a new voice.

"CRESENT BEAM!" Venus called out her attack. "Pluto! We need you!"

This was followed by a crash and static, indicating that the intercom on Venus's side was gone.

Pluto pondered for a moment. The Time Gates had shown nothing of this attack. The only way that the Rebels could have hidden from her as if…

Pluto paled noticeably, and then cursed.

Princess Usagi looked at Pluto with concern.

"What are we going to do, Pluto?" She asked, "We have to help!"

Pluto looked at the girl and shook her head.

"No, Usa-chan, 'we' will do nothing of the sort." She said, a determined look on her face, "I am going to help. You are going to the Chamber of time and prepare to head for the past." Her tone left no room for argument.

"Dianna!" Pluto called to Usa's grey Mau advisor, who had been napping until the alarm sounded, "See that the Princess gets there safely. If I fail to arrive in five minutes, go back in time to save yourselves."

Pluto turned and ran out of the room, muttering curses that gave new meaning to the phrase "Swear like a Sailor".

If these martial artists could avoid her sight, that meant they must have some of her own energy and be using it to cloak themselves. She could only think of one martial artist that met that criteria and she did not want to subject the princess to HIM. Damn that blasted party and that little freak. She muttered another string of curses, followed by a name, dripping with more venom then any curse before.


.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Dianna led her Princess quickly through the halls, deftly avoiding signs of battle with her finely-tuned senses. A brief glance out a window showed an army invading the city far below, unopposed, with the Senshi busy defending the Tower. The few guards tried to set up defensive lines, only to have them steamrolled by the brilliant tactics that had been attributed to the Rebel Captain known only as "Nabiki".

Dianna had heard much of these Rebels, rising against the Order of Crystal Tokyo, declaring it to be evil for using magic to eliminate all evil. Dianna did not follow their logic, but, apparently, many did.

She and the Princess only encountered the enemy once on the way to the Chamber of Time, but the strange, shriveled old man did not appear to be interested in fighting them. He seemed to here something, at which he giggle and said something that sounded like, "So she does remember me…" and bounded off.

Dianna feared for the Queen.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Queen Neo-Serenity, formerly known as Usagi Tsukino, glared defiantly at the two men that had just entered the Throne Room.

The first seemed to be a fat older man in a white martial arts gi. He kicked the door open, and seeing her husband standing between him and her. He smiled at the armor-clad man, as the younger man entered.

The Younger Man had Dark, flowing hair, that under other circumstances, she may have thought dashing, but no. This man intended to destroy all that she and her dear friends had worked for. She would not allow it.

"Who are you that dare to invade my home and attack my friends?" she demanded, exuding Royalty and defiance from every aspect of her being.

The Yong Man seemed to blur, and was suddenly mere inches from the shocked Monarch.

He grinned and responded in a manner that seemed second nature to him.

"I am Kunma Saotome, Son of Ranma Saotome. Sorry about this."