My Wish Order Brother

Author: PiperDreamer

Rating: Rated: M

Genre: General, AU

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Chapter Thirty-one: Miscommunication Can Kill

The world around him was a kaleidoscope of colors, memories and emotions, fragmented in a fashion that was eye catching, and made you stare in awe as it made you nearly forget it's glaringly ruined bedlam. It was beautiful.

And utterly frightening, in its chaotically damaged order.

He looked about, horrified and fascinated that anyone could still be functioning so well when they were obviously psychotically unwell, and rapidly getting worse.

The human mind wasn't supposed to be disjointed; people who did have major mental illnesses were often looked upon in pity. Those who could stay in society were often something of a pariah, or considered just plain weird and sometimes feared. Very few could blend in to society without anyone questioning their mental health.

The fact Deidara could walk around people and not be considered weird (albeit hazardous), told him that the kid had an inner strength to maintain such a 'normal' outer appearance.

Officially, he had been sent to check the boy for head injuries. Unofficially, the Hokage wanted the kid's head evaluated. Apparently the kid had suffered a lot of trauma, and had made some harsh choices children his age should never face, and being the Kyuubi's jailer's only family and self-appointed protector was bound to have some negative effects.

Considering he had only been here for about thirty minutes and already had a list of possible mental inequality, he could say with no doubt that the boy had more then a few 'issues'. His primary diagnosis so far had been that the boy's mind was, to put it bluntly, 'completely (BEEP)ed up'.

Inochi looked around, drifting towards the disarray of bits that glowed in various colors and luster. This was fascinating! He hadn't been this intrigued since he evaluated Anko's and Gai's psyche!

Of course, those two had obvious mental issues, so this may not be a good thing. Especially since he was in the head of a ten year old boy.

Inochi frowned as he saw what looked like a burnt mark on some of the floating pieces. On closer examination he saw that it looked like a rotting, pulsating pus-creature that emitted a dark corrupting aura he had felt before.

Well, that's not good. The man thought as he begins to follow the burning parasite back to a sealed door. The Kyuubi's power is causing more damaged than we thought.

He wasn't aware that he was being watched, or that an older looking veteran version of Deidara was restraining a very young yet horribly scarred version of Deidara, both hidden within the spiral of colors and figments.

Deidara was all too happy to leave Inochi's presence, not wanting the man anywhere near his mind anymore.

This is for those rumors I started, isn't it? Stupid karma. The boy mentally grumbled. He had been here overnight, and his head hurt like crazy from getting invaded. Had Iruka remembered to feed Naruto a healthy meal? Did Sasuke steal from his room with intent to sell his stuff to Kiba? And that arsehole Uchiha started trying to indoctrinate Naruto to some stupid ideal?

"That'll be all, Uzumaki-kun." Inochi said lightly, writing down his findings as he occasionally shot wary looks at the boy.

Never a good sign when the specialist does that, He noted to himself as he watch Inochi persistently glance at him, wary and guarded.

"Right…I have to finish up this report. I'll get the ANBU to return you back to your home-"

The door opened, and suddenly Deidara didn't mind the Yamanaka who probed his head mere moments ago.

"Yamanaka-san? Th-there is an ANBU here who request your presence." Yukika said, looking shy.

"Ah, thank you Haruno-san." Inochi replied, giving the woman a soft smile.

Don't fall for it! Scar-bitch is evil! She's really a soul-sucking banshee! Deidara mentally yelled though his face was impassive.

"If-if Deidara-kun is finished here, I-I can take him home." The white haired medic offered.

"That would actually be helpful."

Don't leave me with her! She'd vivisect me to achieve an orgasm! Mentally wailed the blonde.

"He needs rest and shouldn't do anything overexerting."


Traitor! Deidara mentally hissed at the man as he left.

The second the door closed, she fixed him a blank look that was unnerving at best.

For a moment they just stared at each other, with Deidara doing his utmost best not to look away.

She finally spoke in a clip monotoned voice. "We have one week to finish the terrorist blight. I will be using you to end it. You have no say in it; you will be helping."

"What!" Deidara hissed much like a cat. "Are you trying to get me caught? I'd be better off packing up and running to the borders with Naruto!"

"It seems only fair; you started it, you should end it." She said with finality.

