My Wish Order Brother

Author: PiperDreamer

Rating: Rated: M

Genre: General, AU

edited: 03/20/12

Chapter 8: Hands on

He trembled in fear, burying his head further into his mother's bosom, her frantic heartbeat beating so quickly he couldn't tell one beat from the next as she held him close to her.

They were hiding in a ruined building; his mother had told him it might discourage people from coming if the roof looked ready to fall at any time.

Outside he could hear the explosions made by his clan, the clashing of kunais, the terrain altering jutsu's distorting as it caused the ground vibrate.

The nearly four year old had heard once when he was listening to his parents describe what war was. Now he knew just how true they were.

Then a ninja crashed through the weakened support beam next to them. It was a Grass-nin.

Before he could scream, his mother had picked him up and ran out the back, just before the building collapsed but she kept running, fear motivating her to run faster.

She stopped behind a crumbling wall near an empty barrel, her grip on him hurts but he was too scared to really notice.

She peered around the corner, then quickly pulled back, fear showing in her eyes. A moment later he heard the cause of her refreshed fear.

"Man, those damn Jibaku's are nuts! What sane person blows himself up?"

"How should I know? Come on, before we run into another one of those exploding freaks."

The child could hear them getting closer, his heart felt close to bursting from the terror.

Then his mother placed him down in the barrel, throwing the shawl she had been wearing on top.

"Honey, stay here, don't leave until I or your Daddy comes to get you okay yeah? And don't make any noises." She whispered, her beautiful hazel eyes watering as she smiled lovingly at him.

Then she leaned forward kissing him on the forehead.

"I love you Deidara, yeah." He barely heard her before she covered his head.

He looked through a large hole in the barrel, watching as his mother stood shaking next to the entrance of the wall, the voices getting louder.

Then two shinobi's walked into view, his mother turned and ran from the direction the duo had come from.

"Behind us?"

"It's the enemy!"

The men threw kunai's, but cursed when they apparently missed but the boy wasn't sure.

"Get 'im! He might try to get reinforcement!"

Deidara watched in dread as they turned around and gave chase to his mother, who had successfully led the dangerous men away from him.

It took a grand total of five seconds for Deidara to wake up from his nightmare, four seconds to realize he wasn't breathing and another six seconds to figure out he was underwater.

And only half a second to freak out.

Springing forward Deidara then gave a gracious donation to the god of spit-take as he spewed water everywhere.

WHAT THE HELL? Deidara thought as he regained his breath. His face was covered by his long hair, hiding his view but it didn't dampen his hearing.

Who's the (BLEEP) with the death wish? Deidara shrieked lividly in his mind, his cold side promising a slow painful death as the chilish one kept screaming of doing unmentionable horrors on the poor soul, involving duck tape, laxatives, a corkscrew and a spork.

"Nii-san, you're alive!"

The voice's and Deidara's murderous thoughts derailed right then and there upon hearing the high pitched but none the less happy child voice.

Deidara, very slowly and very deliberately, parted his hair out of his eyes, not believing what he saw.

There kneeled next to the tub was a completely healed, non-bloodied or dying Naruto.

Deidara practically felt his brain hiccup, fart and sputter. At the same time.

"Nii-san, are you okay? You look like you've just seen a ghost." Naruto said, tilting his head to the side.

Deidara somehow found his voice. "How are you even moving, un?"

"Huh?" came Naruto eloquent response, not understanding what Deidara meant.

"You were practically dead! I patched you up! I saw the wounds! You had broken bones, torn muscles, blood loss and welts!"

Understanding flooded through Naruto as he smiled. "Oh that! That always happen; I get a good night sleep and is fine in the morning!"

Deidara stared at the smiling boy, disbelief evident in his sky blues.

"You could have died from those wounds!"

"Really? I thought the beating wasn't nearly as bad as last time."

"LAST time? As in this happen before?"

Naruto didn't understand why his brother was getting so worked up about it. "Well yeah, about once a week."

"…Once. A. Week. You are nearly killed in cold blood, once every fucking week?" Deidara said, rage and disbelief dripping from every syllable.

What the hell was wrong with this village? Or better yet, WHY wasn't this kid a nervous paranoid mess?

