"Put this on." Usagi-san threw a frilly apron into my face as I walk into his study.

"EH?? Why do I have to put that on? It's a girl's apron."

"Just put it on."

"Oh, I get it! It's for one of your BL novels right? Sorry but please find someone else to victimize."

"You are really hard to convince." Usagi-san got up from his chair and picked up the apron that was on the floor. Then he cross the room to where I was changing Suzuki-san's ribbon and grabbed me from the back. Lifting me effortlessly off the ground, even though I'm kicking and flinging my arms around, he threw me onto the floor.

"OW! That hurts you know?"

I sat up and rubbed my back but he pushed me back down with his smothering kisses around my mouth. Then our mouths met. I could taste the tobacco and coffee that he has been over consuming since last night. I pushed him away.

"What are you doing??!! Aikawa-san is coming over tomorrow to get your manuscript already and judging by your past records, you'd probably have to pull an all-nighter tonight. So if you have time to fool around, shouldn't you be trying to make your editor's life easier?"

"But I ran out of Misaki."

Always like this. Usagi-san always says such weird things. Although it makes me happy that I occupy such an important position, I still think he shouldn't be so perverted!!

"Huh? What are you saying? Get back to work."

I pushed him away again and got up to walk away. Usagi-san grabbed my wrist and pulled me back down to sit on his lap.

"If you wear the apron, I'll get straight back to work."

"Fine! If not I'll be having a hard time fending off Aikawa-san's desperate pleas to get me to get you to work tomorrow anyway."

So I got up and put on the apron.

"There, you happy now? Get back to work already."

"No, not like that. That's not how a guy wears such an apron."

"Guys don't wear such aprons!!"

"Here, let me help you."


Usagi-san stood up and pushed me against a bookshelf. Two books fell down beside us.

"Hey!! That was dangerous. What if it had landed on my head??"

"I'll never let something like that happen to you."

Usagi-san stared deeply into my eyes and met my lips with his. He reached his hands under the apron and under my shirt to pinch my nipple. It got hard instantly.

"Your body is so honest. Totally unlike you."


His lips returned to mine and my protests drowned in the heated kiss. Somehow, he managed to remove my shirt and leave the apron on. He kissed along my jaw line and sucked on my ear lobe.

"Usagi-san…Your work…Ahh…"

"Don't think about my work now."

"But Aikawa-san is go-…NNhh…going to kill…Ohh…you."

He bit on my ear and licked down the back of my neck, leaving hickeys of various shapes and sizes.

"Usagi-san…Don't do…haa…that…I can't…Ah ah…cover them if they are so high up."

"Then don't."

He pushed the fabric of the apron slightly to the side and took one erected nipple into his mouth as he twisted the other with his fingers.

"AHH! No…not together…I can't…haa…can't keep my voice down."

Usagi-san didn't answer. He simply sucked me harder and I hissed in shock and pain. I lost my hands in his hair and pushed his head further into my chest.

"See…Your body wants me."

"What?? Shut up!"

He licked the hardened nub and I moaned. Feeling embarrassed, I bit into my forefinger to keep myself from moaning again. As if he could predict my actions, Usagi-san reached up with his other hand and pulled my finger out of my mouth. He released my nipple and sucked on this finger instead. The sight was erotic enough to elicit another moan from me but I bit my lower lip instead. His hand stopped twisting my nipple and his thumb was placed on my chin. Next, he slowly pulled my lower lip away from my teeth. Slowly, he lowered his head to kiss me. This kiss was a loving one, not like the previous two. However, even if his kiss was patient, his hands were not. They were groping me through the apron and my pants. I had to break away from the kiss to moan. He took the chance to kneel in front of me and undo my pants. Sliding them down, he licked my inner thigh and created several hickeys along the way.

He then went on with the other thigh. Closer and closer, though never once touching the needy place. I got a little irritated.



"Could you…maybe…er…"



"Did you want me to do this?"

He took me into his mouth through my underwear and I moaned.


"That's good, Misaki. Ask me for more things."

"Actually…I kind of want you to…you know…come in my mouth."


Usagi-san's eyes have widened and they are glistening with amazement and happiness and lust. I have wanted to do something for Usagi-san for a long time now. Each time we had sex, I was always the one that was receiving and it's high time I did something for Usagi-san in return. I push Usagi-san to sit down on the sofa as I kick off my pants and took off my underwear. I walked over naked, except for the embarrassing, frilly apron and kneeled down before him.

