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Sakura sighed as she closed the door to her apartment and walked down the concrete steps. She raised her small hand to keep the warm toast in her mouth as she nibbled on it. Her emerald eyes looked toward the sky and she felt her shoulders slump. The sun was hidden behind very dark clouds that began to let down a soft mist. Sakura felt her pace quicken.

Sasuke yawned as he sat up and bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He looked blinked his eyes into focus and looked around the room; it appeared that Wesley had not come in yet. Sasuke pushed back the covers of his bed and walked to his bathroom, taking a quick shower and not bothering to dry his hair. He walked back to his bed, finding his school uniform laid out for him; a white button-up, dark-navy jeans, and a navy tie. He pulled his pants over his boxers and pulled out a belt from his bed side table, wrapping it through the thin loops of his pants. It took Sasuke longer than usual to button up his shirt, and he didn't bother putting on the tie. He picked up the black back-pack with all his school work in it and headed for the stairs, until his eyes caught something outside the window.

Sasuke stopped in his tracks, and his eyes snapped toward the street as a familiar pink girl caught his gaze. He was immediately at the window, staring at her as she walked through the drizzle, not noticing his gaze. Or so he thought.

Before she was almost clear of the house, she stopped and slowly turned her head to the house. He continued to watch her as her head lifted to his window, and he saw her ivory face blush as she quickly ran down the street toward the school. Sasuke cursed under his breath as he shut the windows curtain and slammed his bedroom door behind him.

By the time he had reached the kitchen, his gums tingled and he knew that his fangs were itching for blood. Not any blood; her blood.

"Good morrow, master Uchiha," a calm, low voice called as Sasuke was brought out of his scowl. He looked up and a small smile curved his features as he greeted Wesley, the Uchiha family's servant for years.

"Good morning, Wesley." Sasuke sat down at the small table and greedily began eating the plate of eggs and pancakes waiting for him. His eyes noticed the small wine glass filled with a dark red liquid, one Sasuke knew all too well. His fangs shot out of his gums before he could even think about the blood. He hesitated, then picked up the glass with a shaky hand and chugged the blood in one swift gulp. He put the glass down and continued eating, trying to get the taste off his tongue.

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