"How long has this been going on? Why are they trying to kill you, un?" Deidara demanded as he shook water everywhere.

I'm going to have to clean this up later, Naruto thought absently as he answered nonchalantly, "They've always tried to kill me, for as long as I can remember. Usually the guys in mask stop it before it goes too far. I have no idea why other villagers act the way they do, I just figured it's because I'm an orphan but I could be wrong."

Deidara stared at the boy who was a just over three years his junior talk about his assassination attempts as casually as one would about the weather.

I've met grown men who lived on a battle field who weren't this flippant about it. Isn't Fishcake afraid of dying?

"Oh! Nii-san your color is normal! You can get out of the tub now!" Naruto said cheerfully.

Deidara then noticed just how cold the water was. He was freezing.

Seeing his questioning look, Naruto explained. "You were burning up so I took one of your medical tips and dump you in cold water, and it worked!"

I don't remember writing down in the scroll how to drown someone as a remedy, Deidara thought irritated.

Though part of him wondered; why were people trying to hurt Naruto? How could he heal so fast?

Ino stared at her mother, clearly thinking it wasn't fair that she couldn't go outside to play but her mother had insisted that she stay in today to help with the Flower Shop.

So far they hadn't had a costumer yet today and it was already 10 o'clock in the morning.

I'm boooored. The little girl thought.

Kumiko looked down at her daughter as the six year old began to drift of to LaLa Land. She really wanted to let the girl out to play but the attacks had made that impossible.

She didn't go anywhere without a weapons pouch strapped to her anymore.

Families were terrified to go anywhere, fearing they might be caught in the next bombing.

Her dear Inochi was working himself ragged trying to find the culprits.

And the Hokage when she last saw him looked ready to murder someone, poor man.

The bell on the door rung, telling her they had a customer.

A woman walked in slowly wearing a long skirt that came to her ankles and a long sleeved shirt, her white hair hiding most of her face, her head lowered.

"Welcome to Yamanaka flower shop, how may I help you?" Kumiko said automatically.

The woman lowered her head down as her white bangs hide her eyes, she looked at the flowers before saying barely audible, "N-nothi-ing, j-just l-look-k-king th-through."

Kumiko frowned slightly at the stuttering woman.

The woman seemed to keep to herself as though drawing attention would prove harmful to her.

The door once more opened, and Kumiko smiled at the familiar face.

"Yoshino! How are you?"

The two mothers had made a play date for the children, Yoshino wanting to have another woman to talk to and Kumiko wanting to play matchmaker with their kids.

Yoshino walked over to her long time friend, the boy next to her giving a long suffering look.

"Ah, I see you brought along little Shikamaru! How you doing Shika-kun? Planning to marry my little Ino soon?"

The boy gave her a deadpanned look that said 'you don't give up, do you?' but answered verbally anyway.

"No, she's got coodies." Then he mumbled, "And she's a howling witch, just like her mother." The last of that had to be mumbled out for fear of receiving the wrath of both women. He had seen what they could do, and what his and Ino's father became afterwards.

He could honestly say that those full body cast looked quite uncomfortable.

"Don't mind him; Shika's been moody since we couldn't go out to the park today."

"Yeah, poor Ino has been bored out of her mind! I wish they could catch those terrorists, we'd all be able to sleep safely again."

"My lazy yob of a husband of mine is actually working his head off trying to find these monsters!"

"Oh be nice to Shikaku! He and Inochi as well as many other smart ninja's are all doing their best; we should cut them some slack."

"That aside," Yoshino ignoring the whole cut-her-husband-some-slack idea, "Is there any clues? These attacks seem, well, random. Do we even have an idea who's attacking?"

"No body seems to know," Kumiko said, being one of the biggest gossip hounds in all of Konaha, meaning she heard dang near every rumor within the walls of the village.

"Some say its Grass-nins, others say it's a group of rogue terrorists and I even heard that it's possible that the Jibaku's are responsible!"

Yoshino snorted unwomanly like.

"The Jibaku clan is dead. They were wiped out during the last war."

