My Wish Order Brother

Author: PiperDreamer

Rating: Rated: M

Genre: General, AU

edited: 03/09/12

Chapter 1: The Brother who was Wish-ordered

A bloodcurdling roar of rage was heard a crossed the entire village of Iwa, an impressive feat seeing how the village was roughly the size of a city that resided in a crater like crag, with stone that jut up from the surrounding landscape. Many of these towers nestled into cliffs, and are connected to each-other by a network of bridges.

The roar caused many of Iwa's more hire-triggered shinobi's to have accidents, but the civilians stopped what they were doing and froze before rolling their eyes and continuing their routines with many muttering "Damn Paperwork Curse" and "Deidara's back."

In the center of the village was the Tsuchikage's tower. This was where the source of the roar originated from.

Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, couldn't be seen under the mounds of paper that have taken over what was his desktop.

His secretary, who was drafted into helping, sighed as he stared at the pile in a begrudging manner. "The paperwork had double since last night. The Honorable Grand-Nephew has returned from his mission, I take it?"

The Tsuchikage was too preoccupied swearing and cursing to answer.

"He came in last night. When he gets in here, he's not to leave till he has finished this mess!" Onoki seethed.

"Duly noted sir."

He finished placing the last items where they needed to; he knew that he had timed this right so that everything would work as planned. He had put a great deal of thought into this, done even greater deal of snooping, plotting, strategizing and executing the plan.

It had taken four months to plan it all out, working out all the kinks and three weeks to implement it.

Just a few more bodies to even the score.

Soon he would have his revenge and leave glorious pandemonium behind.

Kurotsuchi yawned, looking tired as she waited by her favorite food stand. Deidara-nii had said he'd visit her once he returned from his recent mission.

The Academy student kicked at the dirt, waiting impatiently for Deidara-nii to show. Hopefully.

Lately he had been skipping out on their meetings, something that annoyed her to no end.

Honestly, she worried about her cousin. The past couple of weeks he had been withdrawn, his normally cheerful self only cordially there as though to keep people from actually getting warier of him.

Not many people knew Deidara on a personal level, in fact she could count only three and that included her and grandfather. Sure he could be very friendly a talkative and to those who didn't see him regularly or spend a whole lot of time with him didn't see the difference.

She did, and she worried about what she was seeing.

Deidara had started distancing himself, spending less time with family and his fiancée's. Most of them were happy not to spend time with him or bemoaned not having any more time with them.

Tayuya, a girl from a wealthy merchant family and quite possibly the only worthwhile Fiancée was worried about him too since he had all but stopped seeing her.

The paperwork was bigger then usual, meaning he was causing mischief more then usual, and that didn't include the leaving and coming home paperwork that followed him like a plague. Why this was happening she didn't know but it never bode well.

And the missions. For the last three weeks he had been on border patrol, something he hated and he was volunteering for them.

Something was going on.

"Yo brat, un."

Kurotsuchi turned, smiling. There was Deidara, a short blonde in a chunin vest.

"There you are Deidara-nii! I thought you'd skip out again."

"Nah, couldn't do that to ya. Not at this time."

Puzzled by his words but happy to see him she started to walk into the stand but got stopped by Deidara putting a hand on her bare shoulder.

Kurotsuchi shivered trying and failing to not look disgusted by the feel of a hand-tongue on her skin.

Deidara, a pioneer of dealing with the stigma his hands often caused, smiled winningly. "Can we go for a walk instead? Un?"

Kurotsuchi wanted to whine and say she was really hungry but something in Deidara's eyes made her stop. They were tired, and a touch sad despite his normal smile in place.

Nodded her head, the cousins walked, chatting about everything and nothing till the road led to a secluded part of the training grounds. It was nearly five, and no one was at the grounds.

"So what's your next mission? Another border?" Kurotsuchi asked as she stretched.

"No. I won't be taking anymore of those. I'll be leaving soon though, so I thought I'd get my goodbye's out of the way. Ya know, to make sure I have no regrets."

Warning bells went off in Kurotsuchi head. She looked over at Deidara who stared up at the sky.

Tentivly, Kurotsuchi spoke. "Deidara-nii? Are you going on a suicide mission?"