"You don't have to do this, you know? I like making you wet and dirty and that's enough for me."

"I want to do this. And don't say weird things or I'm going to leave."

He kept his mouth shut after that. I undid his pants and got him to lift his hip so I could pull it down along with his boxers. I still can't see his erection because it's shrouded by his long shirt. I could however, see something big and twitching underneath. I started to think it is a bad idea after all.

"You really don't have to do this."

"Stop looking down on me. I can so do this."

I wonder if Usagi-san purposely said that because he saw me wavering since he knew I hate to be looked down upon. Or maybe he was genuinely concerned about me. I mean, he can't be so devilish as to use my weakness against me right? Oh, what am I talking about, this is Usagi-san and he's capable of all things devilish. But I still won't back down, I offered first.

I pushed his shirt up to reveal his glory. It stood proud and the tip was gleaming slightly from the pre-cum. Did he really get this aroused just from touching me?

I lowered my head and took him into my mouth. A strangled moan escaped his lips. I could hardly fit half of it in so I wrap one hand around the base. What did Usagi-san usually do? I raked my brain for some ideas as to what to do next. I pull my head up as I push my hand down at a rather slow pace. I thought I should try to fit more of him in.


This time I went a bit faster, going down as my hand goes up and pulling up as my hand went down. Usagi-san weaved his hands into my hair. I took it as a good sign. I realize I could go down further if I went fast hence I hasten my pace again.

Those strangled sounds that Usagi-san made had turn into full moans. My name was repeated again and again. I feel empowered to be the one in control. To make Usagi-san lose control and be so beside himself with pleasure, I'm happy. I want to thank Usagi-san for all the care and love he has given me, but I just couldn't put them into words. This seems to be an effective way.

I started to twist my hand as I pump the bottom half of him. His back arched a little and he slid down the sofa a little too. I took him out of my mouth and gave a big lick on the underside coming round to the top and finishing with a flick across the tip. Usagi-san shuddered.

"Misaki…That's was so good."

Usagi-san was panting and his face was flushed. I stare at the older man above me. He's beautiful even if his hair had stuck to his face due to sweating. I have a sudden urge to rip his shirt open. Is that because I'm aroused by the scene before me? I seem to need more of him. I took one side of his shirt in each hand, with one hard pull, I tore the shirt open and buttons flew everywhere.

"Misaki?" The puzzled look Usagi-san makes me even happier. Yes, I'm the one in control this time. Then my cock twitched. Maybe domineering turns me on.

I smile up at him and didn't say a word. I lean up and push the shirt fully open. Usagi-san just stared at me. I dug my short nails into his exposed chest. Usagi-san's eyelids fluttered slightly. Then I dragged my nails down, over his hardened nipples and down his taut stomach. He writhed under me, eyes rolling back into his head.


Eight red tracks appeared on his fair body. I kissed each nipple as an apology and I kissed Usagi-san's lips. I smile at him. He seems too dazed to say anything. I push two of my fingers into his mouth and he obediently sucked them and coated them with saliva. I moan along with the rhythm of his tongue as I stare deeply into his eyes. I drew my fingers out and I peck him on the cheek.

I went back down again as I wrap one hand around his base and took the head into my mouth. I look up at him to see him looking at me. I sucked on his head a little. I could feel him leaking in my mouth. I made sure he was still looking as I pushed my middle finger into me. I had lowered my waist and arched my back so that he could see clearly what I was doing to myself from his height. His eyes widened and his mouth hung open in an inaudible moan while I moan around his head. He reacted to the vibration of my voice as I could feel his dick twitching and leaking again.

"Ohh…Misaki…You are very erotic today."

"So you like it?" I blew across his wet head.

"Yyyeesss…" His answer came as a shudder.

I took him back in and began to bob my head up and down while I thrust my finger in and out of me. I kept moaning around him and every time he would writhe slightly. His moans went into my ears and down to my front as I began to twitch and leak too. I pushed another finger into my ass and start to stroke myself in the front. I don't know if I could hold out until Usagi-san came, I seem to be pretty near it myself.