"Not happening, un." Deidara glared harshly.

"Oh, I think you'll find you won't be able to resist." The blank face melted away, revealing a psychotic smile.


"Recently an old lab was found. Here are the directions. Be there in one week from this day otherwise you'll have to face the consequences of your actions, or lack of thereof."

The smile disappeared, replaced with its blank look once more. "Come now. Naruto is probably worried about you."

Sarutobi stared at the paper before him, not wanting to believe what he was reading. He read a second time and a third time, yet the words hadn't changed. Looking back up, Sarutobi saw the grim face of Inochi.

"Insane?" the elderly leader said, looking at back at the piece of paper that held Deidara mental evaluation. This couldn't be right. "He's insane?"

"Not the word I'd use, since he is essentially capable of rationale thought. A psychotic sociopath yes, but insane? …an understandable possibility."

Sarutobi couldn't believe this. He suspected Deidara was a little unsteady, but he understood why, the boy had been through a lot in his short ten years of life! He expected to see that the boy was mentally scarred and had an unhealthy dependence issues, as well as trust issues and perhaps in need of therapy. But to be announced clinically insane?

"Just-just how bad is he?"

"On the scale between 'stable' and 'Gai insane', I'd say he was just a few pegs below Anko, mostly because of his sociopathy… and considering Anko is right below Gai in my book of crazies that is really saying something."

Sarutobi palmed his forehead. It was never reassuring when his two most unbalanced people where being used to measure someone's mental health.

"But aside from his obsession of keeping Naruto safe and happy, he doesn't show any signs of being a psychopath!"

"That's because he is a sociopath, sir. Hence way his instability hasn't shown right through."

"What's the difference?"

"Quite a lot. A psychopath can't tell the difference between right and wrong. A sociopath can…they just don't care."

Sarutobi stared. "Excuse me? 'They just don't care'?"

"I have seen my fill of those dangerous sociopath; they seem like nice and charming people, and have a charisma about them. But those people are some of the most messed up and perfidious individuals out there. They would use and destroy those close to them without an ounce of remorse. Orochimaru is a good example of those kinds, and are the reason I'd rather deal with people like Anko and Gai, who are blatantly insane then the ones that can blend in with normal people."

Sarutobi floundered for words. "But-but he's just a child! He's been through horrible experiences!"

"I have little doubt that what had happened to him in the past is the reason he is so screwed up, but more importantly it's his genetics. He comes from a clan that is a literal walking vat of chemicals that have caused his clansmen to do insane things. Chances are, his chakra had been potent all this time and that it only got stronger with the awakening if his kekkei genkai. The mixing of demon with his chakra is also another part that made it more corrosive, causing him loose his grip on reality a lot faster.

I would have recommended getting him and Naruto as far away from each other, but I'm afraid that may be too late for that."

"Too late?" Saruotbi whispered, giving a look of despair.

"Despite his obvious sociopathic nature, he has shown that he cares for Naruto, which is unusual for a sociopath. Normally sociopaths don't care about people, just on how they can manipulate them. Yet Deidara has shown a homicidal attitude towards anyone who wishes to harm Naruto, has ran into a flaming building and risked being crippled, or worse to keep him safe and when he had thrown Naruto a party, he freaked out because he thought he upsetted Naruto somehow. Deidara does, in a sense, care and perhaps loves Naruto…which leads to an interesting blend of psychotic and sociopathy from Deidara."

"I don't see how that should prevent me from separating them."

"Sir, you placed two virtual bombs in unstable container's under a single roof, one of which has no qualm killing, destroying and using everything in his path, sans his beloved brother. And said beloved brother is just as willing to unleash hell if it means keeping his older brother safe."

Sarutobi sighed, leaning back into his chair. He was too old for this. Not only was Deidara apparently (in Inochi's own words) a psychotic sociopath, but apparently had an extreme Little Brother complex.

"In my opinion they should stay together; we're less likely to reduce Konoha into a smoldering crater. Plus, Deidara is more stable and not faking kindness around Naruto, and during those lessons Deidara teaches. Deidara should continue his training though; thanks to the demon's chakra he heals faster, and this lessens the tension on his mind."

"I see. Anything else?"

