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Now on with chapter 10. This is the mating chapter

Chapter 10 Mating season

Kiara woke up that morning, and saw that Kovu was not laying next to her. She also looked around, and saw Vitani, Numa, Inu, June, Inzu, and May were also gone. Kiara stood up, and stretched her back out, and yawned. She then shook her fur, and walked outside to the tip of Pride Rock. She then saw Kovu down near a tree just starring at it. Kiara jumped down the rocks, and started to walk over to him.

Kovu just kept looking at the tree, so Kiara thought that it might be fun to try and pounce on hum. She ducked into the tall grass, started creeping up on Kovu. She jumped at him, but Kovu moved out of the way. Kiara hit the ground, and flipped over on her back. Kovu walked over to her and said, "Nice try Kiara, but you still have a little training to go." Kiara stood up, and nuzzled up against Kovu.

Kiara then looked at him, and said, "You know it's almost the season of mating, and I will be in heat soon, so what do you say?"

Kovu looked at her, and smiled. He then walked away from Kiara, and said, "I don't know."

Kiara walked over to him and said, "I know you want to Kovu, and I want some cubs."

Kovu just laughed and walked forward a little more. Kiara walked in front of him, and rubbed her tail under Kovu's chin. She then looked back, and smiled at Kovu, and then ran into the grass.

Vitani and Numa were just sitting around under a tree talking. "Hey Numa," Vitani said.

"Yes Vitani," Numa answered.

"You do know that the season of mating is coming up, and since you are my mate. Well you know," Vitani said.

"I know Numa said, and the answer is of course. I've been waiting for this season, since I met you.

Vitani was happy about this, and laid on Numa's back, as he was laying down.

Kovu chased after Kiara, and finally caught her, as he touched her with his paw. When Kiara felt the touch, she turn around and smiled at Kovu. Then they started playing one of their favorite games. They started tagging each other.

Simba was standing on Pride Rock, and watch Kiara and Kovu. It wasn't long before his mate Nala walked up and said, "It's almost the time, when Kiara will be ready to mate. I know that she will have a lot of cubs. I bet Kovu can't wait to be a father."

Simba turned around, and faced Nala, and said, "It wasn't long ago you gave birth to Kiara, and I was teaching her of what it was to be a princess, and now she's all grown up, and ready to have cubs. Then I thought Kovu was walking in Scar's path, but I was wrong on that as well. Then I thought I was following in my fathers paw prints, but I don't know."

Nala looked at him and said, "Simba you tried to do to much when your first became king. If your father was alive now; I bet that he would be proud of you. You have ruled the Pridelands with great wisdom, and we have raised Kiara up to be a fine lioness, and the decision to make the Outlanders part of our pride was also a great decision as well. Simba I love you."

Simba looked at Nala, and said, "I love you to Nala,"

They both just sat there, and watched Kiara and Kovu run around in the tall grass. They sat there, and it wasn't long before the sun starting going down. Kiara and Kovu walked up to the top of Pride Rock. Kiara saw her father, and mother standing there looking at the sun going down. Kiara walked up to them, and told them, "Good night."

Simba and Nala both told Kiara good night, and watched Kiara walk into the cave. They also saw Kovu waiting by the entrance. Kiara smiled at him, and walked into the cave. Kovu walked right behind her.

Simba and Nala walked into the cave, and the sun went down.

A few days past, and Kiara was outside waiting on Kovu to wake up. It wasn't long before Kovu woke up, and walked outside. Kiara nuzzled up against him, and said, "Follow me."

Kiara and Kovu walked, until the ran into some tall grass. Then Kiara turned around, and said, "Kovu I'm now in heat, and well."

"I know Kiara. The answer is yes."

Kiara looked so happy, and then she laid down on her, as Kovu walked around behind her, and started mounting her.

"Ouch, you stepped on my tail Kovu," Kiara said.

"Sorry Kiara," Kovu responded.

"It's okay, and," Kiara couldn't finish her sentence, because she felt Kovu starting to mate with her.

"Oh that fells nice Kovu. Yes I've been waiting for this moment," Kiara said, as Kovu kept mating with her.

As Kiara and Kovu was mating in another part of the Pridelands Vitani and Numa were talking. Vitani said to Numa, "I'm in heat. I am now ready to mate, so what do you say?"

"Of course," Numa said back to her.

Vitani laid down, and Numa mounted her. "This fells wonderful," Vitani said, as Numa starting mating with her.

Inu and June was under a tree, and were mating. Inzu and May were also some were in The Pridelands mating as well.

It wasn't long before Kiara and Kovu were getting tired. Kovu dismounted Kiara, and walked beside her. Kiara looked up at Kovu, and said, "That was great."

"Yes it was," Kovu said.

They kept on talking, until the sun starting going down. They both walked back to Pride Rock, and saw Vitani and Numa walking back as well. They all made it back to Pride Rock, and went inside. The sun went down, and they fell asleep.

End Chapter 10

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