Son of Chaos

By Skye Silverwing

Disclaimer: No. I still don't own any of it.

Chapter 10: Preparations

2.5 minutes left – In a ruined apartment.

Ranma was scared. She vaulted over the kitchen table to attempt to escape her tormentor, kicking the table over as she went.

Dianna was not to be deterred, however, dodging the falling table and jumping over it herself to resume the chase.

Ranma was quick to realize that it had been a mistake to come in here. Most of the other entrances were destroyed in the earlier combat, ensuring that the only escape route would force her to pass that furry little beast. Not wanting that, Ranma retreated further into the apartment, climbing the stairs to the second story. She leapt over the railing at the top of the stairs, dashing into a nearby closet to hide the moment the cat was out of sight, and hiding behind the clothes hung there, cursing whoever had destroyed the door.

Dianna reached the top of the stairs and, having lost sight of her quarry, slowed down, using her feline senses to search for the frightened redhead. Listening carefully, she was able to pick up the sound of the girl breathing and realized that she was hiding in the closet.

Crouching low, the Gray Mau began to advance on her prey, slinking closer and closer until at last she pounced. She landed on the girl's leg, sinking her claws into her thigh.

The resulting cry was not at all what Dianna expected.

The terrified and pained scream suddenly shifted, dropping into an angry yowl as the girl's mannerisms suddenly changed from those of a scared human to those of an angry feline.

Dianna had just enough time for the threat to register before she was suddenly flung violently against the far wall, dropping down limply onto the stairs. The last thing she saw before the Darkness claimed her was the feral human charging past her and out of the building.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

2 minutes left – In the Vacant Lot

Everyone whirled to stare in shock at the building from which the horrible yowl had come. Of all of them, only those deeply familiar with Ranma knew what was coming.

"Blast!" Cologne shouts, "The fool cat has activated Ranma's Neko-ken!"

"Neko-what?" Ryoko asked, with the rest of the Juraiians echoing the sentiment.

Sailor Pluto's eyes widened. "Neko-ken!?" she exclaimed, "She is a victim of the Neko-ken!?"

She took the defensive stances of the martial artists and another angry yowl as her answer. Then she paled as she remembered who had been the last group to antagonize the kitty. "GIRLS!" She shouted. "We have got to get out of here, NOW!"

Sailor Moon stepped forward, glaring at Pluto. "No!" she said, failing to realize the gravity of the situation. "We came here to stop you from making enemies of the Juraiians, and we are not going to leave them to fight alone!"

Suddenly, the side of the building exploded outward, and a very feral looking red-head burst out. Her eyes scanned the potential threats, passing them up one by one until they came upon the group of fuku clad girls that it recalled as being the enemy. Then with a feral yowl, the insane martial artist charged at the girls claws bared.

Realizing that the others were in danger, Uranus leapt in the way of the redhead, bringing her Space Sword to bear to fend her off and allow the others time to react.

The clash was intense, as ki-borne claws met with the magic energy sword. The force of the blow hurls the startled Senshi of Uranus back several meters. She only had a moment to recover before the cat-girl was on her again, lashing out with claws that rent the concrete asunder like a hot knife through butter. Uranus parried the attacks desperately, defending against the claws that quickly enough, proved capable of shredding her fuku armor like tissue paper. It was all she could do to keep the bestial woman from sinking the claws into her vital organs. She struggled on, hoping that something would happen to save her from certain death.

Relief came with a catch.


Uranus nearly cried when she heard her lover call out her attack, and saw the large ball of water shoot through the space that the cat had been a moment before, striking her head on. In a way, the water soothed her, cooling the burning wounds and momentarily drowning out the panicked cry of Neptune as the enemy turned its attention on her. Though her wounds dragged at her, attempting to pull her into the abyss of unconsciousness, Uranus could not let her lover fight that thing. Neptune had only a mirror to defend herself with.

Fortunately, the other Senshi had broken out of their surprise to come to Neptune's aide.

"LOVE ME CHAIN!" Venus called, generating a chain that seemed to be made out of hearts of pure energy, and attempted to ensnare the feral youth.

Ranma sensed the attack coming, snagging the chain with her claw. With a quick jerk of her paw, she pulled the blonde girl off her feet and pitched her into the girl who had thrown the water at her.



Sailors Mars and Jupiter both launched their attacks, Mars forming an arrow of flame and shooting it and Jupiter creating a pressure blast of pure electricity.

The cat-girl performed a lazy back-flip, clipping the attacks with her claws and deflecting them, causing the Senshi to hit each other. She landed on the balls of her feet and looked around for the next attack.


Sailor Mercury used her power to shroud the field in a thick fog. The cat strained its eyes in an attempt to see through the fog, searching for any sign of danger.



The explosion resulting from Pluto's and Saturn's attacks blew away the fog. The following silence was short-lived, however, as the feline martial artist, catapulted by the blast, dropped down directly on the surprised Sailor Saturn, knocking her glaive to the ground.

Usa could not let her friend die. "Hotaru!" she cried, focusing her ki as Kunma had taught her. "MOKO TAKABISHA!"

The blast of confidence fueled ki struck the cat-girl solidly in the face, sending her tumbling off of the terrified Senshi of Silence.

Turning angrily toward the Future Moon Princess who, until now, had not been considered a threat, Neko-Ranma began a slow advance.

Seeing her Spear Sister in danger, Razor brandished her sword and moved between Usa and the cat, though she might as well have been wielding a stick.

Neko Ranma charged at the two girls.


The impact was jarring as a blur from atop the nearby high-rise building impacted directly on top of the insane martial artist.

As all of the players looked on, the dust began to clear, revealing the red-haired Neko-Ranma facing off against a brash young warrior who looked a lot like her male form.

"Kunma!" Usa and Razor announced, glad that their knight in shining armor had come to their rescue.

With an irate look in his eye, Kunma glared at his mother. "I will not let you harm anyone else, Mom!" he said, a cold look in his eye. "Especially not those I care about!"

