Title: My Wish-order Brother

Author: PiperDreamer

Slant means thought

Slant and Underline mean either dreaming or memories

Disclaimer: By no way, form or legal right do I own Naruto.

Warning! Rated M!


Naruto, after seeing a child get defended by his older brother, makes a wish on a wishing star for an older brother too. What he got was a girly looking art freak with mouths on his hands.

Chapter thirty-three: Eye-Windows and Kaleidoscope

Choji grinned, the edge of a bag of chips held firmly between his teeth as he climbed out his bedroom window.

"Good so far." One of his cohorts whispered, acting as look out.

Once on firm ground, he was met by the grinning faces of Inuzuka Kiba and Tenten.

The children had decided the day before that they'd sneak out and visit Lee, who was still in the hospital for that broken arm.

They would have gone to get the others, but Ino had promised to help her mother, Sakura was spending the day with her mother, Shikamaru had a family issue that came up, Shino was wanted back home for lessons, both Hinata and Neji were forbidden to leave the Hyuuga property, Itachi-aniki wanted Sasuke for something and Deidara and Naruto were not allowed to have visitors.

So the children that were left banded together to cheer up their bedridden friend.

Choji did feel bad about leaving home without telling anyone, but everyone in the clan was running ragged so he thought it be best just to leave quietly. But he didn't want his parents to worry about where he wandered off to so he left a note stating he and some friends went to visit Lee.

Kiba had given Hana and the orphanage director the slip and ran at the first chance he got, taking Tenten with since to the girl, Lee wasn't just her best friend but was also the closest she had to a brother.

It didn't take long for them to head out, chatting quietly among them.

"Hey, is that Shino and Sasuke?" Kiba asked, spying a duo of boys heading down the road from them.

Tenten squinted before grinning. "It is! Sasuke-chan!"

The boy in question whirled around, spotted the trio then zeroed in on Tenten. The biggest smile spread across his face, eyes shining with untold joy as he rushed at her, tackling her nearly to the ground.

"Beloved!" the boy gushed at the blushing girl.

Everyone else present made gagging noises at Sasuke's pet name and painfully candid display of affection.

Ever since the two started 'courting', Sasuke would call Tenten everything from 'Sweetie' to 'My Weapon Angel-Goddess'. Much to everyone's bafflement, Tenten adored these pet names.

Mercifully, Tenten got him to stop with the more embarrassing ones, such as 'Sweetie-pie bun-cakes' and the even more embarrassingly 'my kissy-wissy snuggly-wuggly googly-woogly honey bunny'.

"Uh, Sasuke? Please stop that, your ruining my appetite." Choji pleaded, putting his chips away.

"Honestly Sasuke, where does that even come from? I met your parents! Your Father is a prude and your Mother is far too reserved!" Kiba asked, shaking his head at the diabetes inducing couple.

"Oto-san wouldn't have married Kaa-san had he gotten his way." Came Sasuke's reply before going back to nuzzling Tenten's cheek.

Kiba snorted at that. Arranged marriages weren't uncommon in clans, but no matter how hard he tried the Inuzuka couldn't imagine either of Sasuke's parents ever behaving like that. Heck Itachi didn't act like that! Mind you, Kiba was fairly certain Itachi was incapable of feeling romance as well.

There were times Kiba wondered if Sasuke was adopted, because he was absolutely certain that the extortionist's own Father would never have acted this way.

"Still gross."

Are we visiting Lee today?" Shino finally spoke, clearly wanting to get away from the sickeningly sweet couple.

Sasuke reluctantly let go, though he held firmly to Tenten's hand.


Danzo had recalled nearly all of ROOT back to Konaha.

On the outside, Konoha seemed to be having some slight economy difficulties, but nothing to exploit. On the inside though Kabuto wasn't sure how the village was still standing.

He had heard back in Suna that Konoha was having trouble but he would have never guess this; a hit-and-run terrorist that Danzo wasn't capable of tracking, school fires, and the resident jinchuriki was questionably not the real jinchuriki, just the bait and the real jinchuriki had been trained in silence for years.

It was only from the combine resources of Danzo and the Third that Konoha wasn't being invaded by their neighbors. Nobody got in or out of Konoha. Getting in himself had required ROOT smuggling him in with a number of their other operatives.

Though he understood why the Third had locked down Konaha, Kabuto knew that the other countries had also noticed and were trying to contact their sources within the village, to no avail. And then there were still the shinobi of Konoha who were trapped outside the village who were told to bunker down until this was resolved. They were not happy, and many were worried that their beloved village was getting overthrown from within.

