A/N: Last poem of my Brulian stuff. As odd as it sounds, the product of this poem is exactly how I have it structured in my head and for the most part I didn't add punctuation unless it was really needed. I'm still debating if I should just put in commas, and periods here and there. I'm leaving things alone for now.

"Delayed Goodbye" (THT)

There you were turning around

Greeting me with that grin of yours that I craved

Did you know your grin got me weaker than I'd like?

Brown eyes illuminating with delight made irresistible with the right amount of sincerity

You thought I was going to LA

How do I tell you that no, I wasn't coming with you

There was so much I didn't say

I was at a stand still

Feeling powerless and emotional

Where an internal battle raged on

Despite the fact that I had already made my decision

Seeing you again wilted my resolve

My hazel eyes were speedily clouded with fresh tears

At the prospect that this was it

This was goodbye

Please, please don't just leave I silently begged in my head

Not again

Don't make me say it

Even though I knew you needed me to say those words

You knew I couldn't

I'm still not ready to say them

Instead, I attempted to say

Just stay, stay for me and Sam

But the words wouldn't appear

I was thinking I like you, a lot

I know that's not enough

But can't that be okay for now?

I wish there was more time

I've been hurt horribly

I don't know if I can do that again:

Fall deeply with no restraint

Whenever I've done that with someone

I always got broken

And I'd have repair the splintered pieces

I didn't just date for fun

You knew that and gave me the Letterman jacket I made you

Told me,"It means we're going steady,"

And I was content with that commitment

So why'd you have to say I love you

And mess everything up

Arriving home, I quietly admitted,

"I think I fell for you, Julian without trusting you completely,"

No noise was heard as I wordlessly wept

A/N: Poem was inspired by a couple of fanfics I read (including "Stay" by brulianforever), One Republic's "Apologize," and my thoughts on Brooke's goodbye to Julian at the airport and afterward.