"Yeah, but maybe-"

"Kumiko," Yoshino said in a tone that told Kumiko that she should not have pressed, "The Fourth Hokage had witnessed himself when the last Jibaku drew his terminal breath, and quite frankly they can stay dead, the murdering bastards." Yoshino whispered, trembling slightly.

Kumiko mentally smacked herself. Yoshino's brother had been killed by a member of the Jibaku clan, and though Yoshino was glad he had been avenged, she would always hate that clan, living or not.

Kumiko looked for something, anything to change the suddenly dreary atmosphere when she spotted the two kids talking to the white haired woman, or trying to anyway. The woman seemed a bit overwhelmed by the children's closeness, stuttering worse then she was moments ago.

"Kids! Don't bother the customers!"

The two six-year olds sulked back to their mothers, bored once more.

"Kids, why don't you go play upstairs for a while? We're having a grown up talk."

Rather then stay around and listen to the ladies gossip the children rushed up the stairs, Shikamaru being the first to reach the top. It just goes to show that there are ways to motivate a Nara.

The white haired lady walked quietly but hesitantly towards them, as though afraid of the repercussions if she interrupted.

"Hello, how can I help you?" Kumiko said with a warm smile, Yoshino watching.

"I-I, um, w-would-d l-like t-to b-buy th-this flow-w-wer, p-ple-ease." She stuttered, holding up a single daffodil in a slightly shaky hand.

Can't you say anything without stuttering? Kumiko thought, annoyed at the woman's speech impediment.

Kumiko kept the smile plastered to her face as she rung up the total. Her smile slip slightly when she saw bandages under the white haired woman's sleeve, a bruise showing through the poorly rapped coverings.

"Your total is-" Kumiko stopped for a moment, seeing the woman's face through her white curtain of hair.

She was very pretty, looking a little younger then herself, pale ivory skin and unblinking emerald eyes.

"-45 yen." Kumiko finished quickly, talking the woman's money quickly and just as quickly gave her change and flower.

"T-hank-k y-you." And the civilian left just as quietly as she came.

It was a couple of minutes before the two kunoichi's looked at one another.

"You saw the bandages right?" Yoshino said, looking rather miffed.

"Yeah. The way she carried herself says that she has low self-esteem, and the fact she jumped and flinched every time the kids got too close says she is more then likely used as a punching bag more often then not. She seems afraid to speak unless spoken to first. She must have recently been hurt; she had a slight limp and was favoring her left side more."

"Abusive relationship?"

"Looks like it. Any idea who that was?"

"Not a clue."

Meanwhile upstairs, Ino watched as the lady who she had bugged earlier walk away, looking to the little blonde girl like a kicked puppy.

"Hey Shikamaru, what did that lady say her name was again?" Ino asked the lazy boy next to her.

"I think she said it was Haruno Yukika, I wasn't sure with all that stuttering."

Ino continued to stare at the lovely lady as she slowly disappeared into the distance. It wasn't hard to keep watch on her, the road was practically empty.

Why couldn't she go outside? Was it about this terrorist thingy her mommy was talking about? Were they bad?

Getting up she walked out of the room and to the stairs.

"Mama, can Shikamaru and I go to the park now?" She called from the top of the stairs.

"Honey, you and Shika-kun can't go because we mommies are very busy." Her mother called back.

"Can we go by ourselves then?"

"No Ino, you can't go by yourselves. Maybe if you had a big sister or brother I might have let you. Now go play sweetie."

Ino pouted. It wasn't fair! Stomping back to her room, she flopped next to a dozing Shikamaru.

I wish I had a big sister or brother. Ino thought miserably.

Then Ino brightened. That's it! She just needed to find an older sibling! If she had one of those her Kaa-san was sure to let them go anywhere!

Ino began to imagine what her older sister and brother might look like.

She imagined a beautiful blonde fashion modal for the sister and a blonde gorgeously handsome prince charming for a brother.

She giggled insanely she imagine her perfect older siblings, causing Shikamaru to crack one eye open and subtly scoot away from the fantasizing girl.

And I'll be stuck with this for the whole day? What a drag.

Naruto stared at the dishes in front of him, his mouth watering.

After Deidara had dried off and got changed into dry clothes and cleaned up the living room, the older boy had made breakfast.