Neko-Ranma examined this new threat, deciding that it could prove more difficult than any other so far. She licked her lips in anticipation:

This was going to be fun.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

One Month After the End of Earth – Somewhere Outside of Time

Setsuna stared helplessly at the image in the Gates as the last hope for the Universe faced off against a fighter caught up in one of the most hazardous martial arts techniques known to the world. She turned to Washu, a concerned look on her face. "Can't you do that a little faster, Washu?" she begged, "If Ranma dies before we get the Timelines separated, or Kunma dies at all, our hopes are for naught!"

Washu slid out from under the time gates far enough to direct a glare at the woman. "I'm working as fast as I can!" she said, annoyed. "I am bending the Laws of Physics into a pretzel just trying to wrap my head around the THEORY of what we are trying to do here, and your complaining is only slowing me down, so do us all a favor and SHUT THE HELL UP!"

As Washu slid back under the highly advanced piece of technology, Setsuna turned to Happosai. "How can you possibly be so calm?" she demanded, "Everything depends on us getting these timelines apart before something bad happens, and you are just sitting there, cool as a rock."

The diminutive man looked at her and chuckled. "I am calm, because I know both of those kids." He said. "If anyone can beat Ranma in a Neko state, it is Kunma. Furthermore, if anyone can beat the odds, chance and time itself, well, each of them individually would stand a decent chance, but together there is no way they will lose. Besides, it isn't like Ranma can do anything that will surprise…" he trailed off as something happened in image of the past.

"Uh-Oh." He said. "That… isn't good."

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

1.5 minutes left – The Vacant Lot in Nerima

The Battle raged between the two greatest Masters the Anything Goes School had ever known. Kunma countered Ranma's Neko-ken state by mixing his own martial arts with the power from Jurai. He moved, dodging, parrying and striking with all the skill his mother had taught him, as well as generating Light Hawk wings to bolster his defense.

Neko-Ranma used all the speed and agility afforded by the combination of her female form and her cat-like mind to attempt to get around the boy's defense, but still found herself battering uselessly at it, failing to breach it at all. She continued to lash out, ki claws digging into the energy force field, searching for a weak point, all the while getting hammered by the variations and combinations of her other self's signature moves.

Kunma watched his mother as she tried to break his defense, unleashing various attacks and watching the cat try to repel them, and all the while looking for a means to take her down quickly without hurting her too badly. All he needed was an opening. Then he had an idea.

"Bakusai Tenketsu!" he shouted, plunging a single finger into the ground beneath his feet. The resulting explosion threw a large amount of rocks and dust into the air. Neko-Ranma flinched back, trying to fend off the worst of the shrapnel. Kunma pushed his advantage, forming his Light Hawk Wings into a sword in order to increase his reach. He used the cloud of dust as cover and vaulted over Ranma's head, focusing his ki through the sword and aiming for a pressure point on her back.

The sound of the strike rang out across the entire lot, and no one moved, everyone anxiously waiting to see what had happened. As the dust began to settle, it revealed a very shocked look on Kunma's face, and a blue field of energy separating the tip of his blade from its intended target. A moment later, the energy coalesced into a blast of force, sending the young warrior rocketing backward and embedding him in the masonry of a nearby wall.

Tenchi gasped. "Grandpa, that's…"

Katsuhito nodded, igniting his sword again. "The Light Hawk Wings." He said, finishing Tenchi's thought.

As everyone looked on, the Light Hawk Wings traveled back along Ranma's body, altering her form and becoming armor as it did. The shift was drastic, giving the girl a greater feline appearance, like a large armored cat, with huge, bladed claws, a reinforced tail, and cloth streamers running down its back. It scanned the remaining foes, and let out a vicious roar.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

1 minute left – In the warzone that was previously a vacant lot

The Goddesses had not been idle. Washu and Tsunami had spent their time gathering their powers. They reached the greatest level they could without shedding their mortal forms and ascending to a higher form, something that would be nearly impossible to come back from. Still, they feared that it might not be enough.

The appearance of Leo-Ranma made it even worse. The flow of Jurai's Power into the beast was massive and completely out of control. The atmosphere was beginning to destabilize as the girl-lion monster roared its challenge.

The two Goddesses move quickly to either side of the creature, unleashing a containment beam to hold it in place. "NOW!" Washu shouted. "Hit it with everything you've got! Don't hold back, or that thing could destroy the entire world!"

Most of the Senshi, having recovered somewhat, stepped up.









The Juraiian group also began attacking. Tenchi and Katsuhito fired bolts of Juraiian power, Ryoko fired blasts of her own energy, Aieka summoned small logs that struck with lightning, and Ryo-Ohki, who had been hovering over the battlefield for most of the fight, opened fire.

Of Ranma's fiancées, only Akane was foolish enough to charge forward to attack, getting herself struck by one of Aieka's bolts of lightning and knocked out.

The other fiancées, as well as Happosai and Cologne did not make a move, determining that there was little they could do in the face of such terrible power.

As if to prove the point, Leo-Ranma suddenly leapt in the air, dragging both startled Goddesses off their feet and still leaping high enough to slash the startled Ryo-Ohki out of the air. Ryoko charged at Ranma in rage, only to meet the ground very hard.

The Goddesses, finding themselves suddenly in the line of fire, threw up a defensive barrier, which resulted in all of the Senshi's attacks exploding on impact, sending all of the fuku clad girls to the ground, even as Leo-Ranma landed between the three Juraiian Royals, whirling quickly and taking them all out with its tail.

Looking around quickly, Leo-Ranma spotted the two girls it had been fighting before, standing behind the two extremely aged and skilled ones it had fought at different times in the past. Uttering a growl began to advance on them, only to be cut off by the Pig in Human clothing.

Ryoga took up a defensive stance. "I won't let you win, Saotome!" He announced. "That girl has my cure, and I won't let anyone take that away from me! Now, PREPARE TO DIE!"

Cologne and Happosai watched as Ranma batted Ryoga away like a cat toy and continued to advance on them. They took on combat stances and waited for the fight that would surely end their long lives.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Half of a minute left – In the same place


All eyes turned to Sailor Moon as she made her way across the broken ground toward the cat on shaky legs, with her eyes full of tears. "Please… Just stop." She said, "Stop hurting everyone."

The creature unleashed a menacing growl as she stepped up to it, but it did not attack.

Sailor Moon dropped to her knees. "Please…" she said, letting the tears brought by the pain of her friends and allies fall, "Please stop."

