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Lorelai P.O.V

It had been three years since Paul and I had moved to La Push and a year since Reyna was born. In fact, today was her third birthday and the entire pack, with their respective imprints and kids, had gathered at the beach to celebrate her birthday. Embry, especially, had gone to extreme lengths to ensure all was taken care of, still thoroughly scared of me.

We hadn't always been able to come together like this, the tension between Paul and other pack members, not to mention Sam, was awkward and I would barely manage to control my temper around some of the guys that would comment snidely about Paul abandoning the pack.

In fact, it had been Leah and Jared that smoothed the tension and I could see Paul slowly trusting his past pack mates. If it hadn't been for Leah imprinting on Lee, seeing how important Paul was to her imprint, than I doubt that we would be able to celebrate together like this.

Together, Lee and Leah had organized a small gathering at their house, not bothering to tell us that the rest of the pack would be there and vice versa. We had shown up and were not received well by the guys, minus Jared and Embry.

Some of the guys had started grumbling and glaring at us, stopping only when Lee shouted at the lot of us, "If you don't start getting along soon I'm going to deliberately fuck up Leah's pill packet so that she is constantly having her period and the lot of you can deal with her when she's moody and missing me!"

That had certainly gotten our attention and Jared, after looking at Lee amusedly, took the chance to get his word in, "You're all acting like a bunch of douche bags," He began, holding his hands over his daughters ears when he swore, "What's done is done and there's no use glaring at each other." He was silent for a moment before wincing, "That and I really don't want to deal with Leah while she's on her period."

"Jared!" Kim hissed, looking at her husband horrified.

He grinned at her innocently and yelped when Leah whacked him up the head, glaring heatedly at him, "What was that for?"

"You know exactly what it's for." Leah snarled.

"He said exactly the same thing." Jared protested, pointing over at a smirking Lee.

Leah's eyes softened as they fell on to her imprint, "He's allowed to."

"Yeah, I'm allowed to." Lee said, poking his tongue out at Jared.

While this didn't miraculously fix everything between us it certainly cleared the way for allowing all of us to move past it. It had taken time, but it was worth the struggle especially seeing the pack members beaming down at little Reyna who had definitely inherited a pack of uncles.

A pair of arms encircled my waist and Paul rested his chin on top of my head, "I told Embry you'd put laxatives in his food if Reyna got so much as a scratch, not to mention fall in the water." He said and I could hear the grin in his voice.

I snickered, "It's kind of sad that you use me as the threat against the werewolf."

"No, it's kind of sad that using you as the threat against the werewolf works." Paul murmured in my ear, kissing the skin beneath my ear.

I sighed in content, leaning back against him, "I have something to tell you." I said quietly, looking down at Paul's fingers which were crossed over my stomach.

"What?" Paul asked, sounding calm but I could detect the panic in his words.

"I'm pregnant." I murmured, placing my hands over Paul's.

Behind me he stiffened but before I had a chance to begin to panic he whirled me around, his eyes bright with excitement and love, "Really? How far along are you? When did you find out? Are you feeling alright?" He asked, his voice quickly melting into concern as his eyes trailed over my body looking for signs of distress.

I laughed tracing my hand through his hair, "Yes really; I'm only a month along. I did a pregnancy test yesterday when I realized my period was late. I haven't had any symptoms yet but I'm sure the morning sickness will start." I said grimacing at the memory of morning sickness.

"You're pregnant." Paul whispered, and leant down to kiss me heatedly.


Paul pulled back and swooped down to pick up Reyna as she ran to us. Her hair was past her shoulders now and her fringe was pulled back by a bright pink headband that Leah had gotten her for her Christmas. She was proudly sporting her number 3 birthday badge that had been pinned over her purple birthday dress.

"Auntie Emily says it's almost time for cake." She said beaming excitedly, wrapping her little arms around Paul's neck, "But I told her that we couldn't have cake until everyone had had some fruit." She told him seriously.

Paul and I both smiled at each other; Paul being the doctor that he was had ensured that his daughter would always eat healthily and properly telling her that it was only time for eating sweets on a Friday after dinner but she had to have a piece of fruit before.

Needless to say Embry was not too happy of this rule but stuck with it to keep his little imprint happy.

Paul looked down at me while Reyna chatted with Embry who had come to stand with us, "Should we tell her?"

I bit my lip, "I think it's best if we wait until tomorrow." I said softly, "Let her have today."

Paul nodded in agreement and walked over to where Emily had prepared the cake, all three candles already lit. Reyna beamed as everyone sang happy birthday to her and took a deep breath to blow out each candle. She smiled brighter, if it were possible, as I snapped pictures of her and Paul together.

I looked around at the people around us, people who I never dreamed I would become friends with. I had been so worried about Paul coming here and it was now that I realize he would never have truly been happy unless he had made peace with the people here.

Now he could finally be at peace.

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