Naruto couldn't remember the last time he had a breakfast that didn't consist of ramen, or a breakfast this nice looking or smelling!

Deidara sat on the other side of the small table, looking at the meal he prepared.

It was rice rolled in soy sauce dipped nori, miso soup and eggs on the side. Simple but filling.

Gesturing to Naruto Deidara said passively, "Dig in."

Naruto took a bit out of everything, his taste buds practically singing.

Man, my brother is gonna make some girl happy. That thought made Naruto freeze.

If brother got a girlfriend, would he leave me? Naruto glared.

That decided it then; Deidara was never getting a girlfriend! Not if he could help it! No floozy was going to steal his brother away!

"Fishcake, if it tastes that bad, don't eat it." Deidara said, staring at him in a funny way.

Naruto looked at Deidara with wide eyes before waving his arms in the air, shaking his head wildly.

"Nonononono! I just had a bad thought! The foods good! I've never tasted anything this good before, well except at Ichiraku's but this is a lot better!"

Deidara stared for a moment, before chuckling. Naruto stop when he heard it.

It didn't sound like it belonged to a ten year old yet now after hearing it, he couldn't imagine it from anyone else. It was an odd sound though, like a noxious yet joking chortle wrapped in one.

Deidara stop after a few minutes of contained laughter went back to eating.

"Since I made breakfast, you get to do the dishes." Deidara said. That and I don't want to taste soap. Yuck.

Naruto, as though he read his thoughts, said, "Do I havta do it because of your hand-mouths?"

Deidara froze, slowly looking up from his bowl.

H-how? How did this malnourished, pint-sized walking disaster magnet find out about these?

Deidara thought franticly, staring at his gloved hands.

Naruto wasn't sure why but Deidara expression had turned painfully blank.

"Nii-san? Did I say something wrong?" Naruto said, worried he upset his brother somehow.

"Naruto," Deidara tone was neutral, and as Naruto focused on the older face impassive face the whiskered child didn't see Deidara ungloved one hand, casually putting it in the clay pouch.

"How do you know about my hands?"

Not seeing the problem Naruto answered. "When I first wish-ordered for you I had taken you to our apartment, you were out cold. I heard some old ladies say that holding a family members hand help them get better faster, so I held your hand and found your really cool hand-mouths. Can you breathe with them? Or talk with them? How do they work?"

Deidara expression changed to one of shock, as though Naruto had told him something unbelievable.

"…you…think their cool? Un?" Deidara said in a dazed voice.

Naruto smiled. "Yeah! Who wouldn't?"

Deidara continued to stare at Naruto, though he did remove his hand from the pouch.

Nobody's ever liked them before. Everybody said they were freaky, unnatural. Heck, Kurotsuchi flinches every time she sees them. But this pipsqueak thinks their cool.

"Hey Nii-san! Do you think I'll get them? That be so awesome! Then you and I could, we could…hey Big Brother, what do you use them for?"

If art wasn't practically engrained into Deidara's thought process he probably would of continued to stare at the younger boy.

A small smile found its way onto Deidara's face. "You use them for art."

Naruto's face scrunched up into confusion. "Art? How?"

Digging into his pouch again Deidara pulled his hand back out hesitantly showing his mouth that was currently chewing on clay. A moment later a small bird popped out of the mouth.

Deidara's smile grew upon seeing Naruto's face. The tiny bird flew towards Naruto who slowly held his hands out where the birds landed.

The smaller boy looked on in awe, watching the clay bird act and move like any other bird he had ever seen.

"This is amazing Nii-san." Naruto said as he marveled at the realistic bird.

"You haven't seen anything yet," Deidara said. The bird flew out of Naruto's hands and circled the room twice then Deidara formed his hand into the ram sign.

"Katsu!" Deidara spoke and the bird exploded. It wasn't a big explosion, rather pathetic in his opinion as it had no more power then a firecracker but Naruto's face was worth it.

"THAT'S SO COOL! Nii-san, teach me! Teach me!" Naruto said looking like a child getting a present they always wanted.

Deidara's face split into a real smile. One he couldn't last recall having.

He had planned to cut his loses and blow the place up with the kid in it, and then take out the Hokage's Tower along with anything else that would make a good distraction as he beelined it to the gates and borders.