Ranma stopped. The armor dissolved as the rage she had felt was replaced by desire to comfort the crying girl. Neko-Ranma began to purr and rubbed herself against Moon, then settled in on the girl's lap.

Happosai chuckled. "Well I'll be…" he said. "I suppose we should have seen that coming."

Cologne nodded. "Indeed." She said, "Ranma always did have a soft spot for a crying girl."

Usa and Razor looked at each other, trying to figure out how to get Ranma where she needed to be without drawing her wrath again.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Fifteen seconds left – Still in the same place

Looking around at all of her injured friends, Sailor Moon produced her Silver Crystal.


Everyone began to stir as their wounds were healed. Ranma let out a groan as she snapped out of the Neko-ken

Ten seconds left…

Akane Tendo pushed herself to her feet and looked around. Around her she saw many beautiful women doing the same. Then she saw her fiancé, lying in the lap of a gorgeous blonde in a miniskirt.

Seven seconds left…

Akane's mallet appeared in her hand. She began to run toward her offending fiancé and the offending blonde bimbo, ignoring the cries to stop from all those around her.

Five seconds…

Usa's heart leapt as she heard the cries to stop. She and Razor both turned to see the Kunma's infamous Aunt Akane charging toward Ranma and Sailor Moon, sure to put the girl right where she needed to be.


Ranma saw her angry fiancée charging at her with mallet raised. She realized that the girl whose lap she was on was in danger, so she rolled, intending to take the shot fully herself, hoping that someone could stop Akane before she could get the second shot off.


Kodachi attempted one last minute attempt to stop the enraged Tendo, whipping out her ribbon, only to have it cut by Razor's thrown sword.


Reaching her target, Akane Swung her mallet, intending to send Ranma and the Bimbo into orbit. She had completely missed the fact that Ranma had moved to ensure that Sailor Moon would not take the hit at all, and that a number of people were trying to stop her.


The Mallet Stopped.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Time runs out – In the warzone that was once a vacant lot

Akane stared up at Kunma, the future son of Ranma. Suddenly everything came rushing back to her. She realized she was about to Mallet Sailor Moon of all people.

Usa ran up. "No!" she screamed, tears streaming down her face, "Kunma! Why did you stop her? She would have sent Ranma to your father!"

Kunma flinched as a wave of pain ran through his system, blurring his vision. "My mother always taught me that it is the duty of a martial artist to protect not only the weak, but also those who cannot protect themselves." He said. "Even the strong can't protect themselves all the time, and in our time, my mother was unconscious when Tatewaki Kuno took her to his bed."

Everyone who knew Kuno winced at this revelation. Akane's Mallet fell from her hands as it occurred to her that she had almost done. Ranma was trying to digest what she was hearing.

Razor, merely a step behind Usa, was crying as well. "But without Ranma Saotome's rape, you will never be born!" she said, "You will have never existed."

Kunma cringed as another wave of pain shot through him. "I could not let it happen, this time." He said. "Ranma Saotome deserves to live without that happening."

Ranma suddenly understood. "You… you would sacrifice yourself for me?" She asked, looking into the eyes of the boy who would have been her son. "Why?"

Kunma doubled over in pain as another wave surged through him. He looked up at his mother and smiled. "Because I love you, Mom…" He said softly, "and you taught me to protect those I love, no matter what the cost."

Another surge sent the boy from the future onto his back, with a howl of pain.

Pluto suddenly realized something was wrong. "This does not make any sense." She said, "If the boy is being erased, then he should be fading, but it is as if a part of him is as real as it ever was. This can't be purely the magic of the Time Gates. The Time Gates are absolute."

Happosai looked at the Guardian of Time. "Kunma's Amazon girlfriend told me that the boy had used the Nanban mirror to come back, catching the girl on the way." He said. "They are much different magics, but with similar properties, so maybe they fused somehow."

Pluto's eyes widened. "That would create two timelines layered on top of each other, the Time Gate's being the stronger." She said, working the temporal physics of it all out as she went along. "A death prevented would merely reappear in the future and memories would shift, accounting for the presence of the one who died without changing the events. A death caused however, would only mostly effect the counterpart in the future." Her eyes widened. "It would rip his body and soul in two and the larger piece would cease to exist. The weaker piece would not be enough to sustain the body, so the body would die."

"No…" Ukyo said in dismay, and the others echoed her sentiment.

The boy from the Future screamed in agony, and then passed out.

Suddenly Sailor Moon stepped up. "I have an idea!" she said, turning to Ranma, "I need your permission, since it will affect you most. I have no time to explain, though."

Ranma thought for a second, and then nodded. "That kid just saved me from getting raped by Kuno." She said, "If there is anything I can do to return the favor, I will do it."

Sailor Moon nodded and transformed into Princess Serenity. She held up the Ginzuishou, and called out in a clear voice, "MOON CRYSTAL POWER!"

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

In the doomed future – Somewhere outside of time

Sailor Pluto's fingers flew along a keyboard, trying desperately to prevent the paradox that threatened to destroy the Universe even before the Graviton Flare could. Kunma was integral to the timeline, as without him the Revolution against Crystal Tokyo could not have succeeded, and no Kunma could go into the past to stop his mother from being raped and conceiving him, which would cause there to be a Kunma, resulting in the entire process repeating itself over again, until the fabric of time ripped itself apart at the seams.

Happosai and Washu helped where they could, but it wasn't much. They all knew that the Universe would end, unless…

Suddenly everything stabilized. Pluto checked her scanners in confusion and then looked into the Past to see what had happened.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Back in the Past – In the devastated vacant lot

"MOON CRYSTAL POWER!" Princess Serenity held up her crystal, shining its light over the prone form of Kunma Saotome. "A soul capable of this much selflessness should not be brought low by such circumstances." She said, turning her wish to the crystal itself. "Please, Ginzuishou, give me the power to save this noble soul!"

The light shining over the boy coalesced, encasing him in a ball of light. As the light intensified, it obscured his form, converting it into energy. Then the ball of light focused itself smaller, and flew across the intervening space between it and Ranma Saotome, striking the currently female aqua-transsexual in the stomach with a bright flash.