Danzo was having ROOT undertake various B, A, S and unofficial rank missions to give the impression that Konoha was still in control and to keep the village afloat.

Kabuto was informed to report to the Main Konoha Hospital and aide in the wounded and sick.

It wasn't until after the hidden jinchuriki -Uzumaki Deidara- flipped his shit that Kabuto realized just how bad things were.

He had aided Doctor Yakushi (who officially was his adopted parent, but in reality was a sleeper agent stationed at the Hospital while his real adopted parent was tending to the children who lived in Konoha Orphanage, mercifully located outside of Konoha and thus had avoided the orphanage destruction that had happened on the terrorist first week inside the village. Yakushi just happened to be a very popular surname in Konoha, and as such Danzo had exploited this) with the evacuation of the hospital and had seen first hand just how terrifying the jinchuriki was.

Now it was a week since that disaster struck, and Kabuto had yet to leave the hospital. Having done a sixteen hour shift, Kabuto was ready to find the closest bed (or nearest flat surface) and sleep like the dead.

That was until Doctor Yakushi volunteered him to watch another medic's child. And not just any child, but one of the jinchuriki's little occultists.

Doctor Yakushi reassured him that the girl was quite tame in comparison to the others, a sweet child and wasn't a troublemaker at all.

Kabuto wasn't reassured. Nor was he happy about being told to baby-sit one of Uzumaki's disciples.

He had heard about the Uzumaki's followers, heard what they were capable of and didn't want one of them following him around.

But here he was, looking at a young snow-haired woman with scars on her face, one of the little hoodlums by her side, looking between Doctor Yakushi and him in a scrutinous manner.

After the introductions (which Kabuto discovered that the woman was recently widowed when her husband, Haruno Damasu died during a complication with the first evacuation), Yakushi gave Kabuto a warning not to leave the hospital before Haruno-san walked forward.

"Kabuto-kun, th-thank you for watching Sakura." The scared face lady said quietly, not looking him in the eye.

"Haruno-san, we have to go." Yakushi said, turning and marching down the hall briskly. Haruno-san followed, turning to wave at Sakura before disappearing down the hall as well.

Kabuto turned to the small, pink haired girl who was fixing him with a anxious stare.

Kabuto smiled, knowing it wasn't a comforting sight. "Have you eaten yet?"

The girl shook her head.

"Then let's go get lunch."

The two walked in uncomfortable silence, heading towards the lunch room

"So… Yakushi-san is your father?" the pinkette asked, looking up at him.

Kabuto gave her a worn smile. "He is my adopted father."

"Oh…he doesn't hit you, does he?"

That question threw him for a moment but he quickly regained his thoughts to answer. "No, he doesn't. I don't really see him often."

"Oh…so he neglects you?"

Once more, Kabuto was thrown for a loop by the eerie questions a seven year old was asking.

"No, he doesn't."

A moment past by before Sakura spoke again.

"Does he yell? Tell you that you're stupid? …Hurt your loved ones?"

"Where are these questions coming from?" Kabuto said, stopping to look at the girl

The girl gave him a frank look. "Father's are not nice…and yours looked really mean."

Ah. There it was. He had thought the girl's lack of reaction to hearing her father's death was strange. Now he understood.

Haruno Damasu had been an abusive bastard.

Kabuto smiled at the young girl. "It's fine. He may appear to be unkind, but I assure you he has never hurt me."

It was the truth; he had never been hurt by Doctor Yakushi because he had just met the man three weeks ago, despite the adoption papers they forged saying he had been with the man for six years.

Sakura, for the first time since she started asking questions, looked concerned. "Then why do you look so unhappy?"

Kabuto blinked once, his face going blank as his mind tried to figure out why this little girl had linked his dissatisfaction of being placed as her warden with the idea that he was being abused.

"Why do you think I'm unhappy?" Kabuto asked. Was she that limited in her interactions with people that she immediately assumed that his melancholy behavior was a sign of maltreatment?

"Neji-san says the eyes are the windows to the soul. And your soul looks…gloomy."

Kabuto continued to stare at her for a moment longer before replying with a very flat, "What?"

Sakura didn't look away. "Eyes are the windows to the soul, right? Well, my windows looked like yours…before I met Deidara-nii and Naruto. Sad, gloomy and lonely. But yours look darker and dirtier then mine, as if the grime hasn't been wiped away for a long time."

