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This is déjà vu. This is bad. I cannot seem to clear my mind of the images that are running through my mind right now. My dream is still crystal clear in my head, the naughty apron and the sex with Usagi-san. I shake my head to try to clear it. No way is this happening to me again. The dream was bad enough, now I have to actually do it?

Deep within my heart though, I felt a little happy that I can do this for real for Usagi-san. But that feeling is deep, deep, deep in my heart. I cannot emphasize how deep it is but it is WAY deep. Usagi-san says to wear the apron with nothing else then go find him in his room. The apron, the offending item of Usagi-san's fantasy, is lying on top of my bed. Why do I have to do this? Why is it impossible to say no to that man? My young mind cannot process all these. Then I remember a promise Usagi-san made with me a long time ago when I first moved in. I will not take this sexual harassment anymore. Oh yeah, tonight will be fun.

I took off all my clothes and put on the apron. I stroke myself a little in the front to get myself semi-hard. Staring into the mirror, I think I look ready. Now to put my plan into action.

I stride confidently into Usagi-san's room. In the dim, orange light, I can see that Usagi-san is already sitting in the middle of the king-sized bed with his arms folded across his chest, waiting for me. His eyes scrutinize my naked body, save for the apron. When his gaze falls upon the slight tent in the front, his breath hitched. Is he simply speechless or is he giving me the cool disposition? I turn around slowly to give him a full 360 view of me. I face him again and I can see the lust burning in his eyes though he remains motionless.


"Akihiko." I didn't let him finish what he wants to say before I regard him in all seriousness. His usually commanding character seems to have retreated tonight. "Do you remember the promise we made when I just moved in?"

"What promise?"

"The one where I can top you if I grew to 175cm in height. Well, I'm 178 now."

"No way. Absolutely not." Usagi-san got off the bed and walk towards me, his arms outstretched in anticipation to trap me within them.

"Then I'm going back to bed." I turn to leave before he could catch up with me.

From behind me, I hear him walking faster and unfortunately, he got to me before I could walk out the door. His arms wrap themselves securely around my waist and pull me towards him. I could feel his pants-clad arousal against my bare butt cheek. His lips plant themselves on the back of my neck and sucked hard. My mouth opens in an inaudible moan as my body shiver slightly.

"Misaki, come to bed with me." He whispers lightly into my ear.

"No." I stand firm to my decision even though my resolve is quickly weakening.

"I'll make it really good." He whispers again and bit my ear.

My breath hitch and then I sigh. "No, I'll make it really good for you." I turn around and stroke him through his pants.

I lean up to kiss him. The coffee and tobacco taste in his mouth is just like my dream. I feel his dick twitch a little as I continue stroking him during the kiss. He broke the kiss to moan softly. I tiptoe to bring my lips to his ear.

"You know you want it more than I do, Akihiko-chan." My words flow right into his ear and down to his groin as I feel him twitch again.

That's right Usagi-san. Listen to my words and bring yourself to the point of no return then succumb to my demand and I'll give you what you want. I cannot believe I can turn so devious. Must be Usagi-san's traits rubbing off on me. I suck his ear lobe and squeeze him a little. He hisses in slight pain and the arms around me tighten.


"Good girl, Akihiko-chan."

This reversal in roles appears to make him rather excited too since he relented so easily. I pull away from his grasp and push him backwards until the back of his knees hit the bed and he sits down. I look at him seductively from under my long lashes and motion for him to take off his pants. He got my signal and obediently takes them off, leaving his boxers on.

Okay, this is seriously bizarre. His boxers are exactly the same as the ones in my dreams. If it isn't so brainlessly ridiculous, I would have thought that Usagi-san had something to do with my weird dream.

"Tsk tsk tsk…I meant everything." I give him a disapproving look.

He takes his boxers off too. I finally flash him a small smile since entering the room. Usagi-san is fully erect now, red and swelling with desire. I kneel down before him and use the tip of my nose to draw an upward line along the throbbing vein on the underside of his member. I take in the smell that is of sex and Usagi-san. It's strangely captivating. I can hear his breathing becoming laborious above me. I feel proud of myself for being so in control.

"Tell me what you want, Akihiko. Do you want my hands or my mouth or both?" I lick his head and blow across it.

Usagi-san shudders slightly. "Both."