Silence reigned for a few moments before a surge of temporal energy burst forth, covering everything in a wave of radiance. It surged through the space Kunma had been laying in a moment before. A moment later, it passed, leaving a very confused Kunma sitting in its wake.

Kunma was not the only confused one, but questions had to wait, as Princess Serenity crumpled to the ground.

There was a sudden blur of motion as Serenity's Tuxedo-clad boyfriend suddenly sprang out of nowhere and caught her as she sank to the ground and shifted back into her Sailor Moon form.

The Senshi were split between voicing their concern for their princess and their disdain for Tuxedo Kamen making his entrance now, when he had obviously been around for the whole battle, and they could have used his assistance earlier.

The Masked man blushed sheepishly, but covered for it by fussing over his fallen love.

Sailor Pluto looked from the princess to the newly recovered boy from the future. "What did she do?" she asked, clearly as confused as anyone else.

Moon opened her eyes and looked wearily at the Green-haired Senshi. "He needed to be born or he was going to die." She said softly, "So I reincarnated him."

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

In the doomed future – Somewhere outside of time

Washu wracked her brain trying to understand what the past version of Princess Serenity had just said. "Wait, wait, wait…" She said, "She reincarnated Kunma as HIMSELF?! How the Hell does that work?"

Pluto pondered it for a moment before tapping her fist on her hand. "I think I get it." She said. "The Nanban Mirror generates a Universe that does not affect the future it comes from. This universe is fused to the real past through the intersections of the two magics, creating a kind of dual Kunma. When Kunma's conception was stopped, the more real Kunma from the affected past began to fade away, leaving the less real Nanban Mirror version of Kunma, which was not strong enough on its own to survive in the fused universe. It was dying, so the Princess, in one of her oh-so-rare moments of naive genius, used the magic of the Ginzuishou to Reincarnate the dying half of the boy to restore the stronger half."

Washu rubbed her head. "Ouch." She said, "Time travel sure does a number on you if you think about too much…"

Pluto simply nodded, turning her attention back on the image in the Gates. A few moments later, her eyes widened and a slow smile crept onto her face. "Well, I'll be damned." She said, "That could solve all our problems, right there."

Happosai, who had been watching silently the whole time, laughed out loud. "Well," he said, "I suppose that's one way to do it…"

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Back in the Past – In the vacant lot

"You… you REINCARNATED HIM!?!?" Sailor Pluto sputtered, "But-but that isn't possible! A person can't be reincarnated without a sufficient magical base!"

Sailor Moon gave the Senshi of Pluto a withering look. "I know that." She said. "I used the Ginzuishou to give him a magical base. I don't think it would have worked without the magic that was already affecting him though."

"What magic?" Pluto asked, confused.

It was at that moment that the water main feeding the surrounding apartments, damaged by the battle, gave out, drenching everyone on the battlefield in cold water, and reducing all of those with a cold-based Jusenkyo curse to their cursed forms.

All eyes turned to Kunma, who was now female and hovering several inches off the ground. A wand appeared in her hand and the words came unbidden to her lips:


Kunma spun through a shiny, multicolored transformation and in a few moments found herself staring down at her own brown-with-green-trim-and-blue-bows fuku. All of those present turned to look at Sailor Moon with wide eyes.

The Senshi leader grinned happily. "I had to organize the magic a bit so it wouldn't be prevented just because she was a boy at the time," she said, "and I tied her female side to the Earth, since Sailor Terra died when Beryl went bad."

Ami produced her computer and scanned the newly formed Senshi. Then she blinked and scanned her again. Then she checked her sensors and scanned her again. "Oh, my." She said, "Sailor Moon formed the latent magic of Jusenkyo into a Star Seed, Allowing the transformation into a Senshi to Trigger and reverse the curse, as well as water."

Pluto was completely gob smacked. She could not believe that the Princess had such intuitive knowledge of how the Ginzuishou worked.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

In the future – At the Gates

"I got it!" Washu announced.

Pluto smiled. "You are a genius, Washu." She said, "Now we can send the Luna-P back to explain what we need."

Happosai sighed. "I suppose it is necessary," he said, "but I wish we didn't have to interrupt their happy time with such bad news."

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

In the Past – In the Vacant lot

Ranma looked at Sailor Moon. "Does this mean that I am pregnant with Kunma?"

Sailor Moon nodded and the newly minted Sailor Terra looked at her mother with a concerned look on her face.

Ranma smiled at her. "Good. I can't imagine having a better son." She said, getting a sudden mischievous gleam in her eye. "Or should I say, daughter?"

Sailor Terra blinked and then dropped her transformation into her ordinary female form and put her hands on her hips in a feminine manner. "Moooooom!" She said irately, "I am a guy!"

Ranma laughed. "Indeed you are." She said, "And a man-among-men, with your own fiancée troubles. Like Mother, like daughter." She directed a meaningful glance to where Usa and Razor were talking animatedly with Saturn, with Venus and Jupiter listening as well.

Kunma paled slightly as Cologne approached the pair of Aqua-transsexuals. "I may have the answer to that, Ranma Saotome. As Matriarch of Joketsuzoku, I, Ku Lon, declare you, a Jusenkyo victim cursed into female form and then made to be with child, to be a member of our Tribe." She said formally, "I also declare that until such time as your male form is restored, all of those who would lay claim to you as a mate shall have their claims deferred by order of the tribe until such time as you are once again able to face them in your proper form, or face the wrath of the tribe."

Shampoo and the others began to protest, but they were silenced by the focused gaze of the Amazon Elder. "Foolish children!" she snapped, "The girl is with child! She will not be able to regain her true form until she bares it. What value is pursuing the relationship in the meantime? If what the children from the future have told us is accurate, the World itself will be in terrible danger long before then! Your time is better spent preparing!"

Sailor Pluto stiffened and glanced at her Princess who, having heard the Elder's words, turned to glare at her.

Moon's eyes held a level of contempt that she reserved for those who lead their enemies. "That reminds me, Pluto." She said, her voice taking on a dangerous edge. "You Betrayed us all in pursuit of a world that betrayed the vary ideals we have worked so hard to protect! You plotted to wipe out ninety percent of the world's population, and for what? To make it easier for us to dominate those that remained? Do you really think that little of us? Of me?"