"Just one. He needs to unleash that chakra before the end of this week; otherwise we may very well be dealing with a vegetable before the month is over."

The Hokage sputtered. "What? !"

"The human brain can only take so much before it breaks. If that happens, the boy's brain will turn to sludge, or in the worst case scenario we'll be getting a front row view of a frothing lunatic, that may or may not be able to tell friend from foe."

This just kept getting better and better.

"Send the boy home. I'm going to see Jiraiya after the meeting."

"Haruno-san is taking him home. I told her to make sure he rests and doesn't overexert himself."

Deidara was fairly certain the lady before him had tried more then once to knock his hand-teeth out with the force of her blows.

On the way back to his home, she had been randomly smacking him. Her official reason was that she was helping his reaction time, but Deidara was convinced that Yukika was upset over something and had decided on taken it out on him.

On top of his head splitting headache, he had bruises. Truly this was the apex of his day.

He was beyond happy to see the cottage and practically ran to it, the Scar-bitch close behind him. Turning to the woman, Deidara gave a mock bow.

"Thank you for getting me home. I could not have done it without you." Sarcasm oozing for every syllable.

Yukika gave him a cold look. "One week. Stop the crisis, and everyone you care about lives."

And with that she vanished in leaves. A pool of dread filled his stomach.

Stop the crisis, and everyone you care about lives.

That didn't sound ominous at all. Sighing in frustration he marched into his home, wanting to see his brother.

Morning came, and for once Iruka could get to the bathroom without needing to be cut loose from wires.

He found it slightly disturbing that he had been wired like a spring, ready for in a paranoid manner for a trap till he remembered that Deidara had been called in by the Hokage the night previous. Since when did he grew accustom to every inch of the house being booby trapped?

Itachi was already up and had started on breakfast which consisted of tamagoyaki*, with grated daikon radish on the side with tea.

He checked in Deidara's room, finding the room empty of his older ward before wandering into Naruto's room (which caused a jerk reaction to side step once he opened the door, having had far too many pale's full of questionable liquids drop onto him since he started living here).

He stifled a laugh at finding Naruto half off his bed, his upper body being supported by Sasuke who he had draped an arm over one shoulder and rested his head on the other; Sasuke was propped up in a sitting manner against the bed, a book in his lap, as his head lolled to the side as he snored lightly.

Gently he walked in he took the drooling blonde off the other boy, waking Naruto in the process.

"Wha-*snort* where's the cake? The cake is a lie." The boy said groggily, yawning as Iruka sat him up straight.

Having his support removed, Sasuke pitched to the side, bobbing his head on the floor.

"Ow! Tenten, not the face! …Oh, hi Iruka-san." The sleepy boy said, rubbing his eyes.

Ignoring what Sasuke said (pretending he didn't hear what the children said half of the time was how he remained sane so far), the chunin smiled at them.

"Morning. Breakfast is ready."

The small group sat around the table as Itachi served the meal. Soon everyone enjoyed the hot meal when conversation started up.

Turning to the younger boys, Iruka spoke. "So how was your sleep, guys?"

"Eh. Good I guess yeah." Naruto replied before shoveling his food in, Sasuke murmured a 'good' before looking at Itachi.

"Hey, Aniki? How mad do you think Kaa-san is?"

"She is probably very upset."

"…should we flee the country?"


"Danna says that if you have a enraged woman after you, the best thing you can do is either fight her to the death or flee the country. Since I don't want to kill Mom, I thought maybe needed to flee instead. Do you think Tenten would mind moving with us if we moved to Suna, or somewhere far away?"

Itachi sighed. "Running away from your problems is never a good idea. You should try to do what is best, even if you don't like it."

"But Kaa-san is scary."

"Yes she is, Sasuke."

"She makes the Elder's cry."

"She can be a stern person."

"She makes Dad cower in fear."

"Lots of wives make their husbands do that."

"Dad even said that if he could have gotten away with it, he'd have never married Mom because she was so scary."


"Does that mean Dad didn't want us? Because we're reminders of how he is stuck with our scary, castrating Mother?"

"Father loves us, in his own unique way. And I'm sure he loves Mother, despite her… habits. Now no more on this topic."

The four ate, Iruka and Itachi talking about different teaching methods as the boys chatted about anything that came to mind. Finally Naruto asked something that had been bothering him since he awoke.