Kabuto forcibly kept his face in its indifferent mask, while on the inside he calculated the possibility that the girl was part of ROOT. Had his superior told him to watch one of those children taken in by Danzo? Was this a test?

Civilian children were not trained to see things like that.

Sakura wasn't finished.

"I found out that the grime on our souls can't go away without others to help us clean it off, because we get use to the filth. Deidara-nii and Naruto helped me, and then they helped me meet others who also helped me clean off the grime. Do you have anyone to help you clean the grime off?"

He shouldn't answer, he shouldn't encourage her down this dangerous line of conversation on the off chance she wasn't ROOT and was just a very precocious child. Yet he found himself answering.

"No." He didn't have anyone since the Orphanage, but he was fine with the 'grime'. Was this whole eye-window-soul thing some new ROOT test?

The ROOT theory was discarded with her next words.

"Can I help you then? Will you let me be your friend?"

Earnest, guileless, and naïve. No amount of training could replicate that sort of childish ingenuousness.

Had she been trained by ROOT, they would have stomped that out. Yes, he could see signs of training- she often flinched towards her pocket as though to reach for something- but it wasn't the same intensity that ROOT subjugated their operatives to.

He wondered just what Haruno Damasu had done to his own little girl that would cause her to see underneath the mask. Or inside the eye-windows, as it was.

"I don't think you can clean this…grime." Heck, in a couple of weeks he was probably heading back out to be an undercover agent again. He doubted the small child would ever see him again, or remember him.

Sakura nodded solemnly. "It takes awhile. But I'll help. You seem nice, and I don't want you unhappy."

Kabuto shook his head. He wasn't a nice person, hell at times he wondered who he was.

He served for the sole purpose of keeping the Orphanage- and his Mother- safe and that perhaps one day he'd be allowed to go home again. He didn't need to be happy to complete his objective.

Sakura then did something unexpected. She reached and wrapped her small arms around him tightly. She hugged him in a very caring, emotional way that the spy was not used to and had not felt in over three years since he said his goodbyes to his family in the Orphanage.

Kabuto didn't hug back, unsure of what he should do. Awkwardly he patted her on top of her head.

"Will you let me be your friend?" the girl repeated her earlier question in a somewhat muffled voice, embracing him as though she was in no doubt that holding onto him would keep him safe.

Kabuto stared down at the mop of pink hair snuggled against his chest. He was going to leave soon, and he'd probably never see her again but… pretending like everything was alright and that he really was just a normal genin, however, wouldn't be too risky. He could be her friend, if only for a day.

"Sure, Sakura-chan."

The two stayed that way for a moment longer, before she let go, and Kabuto stood up to stretch his legs.

"Kabuto-san…can we visit Lee? He is my friend, and he got hurt a while back."

Kabuto gave her a genuine smile. "Yes…Sakura-chan."

Itachi was torn. On one hand, Sasuke had left the compound for who knows what reason and he shouldn't waste a moment of his time when his precious brother could be in serious danger.

On the other hand, his Mother was quite clearly about to set the gate guards on fire for letting Sasuke leave in the first place (never mind the fact Sasuke rarely used the front gates to exit the compound) and the poor clansmen were in dire need to be rescued from his wrathful Mother.

Deciding that it would be unwise to allow his Mother to run rampage while in the throes of a maternally induced bloodlust, he headed for where the guards were begging for mercy.

Getting close he could hear his Mother speaking.

"So you are telling me that my precious, innocent Sasuke snuck past two fully trained Jounins without their knowledge? Is that what I'm hearing?" Mikoto asked in a jovial voice, as pleasant as you please.

Her cheerful expression and non-threatening stance was a sharp contrast to the aura of death and dismemberment that smothered the air around her like a poisonous miasma.

"He-He m-must h-have s-n-snuck-k th-through another p-part of the wall…" the guard jibbered, tears running down his face as his companion crapped himself.

"Mother." Itachi interrupted, seeing how she was very close to causing bodily harm to the guard.

The aura disappeared and she turned from the guards, a loving smiling on her face. "Itachi, dear. You should be resting."

"I might know where Sasuke is, if you'd allow me to fetch him-"

"Oh, that's wonderful!" Mikoto said, looking relieved. "I was worried! Where is he?"

"He should be by the Inuzuka's. He has made friends with the clan Matriarch's son and a few of the of the orphans they are hosting."

Mikoto sighed, before giving a calm smile. "Well, we should go retrieve him then."