Pluto hung her head. "I…" she stammered, "I… didn't think…"

Moon's glare bored into the older woman as she stepped slowly closer to her, backing her into the wall. "You didn't think what?" she demanded sternly, "Didn't think we would care? Didn't think we would find out? Didn't think it would matter? WHAT?"

Pluto dissolved into tears. "I didn't think there was any other way!" she cried, "I thought we would have to do it on our own, and I knew we couldn't! We aren't strong enough!"

Kunma stepped up. "So, what, you just ignore all the allies and powers you could have called on to help you?" She said with a contemptuous glare. "I bet Washu could have whipped up a device that could have blasted that comet away at any time, if you had just asked."

The Alien Genus crossed her arms and nodded.

Pluto sank to her knees. "I couldn't do it." She said, "We had to be the strongest. We had to be the best. The undisputed rulers of the planet. Otherwise…"

"Otherwise we risked having to fight to keep the power, until some group of Rebels got lucky and killed the Queen, Triggering the Saturn contingency."

Everyone turned to see a small, cat-faced ball-thing hovering in mid-air projecting a holographic image of the Future Sailor Pluto.

The Youngest Senshi suddenly looked worried. "'Saturn Contingency?'" she asked.

The hologram, while programmed and recorded, anticipated the question. "The Saturn Contingency is a failsafe against the Ginzuishou falling into the hands of the Moon Kingdom's enemies in the event of the Queen's death." The holographic Pluto said, "If the Queen dies and no heir is detected by the Gates, Sailor Saturn is forced to call upon the Silence to destroy the world that the Queen was on, to prevent the Ginzuishou from falling into the wrong hands. I am so sorry, Chibi-Usa. I should have protected her better. I should have protected the whole world better."

Usa suddenly sank to her knees tears streaking her eyes. "Mom… and the others… are gone…?" she sobbed.

Kunma sank down beside the girl, unable to speak at all through her own grief and the two of them gripped each other for support as they wept. Ranma, Razor, and Sailor Moon knelt beside them, offering them what support they could.

After what seemed like a long time, Sailor Moon addressed the hologram again. "If the world of the Future has been destroyed, how you survive?" she asked in an accusatory tone. "You should have been there when it happened."

The Image of Pluto looked sheepish. "I was saved." She said, "By an unexpected force."

Suddenly, Happosai hopped into the picture. "Hello, kids!" he said, waving ecstatically, "I pulled Pluto to the Gates at the last second, saving us both!"

Ranma shook her head. "Stubborn old man." She said, a fond smile playing across her face. "Never did know when to lay down and die."

The hologram interpreted the words and the image of the old man chuckled. "I don't die easy." He said, "And neither did the rest of the Rebellion. We fought hard to the last, even when Serenities magic turned our old friends against us in terrible ways."

Sailor Moon bowed her head in shame at her future self's actions.

"In the End, when the Queen fell, and all hope was lost, one bright star of hope stood between us and the Silence." The Hologram continued, "And I must say: I had never been so proud to call Ranma my heir. Sadly, all she managed to do was buy a few of us the time we needed to escape. Ranma died proudly, smirking in the face of a desperate battle. You would have been proud of her, Kunma."

The image of Pluto returned to the fore. "That is not the reason we sent this message back, though." She said. "It seems that in my foolish quest to bring about crystal Tokyo, I failed to consider the magic that was the underpinning for the Moon Kingdom in the Silver Millennium."

The present Pluto's eyes widened. "What?!" she asked in shock.

The future Pluto seemed to regard her past self for a moment before answering. "The Magic of the Silver Millennium is based upon Planetary Mana." She lectured, "Life forms produce the Mana, and feed it into the Planetary Mana Pool. These feed the Powers of the Senshi, as well as a greater, Solar Mana Pool. The Solar Mana Pool then dispenses the energy to the various Terra-forming Spells throughout the System, allowing living things to live on any planets that would have otherwise been unsuitable for habitation."

"As you know, the planetary Terra-forming spells were mostly eliminated at the fall of the Silver Millennium. Little did we know that there was one such spell, whose purpose was to maintain the Sol system's Star, and preventing it from causing a disaster of catastrophic proportions."

"In my foolishness, after all of the other planets fell, I sought to destroy most of life on Earth, failing to take into account what such a loss would do to the Mana Pool. Earth is completely gone now, and the rest of the Planets are incapable of maintaining the Solar Containment on their own. In other words, the Entire Universe is about to be destroyed, past, present and future."

Future Happosai moved to the front once more. "Not all hope is lost though, kids." He said, "We spoke with the Juraiians and they agreed to help switch the magic to use their energy. Only problem is that in order to do that, we need someone capable of using both Jurai's Power and Mana-Based magic."

Kunma chuckled. "So, in other words, you need me to go back to your future and save the world. Again." She said with a sigh. "I gather I need to go as soon as possible?"

The Holographic Letch nodded.

Kunma turned to all everyone assembled there and smiled. "Well, folks, I guess I am off to save the world, then." She said.

Kunma flinched as Usa suddenly poured ki-heated water over her head. "Not so fast, lover-boy!" the Pinkette said, "Hey, Cologne, I declare my friend Hotaru to be my Spear-Sister, Okay?"

Cologne chuckled and nodded.

Usa and Razor both looked at Saturn and nodded. She nodded back. Kunma blinked, suddenly aware of a sinking feeling in his stomach as Saturn began to walk toward him. He could not figure out why until his danger sense went off and his reflexes took over, allowing him to bend over backwards as the young girl thrust her glaive through the space where his head had been a moment before.

The rest of the Senshi were shocked and confused. "Saturn, what are you doing?" Sailor Moon asked in confusion.

Ukyo whispered something to Ranma, Akane, and Kodachi. Akane and Kodachi both shook their heads, but Ranma nodded. Money was set out.

Cologne chuckled and Shampoo, in cat form sat beside her and Mousse in his cage.

Ryoga sat next to Usa in his pig form, watching the fight, though stealing glances at Sailor Mars, who was occasionally glancing back at him.

The Aliens just watched, unaware of what to think.