"By the way Sasuke, what were you dreaming about?"

Sasuke blushed. "Oh, Ten–chan and I -" the boy gave a rather sappy smile here, utterly enthralled over the aspect of calling the girl of his dreams '–chan' without fear of it being improper- "were sparring and she was beating me black and blue."

Conversation around the table died at this, with the other three staring at the raven haired boy with different degrees of shock.

Naruto stared at his friend blandly. "Um, Sasuke? Most people don't dream about getting beaten up by their girlfriend's."

"Have you seen her when she angry? It's- it's beautiful!" Sasuke said in a whimsical voice as Naruto looked over to the disturbed looking Itachi.

"Aniki, why are all the guys in your family attracted to pain?"

Itachi turned his eyes to Naruto and replied with a flat "What?"

"It's just that the men in your family seem to go for girl's who can beat the crap outta them. Sasuke told me that most of the blackmail he has on his family is either embarrassing hobbies, or because their are mas- masi-uh… Sasuke, what was that word you heard Shisui use?"

"Masochist?" Sasuke replied, coming back to reality.

"Yeah, that one!"

Looking to Itachi, Iruka had the privilege of seeing the normally stoic face Uchiha look distinctly embarrassed and trying to find an escape, if the way his eyes looked around the room was any indication.

Itachi on the other hand wanted dearly to pound the head of a certain blonde brat into the side of a brick wall for making Sasuke an extortionist. That was something he did not want to know about his clan, ever.

"Do all your family members enjoy getting beaten up?" Naruto said, looking perturbed at Sasuke now.

"Well, Aniki doesn't. And apparently Dad used to be too, but he grew out of it once he married Mom if my sources are to be believed."

"Sasuke, this is not a conversation for the table." Itachi said in a clip tone, making it clear the subject was to be dropped.

For a few moments it was quite, still Naruto opened his mouth.

"You know Sasuke, Tenten tends to beat you like a cheap drum in those spars of yours. If you insist on sparring with her, people will think you're a masochist too."

"Heavy risk, but the priiiiiize…" Sasuke said, wiggling his eyebrows.

Itachi choked on his food before staring at his little brother in silent horror.

I didn't hear that, no sir, Iruka denied to himself as he ate.

Anything that could have been said after that awkward admission was mercifully killed by the door opening, revealing Deidara.

Upon seeing Deidara, Naruto sprung out of his seat, diving across the room and tackling Deidara.




A stream of colorful metaphors filled the air from Deidara, as Iruka and Itachi rushed over to where the fallen blonde was.

Checking the older blonde, Iruka almost palmed his face. "Not again…Uchiha-san, can you please help me get Deidara to the hospital? I may be wrong, but I think he broke his sternum."

Itachi was not one to take pleasure in another's suffering, but he found it amusing that Deidara needed to go back to the hospital after just getting out.

"I'm sorry!" Naruto wailed, tears looking ready to spill.

Deidara was once more back in the hospital, glaring at everything. It hadn't taken long to get him back to the hospital, not when Itachi called for his ANBU watchers. Once back at the hospital the doctor, Yakushi announced that Deidara had indeed broke his sternum but it was already healing.

Not that it made anything better since he was stuck in bed. Iruka tried to mollify him.

"I know you don't like the hospital, but it's really for your own good! We have to make sure everything is fine with you."

Deidara grunted stiffly. "They said it was already mending."

"Yes, but they want to make sure it heals correctly. Look, I'll go get a nurse, okay? She'll give the full report, and then we'll see if you can leave early." The chunin said before leaving.

The Uchiha brother's had left when Shisui found them and made it clear their mother was looking for them. He didn't know where they went, but he was fairly certain they were back in hiding.

This left Naruto with a tetchy Deidara.

"Um, how are you feeling?" Naruto asked, shrinking away at the glare sent his way.

"I feel like a cosmic plaything." Deidara seethed.

Looking away Naruto fidgeted, staring dejectedly at the floor. He felt horrible for hurting Deidara like that and Deidara could see it, making him soften up.

"It'll be fine, Fishcake. I've survived worse."

Naruto looked up, a shy smile on his face. Deidara half-smiled back before closing his eyes.

