Sorry sorry sorry – I know I haven't updated for centuries! I don't really have an excuse but please please don't flame me – I'm writing now, and I feel ill. Sorry if this isn't as in character as the rest because of the new Doctor and companion. This story is like the one at the end of series 4 – the Daleks are a proper organised army.

In the Dalek ship somewhere in space

"We must find the Doctor and the inferior vampires"

"Tardis located! Tardis located!"

"Activate the teleport!"

"Daleks are supreme! DALEKS ARE SUPREME!"

Back to the Cullens

"Right, you lot" exclaimed the Doctor. "I need everyone in the Tardis immediately please. We've got to find the Dalek's crucible, and while we're at it, finding those Newborns in Seattle would be a good idea."

With that, everyone rushed out the house towards the Tardis, except Rosalie.

"Why should we trust someone we only just met!?" Rosalie screamed after them. Emmett called back to her, just before everyone within two meters of the Tardis was sucked in. Only Rosalie and Emmett remained outside. The Tardis was pulled into the sky by a white beam of light.

Inside the Tardis chaos ensued. The Doctor was running around the controls, madly trying to override the teleport machine.

"Can't you do anything?" asked Rose over the noise.

"They're overriding the controls!" shouted the Doctor as sparks began to fly around the Tardis. He hurried to the television like console. "But look where we're headed, oh yes, we're headed straight for the Daleks. Allons-y!"

The ride became bumpier as more sparks flew from the console. As the crucible came into sight on the console the lights went out.

Everyone on board who had at least one beating heart was thrown about by the Tardis. Edward tried to help Bella balance but since Bella was clumsy anyway – it wasn't going well.

Suddenly the Tardis came to a halt with a bump.

"Ok, we're at the Dalek crucible" muttered Bella.

"With the daleks waiting right outside the door" added Edward.

"Which is now just a door" said the Doctor.

"Sounds like fun!" grinned the ever optimistic Alice.

Once again forgive me for any mistakes, and the seriously long wait. I also apologize to my beta Lynnette McGregor for not sending this to you. I couldn't find you.