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'Intensity In Ten Cities'




Edward Anthony Masen

Leave me alone...leave me alone..!

Those words swirl in my mind like a mantra as I continue to walk down the hall, the fools following me.

"Eddie! Come here, boy! We just wanted to help you with your glasses..." Mike calls, earning a laugh from his friend, Eric, that was following him. I could here his feet padding to catch up with me. I was gaining ground, fast.

"Eddie?" Eric shouts, I stop to swirl around. He doesn't expect the blow and takes the full force. These guys don't know what their messing with.

"Geez!" Mike sneers, coming at me with a punch without any force in it. I rolled my eyes, kicking him backwards with my converse. He looked startled as he fell on his back. I chuckled, adjusting my hood, so no one can see my face.

As I stepped over Eric, he spat blood out onto the ground near me. I laughed, walking to my first period class, Spanish.

Walking through the door into the classroom, I pushed in my headphones. None of the teachers call on me, they know better. Of course, I have a one-hundred in all my classes.. I am smart, I just don't like talking.

The teacher looked at me briefly, before jumping back to her work. I chuckled. No one knows what I look like, and I expect it to stay that way. Not that I'm bad looking, I just... I've already had enough people disappointed at me, why would I want all those adults sneering at me?

"May I sit here?" a deep voice asked when my music was fading into the next song. I pulled out my headphones, seeing his mouth move again.

"Huh?" I ask, clearing my voice when it sounded like I just took a cat to a lawn mower.

"May I sit here? I'm Emmett Cullen, by the way." he said, extending his hand. I nodded, grasping his hand in my own. He was an intimidating guy, huge muscles covered his arms. I knew I wouldn't win in a fight against him, though I do win most.

"Edward Masen?" the teacher calls, saving me from talking. I lift my hand in the air, dropping it lazily when she nods.

Just as I go to put my headphones in, Emmett looks at me in a confused matter.

"What?" I ask.

"Shouldn't you pay attention?" he inquired, lifting one of his brown eyebrows. I shrugged.

"No, I already know all the answers." I say, stuffing the headphone into my ear. He takes the cue to leave me alone. He may seem nice now, but they always change for the worst.. Always.

Soon, the bell could be heard even over the Chiodos playing in my ears. I hopped up, lifting my shoulder bag onto my shoulder and walked out the door.

After a very boring second period, the teacher just droned on and on about the Civil War, I headed to the Cafeteria. When I breathed in, I about threw up on the floor. The building reeked of socks and old Tomato's. Gross.

I lazily walk into the room, breathing through my mouth, and sat down at my regular table. The one with 'loser' spray painted on it. Courtesy of Mike Newton and his fellow thugs.

When I sat down, my head fell onto my arm quickly, happy to get a second of rest. I stayed up all night fixing my Volvo, Mike smashed into it 'accidentally' a few days ago; I 'accidentally' slammed his face into the pavement. When I left the garage, the sun was rising. I had about an hour of sleep, before I took a shower to wash all the oil off my face.

"Hey... hello?" a melodic voice asked. I looked up–

Her eyes looked like God melted chocolate directly into her eye sockets. Her deep brown hair fell over shoulder and tumbled down to her waist easily. The Nightmare Before Christmas shirt she was wearing showed off her curves.

Snap out of it!

"As long as I can sleep." I mumble. She smiles brightly and sets her bag down beside me.

"Sure. It's nice to meet you, I'm Isabella Cullen. Please call me Bella." she turns pink, offering her hand. I shake it in a bored way, though I was anything, but bored.

"Edward Masen." I say, slamming my head onto my arm. A beautiful melody plays, and it takes me a second to realize she was laughing.

"Mind if we join you?" Emmett asks from the side of the table, a girl with blonde hair under his arm. A short Pixie girl jumped around anxiously, clutching onto a tall blonde boy's arm happily.

I nod. The short girl chirps out a laugh and instantly reminds me of a humming bird.

"I'm Alice Cullen! This is Jasper Hale, that's Rosalie Hale. Um.. That's Emmett!" Alice giggles, taking her seat beside Bella.

"Edward Masen." I say, ready to go back to sleep.

"Hey, Isabella!" a voice calls, "why you hanging out with the loser when you could sit with me?"

I frown, the voice belonged to Mike. Here we go, she's going to go running into his —

"Who's a loser?" Bella asks, turning around so she can look at Mike, "the only one I see is you. And I told you not to call me Isabella. My name is Bella"

I smirk, trying to hold back the laugh that was trying to pry it's way to the surface.

"Don't you see the label on his table, Babe?" Mike smiles, standing up from his table and sauntering over to mine.

"Back off." I hiss, standing in front of Bella.

"What did you say, Masen? I don't believe I was speaking to you." he sneers, trying to push me aside. I roll my eyes and tower over him, his eyes grow wide with fear.

"I said, would you like a replay of Tuesday? Your face sure did seem to enjoy the pavement.." I smirk, seeing his face fall.

"Go ahead, take your hit!" Mike challenges, pointing to he side of his face that wasn't marked by my fist.

"Unlike you, I don't fight when there are women present. Maybe your dad forgot to teach you that." I growl. His frown flips, and soon he is laughing.

"At least I have a Dad." his voice seems to echo in my head. His Polo shirt is soon clutched in one of my fists.

"Mind if I hit him?" I ask, turning back to Bella. Mike swings like a rag-doll with the movement.

"Go ahead." Bella say, enabling my fist to slam into Mike's eye. He hisses in pain, trying to reach me, but fails.

"Don't you dare talk about my father. He was a better man then the pig you call your Dad can ever be." I growl, throwing Mike to the ground.

"Why don't you go see your mother? Isn't the old hag supposed to die soon?" Mike laughs, along with a lot of others.

My eyes burn in rage as I clamp my hand down on his neck, lifting him from the ground. Mike struggles in my grasp, but any thoughts of my Pride have left me. I'm acting on pure unadulterated anger. Mike's eyes dart around as he tries to breathe, but can never get enough air to comfort him. Only enough so he can live.

"Do not talk about my mother." my voice is more menacing then it has ever been. No one talks about my mother, ever.

"Edward!" Emmett calls from behind me.

I suddenly realize Mike's face is turning purple. I gasp, opening my hand so he can fall to the floor.

The red that was fogging my vision leaves, allowing me to see Mike as he rubs the hand marks on his neck. I frown.

"Are you okay?" a small voice asks from behind me. I wheeze, feeling my asthma scrape at my lungs.

"Dude, what's wrong?" Emmett asks, clapping me on the back. That only makes it worse.

"Asth..asthma!" I squeak, searching through my bag in a terrified rush. My hands shake as I try to find the inhaler. Black dots cloud my vision.

Bella gasps, helping me search my bag.

"Here!" she chirps, handing me the inhaler. I take two puffs.

"Thanks." I whisper, dropping onto my chair.

"What happened?" Rosalie asks, her eyebrows raised.

"I have asthma." I tell them, gulping in lung fulls of air.

"Oh." she nods, looking down at her food that looks to be... rotten socks? Just a guess.

"I shouldn't have gone at him like I did... but.. What he said..." I try to breathe deeply, and cough.

"If you don't mind me asking... what's wrong with your mother?" Bella asks, a sad frown on her lips. For anyone else, I would have sneered a 'no'... but, there is something about Bella, that's just.. Different.

"She... she has Cancer." I mutter, tilting my head down so no one can see the single tear that drifts down my face.

"I'm sorry." Bella whispers, setting a hand on my arm. I nod, putting my head on my arm so I can catch a few minutes of sleep.

"Yeah." I whisper, feeling the dark take me.


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