Naruto, hoping to cheer Deidara up, decided to joke. "Eh, what's a couple of broken bones? Besides, you practically live here!"

It must have been the wrong thing to say, because Deidara's eyes snapped open, looking an angry purple.

"Maybe if you hadn't dived at me, I wouldn't be stuck here! Again! Thank you so much, you moron! Un!"

Naruto's lip wobbled, eyes wide in shock. Deidara called him a moron! That-that-

"You jerkwod!" Naruto yelled before running off.

Watching Naruto run, Deidara sighed as he ran a hand through his hair.

Why did he snap like that? He may have been having trouble sleeping at night, head splitting headaches that made focusing on anything impossible, and felt like Yukika was trying to kill him in the name of training but really, that wasn't a good excuse for snapping at Naruto or calling him a moron. Now he had to search the hospital for the wayward blonde.

Sighing he left the room in search for his wayward brother.

This day can't get any worse.

The childish voiced wailed. HE JINXED US!

Naruto slowed down, sulkily walking aimlessly. Why did Deidara get snappy like that? He was just joking! Stupid brother…

To be honest, Naruto was a bit worried about him. Deidara seemed okay on the surface, but ever since they started living together, Naruto had studied Deidara and knew certain quirks he did; like when he was annoyed or peeved he said 'un' more, or if he was acting like a jerk he was not feeling well, or if he was trying to reassure him he was nervous, or afraid for Naruto's wellbeing. Stuff like that.

But for the past couple of days Deidara had been antsy, a wild look often appeared in his eye, and would be up in the dead of night when he thought no one was awake, and at moments Naruto thought he saw him reaching for that pouch of clay he use to carry but stopped at the last minute.

It was like he was going stir crazy or something!

A strange sound, one that sounded like giggling was suddenly heard.

Naruto followed the giggling, wondering what was so funny. Soon he was behind a white haired older man dressed in a patient outfit, peeking in on the nurse's lounge.

"Whatcha doin'?" Naruto asked.

The man froze up before very slowly looking at Naruto. Seeing the boy, the man sighed.

"Oh thank kami, I thought you were that little girl…"

"Why are you peeking on those ladies?" Naruto said rather loudly. The man looked startled as the women heard this, and before they could open the door, the old man had grabbed Naruto and ducked into the nearest room.

Setting the boy down the older man checked the door, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Were you doing something bad?" Naruto questioned, giving the man a suspicious look.

"No! I was researching!"

"…you're a perv, aren't you?" Naruto asked. Hana had informed him about those; bad men that violate women's privacy that should be hung by their peenee, that's what she said.

The old geezer gave Naruto an appraising look before smiling and striking a goofy pose. "I am Mt. Myobokugama's holy master Sannin, also know as the Toad Sennin!"

"You're a big pervert."

"Yes I am!"

Naruto sighed. Apparently this guy had no shame. Hoping to change the conversation, Naruto decided to introduce himself.

"Okay, good for you. My names Uzumaki Naruto, yeah." He wasn't really surprised by the look he got from the older guy.

"Naruto, eh?" the pervert said, looking him over.

"Hey kid, do you mind if I see your belly?"

Naruto looked at him in bewilderment. "Why?"

"I may not look like it but I'm a specialist, and I just want to make sure your okay."

Naruto blinked. This guy was a doctor? Well, Iruka did say he had to listen to the doctors. Reluctantly the boy agreed.

Taking his shirt off, Naruto watched as the man poked and rubbed his stomach, wondering what the old guy was doing.

Meanwhile Jiraiya frowned. His seal has been shot to hell! I'm amazed it's still working. Sensei's not going to like this, but the kids going to need this seal replaced.

Neither noticed the third figure that stepped into the room just then.

Jiraiya looked up, smiling. "Well kid I have to say, you're a special one alright."

"Really?" Naruto asked, looking surprised. Was that a good thing?

"Really. Why don't I take you to my room, so that we can see this better?" And hopefully keep it from unraveling. He mentally added.

"I don't know…" Naruto trailed off, not sure if he should go with this weird doctor.

"There will be candy." Jiraiya tried, hoping to bribe the boy into coming with him. Anything to get that seal put under better control, and to keep his godson safe.