She heard of those. Only the foolhardy or those with nothing to live for went on those. Was Deidara suicidal? Had this been why he had acted off for the past three weeks?

"In a manner of speaking."

Panicked gripped Kurotsuchi. "Deidara! You can't go and die! You're too young; you have so much to live for! We'll get you to a therapist; gramps must know some good ones!"

Deidara stared in surprise at her, before throwing his head back and laughing. Loudly.

This did nothing to calm Kurotsuchi down, in fact she saw it as a sign of mental distress from Deidara.

"Deidara-nii, I'm serious! I'll help you, and we'll get over this!"

He finally calmed down, an infectious grin on his face. "You were always the loyal one, brat."

Shaking his head Deidara looked up into the sky.

Realizing she had to get Deidara help, and quick, Kurotsuchi turned to rummage through her pack, hoping she still had a flash bomb in there. If she could blind him momentarily she could whack him over the head and drag him to help.

Hey Kurotsuchi." Deidara said sounding tired.

"Yes?" she replied, not looking up from her pack.

"Sorry, un."

Before she could even think of what he could be apologizing for, pain blossomed from the back of her skull, and stars shot out before all went blank.

It was close to six thirty when the door opened, revealing the slightly bruised face of a young blonde.

Onoki, eyes blood shot and twitching. "Hello Deidara. Where have you've been?"

It was meant to be a question but Onoki had made it sound like a demand. Rising his a hand in mock surrender (and wagging his tongue about) Deidara attempted to pacify his enraged grand-uncle.

"Out and about seeing people. And avoiding you, un."

Alright, so pacifying wasn't the right choice of words. More like irate.

Seeing the lovely shade of puce his uncle was turning, Deidara tried again. "I was spending time with Kurotsuchi. I left her at her parent's house, wandered around till I ran into Tayuya-kun. We got into some pretty heated words and she attempted to geld me with her flute."

Onoki winced at that. Out of all the girl's he was engaged to, Tayuya was the only girl Deidara had asked to marry him. She was a hot tempered girl but was also Deidara's best friend.

It was then that he realized that Deidara's other hand had his evening tea. Seeing this Deidara rolled his eyes.

"Your secretary saw me, cries happy tears before he shoved the stuff in my hand and ran, claiming he was off for the evening."

Onoki frowned. His secretary normally never handed tasks off, even one as mundane as tea. Then again the man had been working eighteen hours trying to get the paperwork under control.

He would be having words with his secretary in the morning about dereliction of duty.

Deidara placed the tea down before moving to the closest stack of papers. The boy looked tired and solemn. Onoki felt his temper abate. It wasn't Deidara's fault the paperwork seemed unquestionably cursed with him being the trigger.

Onoki looked over at the blonde, feeling weary. Three week ago the Council had attempted to get the boy under their thumb once more. This was unfortunately a rather common thing now, with various degrees of success and failure.

Lately though they had truly been pushing for Deidara to start reviving his clan. Mercifully Onoki had blocked any attempts of it going through, using Deidara's age and emotional maturity against them.

He knew it was only a matter of time before they'd get their way, and he knew for a fact that they were playing with fire, or rather a time bomb.

That last meeting had been a nightmare. Deidara had been brought up before the Council, practically interrogated about a mission that had nothing to do about the reviving of the Jibaku clan yet they had twisted it and mutated it until it was no longer recognizable, hoping it would guilt or bully the boy into trying.

Onoki was both proud and alarmed at how well Deidara not only handled it but blackmailed them into silence with a pleasant smile and copied evidence at hand.

Though he applauded Deidara on using his shinobi training to get the necessary evidence, it pained him that the boy needed to resort to that at all.

It was common knowledge in Iwa that the boy, Jibaku Deidara, was weird.

He didn't angst despite the fact he was the sole survivor of the once infamous clan Jibaku, rather friendly with a crude sense of humor. He wasn't an attention-seeker, at least not in the conventional way; where children would pull silly stunts or get in trouble to get noticed Deidara would blow things to bits, the louder and more damaging the better.

Despite having interesting people skills he never spent time with anyone his age, with the possible exception of his cousin Kurotsuchi and his fiancé's (though the latter was not his choice).

