It turned out that Ruby didn't need to bother scurrying down the hall to the toilet in order to change into the clean dress, instead Mina carefully removed the sticky one, letting it fall into a damp heap over the side of the bed. And god, Ruby had never seen the other woman look so predatory.

"Oh Ruby, what a mess you've made," Mina drawled, dancing slim fingers over the younger girl's abdomen to the hem of her panties.

Ruby tired to push the embarrassment of the plain white and somewhat… innocent looking garment away but, "-I'm sorry!" Mina's dark eyes flashed upwards, worried and panicked. "My underwear, I mean! It's not very…. I mean, I know you can't see it but, well, I'm sure you're probably wearing some sort of devastatingly um…." For a beat Ruby desperately tried to regain her thought, momentarily thrown by imagining the woman hovering above her clad in all manner of raunchy lace, barely there sex teddies. It's not like such thoughts hadn't been entertained in the girl's mind before (and far… more) but this - here with the object of all those thoughts pinning her to a bed, so close and so real and so unbelievably more perfect than she ever could have fantasised - this was playing havoc with all of the little functions that Ruby normally took for granted.

Above her Mina's expression had quietly turned from one of panic to amusement as she heard the girl below her ramble into her own thoughts. She dipped her head closer and brushed their lips together gently, murmuring the girls name as she did. "Ruby, did I tell you? You're completely adorable. And it really doesn't matter what your wearing because…" She tilted her head in thought, wondering how to phrase it. "I'm blind, but I don't need sight to know… to know you are beautiful. And whatever you wear you'll always be beautiful. And kind and funny, and quirky, and utterly intoxicating even to women more than three times your age, who should really know better."

There was quiet pause in which Ruby stared somewhat flummoxed at Mina. "I.. Mina, I… are you blushing?" The younger girl peered at the pinked cheeks of the other woman's pale complexion and then let out a little shriek of laughter. "And you think I'm adorable?"

Mina gave a sigh and sat back so she was straddling Ruby's hips, "I'm far old to be adorable." Her eyes suddenly became serious, flickering towards the ceiling. She tugged her bottom lip in thought, "I'm so old."

Ruby propped herself up onto her elbows, "Mina."

"And you are so young. Young and unspoiled. I don't want to hurt you Ruby and… and I don't want you to hurt me. And both are likely." She closed her eyes, still worrying her bottom lip. "This isn't a good idea."

The younger girl stared at her, wondering what to say. Ruby felt like she was spiralling away from her own body and observing the scene from afar, distant and helpless. There were so many things too say, but… despite all of the thoughts flicking through her head being true, she didn't want to seem foolish, or naïve, in front of the other woman. But then, she wasn't prepared to loose this. And sure she might look foolish, naïve but… wasn't it far more stupid to sit and watch the object of all her desires fall apart and fall away from her?

"Mina?" Ruby reached up and turned the older woman's face towards her own, "I probably shouldn't tell you this - I mean, I know I'm young and I know you're old but… how I feel, I don't even think I can put into words how much I- how much I care about you. Nothing will change that. I can't promise that neither of us will get hurt but I know that I'll do everything in my power to stop anyone, including myself, from ever hurting you. I can't fight like Galvin and I'm not some sort of destined protégée like Luke but…" She trailed off. Mina had opened her eyes and was blinking rapidly. She swallowed and tried to lighten the tone, "besides you're only as old as you feel!"

Mina chuckled softly, "I feel my age."

"Oh… well you're looking pretty good on it."

The other woman grinned, all of a sudden seductive and damn, Ruby was a risk of whiplash from the speed at which Mina was changing moods tonight. And a heart attack if she kept smiling at her like that.

"What about you Ruby, how old do you feel?" Mina practically purred, lowering herself back down and tracing the tip of her nose around the edge of the younger girl's ear.

Ruby swallowed, distracted, "hmmm? Um, like a thirteen year old teenage boy around you."

"Oh?" Mina sat back, playfully pouting. Ruby stomach flipped - how could someone be this adorable and sexy at the same time? She didn't know whether she wanted to pet the other woman or rip her clothes off… though perhaps there was a way she could manage both at once? "I'm clearly not doing my job", the word was practically hummed, "if you can still think straight enough to evaluate your own age."

Ruby failed to suppress the shudder than ran through her, and Mina purred victoriously, smiling - all mischief and impishness - down at the girl.

"Preferably you shouldn't be able to remember your own name."

Downstairs Luke and Galvin, having returned from their uh… serious discussion, had given up looking for the two girls.

"Maybe they needed some space? Went for a walk?"

Galvin, who had been frowning up the stairs, grunted. "I think they needed some space all right. But I don't think a walk had much to do with it."


The older man gave a the boy a fond look, "women," he said, looking at his godson squarely in the eye, "are strange and mysterious creatures."

Luke met his gaze. "Well, I was hoping I wasn't going to have to worry too much a about women. I've different concerns. Different…priorities."

Galvin shifted his hips slightly, pressing his leg against the younger man's, still staring intensely at him. "Downstairs bathroom is free."

"What if they come back looking for us?" Luke asked reluctantly, pressing back against the side of Galvin's body, careful to make the move look causal. The kitchen was occupied by a large group on the other side of the room; their overly loud voices and exaggerated gestures signs of their intoxicated state.

Galvin's eyes were dark. He paid the group no heed. "They won't. Otherwise engaged."

Luke looked at him in surprise. "You know something I don't, don't you?" he said flatly. The teenager was use to the feeling of everyone else catching onto things a little faster than he did - there was no point denying it. And besides, his mother always told him he had other qualities.

The older man nodded. "Let's just say, you aren't the only one with different priorities."

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