I wrap one hand at the base and take his head into my mouth. Just like in the dream, my head goes down as my hand goes up. I think I over-dramatized in my dream. Usagi-san isn't as big as I thought since I could fit half of him in my mouth easily now. It must the pain when he pushes into me that gave me a distorted image of his dick. I blow him at an agonizingly slow pace. Out of the top of my eyes I can see Usagi-san lean back slightly, placing his hands on the bed to support his weight, to find a better angle to observe me.

This is not going according to plan. He should be begging by now for me to go faster but Usagi-san just stares at me from above leisurely. Ah heck it, I decide to increase the pace anyway. Then I heard the first moan from Usagi-san since I started which is rather satisfying for me. The moans come more steadily now though they still sound rather controlled.


Usagi-san brings one hand forward to run it through my hair. Unexpectedly, he grabs a handful harshly. The slight pain shoot straight down to my groin and my hand tighten around his base as I moan around him. The vibration triggers a strangled moan out of him too. I pull his hand out of my hair and place it back on the bed.

"Don't disrupt me."

I take as much of him back into my mouth as possible and suck hard as I go back up, ending with a slurping sound around the tip. He gives a full moan and an arch of his back. I lick and suck his right inner thighs, leaving several hickeys along the way. Next, I climb up onto the bed and push him down onto it. I straddle him and pull up the bottom half of the apron so that my full erection can meet his. I thrust lightly against him. A moan gurgles deep in his throat. He seems to be more capable of keeping his composure than in my dream. Stupid Usagi-san, making me work so hard!

I keep up the light thrusts as I unbutton his shirt. One by one, the buttons become undone then I grab his collar with both my hands and pull him up to a sitting position so I can peel the shirt off his back. I toss the shirt onto the floor and wrap my arms around Usagi-san's neck, leaning up for a kiss. He snake his arms around my waist to pull me closer.

I clap my hands to turn off the lights. Usagi-san got them installed last week because of a casual comment I made when we were watching television. I marveled at how cool it is to own such lights and the next thing I know, Usagi-san had hired electricians. Oh well, they seem rather useful in this case.

Strings of saliva linking our tongues glisten in the moonlight as we part our lips for breath before crashing them together again in a heated battle for dominance. I was mistaken when I thought Usagi-san had relented earlier. This devious man is simply waiting for me to lose my strength before swooping in to reclaim his throne. Sorry Usagi-san but I'm nobody's uke tonight. This payback for all the backaches and butt aches that I have to put up with during my four-hour long lectures just because you can't control yourself the night before.

I part from his mouth and suck on his jaw. Let's see how he deals with hickeys that cannot be covered up when Aikawa-san comes over tomorrow. I honestly can't wait to see his embarrassed face tomorrow morning. I kiss down to his Adam's apple and suck there too.


I reach my hands down to his nipples and twist them simultaneously.

"Ahh…feels so good, Misaki. Do it again."

Is he losing control now? Am I making him lose control? I twist his nipples again and also giving them a small tug.

"AHH! Misaki…Where did you learn how to do that?"

Duh…Where else could I have learned these stunts? I'm impressed by how much perverted acts I have picked up living here with Usagi-san. Stupid Usagi has tainted my innocent mind and turn me into a perverted man.

His erection throb against mine and mine throb back as if in response. Some sort of perverted erectile Moss code. I giggle inwardly at my stupid thoughts as I continue to leave as much hickeys as I can on his neck and chest area. Tomorrow I'll hide all his shirts except for the purple V-neck sweater, let's see how he faces Aikawa-san.

I begin my light thrusts again as I push him back down on the bed. I went down with him too, my lips attached to the hollow of his neck. I rub his nipples with my thumbs and he shudders. I take one erected nipple into my mouth. I suck on it and clench it lightly between my teeth and flick my tongue across the top.


I release it from between my teeth and lick it again. I feel Usagi-san undo the ribbon of the apron so I sit up to remove it myself. Honestly, those frills have been tickling me from the start and I'm happy to be rid of it now. I throw it in a random direction and lean down towards Usagi-san again. Suddenly, Usagi-san flips me over.

"Usagi-san?" I completely lost my dominatrix façade.

"Isn't it Akihiko?"

"Usagi-san!" Usagi-san takes my nipple into his mouth and sucks hard.

