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Our army was greatly decimated. I looked around to see that the field laid red with mainly the blood of our women. We were always a grand threat to the Greeks. For they believed women should not bear swords and shields but only children. We defied their beliefs. They called us Amazons.

The Greeks declared war against Trabson. We were women taught to fight as soon as we learned to walk. We knew the battle field as we knew our body, every tactic, every move, like every fingernail and every thumb. But that failed us today. The attack was a surprised attack, and though we amazons were always prepared for battle, our army as whole was not. But the surprise wasn't what caused us to loose. No not that.

It was the man with long fiery locks, and skin like carved ivory. His left cheek had a scar that did not mar his beauty but added to his fierceness. He was deadly. When the perfectly formed line of men dissolved into wild un-tamable warriors, so did he. But he was different, anybody could see from the glow of his skin that he was deity. A deity with a strong appetite for battles and wars, one blinded by battle rage and deadly. The Greeks had come to win. They had come with a god. They had come with Ares.

I could see that this was a battle we were not going to win. Too many of my people were already dead. When the battle began our army consisted of about 3000 women soldiers. But at the moment the ones still capable of fighting were but perhaps no more than two-hundred.

All because of the god they came with. Ares took out the strongest of our fighters first, the leaders, the war-ladies. He swung his sword and lifted his shield killing countless of my people. And i could see though there were few of us left he had no intention of stopping.

I was one of the best fighters and he had yet to kill me. I was at a great distance from him, leaving a trail of lifeless Greek soldiers. I had stop counting after eighty-seven, but despite how many i killed I still got wounded and cut here and there. Nothing deadly, but still weakening.

I could see his hair shinning red under the sun, his face washed in blood as he slashed through many more.

I was tired. More than tired, exhausted. I knew this battle was lost, and I knew to die today was my fate. But i was going to harm him before i walked Hades' plain.

I ran towards the rage consumed god. Reckless, i know, but i intended to die with honor. As i ran my helm became confining. I Took it off in one swift motion and dropped it on the ground. My hair fell down my shoulders, the wind blowing it away from my face. I withdrew an arrow from the case strapped on my back, and still running i prepared my bow, shoulders straight, elbow high. I always prided myself in my aim, and when it hit the god of war on his bare arm, that carried the shield, i prided myself even more. I didn't stop, i launched a second arrow, and then a third. The second punctured his powerful thigh and the third he avoided.

He took the arrows out with his bare hands and looked up at me. His eyes were un-human. He was a god after all, they were green, the color of a cat' his eyes locked on mine, i felt chills of fear run down my spine, But fear wouldn't stop me, it never did.

Ares' face was contorted in rage, his lips drawn back into a snarl, nostrils flaring.

Dear goddess Athena, i never had the intention of dying by the hands of a god, not until today at least.

I noticed there were too many corpses at my feet. I ran back looking for a clearer space. The god ran after me. When i found a semi clear space, i withdrew my sword and turned to face him. I attacked first, he blocked me with his word. I kept on trying to pierce him with my sword, but he always blocked my attacks.

My arms grew heavy and my body grew exhausted. Yet he seemed ready to battle a hundred more armies. After all this was his calling. He was the god of war.

One strong blow from him and my body vibrated. My sword fell.

I now stood against this god with out a single weapon. But i needed no weapon to die. I looked at his tall powerful form. His bloodthirsty bright eyes pierce mine. He looked lost in battle rage. Like a jaguar finishing it's kill.

I held my head high, my shoulders straight, even when this damned human body just wanted to fall and sleep. And i was afraid of what was to come next. Still i held my head high, Defiant until the very end.

The god crossed the little distance between us. His right arm went behind my head and grabbed my hair, not pulling just restraining. He pushed me close to him, his sword raised to my throat, The steel was sharp and the blood on it was bathed in was still warm.

I stared into his eyes, lips tightly closed. His nostril flared as if he smelled my defiance and it was something rare, something he wasn't used to. Then....

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