Chapter Seventeen: Loved Ones and Leaving

Nathan's POV:

He already knew who I was so that means that we have to move again and it was my entire bloody fault. I told my past to my idiotic brother who, in turn told it to my heartless, cruel murdering bastard of a father.

Alice saw that Sister Catherine told him the full- blown truth and the next visions was rather brutal. She saw my biological father killing my Leah and I can't allow that to happen. I was talking with the principal and she was rather sad that the world famous pianist and violinist was dropping at her school.

'Maybe our teaching wasn't good enough for him.' I heard her mind saying.

I don't care what she thinks as long as I kept my family safe is the only thing that matters to me. And if one of them died because of my stupidity I'll go to Volterra and let the Volturi rip me into shreds.

"Mr. Cullen, before you leave our school, you and your parents must attend the PTC tomorrow."

"Rest assured that I'm going to attend." I said as I stood up and left the room.

Cassandra's POV:

I watched as Nathan passed me. He's acting so strange this past weeks and he's always having an argument with the Dark Heir. It's seems that Alex knew something about Nathan that I didn't know.

But what secret could Nathaniel Russel Cullen was hiding.