Lois stood and straightened her skirt as she took a nervous breath, on the inside she was shaking but to the outside world she looked like the cool and composed Lois Lane Daily Planet Reporter. She glanced over her shoulder at the person sitting next to her and gave them a small smile. It was forced, today was not a day to smile. She walked to the front of the room and stood in front of the table where Metropolis's most respected psychologists sat.

She stood up to the podium and adjusted the microphone.

"Ms. Lane" a man named Dr. Stevens addressed her. "Would you please state your full name and relationship to the patient?"

"Lois Joanne Lane, I'm Chloe's cousin." Lois said.

"Is it safe to say that you and the patient used to be very close?" the doctor asked.

"Yes that is true, we were more like sisters than cousins." Lois said feeling the pain swell in her heart.

"So please explain to myself and my colleagues why you feel that someone you at one time was so close to should stay in this sanitarium and not released back into the public."

Lois took a deep breath and she glanced over to the desk where Chloe and her lawyer sat. Chloe sat staring straight ahead never making eye contact or acknowledgement of Lois's presence.

"I believe that Chloe is not well enough to get out. At the time of her mental breakdown she was infatuated with the creature that the media dubbed "Doomsday" she believed that she and this creature were soulmates. As we all know the Red and Blue Blur defeated the monster and disposed of the creature. My cousin firmly believed that the creature was sent to a parallel world through a paper weight that she believes is a magical crystal teleport. Now a lot of bizarre and incredible things happened that night and for we all know perhaps her theory is correct, that isn't my problem. My problem is Chloe still believes that not only is the creature trapped in this magical paper weight but that she can find a way to let it out. This thing tore through downtown and hurt a lot of people, Chloe's wanting to let it back out makes me nervous." Lois said. "I love my cousin but I can say in all honesty if she is still determined to 'free' the creature then how can she be trusted to not hurt herself or anyone else."

Chloe's lawyer cleared his throat. "Ms. Lane is not a trained psychologist how can she possibly tell us in what mental state my client is in."

Lois rolled her eyes. "I know her mental state and I know my cousin and this is not her. My cousin when in her right state of mind would not be looking for ways to free a creature that could wreak death and mayhem on the city. "

"You assume that is what my client wants now. When she was brought in yes she was stuck in her delusion but she is on medication and much better now." The lawyer argued.

Lois shook her head and looked towards Chloe. "She isn't my cousin not who my cousin used to be."

One of the doctors cleared their throats a doctor of the name Lindell. She looked at the lawyer. "The patient has still made insinuations that she would be ok if the creature was to come back. She has also claimed to the know the identities of the Red and Blue Blur and the Green Arrow." She looked at Lois. "Is there a possibility that Ms. Sullivan is telling the truth.

Lois shook her head and spoke as convincingly as possible. "I am well aware of who Chloe believes the Blur and Arrow are." She looked back at the man sitting quietly. "I assure you though if I knew the identity of the Red and Blur I would have a Pulitzer story. I didn't become a successful reporter by ignoring great stories, anyone who knows me knows that I would do almost anything to find out the Blur's true identity." She glanced up towards the television that was running on mute in the corner it was running one of the cable news networks. On the screen she watched as the Blur was rescuing people from a burning building. She gestured to the screen. "I rest my case" everyone turned to look at the screen she was gesturing to.

"I think we've heard enough." Dr. Stevens said. He conferred with the other doctors and then addressed the room. "It is our agreed opinions that Chloe Sullivan is not mentally fit to leave this sanitarium and should be kept in our care." With that the doctors excused themselves and an orderly came to collect Chloe.

As he led Chloe past her the blonde shot Lois a dirty look, "Davis will come back" she spat angrily.

Lois sighed and turned around and smiled at her companion. "Jimmy, I'm so sorry," Lois said hugging her friend.

"It's ok Lois, I mean as much as I hate to hear it every word you said was true. Chloe is sick. I mean she believes that Oliver is the Green Arrow and that The Blur could actually be… well its just ridiculous. I'm just so sorry this is had to happen." Jimmy said sadly.

"We've all lost a lot these past six months but we have to look towards the positive." She said rubbing her protruding belly. Jimmy excused himself and Lois glanced up towards the television, the Blur was helping out at a pile up on the freeway. To anyone who didn't know better they would think they were seeing the Blur but Lois knew the truth.

"Thanks Bart." She whispered gently as the man she had grown to respect and care so much about raced around filling in.

She stepped out of the hospital and slowly walked down the stairs when she heard someone call her name. She turned and saw her fiancée jogging up the rest of the stairs to meet her. She went into his embrace and smiled as his familiar scent warmed her.

"How did it go, I should have been there but well I was afraid of how she would react to me."

"It's ok" Lois said smiling as he placed his hand on her belly. "Everything went the way we thought it would."

Clark Kent looked up at her with a sad smile. "I wish you didn't have to go through that." He said regretfully.

"Hey" Lois said taking his face in her hands. "Everything in there was the truth I just had to bend it a little. But we both know that Chloe is that crazy. If I thought she could be out here and not be a danger I would fight tooth and nail to get her out."

"Did she try to out Oliver or myself?" Clark asked with a sigh. "The last few times I've seen her she's reacted violently to my presence."

"No it came up but Bart was right on time, they had a television in the room and everyone saw the Blur doing his thing while you were in a room full of Metropolis's elite accepting an award. You have a solid alibi. We can set one up for Ollie if needed but I think if I just point out that Chloe seems to think everyone I've dated is a superhero it will be less believable. As much as it hurts to intentionally keep Chloe in that place, she's not getting better and we need to keep not only you safe but Oliver, Bart, AC, Diana and Victor."

"You're amazing." Clark said taking her back into his arms carful of their baby carefully nestled in her belly between them.

"Damn right, I mean darn right I am," ever since Lois read that the baby would soon be able to pick up sounds outside the womb she did her best to cut back on her swearing.

"So when are you going to let me marry you and make an honest woman out of you?" Clark asked kissing her nose. "I know you want to wait until the baby is born but."

"I want to look hot in my wedding dress." Lois interrupted with pout.

"You always look hot." Clark said and Lois rolled her eyes.

"You're biased." Lois said.

"And I really want to be your husband, how about a compromise?" Clark asked.

"I'm listening." Lois said.

"We go to the courthouse get our license, get married by a judge. Then after the baby is here and you get the dress of your dreams we have a full wedding with guests and flowers and frilly things."

"First off my wedding is not going to be frilly." Lois argued.



"An answer would be nice."

"Oh ok." She said with a shrug.

"OK you're going to give me an answer or Ok is your answer?" Clark asked.



"Don't yell you'll give the baby a complex."

"Sweet Lord I swear I'm going to …"

"Really Smallville you're going to threaten me in front of our baby?" she said putting her hands on her stomach as if holding them over the baby's ears.

"Last chance Lois it's now or never, I'm not going to ask again." Clark said.

"Well when you put it that way." Lois said.

"I wonder what Katy the new secretary at the Planet is doing tonight?" Clark asked. "Think she likes Italian?"

Lois's eyes narrowed. "You wouldn't dare."

"Well I mean I would be single I gave you chance and you passed it umph" he stopped when Lois threw herself into his arms and pressed her arms around him.

"Smallville?" Lois asked pulling away from the kiss.

"Yes Lois." Clark asked.

"Let's go get hitched"

Ok there it is I hope it was a decent ending Please let me know.