A sudden and extremely potent KI flooded the room, biting and ripping into Jiraiya.

Naruto and Jiraiya looked at the doorway, both seeing a very homicidal looking blonde.

It's that girl! The older man thought, but now he knew that revenge was going to have to wait; the girl was giving off demon charka. Sensei said he sealed part of the tails into another kid. This doesn't look good, the seal on her must be extremely shoddy of it took control without provocation!

"Nii-san?" Naruto tried, scared at what he saw. Deidara was snarling, showing enlonged fangs, had claws where he previously had normal nails, but what scared Naruto the most was his eyes. They were blood red and slit.

"Naruto," Deidara hissed. Grabbing his shirt Naruto fearfully walked towards him, hoping he hadn't done anything to piss Deidara off like this. Once he was next to him, Deidara put him behind him, as though shielding him. "Find Iruka. Stay with him."

Naruto, not wanting to stay around Deidara when he was like this, ran.

Focusing back on Jiraiya, Deidara glared loathingly.

Jiraiya swallowed. Perhaps it wasn't a total lost, the kid had send Naruto away for his own protection. Surely that meant she wasn't completely under the demons control. Then the kid said something that caused Jiraiya to gape.

"When I get done with you, you'll wish you were back in the care of those ladies, you sick perverted pedophile! UN!"

Reviewing the last few minutes, Jiraiya paled. From his point of view he was just checking a seal, but from the kid's point of view, and if she only heard the last few sentences of the conversation…

As the furious kid rushed him, Jiraiya wished he had just stayed in bed.

Sarutobi had finished the meeting and was intending to go to the hospital to see his old student when a guard ran in.


Sarutobi winced at the sound, knowing it meant trouble.


"One of the Uzumaki brothers has gone berserk and has tapped into the demons chakra! He's attacking a patient at the hospital, screaming 'you child molestering freak! I'll kill you!' and 'I'll hang you from your testicles again you pedophilic bastard!'"

"WHAT? !"

When the hospital alarms went off, Iruka found himself in the shuffle of an evacuation.

Twenty minutes passed, and so far the ANBU had come and the hospital got re-evacuated in record time. Wounded and the ill were being taken out, and Iruka realized in horror that moving some of those patients would be hazardous for there health.

"Iruka! Iruka! Iruka!" Naruto cried as he ran out the building, the fear of seeing his brother as something out of a nightmare still fresh in his mind.

The chunin caught him, holding him tightly. "What's the matter Naruto?"

"I got mad at Nii-san and ran and…the pervert guy, he touched me and *sniff* Nii-san got mad and scary and and…" the hysteric boy tried to tell, but was too frightened by what he saw to say anything clearly.

Just then an overwhelming and all too familiar chakra was felt, a much more potent killing intent included. The sound of property damage was heard followed by these cries:

"It wasn't what it looked like!" said what sounded like a very terrified man.

"I'M GONNA RIP YOUR GIZZARDS OUT, AND NAIL 'EM TO THE WALL, YOU PEDOPHILE!" Deidara yelled, sounding demonic and pissed.

Iruka, having an incomplete version of what had brought this on, coupled with what Deidara had just roared and Naruto sobbing, hugged Naruto tighter. Oh dear god, had Naruto been…?

"There, there Naruto. Your brother is taking care of the bad man." Iruka comforted, hugging and patting Naruto's back. He hoped Deidara didn't kill the man, because he wanted to personally disembowel him.

Many winced at the sound of the hospital getting torn apart from the inside, the occasional girly screams that elicited from within, along with Deidara's death threats and promises of pain that permeated the air. Yakushi palmed his forehead, muttering about how karma was a bitch.

"Iruka, can you tell me what happened?" the Hokage, having arrived asked.

Before he could say anything the sound of a window shattering was heard, followed by a bloodied up man who was wheezing from pain.

"…Jiraiya? What did you do?" Sarutobi said, taking in his former student's haggard appearance.

"I swear it's a misunderstanding!" Jiraiya said before he paled. "DUCK!"

Just then the front entrance blew off, showering everyone in splinters. Hesitantly looking up, everyone was reacquainted with terror as the demonic looking boy stood before them, glaring at Jiraiya much like a mama bear looked when somebody stupid enough had harmed her baby.

