first chapter!

there was 6 boys, awquan,xiaoyu,ahwei,weilian,xiaojie,wang zi. they were major popular super stars that just got enrolled into a public school.

awquan was the oldest and had the biggest ears in the world. he resembled a dog although his nose isnt even half as sharp as a dog's one. he likes to joke around with ahwei and xiaojie as they were buddies for a real long time. not to mention, he is the leader of the band.

ahwei was the shorty in the band, but dont be bl by this height, he is one of the best dancers in the group. he has a great humor that cracks everyone up. he can also be considered at the clean one in the group. ahwei is always the one who has to tell the other members to clean up their rooms. he started learning how to play the piano when they were preparing for their concert last yr.

xiaoyu is well..the rocker. he had his own band before he joined lollipop. maybe people say that he is flirty but he denials it. he enjoys hard rock although the group sings songs that are more...not rocky? during his free time he would normally be found playing his guitar at full blast or having a wonderful nap in a pile of dirty clothes. he has written and sang his own creation called, make me a fool.

weilian was a cheerleader during his high school life. he still does it now but his weight keeps making his jumps nearer and nearer to the ground. he has a very bad tempo for a cheerleader and his dancing is rather average. having a bad appetite, he is often caught munching of left over snacks found in their house.

xiaojie is the serious one. he is often given the nasty job to chase away fans who crowd around their apartment. he is often made fun of for having a short chin although it looks normal to me. he has a dancing group with awquan, ahwei and his other non-celebrity writes songs during his free time and is starting to how to play a guitar from xiaoyu.

wangzi is well.. the youngest one in the group. his dancing is well..not as good as the rest but he still beats weilian. being known for having electric eyes, he has the most fans in the group. he has recorded his own song too which is of course, written by him. he is also known for being the smart one in the group. he has acted the most within the group, which includes movies and drama series.

the girls in the story

kaiqin is an average student that always has trouble waking up in time. shes often late in school but still does well in class. she plays the guitar and sings in a band that is made up of her 6 BFFs. they are called, mono-tone (its just random..) shes the vice-captain of the basketball team and is well liked by boys. shes really pretty and has a nice personality. her classmates gets along with her well except for the cheerleaders.

jieling is an underweight girl that sings in the school choir. dont be mistaken by her small build, shes actually really active. shes the lead singer of the band. shes has a great humor too and enjoys listening to jokes.

mingyan is a quiet girl that plays the base in the band. shes the smartest kind in class but knows how to rock once the school bells rings. she isnt the sporty kind but is still skinny no matter how much she eats. the cheerleaders dont like her as shes smarter than them.

michelle is a boylish yet friendly, girl. she plays the drums in the band and is sort of the "oldest sister" in the group. whenever one of the girls gets bullied by the guys, shes always the one that flies in like super man to save him. shes well liked by everyone except for the cheerleaders again. oh michelle is the captain of the basketball team.

lishan is a rather short but really cute girl that plays the keyboard in the band. shes well liked by all the teachers in the school as shes like the only pupil that pays attention in class. shes in the school band and enjoys it alot.

jiamin is well..another quiet girl that plays the base in the band too. shes the early bird in the group. shes never late for anything. shes rather short lishan. shes the fastest runner in the class and the guys arent happy with that.

the cheerleaders consist of 4 girls, xiaomi, xiaowei, xiaochun and xiaomin.
they wear their school skirt really short and likes to flirt with guys. well thats all about it, besides the fact that they hate every single girl in the school besides them.

Andyge will be the new character in the story. he is the manager of lollipop. he is 26yrs old(in my world) and is duper handsome!

andyge: ok boys this is your new school~!*shows the school to the lollipop members* here are you time tables *hands them their time tables( they're all in the same class to make things easy)*

weilian:lets see...WHAT???? school ends at 4.30!!!

andyge: oh yes, one more thing. all of you will be staying in the boarding school here for one week while you settle down to the new environment.

awquan: i've never stayed in a board school before.

wangzi: what about our stuffs? we havent even packed yet.

andyge: i already did it for you. here are you bags.*hands each of them an individual bag that had their names printed on it* theres everything that you need in here. emergency money will be in the side pockets of the bags, remember, its only for emergencys.

xiaojie: how long do we have before our first class starts?

ahwei: 1h30mins.

xiaoyu: lets go and unpack before we go off to class.

andyge: good idea, so i'll leave you all to settle yourselfs. bye.

lollipop: bye andyge.


xiaomin: isnt that the most popular and hot band, LOLLIPOP??