Kunma sidestepped a downward slash from Saturn's glaive, and gave ground to avoid a thrust. He was getting a feeling like he had done this before, but that was something he needed to think about when the most lethal force in the Universe quit trying to kill him. He bent over backwards again to avoid another wide slash, and brought up his foot, kicking the weapon out of the girl's hands and catching it as it spun through the air. He swung it around and struck the young Senshi across the face with the butt end of the weapon, then swept her feet, dropping her on the ground. He pointed the blade at her throat.

The Young girl held her hands up in surrender and de-transformed, causing the weapon to disappear, and revealing herself to be a girl no older than 13 at the eldest. She quickly stood and glanced at Usa once more before throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him on the lips. "Wo ai ni, Wo da Airen." She said in a shaky voice, casting a quick glance at Usa to make sure she had said it right.

The Assembled people exploded into a chorus of confusion, applause, and cries of dismay as Ranma and Ukyo collected on the betting pool, and the Inner Senshi held back Hotaru's adoptive parents as they struggled to visit horrible pain on the "Pedophile seducing our little girl".

Cologne, Happosai, Neko-Shampoo and the Duck applauded the action, and the Aliens looked amongst themselves, curious.

Kunma was a bit surprised. "Another fiancée?" he asked.

Ranma chuckled. "Oh, come on, son," She said, "Even I saw THAT one coming."

Kunma sighed, and wrapped an arm around his newest fiancée and walked over to the other two. "Usa-chan, Razor-chan, you two seem to be enjoying having a new rival a little too much." He said.

The two grinning girls glanced at each other and their grins grew larger. Then they tackled the other pair, dropping all four of them in a heap on the ground.

Razor glomped them all. "No rivals." She said, "Friends. Friends share, not fight."

Kunma smiled, looked at the three girls and then vanished, re-appearing a moment later next to Cologne. "Matriarch, please take care of this for me." He said, handing the old Amazon the Nan-Ban Mirror. "Make sure they are ready as possible to attack the Doombringer on my return."

Kunma held up the Key he had pick-pocketed from Usa. "Now is as good a time as any, Pluto!" he said, "Let's get this over with so I can get back to my wives!"

A beam of light shot down from above and drew Kunma upward into the sky as Usa and Razor both fired curses at him in their native languages interspersed with demands that he return alive or else.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

In the Future – At the Gates

The misty air swirled and Pluto, Washu, and Happosai stepped back as the Raven-haired boy appeared in a flash of light.

He smiled and bowed respectfully to his Master. "Master Happosai, it is good to see you alive and well." He said, turning to the alien Genius. "Washu, how have you been? I haven't seen you in years, at least not in this timeline." He gave the erstwhile Goddess a warm embrace, which she returned happily.

Washu looked up at the tall boy. "I would have come to see you more often," she said, "but the Senshi would have treated it as an act of war, and you know how popular they were in the Galactic Republic and the Union of Allied Planets. It would have come back on Tenchi and the others on Jurai."

The boy nodded in understanding, then turned to regard the third person present. He locked eyes with Pluto for a moment before she broke eye contact and looked away.

In that moment he vanished and reappeared inches from her and drove a fist into her gut. She doubled over in pain as the air rushed from her lungs and gasped as he followed up with a vicious uppercut that drove her back but allowed her to keep her feet.

Washu started to move forward to stop it, but Happosai placed a hand on her leg to stop her. A slight shake of his head told her to let it happen.

What followed was almost as brutal as it was therapeutic. Kunma vented all of his pain and rage over Pluto's crimes, and the deaths of his family, and the destruction of his home. He dished out his vengeance on this woman who had caused him so much pain, pummeling her until he wasn't mad anymore.

Pluto was finally receiving the punishment she felt she deserved. She gave herself over to the pain and made no attempt to defend herself as the first step in her own penance for her crimes. She was almost sad when he stopped short of killing her, but then, she thought, there was always time for that after they saved the universe.

The two of them sat on the floor, looking at each other, breathing hard and smiling, Pluto's face bloodied and covered in bruises.

Washu sighed, not really understanding what had happened. "If you two are finished, we need to get going on this." She said, in a stern voice. "We only have about two weeks before this universe, and every one it is connected to gets wiped out. With the programming and such, we are down to the wire as it is."

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

In the Past, shortly after Kunma Left – In the Vacant Lot

Kunma's three fiancées consoled each other, each trying not to act like they believed that Kunma had just leapt into mortal danger.

Nearby, a grey cat limped out of the ruins of the nearby apartment complex, looking at the trio in confusion. "Princess?" Dianna asked cautiously.

Usa turned to see her cat favoring her left rear leg and looking over all worse for wear. "Dianna!" she called, rushing to tend to her hurt kitty, "What happened to you?"

Several of the girls gathered around the girl and the Mau, intent on helping.

Usa glanced up from her cat when she noticed that some of the girls had the color draining from their faces staring behind her. Glancing over, she saw Ranma standing there.

"What's up, guys?" she asked, before spotting the Mau and flinching back slightly. A moment later, though, her own eyes widened. "I- I'm not scared." She whispered, a faint trace of awe in her voice, "I am not afraid of that cat. I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE CAT!!!"

Sailor Moon smiled as she watched the elated boy-turned girl as she rushed over to her feline cursed fiancée and scooped her up, hugged her and scratched her behind the ears. It was a scene that made her feel warm inside; the kind of thing that was worth protecting.

Sailor Moon turned to look at Washu. "Pardon me, Washu-san, is it?" she asked, "I heard Kunma say that you could build a device to destroy the Doombringer. Can you?"

The Red-haired Genius grinned at the Moon Princess. "Of course!" she said brightly, "I am Washu, the most brilliant Genius in the entire Universe! I can easily put together a weapon that will blast that Asteroid into Space Dust!"

Pluto scoffed. "Yeah, right." She said. "You won't be getting anywhere near that Asteroid." She shifted back a little bit as Sailors Uranus and Neptune, who were acting as her guards, took hold of her arms to prevent her from approaching the Princess.

Moon glared at her formerly trusted advisor. "What is that supposed to mean, Pluto?" she demanded.

The Green-haired Senshi stared sedately back at her. "Well, I wouldn't be much of a time-controlling bitch if I were to leave the key to my perfect future undefended, would I?" she said, "I had over fifteen thousand years to prepare, as well as tons of Silver Millennium technology at my disposal. Did you think I would not plan for the contingency of some hot-shot alien hero or fleet deciding that that asteroid needs to be blown up?"