"Ahh…Misaki…You're so beautiful like that…Ohh…I'm going to come, Misaki…"

I stopped stroking myself and concentrated that hand on Usagi-san's base. I went faster too. I need him to come soon or I would explode. His hands seem to be desperately looking for something to hold on to. They landed on my bare shoulders as his nails dug in. I moan once again around him and I think that did it for him.

"AHH MISAKI!! AHH…haa haa…Ohh…ahhhhh….."

He came. He came gloriously into my mouth. There was so much of him as it went down my throat and filled up my mouth. Some of it even leaked out the corner of my mouth and down the side of it. i took my fingers out of myself

Usagi-san trembled greatly as he held on to me. I kept him in my mouth until he was done. Should I spit it out? I felt like I should swallow it since I asked him to come in my mouth. I took him out of my mouth and I swallowed his load. He watched me do it. I even scooped those on the side of my mouth and push them into my mouth too. I cleaned him thoroughly with my tongue.

Usagi-san ran his hands through my hair and I sighed contentedly. I did something nice for Usagi-san and I feel happy too. His hands flanked both sides of my face and tilted it to face him. He seems happy, grateful, moved, satisfied and aroused. He looked like he wants to eat me up. I thought I would have satisfied him for now. However, he seems ready for another go.

"Misaki… Have you been wanting to do this for me for a long time?"

He pulled me up for a kiss and I climbed onto the sofa to straddle him, my hard member resting against his wilted one. This reminded me that I have yet to come and renewed my desire and need for release. I started to rub against him as we kissed. I moan repeatedly into the kiss as I rubbed faster and harder. Usagi-san broke the kiss and took the fingers that I've been pleasuring myself with into his mouth.

"Now…What are we going to do about you? You need to be rewarded generously for making me so happy today."

He carried me bridal style into the bedroom and threw me onto the bed. He took a moment to look at me in my apron, my arousal creating a tent in the front.

"Misaki…You're so beautiful."

I quickly covered my face with a pillow. He reached down and pulled it away from me. He pecked me on the mouth and flipped me over onto my front. Usagi-san pulled my hips up to a kneeling position.

"What are you doing, Usag-"

I felt two wet fingers nudge my opening and my breathing hitched in anticipation of what was coming. One finger entered first. My eyes widened then squeezed shut. The first intrusion is always uncomfortable and awkward. He hit my prostate so I arched my back and shouted. The other finger joined the first as both of them hit the same spot again. I screamed at the pain and the pleasure. Usagi-san kissed one of my butt cheeks as his fingers ceased movement and allowed me time to adjust.

"Misaki…You're amazing you know that?"

"Stop saying stupid thing, stupid Usagi."

I panted heavily as I slowly got accustomed to the intrusion and the pain subsided.

"You…you can move now."

The fingers pull back and almost out of me then they slam back in again. Again and again, they hit the same wonderful spot.

"Usagi-san…Ohh…Ahhh…hhaaa…Usagi-san…hhaa…Ahh ahh…haa…AHH!!"

"My name is Akihiko."


"Yes, good boy."

His fingers did the come hither motion and I writhed and shuddered. Then they started to twist and turn. Now they hit a different spot each time. My hips began to undulate along with the rhythm of his skillful fingers.


He withdrew his fingers and I whimpered.

"Not to worry. Your reward is coming up next."

What is he saying, that Usagi-san. And he made me use his name too. I felt his tongue at my opening, his hands spreading my butt cheeks apart as his tongue pushed past my ring of muscle and into me. My breath hitched then I relaxed into his touch. I started to push back into him as he explored me with his tongue. His tongue was warm and wet, unlike his cold hands. He plunged into me again and again while my moans increase in frequency and pitch.


He took out his tongue and sucked me hard.

"AHH!! Akihiko…More…More!"

He sucked me again then placed a kiss there. I heard him rewet his fingers and pushed two into me. I thrust forward and threw my head back in a moan.

"So deep Akihiko…"

He thrust steadily and stretched me well. Then he pushed a third finger in. I screamed in pain and my arousal wilted a little.

"A little more, Misaki."

"Usagi-san…enough…ahhh…now…I want you now!"

He pulled his fingers out of me and pushed himself in all the way. I don't know when he had gotten so hard so fast. I could feel all of him, everything, buried so deep into me. The heat, the throbbing and the thickness drives me crazy. I didn't let him stretch me fully and I regretted it now. Breathing was hard and I got the wind pushed out of me when he filled me up so fast.