He was an accomplished shinobi at the age of ten, having gained the rank Tokubetsu Jonin and a place in the Explosion Corps.

Adults saw him as either something to keep high on a pedestal or keep him far from the public's eye. It was nice to flaunt your powers in front of competition but not if it had the tendency to backfire.

The thoughts of the children his own age were normally of two dominating mindsets concerning him; he was either an ethereal beauty who was obviously hurting under that nice persona who showed his suffering by using his kekkei genkai to blow things up; on the other hand, he was a freaky arsonist from a clan of batshit insane bombers who was plotting their demise.

Despite this no one could question his loyalties, nor did they want to. Being the grandnephew of their Tsuchikage, nobody wanted to insult the family of their esteemed leader.

Many saw him as living proof of the Will of Stone for having weathered the many sufferings thrown at him at such an early age and that it showed promise of the future for when he did begin his clan obligations to revive the Jibaku clan.

Onoki, Honored Third Tsuchikage, knew the boy didn't give two shite's in a bag about reviving the clan, and would have some very color words and inventive ideas of where they could stick their Stone of Will.

Onoki knew the boy secretly harbored ill will towards the Council, not that he could blame him. He'd have done more then cuss them out had they given him an unwanted harem that comprised of the most snobbiest and best connected families, most of which had ties to the Council in one way or another.

It was one thing to give the boy roots to lay; it was another thing entirely to chain him there and Onoki had done his utmost best to keep the Council off the boy's back.

Sighing, the old man took his tea and drank it, after which he noticed an odd aftertaste in his tea as his muscles locked up.

For a moment he thought assassins had finally gotten him but then he noticed that Deidara, was still calmly placing folders away. Finally he put the file he was working on down before facing him.

"Sorry for any discomfort you feel gramps; poisons aren't my area of expertise. Don't look so shocked, it's only a paralyze drug. If I was going to kill you, I wouldn't be so cowardly. You'll live, I just don't want you interrupting right now. And don't worry, your sectreary isn't dead just unconscious, un."

The boy moved till he was standing in front of Onoki, a smile on his bruised face and an unholy twinkle in his blue eyes.

"Did you know that, had I been a spy, I would have had unlimited access to everything in this village, un? I mean really, I've helped with your paperwork for five years, I know more about what's going on in this village then you do, un. The outposts, the military, whose in ANBU, the training, the shifts, gate duty, village finance, who gets what rank mission, everything."

Deidara gave a small laugh.

It chilled Onoki's blood.

""I've been planning on defecting from the village for several months now. As of right now, two-thirds of ANBU is on the Takigakure border patrol, four-fifths of the Jounin's are out of the country on missions, and nearly half of the chunins as well, un. The village is vertially unguarded. Chances are if I were to just walked out right now, it would be days, probably even a week before someone could come back to start trailing me. But ya know, that doesn't really appeal to me. I've always liked to add a little more flair to things than might strictly be needed. Sure, I could bomb this place off the map but then I'd probably havta deal with every nation out to get me, un."

Deidara paused, fixing a pile of papers before continuing, the smile twisting.

"If I really wanted to, I could sell out all of Iwa, and you'd be overrun and destroyed before you could even hope to ensemble a countermeasure. But I'm not going to. Nah, why make our enemies do the dirty work when we have willing people on our own side?"

"With what I'm planning it'll be weeks, maybe even months before you can even start directing effort outside of Iwa's walls. Let me start with this; as of right now, the ANBU on order patrol will find that Takigakure has become quite hostile in the past week, mostly because the Waterfall-nins have evidence that Iwa has murdered one of they're prominent families. You may wish to patch things up with then soon."

Onoki tried to speak but Deidara waved off a hand.

"Don't try to interrupt me. As I was sayin', Waterfall is now very hostile towards Iwa. And speaking of hostiles, on the home front we have the two families Edogawa and Niwa. These two are very prominent families and most of the civilians population is either related or under their direct protection. Mostly they are civilians, yet they are bitter enemies…hell, the only reason they haven't (BLEEP)ing murder each other down the last child is because our shinobi's have been acting inference, both for public and private affairs, un. Their hatred runs deep, deep enough that those under their protection will happily slaughter the other half of the village because the families had did this or done that, or who nailed who and he said, she said from a conversation that happened decades before even the village was founded, un."