Sarutobi just knew this 'misunderstanding' was going to be a pain to clear up.

It took several hours for the ANBU to restore order, and several more to coax the agitated Deidara out of his wraith like state; in the end several teams of ANBU had been called in, and even then it took nearly three hours and Naruto to calm him down enough to where he looked human.

Jiraiya looked worse for where, having played a deadly game of Tag for the past several hours with the blonde boy bent on turning his ribcage into a lawn ornament, and getting more then one close call. Sarutobi was just glad Jiraiya had drawn the boy to the forest area, and away from civilization.

Once lucid, Deidara levied some pretty heavy accusations against Jiraiya, and had demanded that the Sannin be handed over so he could extract his organs as compensation.

Naruto had been thoroughly interrogated about his meeting with Jiraiya, as was Deidara about the whole day.

When the Hokage told Deidara that it had all been a horrible misunderstanding, the boy had trouble believing him, and it took the better part of the day to convince Deidara that Jiraiya was a specialist Sarutobi called in.

That didn't stop the boy from glaring at the Sannin with a look that told of unmentionable horrors he would put him through if he so much as looked at Naruto in a funny way.

Then to make matters worse, Iruka had misconstrued what had happened and had beaten the already badly injured Jiraiya to a pulp once he found him. The white haired man was back in intensive care, getting intimate with Konoha's best proctologist's who were still trying to figure out how the ordinary chunin not only beat a legendary Sannin, but had managed to shove a pineapple up his rectum without breaking it.

Sarutobi wanted nothing more then the day to end.

Unfortunately for him, people were now demanding to know why they hadn't been informed over the 'true' identity of Kyuubi's host.

Thanks to Deidara little stunt, the civilians (who hadn't known the whole story of what happen during the last hospital debacle) were now convinced that Sarutobi had purposefully lied about Kyuubi's container, making everyone now believe that Naruto was not the Kyuubi's container, just a decoy, and terrified due to believing that Deidara was the real Kyuubi container.

Many of the civilians were guilt ridden upon hearing this 'truth', believing they had harmed an innocent child whose only crime was being the unfortunate relative and scapegoat of the real Demon container.

Many more however were now in hiding because they had harmed a innocent child who a very protective and very, very homicidal demon-possessed brother, who had leveled the northern part of the forest chasing after a suspected child molester, as well as a academy-in-training teacher who Ibiki was requesting to be placed on the I&T due to his 'inspirationally graphic and disturbingly radical forms of torture'.

The shinobi's from jounin up knew better, but that didn't stop the letters that were demanding to know why he kept Jiraiya alive when he had already 'attacked' two innocent children, and that they fully supported Demon-Deidara going evil on his arse.

But now damage had been done, once more to the hospital and thanks to Deidara's bloodthirsty antics, eight people died during the evacuation, one of with had been the badly hurt Eiji. Eiji's brother, Fukushu was in hysterics.

Sarutobi almost wished the terrorist would attack again; at least then he had a legitimate reason for hunting someone down and killing them.

Truth be told, this whole terrorist fiasco was taking an unseen toll on the village. Because he had shut down all but the necessity merchants, trade had stopped. Supplies were dwindling. They were using the trees around the inner walls of the village for repairs and everyone was waiting with battered breaths for the other shoe to drop.

Nerves were at an all time high, what with the terrorist in hiding, two demon chakra unleashing in the span of a month and the economy clawing on for dear life.

This had to stop, and soon. The village was barely holding on, and so was he.

After the incident, the patients were placed in a new building till the current hospital was fixed up.

Those that survived the rough evacuation, anyway.

Fukushu breathed harshly, eyes swirling red with grief. He had been on the team for finding the missing ANBU members during the check up on that old lab.

He barely recognized his brother, he was that mutilated. His nose was chewed partly off, his jaw nothing more then maw of gnawed on grizzly flesh. His right ear had been ripped off and his left eye was gone, leaving nothing but a gapping whole in its place.

Eiji was only lucid for a few moments, mumbling nearly incoherently to him. What he said startled him.

"Da 'oman iz a demon! 'e 'antz me deed! da Uza-uzavoki ar-" that was all he could get before it drowned out into incoherent noises.