He kisses down my stomach and takes my head into his mouth. Swirling his tongue around the tip, he takes more of me in. My hands fly up to weave themselves into Usagi-san's hair.


He hooks his hands under my knee and lifts them up into mid-air. Angling me properly, he takes all of me in in one downward movement of his head.

"Ahhh...haa hhaa…"

I arch my back and push Usagi-san's head even closer to me. He pushes me back down onto the bed and releases me from the wet cavity that is his mouth. Licking the underside of my penis, he brings his tongue to my slit and picks up the pearl of pre-cum that had collected there.


He takes me back into his hot, wet mouth again, going up and down at a faster pace. I'm writhing uncontrollably, my hips undulating in time with his moving head. I grab his hair tighter. I cannot lose to him. I release one hand to bite on my thumb. Several moans died in my throat. I wonder if I'm the vocal type or because Usagi-san is especially good, I could not elicit such erotic sounds from him and I'm pissed off. I need to stop him before he makes me come. I'm determined to top him today.

I push his head away from me and sit up. "Stop."

"I need to wet this properly if I don't want to hurt too much tomorrow."

Stupid Usagi-san, always knows what to say. I thought he would never let me top him ever. But now I think he actually is looking forward to it. I lie down again and let him coat me generously. I reach my hands to the back and open the side table drawer to take out the lube. I push him away again and show him the bottle of lube in my hands.

"On all fours, Akihiko."

"Oh? Dominatrix Misaki is back."

Usagi-san got on all fours on the bed as I climb down. Eh…what should I do now?

"Squeeze some into your hands and warm them up."

I did as I was told. Squeezing a generous amount onto one palm, I toss the bottle onto the bed and starts to warm the cool liquid between my hands. The lube leak from between my fingers and trickle down the back of my hands. In the quiet room I can hear the squishing sound that the lube is making between my hands.

"Rub it on me."

"In the end you had to teach me how to do it. This is so embarrassing."

"I rather you learn it from me than someone else."

I rub my lubricated hand along the valley between his butt cheeks.

"Baka Usagi."

Usagi-san laughs quietly. I got pissed so I slap his butt. Drops of lube sprayed everywhere. Usagi-san moans and thrust forward in reflex. I did it again, this time harder. He moans louder and thrust forward more violently.

"Put…put your finger in me."

I push my middle finger in and begin to thrust lightly. Usagi-san's back seems unused as he winces in pain at the stretch to accommodate my finger.

"Ahh…deeper…" I thrust in deeper, burying my finger to the hilt. Hooray! Looks like I'm back in control again.

Thrusting a few times more and I force in my forefinger too. Usagi-san gives a small shout in pain as his breathing becomes erratic. I keep my fingers inside and didn't move.

"Are you okay, Usagi-san?"

"Yah…Just give me a minute. I was never an uke so this takes some getting used to."

Poor Usagi-san. He is in so much pain because I wanted to top him so badly. I kiss his butt in apology and come to realize that the guava flavored lube taste rather nice. I start to lick up the stray droplets of lube on his butt as I move my fingers slowly.

"Misaki…Misaki…Ahh ahhh…"

Usagi-san starts to thrust back into my hand so I hasten the pace, going faster and harder with my fingers, stretching them sometimes and hearing him hiss. I lick the area directly above his hole where my fingers are currently plunged in. I withdraw my fingers and put my tongue in.

"AHH! Misaki!"

On any ordinary day, if you ask me whether this scene will ever take place, I would have threw a pot at you and ask you to drop dead. But tonight, I don't know whether I'm doing this to make up for poor Usagi-san's pain or that I am caught up in the moment, I found myself able to service Usagi-san this way.

My tongue goes in and out as I taste the guava and the exquisite taste that is Usagi-san. He is shuddering violently. I finally got him to lose his control.

"Misaki…Ahh…I can't…haa…hold out much longer…AHH haa…need you inside…NOW…"

I take out my tongue and position myself behind him. Grabbing the lube, I squeeze some onto my hand and coat it liberally all over my cock. The last thing I want to do is to hurt him. I also squeeze some directly into his hole. I push two fingers into him to spread the lube onto his walls. He is writhing wildly now. I hold my penis and use the head to nudge at the opening.

"Ready, Akihiko?"