Onoki wasn't sure, but he thought he heard shouting. Deidara walked over to the window.

"About three minutes ago, a priceless objet d'art of the Niwa was found in the pocket of Edogawa Daichi. If my calculations are correct in another few minutes, the ashes of one Edogawa Maiko, the recently deceased matron of the Edogawa family, with be found in a Niwa store, marked for sell. This should be found by Machiko, Maiko's daughter if she sticks to her routine.

And like a domino effect the next will be discovered, followed by the next, until the civilians are really killing each other. Normally the shinobi's take care of these things…except that most of the forces are out of the village and those still left will be busy having found the bodies of the Councilmen in various parts of the city while on patrol as well as fending off my spider creations, un."

Onoki now knew he heard screaming as well as bombs going off.

Deidara looked away from the window, the lights from the bombs splashing across his face as he smiled good-naturedly.

"Well, it was nice seeing you gramps, but I need to leave. The border to Kusagature is clear for the night and I have an appointment with a certain Kusa-nin. I'll even be nice and leave this."

Onoki stared at the paper the boy left, wary of its context.

"It's a written admittance that I bombed those guys in Waterfall. That should help you with getting them on your goodside again. Good luck with the village though, un."

And with that Deidara opened the windows, making the sounds from outside much louder. Deidara looked up

"The stars are coming out. Make a wish, un."

And jumped out.

Smoke rose steadily into the night sky, the only visible sign that something was wrong in the small border settlement in the land of Grass.

Within the ruin town, bombs were going off everywhere, having come without warning and not caring of casualty.

An ex-shinobi by the name of Muzai, who had retired due to a war wound and had settled in this quant hamlet with his family moved in a zombie like manner, eyes wide open in soul searing horror, the left side of his body was mauled from fire and shrapnel from the bombings; his face a bloody maw of gapping flesh, bits missing as it oozed blood from raw, charred flesh.

He clutched what was left of his left arm, leg dragging though he did not show any sign of pain. He had gone so far past the threshold of pain that it no longer hurt, at least not physically. And even if it did he would have found it hard to pay it attention, seeing the bedlam nightmare around him.

The creaking of the buildings as their support beams burned away, adding weight to the smoldering wood… the sounds of explosions that came in random intervals, showering everything in shrapnel and embers… the smothering fumes from the flames choking out the air as it hides you in its noxious folds… the bodies, the mutilated bodies of his family… the screams of those watching friends being blown to chunky blood-soaked bits.

But by far the most bone-chilling thing of all for the older man was the laughter of a child during all this.

It wasn't a maniacal cackle, or an evil chortle. It was a child's laughter of mirth and happiness making it all the more terrifying.

"Hello, un." Came a young, neutral voice.

The heavily wounded man turned, and found a blonde child, barely a decade old staring back at him from two meters away. The child wore a standard Iwa-uniform, and looked unharmed and unaffected by the pandemonium around him.

Muzai knew, in the pit of his gut, that this was what was destroying his town. He had seen weapon-children before, helped make them and he had no doubt in his mind that this being before him was one of them.

"Why?" he croaked out, staring at the child in fixated horror.

The child stared at him with a smile playful, though cobalt blues were anything but. There was something sinister in the child's eyes, a look that should never be on a face so young.

"Amusement, partly."

"A…Amusement?" the man hissed, anger pushing through the horror and pain induced trauma. His family, slaughtered…for amusement? His home desecrated and everything he knew and cherished taken on a whim?

"Hurts, doesn't it? Seeing your loved ones killed before you." The child said, the smile turning into a sneer, his eyes flint.

"At least I'll be merciful enough to put you out of your misery…after you watch me kill off the rest of your family." He said cheerfully.

"You…you're not a child! You are a demon!" the ex-shinobi screamed staring in horror at the devil hidden in children clothing. He reacted by hurling a volley of junai at the boy, but his wounds made his aim terrible. Still, he caught the boy off guard and one of the kunai had found its mark, buried deep into the boy's side. The boy landed to the ground, groaning painfully as he dug out the blade. Standing back up and holding his side, the blonde glared.

He moved to fight, or at least delay the demon before he found any of his surviving family members, if there were any.

