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Mina's room, much to Ruby's surprise, was remarkably plain considering the women who inhabited it dressed like she'd danced her way through several hundred vintage clothing stores covered head to toe in super glue. Given the chance the teenager would have cheerfully spent hours drinking every detail of the room and savouring the precious insight it gave into the other woman; but the sight of the bed that Mina seemed to be motoring her towards was enough to silence every thought running through her head except for, sweet Jesus.

Much to Ruby's disappointment Mina didn't push her onto the bed, straddle and ravish her, but instead sat her down carefully – fingers skimming down her arms, and then move to begin rummaging through her wardrobe. The older women was frowning slightly, head titled to one side as she concentrated on distinguishing the garments from the weight of the fabric between her fingers.

Ruby watched her, rattling her brains for something to say that didn't feel the first line a porno. "Thanks for inviting me."

"You're most welcome. It's nice to have someone here who I actually enjoy the company of, besides Galvin and Luke of course." Mina paused in her search for a moment, oblivious to Ruby quivering with joy behind her, "have you seen them at all? I spoke to Galvin briefly but since then they've both seem to have vanished."

"I think they had, uh... things to talk about."

Mina smirked wryly and Ruby wondered for a second if she knew about their mutual attraction (though the teenager suspected perhaps the unspoken but blazingly obvious energy that hovered between Galvin and Luke had gone way beyond the description of just attraction. It could've applied for its own postcode.) "Good. Oh," the vampire pulled an emerald green dress out, made of similar silk to Mina's own, "this should fit you. It might be a little shorter on you but..." She trailed off and smiled shyly, "I'm sure you will only look even lovelier."

From where Ruby was sitting that sounded suspiciously like flirting and something inside her burst; warmth flooded through her from head to toe. She figured she'd have to talk about their somewhat mortifying encounter at some point – now was as good a time as she was going to get. Even if things did go horribly wrong and she ended up moving to Canada after all, well, she'd always have the memory of Mina complimenting her legs. Besides Canada was rumoured to make pretty awesome bacon, "Mina... about the other day... uh."

"Hmmm?" The other woman replied absentmindedly. She brushed invisible lint off the dress and then sent Ruby a careful smile. "You can change in the bathroom. It's second on the left and there should be a towel to wipe you down with as well." She tilted her head to the side, suddenly impish, "you don't want to get sticky."

The eleven year old boy Ruby was suddenly channelling snickered. Inwardly she groaned; smooth, real smooth Rubes'. I bet this is what all the sleek movers use to charm women. Why don't you just invite her to swap Pokémon cards and have an ice pop? "Mina, really... the other day, in the stacks... The thing is... What it is is I've got... a thing. No! That's not how it sounds, I mean, I have a, a... thing but it's not a thing like an uh, appendix. It's you! And your there and I'm here and, and Luke use to be there but now..."

"Ruby," Mina breathed.

"And now this thing is, um, bigger for you... than for anybody. And. And, I'm scared – not of you! Of my thing... you, you aren't scary at all. Well you, you are 'cause you're so pretty and you make my stomach, sort of, like a washing machine full of butterflies and you probably don't have a, well a thing for me but, I thought you should know 'cause..."

"Ruby," and all of a sudden Mina was standing right in front of her and her hands were cupping the younger girl's cheeks, tilting her head upwards. "I know," she whispered, voice soft. Slowly she lent downwards and brushed their lips together, "why else would a self respecting woman invite a girl up to her bedroom. Really, I was rather hoping you would..." Mina tilted her head to one side, breath ghosting across Ruby's mouth "...pounce on me. So I wouldn't feel quite so lecherous in seducing a girl less than a third of my age."

Ruby let out a shaky breath, unsure as whether she still had the ability to speak – or do anything that didn't involve kissing the woman in front of her, who looked so adorably mischievous, "Oh... sorry."

Mina snickered, "that's quite alright. But Ruby? Do I really make your stomach feel like a washing machine full of butterflies?"

The teenager glared at her ineffectually for a second and then decided the best way to shut her up was with a kiss.

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