*does that girly squeaky sound*

xiaochun: lets go up and talk to them.

xiaowei: excuse me, arent you forgetting something?

xiaomin,xiaochun,xiaomi:*stares at her with totally no idea what shes talking about*

xiaowei: urgh. make-up check?

xiaomin,xiaochun,xiaomi: OHHHHHH

*they hurriedly took out their pocket mirrors and started checking their make up*

xiaomi:lets go before anyone else gets to them first!

they run up to lollipop.

xiaochun:HI! *gets really nervous standing infront of a group of mega super stars*

xiaoyu: erm, hey.

xiaomi: are you guys gonna study in our school?

ahwei: yeah.

xiaomin: what class?!?!?

weilian: 104.(random numberXD)

xiaowei: omgosh! so are we! we are so meant to be together! *starts flirting with weilian*

weilian: hmm, sure. um, we need to go now. see you girls in class:D bye

cheerleaders: byeeee~~~!!!!!

xiaowei: omgosh, he was so checking me out!

xiaochun: did you see the way xiaoyu said hey back to me? he was sooo hot...

-we shall skip all the comments between the cheerleaders and move on to the guys-

wangzi: that was interesting...

xiaojie: we need to run...

xiaoyu: why?

xiaojie: big group of fans coming our way!


LOLLIPOP: errrr maybe later!

ahwei: or never!

a cat and dog chase begins~

they managed to lose the fans after running into the boarding school.

awquan: whew, that was a close one.

ahwei: lets just try to have a rest before class.

they got their room keys from the registration table. they were separated into 3 different rooms-xiaojie&xiaoyu, awquan&ahwei, wangzi&weilian.

their rooms were rather simple, just 2 beds, 2 study tables, 1 bathroom, 1 mini kitchen and 1 computer. the campus had 4 lounges- 2 for the girls and 2 for the boys. there was also an indoor pool for both genders and the basics-basketball court, tennis court, soccer field.

-----------with the girls----------------

kaiqin,jieling,mingyan,lishan,jiamin,michelle all stayed in the boarding school too. They were splited into pairs, kaiqin&mingyan, jieling&michelle and lishan&jiamin.

They were also in the same class as lollipop and the cheerleaders.

Alarm clock: beep beep! Beep beep!

Kaiqin: urghhhh *hits the snooze button*

-15mins later-


Mingyan: *stumbles out of bed and opens the door*

Lishan: hey its time for class! Theres only 15mins left!

Mingyan: 0.0!!!! KAIQIN GET UP!

Kaiqin: huh? Oh ok..*walks to the toilet to wash up*

10mins later, they're all washed up and ready for class. As they were all wearing uniforms, they didt had to waste time choosing their outfits.

At the same time, lollipop was also getting ready to leave their dorms.

Xiaojie: hurry! We're gonna be late soon.

Xiaoyu: alright alright!

Just when mingyan and kaiqin left their dorm, so did xiaojie and xiaoyu. They accidently bump into each other as they were all hurrying to get to class, who wants to be late on their first day of school.

Mingyan&kaiqin: opps sry! *hurries off*

Xiaojie: never mind…*stares at kaiqin*

Xiaoyu: that girl..(referring to mingyan) she same different from the other girls that I've met.

Awquan: hey, you 2 want to be late for class arh? Hurry up!

Xiaojie&xiaoyu: oh ok.*runs off to join awquan and the rest*

by this time, kaiqin and mingyan has already reached their classroom.

kaiqin: mingyan, sry!! i almost got you late for class.

mingyan: nvm:)

lollipop met their teacher and went to class together. their teacher, na duo lao shi(ndls) came into the classroom first.

ndls: settle down.*class ignores him*SETTLE DOWN. we are honored to have 6 new students with us.*signals lollipop to enter* you all might know them from their band, theres no need to introduce them one by one.

xiaojie: its her....