He couldn't make it all out, but he did make out 'demon' and 'Uzumaki'. What in the world? He knew the Hokage hired Eiji to train the elder Uzumaki, but surely the boy hadn't done that!

Yet why did his brother say that? Was Eiji trying to tell him who had done this? But now thanks to that damned Uzumaki, Eiji was dead, died during the moving.

He didn't notice the doctor who had walked in.

"I'm sorry sir. This shouldn't have happened." Came a soft, sad voice. Fukushu looked over his shoulder at a teary eyed white haired doctor with a scar running down her face. Haruno, wasn't it? Her husband had died not too long ago.

"Hn." Fukushu grunted looking back at his brother.

"It shouldn't have happen. If that Uzumaki child hadn't rampaged through, nobody would have died." She choked, sounding heartbreaking. Fukushu looked at hysterical woman's face, tears cascading down her anguish face.

"It's like that child had no soul. He doesn't even seem fazed by the death he caused! Eiji-san…Eiji-san kept mumbling over and over about 'monster Uzumaki' before he-he…"

Fukushu was startled by the hug the emotional woman gave him, his face buried in her shirt, blocking all view. She didn't seem to notice their rather intimate embrace, she was crying too hard.

"I'm so sorry. I-I shouldn't say such things. He is only a child. But-but I can't get the image of my husband out of my heads. They said he died ensuring the demon stayed locked up…yet this still happened. How do we know he really is a child? He had let his brother take all the blame growing up and now…*sniff* I'm sorry, Uchiha-san." She mumbled as she let go, wiping tears away.

"These last few months have been harrowing. I-I shouldn't have done that. I'll be going."

Fukushu looked back at his brother, mulling over what the clearly distraught woman said. He had heard from the Uchiha head that her husband had died to strengthen the seal of the Kyuubi brat.

Yet he still went on a rampage…immediately after his brother had been admitted, rambling about Uzumaki and the demon and calling him a monster.

That couldn't be coincidence, could it?

He looked down, exhausted. As he did though, he saw his brother's half covered hand clutching something tattered. Pulling it free he saw that it was a note in his brother's handwriting.

He never saw the momentarily sadistic grin that flashed across the white haired lady's face as she left for her rounds.

Yukika felt giddy. She loved it when she caused conflict; it gave her such a rush! By now, Uchiha Fukushu would be looking into the note, and would seek revenge. She had to be careful, and timing this was challenging, not to mention that she was playing a deadly game that could easily backfire should she forget even the tiniest detail. But in the end, she would succeed and all her current issues would be gone in a week.

Truth be told, Yukika was beyond livid at Deidara. The boy was incapable of having a normal, low-profile day. He caused political and financial issues regularly, as well as panicking the masses. Sure, fear once in a while was good, but he was drowning Konoha in paranoia and terror!

Add to the fact the little menace had undid all her hard work in getting that Toad Sage back on his feet, as well as getting her into trouble with Danzo for her lack of control over the situation, it was amazing that she hadn't murdered the turd yet!

But the most unforgivable thing he had done was cause her daughter's current behavior. In the past, Sakura clung to her, adoring and in need of her mother's love and attention, never once disobeying her or acted like those other children that would whine and complain like the ungrateful little snots they were.

Now though, Sakura acted unruly, and was doing things that upsetted Yukika, like experimenting with the chemicals in her cleaning closest, or escaping in the dead of night to visit her friends in the hospital.

Yukika nearly had a breakdown when she had walked into her daughter's room, only to find it empty, sans a note.

And worse, Sakura did it because Deidara said it was perfectly natural for her to want to seek out her friends after a fight like the one that took place at the Aburame compound to make sure they were safe, stating that leaving so late in the night was justifiable under those circumstances!

Deidara may have been useful in the beginning, but now he was too much trouble. In a week, he would be taken care of, either by the Uchiha or when he went down to the lab.

And then everything would go back to normal for her and Sakura…

Danzo stared at the report, face grim as ever. The boy had not only attacked a recovering shinobi, but caused the deaths of eight others as well. On top of that, he had damaged the hospital, causing much discord for the doctors and patients.

Looking at the silver haired subordinate he spoke, "You have one week. Make it look like an accident."

The teen disappeared in a cloud, carrying Deidara's death warrant.

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