I push in hard and slide right in, all the way to the hilt.

"AHHHH…" Usagi-san sounds to be dying from pain. His back arches dangerously and his head is thrown back in a small scream. Sweat already forming on his back.

"Amazing Akihiko, I'm all the way in." I cannot hide the amusement in my voice. When he first did me, he had to push several times before he could be all the way in. With Usagi-san, it's like he is sucking me into him.

"I'm going to move now, Akihiko."

I pull out slowly and when I want to push back in, his body seems to just suck me right back in. this became a weird tempo, pulling out slowly and slamming back in. Usagi-san's limbs are shaking from the effort of keeping himself up as I slam into him repeatedly. His hands are clutching the sheets tightly. So tightly that his knuckles have turn white. I should change position before his limbs gives way.

"Usagi-san, are you okay? Is this very bad?"

"No no…I'm fine…Keep moving."

"I want to change position. I'm going to pull out then you turn over onto your back okay?"

I pull out and he slow turn over. His face is flushed and pain evident in his expression. I heart aches. I bend down to place a chaste kiss on his lips.

"Thank you." I am deeply grateful that he is willing to undergo so much for me. But then again so did I.

I try to push his legs up by hooking my hands under his knees but it's a tad too heavy. So he takes over from the knees and I hold on to his ankles. Doubling him over slightly, I push in again. Once again with the mad suction force, I am pulled right in. Usagi-san's small scream of pain echoes in my head. I pull out and slam in.

"AHH…Misaki!! A little…a little to the left…Haaahhh…"

I angle myself before slamming in again.

"A little more…"

I scoot a little to the right and slam straight into his prostate. Usagi-san's eyes widen then squeeze shut as they roll into the back of his head. His back arch and his chest left the bed completely, mouth open in an inaudible moan. He releases the held breath as he comes back down. I slam into that spot again and again. The bed creaking beneath us as it rocks in time with my thrusts. Usagi-san is shuddering. He is shaking and trembling really hard. I think he is close. The room is filled with our moans and the smell of sweat, saliva, sex and a hint of guava.

"Misaki…I'm coming…AHHhhhaaa…"

I'm close too. Being encased in his tight heat is rather maddening.

"Ahh aahh…AHH AAhhh…Misaki!" Usagi-san exploded onto my stomach as his hands claw at the sheets beneath them.

I came when he did, filling him up to the brim and over. His wall clamp down on my dick as it milk every bit of me. I finish up with small thrusts then release his legs and drop myself atop Usagi-san. I place many tiny kisses on his face to thank him for his effort.

I draw out my softening cock and I watch him wince a little in the moonlight. He smiles up at me. I suddenly feel very self conscious so I slap him lightly on the arm and said, "Ahh…A job well done, Akihiko-kun," and turn away from him to sleep.

He pulls the blanket over us and draws me in closer to his chest with a protective arm around my waist. He places a kiss on my shoulder before resting his head on his pillow. Usagi-san's chest radiating heat onto my back, Usagi-san's breath on the back of my neck and Usagi-san's smell surrounding me. I feel greatly comforted and slept soundly.

The next morning, a cheerful Aikawa-san bursts through our front door.

"Good morning Usami-sensei and Misaki-kun!"

"Good morning Aikawa-san. You look like you are in a good mood today."

"Yes yes. Usami-sensei actually finished his manuscript on time so I'm glad."

She walks over to Usagi-san who is on the couch and stretches her hand out to ask for the manuscript. I watch from the sink where I am washing the dishes. Haha…Let's see how Usagi-san is going to hide all those embarrassing hickeys. I'm amazed that I was actually able to make Usagi-san wear the purple V-neck today.

Usagi-san stands up slowly and walks awkwardly past Aikawa-san to get to the stairs. The manuscripts are still printing up in the study. Don't Usagi-san usually ask Aikawa-san to take it herself? Why is he so nice to do it for her today?

"Usami-sensei, why are you walking so funny? AH! Are those hickeys?"

"Why don't you ask whose fault it is that I am so thoroughly fucked this morning?"

Aikawa-san immediately turns her gaze to me and gives me that stupid fangirl look of hers. I want to dig a hole, climb in and die there. My plan totally and completely backfired. I, Takahashi Misaki, can never ever win the Great Lord, Usami Akihiko. Today I realize this.

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