He leaned down to kiss my shoulder.

"Are you okay, Misaki?"

I swallowed hard and tried to breathe. I nodded a little. He pulled out slightly and I hissed in pain. He pushed himself back in in an agonizingly slow speed.


"Akihiko." He reminded me to use his name.

He pulled out again, this time a tad more. And he pushed back in. Tears were welling up in my eyes. Too much pain, I should have been more patient and let him stretch me properly. Usagi-san licked along the curve of my neck and up to the top of ear where he bit down. I shuddered. His movements were small and slow as he placed smoothing kisses all over my back. One of his hands went around my waist to my front to stroke me, in time with his tiny thrusts. I felt better as the pain began to subside. I could respond little and pushed back into him. He took that as a sign to go faster and harder.

More accurately, he seems to abandon all of his restraints and thrust into me fast and hard.

"Akihiko…AHH…no…not so hard…OHH…"

"Don't you like it a little painful?"

"AHhh…haa…hha…AKIHIKO! Ahh~…"

I'm sweating, I'm crying and I'm losing consciousness. He's right. I do like it rough with a hint of pain. He knows everything about me. Where I like to be touched, how I like to be treated, how hard to thrust into me to make me wild. He also knew which position I liked best.

"AHH…Akihiko…More…please…Make me feel more…"

He pulled out of me and flipped me onto my back. Holding me under my knees, he doubled me over and pushed my knees down onto the bed. Then he leaned forward to push himself straight downwards into me. He went down hard and slammed heavily onto me.

I screamed a raw moan. I reach my arm up to wrap them around Usagi-san's neck. The creaking of the bed was really loud like it was in danger of breaking apart. I couldn't care less. I'm so near already. Just a little more, bring me to heaven with you Usagi-san.

"I'm…AHH…I'm going to come…Akihiko…Ohh…"

Usagi-san was panting really heavily by then. I think he was close too. He must be really tired since he already came one. I brought one hand down from his neck to stroke myself. I rubbed my tip with my thumb as my pre-sum leaked down my shaft. I could feel something gathering at the base of my shaft as I came closer and closer to coming.

"No…no…Ohh…I'm coming…Ahhh ahhh….haaahhaaa...Akihiko!!! AHHH!!!"

The feeling that had gathered at the base of my shaft exploded in every direction possible and I sprayed my seed all over my hand and both of our stomachs. I shuddered strongly and writhed as my orgasm rocked through my whole body leaving in its wake a buzzing feeling as the skin on my whole body tingled. Saliva dripped down the side of my mouth as my tears rolled down my face. Usagi-san's needy thrusts finished me off and he too came fast and hard into me, the familiar wetness filling me up inside and bursting out of my asshole to trickle down my thighs. He collapsed on me and rolled us over so that I'm on top.

Usagi-san drew lazy circles on my sweaty back as we caught our breath. It's then that I realize I still had the apron on.

"Usagi-san, get out of me. I have to take off this apron."

"No, this apron looks great on you. Keep it on. I know, from now on you should only wear this apron when we are home alone."


Usagi-san laughed and kissed me.

I felt someone kissing me and snaking their hand down my pants. I open my eyes to see Usagi-san up close and personal. I pushed him away and covered his mouth with my hands.

"What are you doing?"

Usagi-san licked my hand and I quickly pulled it away.

"You were calling my name and moaning in your sleep. You called me Akihiko too. Were you having wet dreams about me? Hmm? You're hard here too." Usagi-san patted my crotch.

"Huh?? What dream?"

Then I remembered the weird dream I was having about a weird apron and giving Usagi-san a blow job. I gave a nervous laugh then regained my composure.

"What are you doing in my bed so late at night?"

"I wanted to ask you something."

"You can ask me in the morning. I want to sleep."

"No, it's something I have to do now."

"What is it?"

"I ran out of Misaki when I was writing. Come to bed with me, Misaki."

"No. I have school tomorrow morning."

"I won't do anything to you, I promise."

"You? Unlikely. I probably won't be able to sleep a wink if I go to bed with you."

"I promise not to do anything. I just want you to put on this apron I bought online this morning. I asked for the urgent delivery and it just arrived."