Itachi blinked at that. "'We'?"

"Well, yes." She said with a small laugh, as though that was the most obvious thing to do. "Sasuke needs to be disciplined for running off like that. And I am also interested in finally officially meeting Sasuke's friends. You know, I was worried he'd never make friends his own age since he spent most of his time with either Shisui or you."

Itachi meanwhile did not want his Mother near Inuzuka Tsume. The two would either dislike each other immediately or worse, get along famously.

But she has been acting more…psychotic lately. Perhaps a change of scenery would mellow his Mother out a bit. If nothing else it would get the clan off his back for a little bit.

He nodded and the two left the compound, but not before Itachi saw the guards thanking him profusely first.

As they walked, Mikoto proceed to asked about Sasuke's friends. Itachi gave vague descriptions about each one, glossing over Tenten entirely. Let it be known that he would give his brother a fighting chance.

It was when he got to Naruto that he saw an unusually reaction from his Mother. She looked almost nostalgic.

Interested by this reaction, Itachi described Naruto in better depth. Mikoto looked a little sad as he continued.

"Is there something wrong, Mother?" Itachi asked.

"Hmm? Oh, it isn't anything to worry about. I was just… remembering someone."

Danzo just stared at his old friend and rival, wondering not for the first time if Hiruzen had finally lost it.

"You want me to…train an unstable lunatic that had enough explosion power to level Konoha?"

At the nod he got from Hiruzen, Danzo wasn't pleased.

"Wouldn't it be safer for all to, oh I don't know, exterminate the boy instead?"

Danzo was no stranger to sociopathic behavior. He himself was a good example of a sociopath. But at least he lived to serve Konoha, where Deidara lived to serve himself.

Originally, Danzo had wanted Deidara. The boy had a kekkei genkai, was the next best thing to a jinchuriki and had ties to various clans. But after witnessing the sheer destruction the boy could cause in a heat of the moment, Danzo was more inclined to have the boy exterminated. Better safe then sorry.

Yet here was Hiruzen wanting him to turn the unhinged security apoplexy into a Konoha serving weapon.

Next his old friend would tell him he wanted to reform the Uchiha.

"I presume you know which clan he comes from?" Hiruzen stated.

The Warhawk nodded. Of course he knew which clan the boy came from. While they had fallen more or less into myth with the younger generation, the Jibaku clan had been like the Uzumaki clan; fearsome, terrifying, deviously debilitating towards their enemies and wholesomely batshit insane.

"Then you understand why I am reluctant to get rid of a potential clan? Not to mention he is very attached to Naruto."

"If that is the issue, place the boy in a chemical induced coma, wait a couple of years then extract his seed." Danzo snorted. "And as for being attached, it is probably only superficial."

"No, he genuinely cares for Naruto."

"I find that highly improbable. The Jibaku boy is self-centered and highly irrational. He can't feel for anyone but himself."

"Tell me, do you know why he attacked the hospital?"

"Because someone enraged him."

"Actually, he thought someone was trying to molest Naruto."

Danzo blanched at that. That kind of trauma could unhinge anyone, and if it had been the jinchuriki…

All Danzo could see was the Leaf being reduced to a smoldering crater.

That was never to happen. The jinchuriki had already underwent enough to make anyone unstable, he should know since he had his men shadowing the container since he could walk and had intercepted some of the more lethal attempts upon the child's life.

He just wished Hiruzen would have given the container to him; Naruto was capable of loosing even his most elite trackers.

"Deidara had walked in on Jiraiya giving Naruto a check up, and from what I gathered from both sides of the story, Deidara thought Jiriya was pulling an Orochimaru."

"So he caused property damage and aided in the deaths of our wounded soldiers because of a misunderstanding. That is so much better."


Danzo straightened at that. The only time Hiruzen addressed him by his surname was when he was in no mood to be questioned.

"I understand your concerns, but at the moment keeping Deidara alive is more important. Naruto would be devastated should something ill befell his Brother."

Should I kill the Boy, the jinchuriki would snap, Danzo translated mentally. Damnit, why hadn't he been informed about the jinchuriki's attachment issues? He'd have severed them early at he'd known.

"Mercifully, this works both ways. Deidara is utterly loyal to Naruto, to frightening levels. Here is the proof you no doubt want for this" The Hokage said, placing a file in front of Danzo.