Or at least he meant to, but found he couldn't move. Looking down he found himself coiled in what looked like a giant centipede. The child resumed smiling.

"Let's give you a better view, un?"

He couldn't even utter out a curse before he found himself on the back of a clay bird, soaring high till he could make out his town.

"Such a pretty town it was. Full of life…but now it shall showcase my art. You should be honored."

The child's hands moved in motion and the former shinobi screamed and pleaded, begging for mercy on the town below. The child gave a smile that, coupled with the look in his eyes, denounced all aver to compassion.

A small, tear drop like creature dropped from the child's hands, plummeting down towards the depilated town.

"Art… is a blast! Katsu!"

The man was blinded by the light, deafened by the explosion and felt his throat going raw from screaming as tears flooded down his face.

He didn't know how long he stayed like that, sobbing soulfully as he stared into the crater that was his town.

Why? Why had this happened? How did it come to this? What could possibly justify this? That child, no, demon had no right, no soul for doing this! Turning his head he snarled at the child.

"You'll burn in hell for what you've here! You monster!"

"Says the creator to his creation, un."

The boy wasn't smiling anymore, eyes staring at the crater he had created hollowly.

"I destroyed all you held dear for amusement, but only partly. I mainly did this for revenge, un."

"Re-revenge?" the man mimicked, staring at the now somber looking child. The child stared at him, eyes lifeless and smile absent.

"Maybe now I can find peace…knowing I destroyed yours."

"But-but I never done anything to you!" Muzai screeched, a terrible sound from damaged vocal chords.

"Yes, you did. You probably can't remember me. I was pretty young then and who knows how many children you bereft of their parents during the war. But it is time I make due on my promise to put you out of your misery because unlike you, I'm nice person."

"You…are insane. I may have killed during the war, and trained children to kill but I never fought against Iwa! I already knew my place in hell was reserved, I had no intention of bringing my sins home! More likely you killed them off!" the man hissed, hatred showing clearly in the night.

The child looked at him, a cold smile in place. "Whether you remember or not, it doesn't matter. There is no redemption for the likes of us."

The next he knew he was plunging down, and the last thing he heard was "Katsu!"

Naruto, six and half yours old, watched sadly as the children around him played and talked. Naruto had asked the old man to allow him to enter the Academy now instead of when he turned eight, that way he could hopefully become Hokage faster.

It had taken a lot of arm twisting and begging but he managed to get the old fart to agree.

Naruto had also hoped to make friends faster too, but that had been blown out of the water before it even entered. Most of the kids were older then him and didn't want to befriend a 'baby', or were told by their parents to avoid him.

Naruto sighed, wishing Iruka was here. He was nice, like the Old Man.

Yelling brought Naruto out of his inner mussing. Looking up, Naruto saw a couple of the bullies pushing around a younger student, laughing at the poor boy.

Naruto stood up, a thought coming to him. Maybe if I beat up those guys, the other boy will be my friend!

Not giving the thought anymore consideration Naruto ran at them.

But someone beat him to the bullies. An older boy, only a year away from graduation and looked very much like the child being bullied, rushed past him.

The fight that took place was messy, seeing how it was three on one yet the older boy held his ground.

The older boy had taken the first by surprise, bulldozing into him and flattening him into the ground. Quickly the two others rushed the older boy, punching and hitting every which way. The older didn't plan to play fair though as he bit the closest one on the leg, earning a holler of pain before it was abruptly stopped by a knee in the gut.

The older boy grinned as his fist connected solidly with the jaw of the last boy he was fighting, and caused Naruto to wince. He'd distinctly heard the break of a dislocated jaw. He knew all too well what those sounded like, having been on the receiving end of those one too many times.

Not that older boy was any better. He was missing a front tooth, had a black eye, a swollen fist that looked possibly broken and if Naruto were to guess a sprained ankle

Despite these injuries the older stood up, grinning as blood trickled out the side of his mouth. He looked extremely proud of himself. "Hah! That's what you get for messing with the Kishimoto's! You'd better not mess with my little brother again, because next time I won't go easy on you!"

The three boys hobbled off, leaving both the younger brother and Naruto staring in awe of the older boy. The younger brother reacted first.

"That was amazing brother! You beat 'em good!"