If the kid was dead he wouldn't be able to tell anyone anything. Despite Deidara feeling bad for the way the smaller boy was being treated by the village, he could always tell himself that he had ended the kids suffering by blowing him up with his artwork.

But then Naruto said his hands were cool, something no one ever said before.

He had found out about his hands, and still held them. Even his own uncle didn't touch his hands unless they were covered.

He saw his artwork and loved it where most people either hated it or feared it.

And what more, Naruto wanted to have them too. He didn't freak out or hated him and avoided him like the plague. He treated him like a human being.

The small whiskered boy accepted him and his Kekkei genkai.

For that he would let the kid live, if only to show him more art.

"Deidara-Nii! What do you think the old man gonna say when I tell him?"

Deidara was brought out of his mental musings upon hearing that.

Reaching across the table, Deidara grabbed Naruto by the shoulder and roughly shook him.

"Nii-san, why'd you do that for?"

"Naruto, listen to me. You can't tell anybody about my hands or art. Ever."

"What? Why not?"

"Because Naruto, if they hear about my hands or art, they'll take me away and you'll never see me again un."

Deidara knew it was an underhanded thing to play on ones fears but he really didn't care, he'd do it again if necessary.

At the thought of never seeing his brother again Naruto swore he would never mention it ever again unless Deidara brought it up first.

"Great! Now do the dishes!" Deidara said gleefully. He really was enjoying the whole Big Brother thing a little too much.

Naruto groaned at the thought of doing the unwanted task of dishes.

Sarutobi wanted so badly to use a katon on the embodiment of all evil (preferably the Goukakyuu no Jutsu, that one was destructive enough) and destroy the foul creature once and for all!

Unfortunately the council would just make more paperwork, copy of the paperwork and re-copy it once more just to be sure, and his aide would be the first Chunin in history to kill a Kage by drowning said Kage in his morning tea.

Deciding to take a break (and to prevent a possible attempt on his life, which would make more paperwork) the Third decided to pay Naruto a visit. He was beginning to worry about the boy; the ANBU that normally tailed the boy had been recalled in the aftershow of the bombings, leaving the boy unprotected. Naruto normally visited everyday without miss but ever since this whole terrorist problem he hadn't seen the blonde in nearly a week.

It was a possibly that the boy was sent away by the secretary. He did say he didn't want any visits from anyone. Maybe he should exempt Naruto.

Walking out the office Sarutobi made his way to the home of the boy he saw as a grandson, wishing he could do more for the boy.

He really didn't want Naruto anywhere near the grungier side of the village, unfortunately he had come to find out that it was far safer there then anywhere else. Maybe he should put the boy on the outer corner of the village, away from everyone else? Tucked away in the forest with only him and a selected few knowing where?

He passed into the worse side of the village: the side that got hit during the Kyuubi's attack.

Strange how Naruto was safer here, right in the ruins of the attack then any other part of his village.

Finding the right apartment he went to the fifth floor or as he like to call it, Naruto's floor. Nobody lived on the fourth of fifth (minusing Naruto) and Sarutobi was the only one who knew that Naruto lived in a different apartment.

Walking up to the fourth door on the left and knocked.

The door opened and Sarutobi blinked.

Naruto was not the one who answered the door.

It was a blonde girl who had gone ghastly pale upon seeing him, her sky blues widening.

The two stood there, the Hokage smiling grandfatherly (though he was a bit confused as to why a girl was here) and the girl looking as though she had seen death. Was she ill? She was swaying a bit.

"Hey Deidara, who's at the do- Old Man!"

Naruto came into view as he tackled the elderly man in a surprisingly strong hug.

Both somehow missed the choking sounds being emitted by the second oldest child present.

If your confused with Deidara's versatile view on Naruto, please understand:

Deidara has been backstabbed and hurt in the past by someone he trusted (it'll be revealed later) so even though he can relate to Naruto, he doesn't fully trust him. Not yet anyways.

And here's the word of the Day!

Nori=dried seaweed. Dipped a strip of nori in soy sauce and roll some rice with it and eaten. Not bad actually.

Thanks all once more for reading!

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