The ROOT leader picked it up carefully, checking for traps. Once he was certain it was safe, he skimmed through it. It was a much more detailed version of the information he had, with notes on Deidara's unhealthy obsessive possession with Naruto, and Naruto's worrying affection to Deidara. It also had Deidara's psyche report, and though it would have worried anyone else with its readings, Danzo was already finding flaws he could use against Deidara.

The Warhawk gave a harsh laugh. "I find it ironic that the Jibaku boy would be loyal to Namikaze's legacy; I distinctly remember that the Fourth slaughtered the majority of that clan."

Going back to reading, Danzo found himself already finding ways to exploit the boy, and by proxy, the jinchuriki. If even half of this was true…

"Before I accept this, Hokage-sama, I must know. Just how dedicated would you say he was to the jinchuriki?" It was one thing to see it on paper, but to hear it from the man who saw the two together often…

"As in he will cheerfully commit genocide and start the Fourth Shinobi War if it meant keeping Naruto safe and happy."

Slavishly loyal. Danzo thought. He could work with that. Already he was forming new ways to use the boy- and get rid of him once he had placed enough time and distance between them.

Deidara, strapped to the bed and mostly out of reach of everything and could do nothing but stare at the ceiling, reflecting.

He was calm, collective and more importantly, not craving to blow the shit out of everything and anything.

For the first time since he was forced to harbor the Kyuubi's chakra, Deidara was thinking clearly. No headaches, no strange detached memories, nothing.

Hunting down that white haired creep had been a mixed blessing. Sure, he wasn't convinced of the old man's innocence but thanks to his actions, Deidara had unleashed his- and the fox's- chakra. This reduced the pain, and allowed him to properly sort out his memories…well, mostly.

There were definitely bits he wasn't even sure if they were his or not, but for the most part he was certain of which major memories where truly his own.

The cause of the mental anomaly he had -and somewhat still was- suffering before his recent cognitive recalibration, he theorized, was the demon chakra had fused with his emotions, molding these new 'memories' of a past where he and Naruto really were biological brothers.

This was strictly theoretical, and even under pains of death he wasn't about to tell anyone he had started creating a whole new past in his head while he slowly but surely went insane.

Yes, after much deliberation, reflection and the pain he felt at watching Naruto being too scared to see him, Deidara could say with no small amount of assurance that since Itachi's fervent attempt to execute him by bashing his skull repeatedly against a boulder…that Deidara's actions from then to now were utterly asinine, to criminally stupid levels.

He couldn't believe his actions (was he thinking at all during those times?) and wondered how in the world had he gotten away with many of them.

How many times had he come so close to revealing himself to the enemy?

How many times had he flirted with insanity, nearly completely embracing its gentle hold?

How many times could he have lost Naruto?

The boy groaned in irritation. Calming himself, Deidara then did something he hadn't don't since he left Iwa.

He meditated.

For most, meditation was a means to calm the mind, clear the thoughts and relax.

For Deidara, it was a conference of his fractured soul.

Soon he felt weightlessness, followed by the sound of birds chirping and wind chimes.

Deidara opened his eyes, finding himself in the twisted realm of his mind.

Looking around, he felt ill at ease by the sheer traumatized mess it was in. Usually his mind world was a mess, but it was a pretty mess like kaleidoscope or Escherian that would harmlessly bump into other splinters of his mind, making the wind chime noise or chirping birds.

Now it looked like a hurricane had gone through a hundred cathedral glass windows.

Deidara walked about inside his mind, noting the variety of colors and shapes. Peering into one floating nacelle, he saw wisps of memories from various stages of his life.

"Took you a while to get here." A cold, bored tone said.

Looking to his right, Deidara saw an older militant version of himself who was studying the broken kaleidoscope-like mindscape. The one he currently was looking at resembled carnival glass.

"And you've been rather quite, un." The boy scowled, meandering towards the fragment.

"No, you just refuse to listen. Besides, someone has to keep this place running."

Deidara sighed, looking around. "I don't recall this place ever looking this…untidy."

"Forgive me, I'll notify the servants to do a better job." The older one sneered, derision dripping from every word.

"Seriously, un. What happened to my mind? It looks like a bomb went off."

Not bothering to look up from the shards, the militant one pointed to something behind him. Following the direction, Deidara hissed at the sight.

There was a door, with enough locks and barricades on it to ensure nothing short of a C-1 would break it open. Around this door though were huge cracks, some oozing familiar red chakra.

"Thanks to your stupidity and the bratty fragment, that damn thing has been getting worse." The militant one snarled, piecing some of the psyche back in place.