The older brother puffed out his chest, grinning. The grin disappeared with the arravial of the teachers, who wasted no time chewing the older boy a new one.

Naruto left as soon as he saw the teacher's coming. The young blonde wandered back into the building his mind trying to understand why the older brother had protected the younger. He had seen them together before.

Normally the older Kishimoto avoided his younger brother and made a big deal about how much of a hassle his brother was and how nobody wanted to hang out with 'babies'. But then he dove into a fight without a second thought.


He'd have to talk to the Old Man about that.

High in the star filled sky against a full moon canvas was to the casual observer a giant bird flying at an alarming rate.

Had it been someone more observant though they would have noticed the column of smoke in a distance that the bird had been coming from and that the bird was making a mad dash to the boarders of the Grass Country and Fire.

And had it been a shinobi observing they would have seen that the bird wasn't really a bird and that there was a child on top of it and what appeared to be three platoons of Grass-nins chasing after it.

The child had long blonde hair that reached his slightly pass his shoulders with a long bang covering the left side of his empty looking sky blue eyes and was no more then ten years old. He was caked in dirt, blood and scorch marks. On his face was a deranged smile that would have made demons wary of him.

He did it. He, the Avenger, finally did it! He killed the creep who murdered his parents! He held the proof in his trembling hands.

A bloody Grass hitai-ite that had belonged to Muzai, the murderer.

He had betrayed the Rock village, became a B-class missing-nin, started a possible war between Waterfall and Rock, blown up towns in both Rock and Grass, had murdered the Iwa council and started a civil war within Iwa.

He did it all so he could have revenge, and now he had it.

He felt empty and numb inside but he had his revenge.

Now here he was making a nose dive to one of the few nearby countries that didn't have a bounty on his head.

Despite having planned everything down to the last detail, Deidara hadn't thought past killing the guy. He knew he didn't want to die, and that the only safe route for him was to head into Fire country, despite the fact they hated Iwa-nin's with a bloody passion.

First things first, he thought dazedly to himself as he made a crude mental list. Get to Fire and then wallow in self gratitude for a job well done, un. Then worry abourt the future.

The boy forgot all time as he rushed on, pass the boarder and further into Leaf territory.

Hours must have passed but it only felt like a few minutes to the wounded boy.

His mind didn't register the grass lands turning to woodlands, nor did he notice the sun rise and fall or even the great mountain side with faces on it and a vast village below.

He did noticed when something fired at him causing him to react on instinct. He jumped off the giant bird and detonated it, causing the explosion to propel him towards the mountain area he had been over at the time.

So this is it, the chakra-depleted boy thought as he sped towards the rocky surface.

Too bad I didn't go out with a blast.

It was well past ten, and Naruto stared at the starry sky from his spot on the Fourth's head, his mind fogged with memories of that day.

Once school was over, Naruto headed out to the Tower to ask the old man some questions. The Old Man was happy to see him and offered to buy him ramen. Happily Naruto accepted and soon enough they were at Ichiraku's. Naruto chattered about how the day went, telling of a prank he did on a teacher and what they were suppose to be learning. Soon it got to the topic Naruto had been wondering the most about.

"-and then his brother shot outta nowhere and protected him! I mean, his brother got hurt but he didn't seem to mind as long as he was safe. Why?"

The Hokage looked surprised by the honest question. Then he looked sad as he explained. "It is normal for siblings to protect each other Naruto. What that boy had done was the natural thing to do, though not what I'd recommend."

"But…why? Why did he let himself get hurt?"

"Because he loves his brother. No matter what he said or how he acted, deep down he still loves his brother."

Naruto looked up, a hopeful look in his eyes. "Can…can I have a brother too?"

He wished he had a brother, someone to play with and to look up to, who would take the time to teach him and protect him.

Heck he wished he had any family really, being an orphan was a sad existence. But being who he was he had it worse then any other orphan, not that he really knew about it. He figured all orphans were treated like him.

The Hokage smiled sadly, patting him on the head. "Maybe one day, Naruto."

Looking up at the darkening sky, the elder man then smiled.

"Did you know that if you make a wish on a wishing star, your wish comes true Naruto?"