Sailor Moon's eyes hardened. Pluto looked at her and sighed. "I was trying to defend our future." She said. "But given certain new evidence, I know now that it was a mistake. Unfortunately, I set up the defenses in such a manner that even I can't stop the thing anymore."

Washu's eyes held genuine interest now. "What kind of defenses are we talking about here?" she asked.

Pluto sighed once more. "Simple." She said, "What did you think I did with all of the enemies that were just too powerful for the girls to handle?"

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

In the future, a week after Kunma's arrival – At the Gates

Washu finished the last few tweaks to the ancient magical device. "Okay." She said, holding up what appeared to be some form of headgear. "This is the interface system you will be using to access the energy reservoir in the Sun. It should allow for direct access to the Program physically."

Kunma cocked his head at the alien genius. "Physically?" he asked, "How can that be? Programs are merely data."

Washu grinned at him. "Ah, but this headgear allows you to transfer your consciousness into the machine as a program." She said, "Then your mind will interpret the other programs as physical beings."

Kunma blinked. "Other Programs?" he asked, "Like what?"

Pluto stood. "Like the System's defensive programs." She said, "You should go in expecting to fight."

Washu nodded. "Fortunately, your powers will be transferred in whole by your mind, so you will be able to fight there as well as you do here." She said. "If you encounter any hostile programs, you can avoid them or attack until they are disabled. Try not to delete them out right, though. We don't want to leave the system defenseless against other Hackers in the future."

Kunma nodded. "So I just put the headset on?" he asked.

Happosai chuckled. "First a form change." He said, "While Jurai's Power and your ki are always active, you need to summon the Mana to you."

Kunma sighed. Being in Senshi form felt wrong. He had spent his entire life fighting the Sailor Senshi, though he had to admit, they weren't that bad before they became Tyrants.

He pulled out his Henshin Wand and sighed. "TERRA PLANET POWER, MAKE-UP!"

One transformation sequence later, Sailor Terra stood there, her body quivering slightly as the mana surged into her, filling her with its power.

Then she blinked. "Hey, Pluto," she asked, "If Earth is gone, how do I still have Senshi powers, since they were derived from Earth?"

Pluto smiled. "True, you are not receiving power from the Earth of this time." She said, "That is one of the reasons that we are doing this from the Time Gates. The active connection to the other Timeline is allowing you to draw from that Earth."

Terra nodded and placed the apparatus on her head. "Okay." She said. "Let's do this."

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

In the Past Timeline One Day After Kunma Left – In a Room below the Nekohatten

It was a War council.

On one side of the large, square table sat Usagi Tsukino, flanked by Rei Hino and Minako Aino. Behind them, Setsuna Meioh knelt, bound, with Haruka Tenoh, Michiru Kaioh, and Makoto Kino surrounding her.

On the other side of the table, Tenchi Masaki sat, flanked by Katsuhito and Sasami. Behind them, Ryoko and Aieka knelt, along with Ryo-Ohki in humanoid form, and Mihoshi, who had been called in for this meeting.

On the third side of the Table, Ranma Saotome was flanked by Happosai and Cologne. This arrangement was decided after a fight broke out between Ranma's four would-be fiancées over who would sit by his side. Shampoo, Ukyo, Akane, and Kodachi ended up kneeling behind Genma and Nodoka, with Soun and his other two daughters behind them. Behind them all, Ryoga leaned against the wall, his bandanna pulled low over one eye, which somehow negated his direction problem.

On the final side of the table, Usa, Razor and Hotaru sat, leaving enough space so that Washu, Ami Mizuno, and Mousse could set up Washu's holographic AV system and connect it to Ami's Mercury computer. Mousse was helping move stuff.

As Ami finished the program, Washu nodded to Cologne, who tapped on the table with her staff. "Alright, everyone," the Old Crone said, "We are gathered here because of a dire threat to ourselves and our entire world."

Everyone was already aware of the events that had transpired the previous day, so they all remained silent. The Aged Amazon motioned for Washu to speak. "Okay," the alien genius said, "Even as we speak, an interstellar object of massive proportions, codenamed 'Doombringer' is traveling on a course that is designed to bring it to a position just outside Earth's orbit in just under six months. This object is of sufficient size and mass as to pull the Earth into a higher orbit as it passes by, resulting in a catastrophic climate shift referred to as the 'Great Freeze'. As the collected defenders of this world, it is our duty to prevent this. Ami?"

Washu gestured to Ami to take over. The girl hit a button on her computer. In front of everyone appeared a 3D image of the rogue Asteroid. "This is an image of the Doombringer based on information provided by Ms. Meioh." She said, speaking the name with no small amount of contempt. "It appears to be nearly twenty thousand kilometers wide, giving it several times the mass of the Earth. It is currently surrounded by a barrier that Pluto describes as a dual-directional time-dilation effect, preventing anything from passing into or out of it. It also serves as a nearly impregnable force field preventing us from simply blasting the Asteroid."

Ami pressed a button, and a number of points appeared on the surface of the Holographic Asteroid. "These are emitter complexes." She explained, "Their purpose is to maintain the Dilation field while also maintaining M-Class conditions on the surface. Pluto thought she could kill two birds with one stone, as it were, by using time dilation field to trap the villains that we were not strong enough to defeat, or simply were not around to fight, and letting them fight over the Emitters, defending them jealously against any threat."

Ranma gave a low whistle. "So I gather that in order to take out these emitter things, we will need to fight our way through the baddies guarding them." She said. "And get away before the conditions in the area get unlivable."

Ami nodded.

Ranma cast a glance around the room. "Then I guess we had best get training." She said.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

In the Future – In a Virtual World

Sailor Terra flitted quickly from cover to cover, keeping her energy low and difficult to detect as she moved toward the large castle that was apparently her target. She had met with no resistance as of yet, and in fact, had seen no one at all.

She figured this place was likely patterned off of the Old Moon Kingdom, which meant her target likely rested somewhere within Queen Serenity's palace, though she had no idea what to expect on her way there.

As she crossed an eerily quiet intersection, a shadow flitted along on the corner of her vision. Turning, she spotted a black Mao, Luna, apparently, walking towards her.