"I was really that bad?" Deidara winced at the proof of his stupidity, looking back at the aspect.

"Yes! In the decade you've been alive, I have never been more ashamed to be you! Bombing willy-nilly, attacking random people, teaching things that would have made a blind and deaf mutes suspicious! And that's just the tip of the iceburg! You have single handily ruined everything!"


Both turned to the third voice, causing Deidara to gape at the younger aspect while the older one cursed.

The younger one was still a child riddled with scars but now he looked sickly and emaciated, as though someone had infected it with a stomach virus. Eyes sunken in as it wheezed, swaying where it stood.

"What happened to you?" Deidara whispered, staring at his younger self in horrified fascination.

"Got too close to the door during your rampage. Damn chakra nearly devoured the brat whole before I got the little menace out."

"Naruto…is Naruto safe?"

Deidara nodded once, unsure what else to do. The scarred aspect grinned.

"Good…" it hissed before plopping down unto the "ground".

The militant one sighed as it watched its fellow aspect seem to pass out.

"Poor dumbass. Just woke up too."

At Deidara's questioning look, the elder fragment sneered. "Do you really think unleashing –or at the very least leaking– our and the demons chakra together wouldn't have an effect on us? The brat-" At this it pointed to the comatose fragment that gently snored not far from them, "Has been unconscious for five days! Then, once he came to, he has been crying for Naruto! Then he'd black out again. The poor sod has been in and out of consciousness all day! We're lucky the damn seal over there is working at all! By all means we should be entertaining the fiends of the underworld!"

Deidara winced, looking back at the child. It was sickly, looking akin to those posters of street urchins who were half starved and emasculated.

"This…This is bad."

"Your actions have cost us enough, boy. We need to flee Konoha, and fast."

"Yes," Deidara said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "We'll need supplies, weapons, change our appearance, smuggle Naruto out-"

"Is that chakra still screwing with your shit-piece of the mind?!" the militant aspect yelled furiously, whirling around on Deidara. "If we take Naruto with us, we'll be painting a huge target on our backs! Bring Naruto will cause the old geezer to hunt us down!"

"We are not leaving Naruto." Deidara seethed, glaring at the aspect.

The fragment a furious snarl riddled its face. "When the parents died, you created me to make the harsh choices. I kept us alive. I will continue to keep us alive. And to stay alive, Naruto cannot come with."

"We are not leaving Naruto." Deidara repeated, each word etched with conviction, sounding whole.

The fragment eyes seemed to glow, fury carved within its face. "Is he worth dying for?"

Before Deidara could reply, the shattered world around dissolved as reality claimed him.

Deidara had barely regained his senses when his hospital wall exploded.

It happened too fast.

One moment she was talking to Sasuke about weapons and the next an explosion rang out. Debris flew everywhere and belatedly she realized a sizeable chunk was flying straight in their direction. She felt the wind get knocked out of her as a body rammed into her.

Tenten slammed against the merciless ground with her head cracking against the sidewalk, causing stars to explode in her vision. Her ears rang from the explosion.

Someone was at her side, and as though through a pillow she vaguely heard her name. Slowly her vision swam back, static around the rims and bizarrely red tinted. Kiba was by her side, calling to her. He was kneeling at her side, with his vest in his hand pointing to her head. Ah, she must have cut her head opened when she hit the side walk. Had she missed the flying debris? Choji was next to him, and both were covered in scratches and dirt.

Kiba barked something at Choji, who, looked uncertain at first but finally darted off to the hospital entrance. When the Inuzuka turned to look back at Tenten, she could no longer hear his voice due to all the ringing, but she could still see his lips moving.

She felt one hand applying pressure to her head with the vest as the other one cradled her closer to him. She moaned in pain, feeling her heart pound in her head.

She stared at the points of his fangs while he spoke to her -yelled at her, more likely, if she were to go by the exaggerated movements of his mouth- and then at the way his eyes were wide with fear.

He then turned, yelling at someone outside of her range of vision. A moment later Shino came into view, looking as scuffed up as Kiba and Choji. He was surrounded by a cloud of insects and his glasses were missing.

Where was Sasuke?

Little notes:

Kabuto got recalled back at the age of thirteen from Suna. Is not Orochimaru's minion at this point.

Yukika may know many of the ROOT agents, but she doesn't know them all. She'd never trust Kabuto with Sakura if she had.

Can't tell you when to expect the next update. Will try for soon.