Ok so this idea has been swimming around in my brain for awhile. As I write this I don't know if it will be a continuous story or a really long one shot. So here is the spiel, Clark and Doomsday are on the verge and people around them begin to choose their sides and ready for battle. This is slightly anti-Chloe which I'm actually not so this will be a little different for me. Also for my own reasons, Perry White is the editor at the Planet even though this is taking place around the time in the show,


Clark stumbled and fell to his knees on the balcony. It had taken all he had left to leap up that high. He took a shallow breath and felt the pain radiate through his chest, he wasn't used to this kind of pain and really could do without it. He wasn't sure why he came here but he knew he needed to be somewhere safe. He didn't have the strength to go to the Fortress, Oliver was on the other side of the world attempting to get back as quickly as possible and Chloe…well he didn't know if he could trust Chloe. What he did know was he was minutes from passing out and if Davis was out there, Clark couldn't afford to pass out where he could be found. He pulled himself to his feet and leaned on the door frame as he knocked on the door. He knew he was going to have a lot of explaining to do and if he survived the night he would do so gladly. He felt a sharp pain in his side and his vision blurred and he swayed, this was not good.

Lois stood frozen watching the television, she couldn't believe her eyes. A news station had tapped into a street camera that had filmed a fight between the monster that has ripped apart Chloe's wedding and the Red and Blue Blur. The Blur was wearing a ski mask so his face wasn't being revealed but there was something about him that seemed so familiar. The two were beating the holy hell out of each other and tearing apart that particular part of downtown Metropolis. Lois had been at home in her pajamas when the breaking news report came on and she was ready and willing to head down there when her phone had rung. It had been her Editor Perry White and he was telling, no ordering her to stay away. She had tried to argue that this was the news opportunity of a lifetime but he had explained the city was shut down and she wouldn't make it through. Plus no one knew what this creature that the press had dubbed "Doomsday" was capable of. So she had stayed, she had tried to call Smallville to keep him updated but of course he was no where to be found. Typical.

Then the creature had thrown the Blur through the air and he crashed into the pole housing the video camera and the feed was killed. No one knew what had happened until a news report came in that both the blur and the creature had disappeared and the city had quieted. Either both were dead or they had crawled off somewhere to lick their wounds. She had sent up a silent prayer that the Blur was ok. She was startled when she heard a tapping at her balcony door. What the hell could that be? She lived on the 16th floor. Still reeling from seeing Doomsday she picked up a heavy candle stick holder and swung the door open ready to attack. What she hadn't expected was a torn and beaten up Clark Kent to fall at her feet.

"Smallville?" she gasped in shock. Clark moaned but didn't move. Lois quickly knelt beside him and felt for a pulse, it was very faint. She looked at him trying to wrap her mind around everything. "How did you get up here? What happened to you, who hurt you?" she asked swallowing hard at the bruises that marred his face. She looked him over and then gasped as she realized what she was looking at. She sat back in shock. Clark was beaten badly and dressed just like the Blur had been. She swallowed hard as she reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a ski mask. Oh god it was true Clark was the Red and Blue Blur, it suddenly made sense now all the times he disappeared only to keep showing up after the Blur had done his thing. The private conversations he had with Ollie, of course The Blur and The Green Arrow would converse. Clark had just been in a battle with that thing from Chloe's wedding and from what she saw he took a beating not too many people could survive. He must have come here because he needed help. Lois took a deep breath if Smallville needed her for help she would move heaven and earth to make sure he got it.

"Smallville" she said gently tapping his cheek with her palm. "Smallville wake up." She watched as his eyelashes fluttered and his opened to reveal their beautiful blue tone. "Hi there" she said with a relieved smile. "I need your help I need to get you onto your feet so we can get you onto the bed. You're hurt but I can't lift you." She had tried but he weighed a ton. He nodded and shook his head as if clearing the cobwebs. He slowly made his way up to his feet trying to not lean on Lois so hard that he could knock her over. He ached all over and all he wanted to do was sleep. He couldn't though because Lois was asking him for something and he would do anything for her, even clear his addled brain.

"Just walk slowly, we're almost there." She said leading him into her bedroom. "You're safe now" she said.

Suddenly he felt as if someone bashed him upside the head. He pulled away from her grip and almost lost his balance but was stopped from falling onto the floor by bashing into the doorframe.

"Smallville what the hell is your problem?" she asked confused at his behavior.

"I shouldn't have come here" he said his voice quiet and raspy. "It isn't safe, he could come looking for me. I can't stay here, I can't endanger you." He said.

Lois gripped his arm. "Well to bad, you're already here and from what I can see you are in no condition to go anywhere." She led him to her bed and he sat down gingerly, every movement seemed to send pain radiating through him.

Lois took him in. "God Clark, you look awful, I think I should call for an ambulance."