The cat stopped ten feet from the Earth Senshi. "Who are you," she asked, "And why do you seek my Lady's court?"

Terra cocked her head slightly at this, but responded. "I am Sailor Terra," she said, "and I seek the Queen for reasons of dire urgency to the entire Universe."

The moon cat's eyes narrowed. "Sailor Terra does not exist." She said, "Sailor Terra is a traitor. You seek to destroy us. I cannot allow that."

With that, the Mau began to shift, growing in size and ferocity. It gained coiled muscle and larger teeth and claws. It issued a low, dangerous growl, completing the transformation into some kind of black tiger, or perhaps a panther.

Another growl from behind her was all the warning Terra had as the Luna's white counterpart, Artemis, stalked from the shadows behind her.

Glancing from one big cat to the other, Terra idly wondered if this was what her mother saw when she looked at these animals. Not that she was scared.

She dropped into a defensive stance and watched as the beasts advanced. She really didn't have time for this. As if on an unseen signal, both cats lunged forward, lashing out with their claws, apparently hoping to slash her to pieces.

Terra leapt in the air, causing the two tigers to slam into one another, then directed a double hammer-kick on the backs of their heads, stunning them, followed by a spinning handstand kick that sent both cats flying back against the walls of nearby buildings, which proceeded to collapse, burying the Moon Cats in rubble.

Terra grinned. If that was all they had, she would be in the palace in no-

Danger sense and quick reflexes were the only reason the Earth Senshi was not rent asunder. She leapt over the claws of a green haired beast and a red haired beast. Apparently, there were more than two Mau in the Moon Kingdom.


The Energy blast carried with it all of the confidence of humanity. The Beasts were hurled back and sunk deep into the walls of the surrounding buildings and were buried in a hail of stones as the bulk of the buildings crumbled.

Deciding not to get caught off guard again, Terra turned and trotted toward the palace at a quick pace. She evaded a few more of the "Super Mau" on her way, switching to roof hopping until she came down in the plaza in front of the palace. Again, she was struck by the lack of living things in the area.

As she touched down, she saw what appeared to be Sailor Mercury tending a small garden full of crystalline plants. The blue-haired Princess of Mercury looked up at her and cocked her head. "You should not be here." She said, "The Princess is sleeping and you could wake her."

There was a flash of light and Mercury's usual blue fuku was replaced by crystalline battle armor. In her hand, she held a crystalline harp. She glared at Terra with icy blue eyes. "You cannot be allowed to disturb the Princess!" she declared, "MERCURY ICE RAPSODY!"

Terra threw herself behind a low wall as Mercury ran her fingers over the strings of her harp, generating a massive block of ice, which then shattered, sending thousands of bits of icy shrapnel, which impaled everything in its range. The ice bits began to glow ominously, sending the Earth Senshi diving for a different bit of cover as they exploded.

Breaking cover, Sailor Terra leapt at Mercury, attacking her hand-to-hand. The Blue-Haired Senshi stumbled backward, trying to defend herself from her lightning-fast punches and kicks, even using her Harp as a shield.

Terra called on her Anti-weapon training grabbing the Harp and performing a wrist lock that forced the girl to lose her grip on the magic item. As the Harp came free in Terra's hand, there was another flash, and the Mercurian Princess was gone.

Confused, Terra scanned the surrounding area. Seeing no sign of Mercury, she shrugged and tucked the Harp into her stuff space pocket and headed toward the Palace once more.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

In the Past – At the War Council Under Nekohatten

"We have only three months to prepare if this plan is to be successful." Washu was saying, "During that time, I will be working on building the Particle Beam Cannon that will deal the final blow."

Ranma nodded. "And Happosai, Cologne and I will be working on training the Senshi in the basics of the Art so they don't suck so much in hand-to-hand." She said, ignoring the angry "Hey!" from Makoto, "Some of them have a little skill, but they need a lot of work."

Katsuhito nodded. "And Tenchi and I will be training Ranma to control Jurai's Power Better," he said, "While Aieka and Sasami return to Jurai and gather a fleet of ships to assist with the destruction of anything that tries to flee the surface once the shield is down."

Usagi nodded, looking determined. "And Setsuna here," she said, jerking her thumb at the Senshi of time, "Will get us in, so we can fix the problem she created."

The bound Senshi sighed. "You really think you can pull this off?" she asked, not really looking like she believed it. "Do you truly think it will be that easy?"

Ranma smiled coldly at her. "No," she said, "But nothing that is would be worth it."

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.


Hey, you guys remember how I said that this was going to be the last chapter? I was wrong. Fact is, the "Big battle" in this chapter felt terribly anticlimactic to me, what with Sailor Dias Ex Machina fixing everything. As such, I decided that just letting them blow the asteroid up was way too easy. Expect at least a decent four-way running battle on the Doombringer, if not an epic quest to bring it down.

I do need some help, though. I am considering what villains to place on Doombringer, and how many. I need ideas. Anything outside the existing presented Cannon. To show more or less what I am thinking, I am already considering Rita and Zed from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Daimakaicho Hild (and entourage) from Ah! My Goddess, the Goa'uld Ra from StarGate, the Daleks from Dr Who, and Apocalypse from X-men.

Any Villain with sufficient power, military might, etc, to hold one of the mentioned emitters against their rivals or capable of hatching a scheme to take one from one of the others are welcome ideas.

Keep in mind, if I get enough ideas, this will graduate into "Epic Quest" Mode, in which certain heroic characters that were overpowered threats to the Senshi also found themselves pitched onto that rock at some point. For example, if Pluto needed to remove Hild, she probably needed to do the same to Belldany and her sisters; if Ra is present, there is a likelihood of dissenters amongst his Jaffa; and if the Daleks rule a chunk of this rock, it increases the odds of a certain Time Lord being there as well.

I want any ideas you all are willing to give me, especially for things like the Politics of a world with such a high concentration of Villains. Who would be allies, who would hate each other by nature, who would secure one emitter and rule the area around it, who would be constantly trying to capture other emitters, who would have captured and be holding the most emitters, who would be plotting to capture emitters at the right moments, and most importantly, how does this affect our heroes, their potential allies, and their quest?

As always, I love constructive criticism.