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The month after Ares' return he did not rise from bed, he did not speak, he did not eat. He was like a wounded animal waiting to see if it would survive. He broke my heart.

I would lay besides him with my arms around him, hoping to wake him from his catatonic stupor. I would whisper sweet nothings in his ears hoping that somehow he would return to me. And when my whispers went unnoticed, I grew weary.

I walked into the sleeping chamber to find him just as I had left him when I had awoken. Perhaps he had arisen from bed to relief himself, but he had returned to the very same position I had left him upon waking. His back towards the door and his face towards the opened window.

When I came to stand before him, I sat on the bed besides him and smoothed the hair from his brow. This close I could smell the soap on his skin, his hair was even damp and that gave me hope. But when his grass colored eyes opened they appeared vacant.

"I feel…I love you Ares. Immensely so...I know that I am to blame for your state…I understand that…And I am incredibly sorry that you were captured…I…What do I do, Ares?... What can I do to help you?"

His lids closed over his eyes. Their pale auburn color contrasted against the circles under his eyes and the paleness of his cheeks. I was glad he closed his eyes, for there was no necessity for him to see the tears in my eyes.

"I am so very sorry." I leaned in and kissed his brow.

Then I stood stoically, turned my back on him and walked from the room. It was then that the tears rolled freely from my eyes. When I had reached the living quarters I sat on the chair and placed my head in my hands and allowed myself to freely sob.

I loved Ares, but I was incredibly frustrated. I did not know how to help him, it was as if I was watching him die, slowly and of sadness and could not do a single thing about it. I wept till I had no more tears in me.

When I felt a hand over mine I jumped in fright. I looked up to find Ares staring at me. Immediately I wiped the tears from my eyes and stood up. He did not move away but simply wrapped his arms around me. I wrapped mines around him and held on to him.

Nothing needed to be said, we simply held one another for a very long time.

After that day much began to change. Though he was often withdrawn and somber he began his life as a human. Over the course of weeks he began to rise early, I would find him gone when I awoke, and he would set to do incredibly human chores. He would feed Kohl and the chickens and a stray dog that had taken to following him. He was incredibly quiet, distant too, barely speaking with anybody other than me. At times he was incredibly hostile towards other people, especially when left alone with them. But it was better than having him laying in bed all day.

It was a start for him. It was difficult but we together we managed to pull through.


"Oh, Gods." I said.

I had returned to the main room just in time to watch as Ares slammed his fist into a man's face, knocking him unconscious and was going for the next man. There were four men on the floor and he was reaching for the fifth. He looked disheveled but there was a light expression in his eyes that reminded me of the day I battled against him in the training grounds. He was amused.

"Let him go, Ares." He indeed released the man but only after he knocked him senseless as well.

"Out! Out with ye!" The tavern keeper, an old lady had a taken a broom and threatened the once god of war with it.

"Very well." Ares said. His hands in the air, gesturing surrender. He was smiling.

"Go on, Liah. Take your man with ye, and don't leave him alone 'till he learns to behave."

"I am so very sorry, Raina, I'll pay for the damages-"

"Tis alright, just get 'im from 'ere before I ruin him beyond your liking."

I grabbed Ares' arm and pulled him towards the exit. When we stepped outside the man appeared to be gloating foolishly. My mouth was opened at the audacity, we probably would never be allowed entranced in that tavern again. I closed my fist and landed a blow on his arm.

"Do you realize-" Before I even finished the word he quickly pressed a chaste kiss on my lips. I tasted his blood.

"My apologies….I like it." There was a smile on his face as he spoke.

"What? Do you like having your face punched in? Is that it?" I was outraged but what outraged me the most was that he was still smiling, appearing incredibly happy. The happiest I've ever seen him.

"No…Being human." He leaned over to kiss me once again but I moved my head and the kiss landed on my cheek.

"Anger is wasted upon you, is it not?"

"Have I ever told you that your eyes sparkle beautifully when you anger?" I lifted my brow and stifled a smile.


"We'll they do...I love that your cheeks redden too….do you know when else your cheeks redden?" His smile turned absolutely wicked.

"Let's return home." I began walking towards our home.

"Let's get married." He said. His green eyes shone bright. He stood there, happier than I've ever seen him and just the sight of his joy made mine everlasting.

"Is a fortnight convenient for you?"

"On the morrow sounds better."

"On the morrow it is then." I walked back towards him and when I was close to him nothing else mattered. Nothing but the smile on his face and the beat of his heart.


We did not see the gods again, but on the evening after the marriage we had found that they had left a gift for us. There was a small herd of less than a dozen horses, stallions and mares of the highest breeds all inside the much in need of repair stables. Kohl did not take nicely to having competition, but he became accustomed to them. The gods had also left a pouch of golden coins and a note.

We wish you all the happiness in the world. Thank you Liah of Trabzon for everything. And Ares, please remember that you mustn't solve everything with your fist. Humans have laws, you know. We celebrate your union from Olympus. It Dionysus idea.


Know that we indeed lived an immensely happy life. That we loved each other beyond limits. All the pain was worth it, every single one. The god of war and I…we became one. We were one even after our sun of life had set forever.



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