"No" Clark protested. "I can't go to a hospital." He looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Ok, ok no hospitals, but Clark you're really hurt. I saw that fight you have to have some broken bones." Lois said.

Clark cringed when she mentioned the fight she had witnessed, he would have to ask her about that. "I think a couple ribs are broken and maybe my right hand. I'll heal I just need to rest. He looked around the room. "Just give me a few minutes to gather some strength and I'll leave." He said and Lois shook her head.

"Clark, I'm not letting you go anywhere so just relax. Now what do you mean you'll heal?" she asked.

Clark took a raspy breath, and looked at her remorse in his eyes. Lois saw the look and shook her head.

"Smallville I know you're the Blur and it's ok. I mean I'm going to give you hell for not telling me but not until you're better." She said with a smile. "So can you heal fast? I mean I've figured you're strong and obviously fast. Is there anything in particular I can do to help you?" she asked.

Clark shook his head he was getting fuzzy again, he needed to stay awake though, if Davis came for him he had to protect Lois. Lois started to gently peel his jacket off his shoulder. She wanted to get a better look at his injuries. She pulled the jacket and he gave a sharp cry and she jumped.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry" she said tears filling her eyes. Seeing Smallville hurt was something that pulled at her heart. She didn't like seeing the normally strong and stoic farm boy in pain.

"It's ok." He mumbled and Lois could see he was losing consciousness.

"Smallville stay awake, please tell me what to do." She begged.

He shook his head and tried to focus. "Call Oliver he will tell you everything" he rasped. "I talked to him after the fight." He took a deep and painful breath. "I shouldn't have come here, if Davis comes here Lois just leave don't fight or stay for me, just get out promise me." He said.

"Davis? As in Davis Bloom?" Lois asked shock. Clark was looking at her and she knew he was waiting for her promise. "How can you ask me to leave you behind?" she asked her voice wavering.

"You have to" he said his voice as forceful as he could make it in his condition. "Please Lois I need to know you'll be safe." He said.

Lois took a deep breath, "Ok if Davis comes here I'll leave, but Smallville if Davis is Doomsday, I have to call Chloe and warn her."

Clark shook his head, "No you can't, I can't explain but please just call Oliver first he will fill you in on everything. Please call him first." His voice wavered off and Lois watched as his eyes rolled up and he lost consciousness.

"Smallville!" She exclaimed. She lowered him back onto the pillows and moved his feet onto the bed. She took his shoes and socks off and looked at him. She needed to undress him to see if maybe she could wrap his ribs and maybe clean out his cuts. She looked at his shoulder and noticed it didn't look right, it was disconnected, that was why he had cried out when she took his jacket off. "Oh Smallville I'm so sorry" she whispered. She ran into the other room and got a pair of scissors, the only way she could get his shirt off was to cut it. She cut he fabric down the middle. "Good thing I know you have a lifetime supply of these shirts" she said with a small smile. She pulled the ruined fabric from his body and gasped. His chest was marred with a purple bruise that went up from his stomach and to the bottom of his pecs and wrapped around his right side, that must be where the ribs were broken. She had never seen bruising that bad appear so quickly before, it was testament to how strong this Doomsday really was.

She couldn't believe Davis was Doomsday, she shook her head she needed to care for Clark first then she would call Oliver. She unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his legs. She blushed when she had been nervous for a second that he might be going commando. "This wasn't how I imagined the first time I undress you would go. And believe me I've thought about it" She muttered quietly. She got her First Aid kit out of her bathroom and did her best to tape his ribs. She also bandaged his hand and wrapped a homemade sling around his shoulder. She wasn't a doctor but her father had taught her First Aid knowledge, she hoped it was enough for Clark because if he was bleeding internally she wouldn't know what to do. She wiped out his cuts with antiseptic cleaner and bandaged some of the deeper wounds. He really needed to go to a hospital but she couldn't do that to him, not when she saw the fear in his eyes. Whatever the meteor rocks had done to him to allow him to have these powers she didn't blame him for not wanting people to know.

Clark suddenly groaned and thrashed around in his sleep. He was moaning loudly. Lois ran to his side and touched his cheek trying to sooth him.

"No" he groaned, "I won't let you hurt anymore people" he cried out.

"Shh Smallville, it's ok you're safe you're safe." She soothed.

"Chloe, please help me, please." His voice begged. "Please don't leave me here."

Lois felt the tears well in her eyes at the desperate plea in his voice. Chloe? Had she been there? Was she hurt? No, she knew Clark would never leave Chloe behind no matter how hurt he was. So why was he begging Chloe to not leave him? Her curiosity got the best of her and she picked up the phone. It was time to call Oliver.

Ok so this is going to be too long for a one shot so I'm making it a series. Hope you like it so far.