"Really? Which star is the wishing star gramps?" Naruto asked. Maybe he could wish for a brother!

"You have to find it on your own, Naruto. The wishing star is very hard to find because there's so many stars, plus when you do make a wish you have to make it rhyme."


"Like this: star light, star bright. First star I see tonight, wish I may, wish I might have the wish I wish tonight. I want a lovely girl, whose face is not going to make me hurl.

See what I mean?"

"Then I'll wish on everyone till I find it!"

Naruto had then finished his food and said his goodnights to the Old Man and the ramen owner before he took off. He zigzagged around, pretending he was on a mission to find rogue ninjas and unintentionally making his ANBU watchers rip their hair out over the fact that he had lost them. Again.

Soon he was on the Fourth's head, looking up at the dark sky and reflecting ojn what the Hokage had said.

Looking, really looking this time at the abyss that was the sky, Naruto shrugged. It never hurt to wish right?

Scanning the dark sky he picked out a smallish, hard to see star.

"Star light, shining not so bright, give me the wish I wish tonight. I do not ask for ramen, pranks or whatever, just give me one older brother."

As soon as the words left his mouth a bright near-blinding light flashed above him with a resounding 'BOOM'. Naruto covered his eyes till the light died down some before looking again.

He had just enough time to see a smoldering body drop on him.

With a loud grunt from Naruto he pushed the body off himself before examining it.

It looked like a girl, had long blonde hair (he presumed it was blonde, it was hard to tell with all that ashy residue) and gender neutral clothing on and appeared to be three or four years older then Naruto.

Then a pair of sky blue eyes opened and met cobalt.

"…Un." Was all the strange person said before passing out.

Naruto stared at the strange person, then the sky and back at the person.

Then a bright grin broke out over his face as he looked back up towards the sky and yelled,

"Thank you wishing star!"

Then he began to drag his new 'sibling' towards his apartment.

About fifteen minutes later he saw a group of ANBU on the rooftops that rushed pass him towards the place he just left.

One of the ANBU saw him and sighed a relief at knowing he was safe before noting that the boy was dragging what looked like a another child along. The ANBU shrugged and continued his previous run.

Not too long ago Naruto had tried to convince everyone that a puppet he made was really his mother so the chance of him lugging another puppet around wasn't unconceivable. He'd check on Naruto after this.

Naruto reached his apartment door and shook his head. The door was busted in with profanities scribbled all over it and looking inside he saw most of the stuff inside destroyed.

Walking pass it he went to the fourth door on his left before gently kicking it open.

Inside was a spacious place, a small corner with all his real belongings stacked in it, with basic furniture and a distinct smell of old person.

Naruto had been lucky when his evil cantankerous old neighbor (who had been his only neighbor) had keeled over.

The landlord had encouraged people to ruin Naruto's belongings and the old lady raised hell about him being a monster, so when the old lady died and the people came and took her body away Naruto had filched the hag's apartment key.

Then he waited till they cleared her apartment of all her things and refurnished it some before he unofficially moved in there.

Sure he had to make it look like he still lived in the other apartment, but now at least his things weren't getting destroyed on a daily basis anymore.

Naruto plopped his new sibling (he wasn't sure if it was a 'she' or a 'he') on the couch before going to a closet were the blankets were kept.

Pulling out a large thick fleece, Naruto went about the task of tucking him/her in. He then noted the headband his sibling was wearing and wondered why it didn't have a leaf. Shrugging he took it off and gently laid it on the floor, not giving it another thought.

He focused more on the old and nasty smelling wound on their side.

Oh no! They must have gotten hurt when they landed! The boy thought franticly.

Naruto, not entirely sure what to do but having seen lots of other kids change bandages went to the supply kit the Old Man got him, just in case.

He cleaned it as best as he could before bandages the wound.

Naruto glanced nervously around. It felt weird to have some one here. He had a caretaker once but she was removed after she had tried to poison him.

Leaving the apartment he went over the vandalized one and started to clean it up some.

It wouldn't do if it didn't look like he lived there; they might find his new home and attack it, or worse, his new sibling.

After nearly an hour of cleaning and repairing some of the things he returned to his newer apartment, where he plotted his next big prank as he waited for his new sibling to awake.

Jibaku = Suicide bombing