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Chapter 7

It had been raining that day so everyone was eating lunch inside their classrooms.
Dexter sat next to his only guy friends, Otto and Douglas.
All the Utonium girls passed by them.
First Blossom came, "Hey, Dex." She said smiling sweetly as she passing by.
Then Bubbles, "HI, GENIUS BOY!" she shouted smiling too.
Then last but not least came Buttercup, "Yo, Dorkster." She said with a smirk sort of mocking him.
"Wow Dex, all the Utonuim girls have nicknames for you." Otto said.
"That's because they probably all have the hots for Dex." Douglas said eating French fries.
"But seriously how did you get them to like you so much?" Otto said, "I'm mean, I've been trying to get a girlfriend for years! And you never do anything, and yet all the Utonium girls like you!"
"Yeah Otto does have a point." Douglas agreed
"Sounds like you guys are jealous." Dexter said kidding around
"Heck, yeah! I want Bubbles to be mine! Dex, do you think Bubbles would go out with me?" Otto said raising his eyebrows up and down.
Dexter shoved a French-fry in his ear.
"Ouch! What was that for!" Otto said picking mashed potato out of his ear.
"Because you're being stupid." he said calmly.
"What does Blossom see in you?" he said sarcastically.
"I don't know…" Dexter said as if Otto's question was serious, "Sometimes I wonder what she DOES see in me… I mean what do I have to offer? Sometimes I think… Why did she ever fall for someone as dorky and geeky as me? And she's so perfect… am I really the best person for her?"
Otto and Douglas stayed quiet for a while to think about it…
Then after everything was quiet for a while…
"HA HA! You're totally right, Dex! How DID she fall for you!" Otto laughed at him.
"YA! You ARE a nerd!" Douglas agreed they both started laughing at him.
Then Dexter grabbed them and started shoving French-fries in both of their ears.
"Ouch! Hey Dex! We were just kidding!" Otto begged for mercy, "Ouch! Hey cut it out!"
"Yeah Dex, you're not a nerd! Ouch!" Douglas yelled
Dexter continued to shove more into their ears.


"ALRIGHT!" Bubbles yelled to Buttercup, "Remember the plan?"
"Look Bubbles, I told you already I'm not going to help you make them kiss!" Buttercup said.
"Ohhh, but why not?" Bubbles complained, "Their so cute! How could you resist!" she squealed.
"Because unlike you, I'm NORMAL, Bubbles." Buttercup replied.
"OH, C'mon!" Bubbles complained.
"NO! I don't want any part of this! If anything I should be stopping you!"
"Why? Is it because you're cold and heartless?"Bubbles said
"No, it's because I don't WANT too." Buttercup said grabbing the collar of Bubbles' shirt, "if you got a problem with that, then I'll make you suffer…"
"O-ok." Bubbles said nervously.
Buttercup released Bubbles from her clutches and walked into the kitchen.
"Uhhhgh , I'm Buttercup, I'm so tough, big and annoying, blah!" Bubbles mocked her quietly so she wouldn't hear.

"Mmmmm… it's raining hard! Time to put my plan into action!" Bubbles said to herself while looking out the window.
Dexter and Blossom where sitting on the couch doing a science project. Dexter seemed to be doing all the work. "Um Dex?" Blossom asked "can uhh, I… help?"
Dexter didn't answer right away he seemed to be looking through a file of papers, "Huh? Uhhh ya…" he said going through a bunch of papers, "let me see here… you can… ummm… do you understand this?" he held up a paper full of equations that where about high school level. (They where the easiest things he could find.)
"Uhhhh I think so…" Blossom said scratching her head.
Bubbles was around the corner of the room watching them. She giggled and tippy toed downstairs to the basement.
Dear Diary,
Step one: I'm turning of the power in our house so professor will light candles around Blossom and Dexter to make it more romantic.
The funny thing about Bubbles was when she wrote in her diary she spoke what she was writing out loud. It was a funny little habit she only did with her diary.
She chuckled to herself and turned the power switch off. Then she ran upstairs.
Professor came into the room, "Dang it! The storm knocked the power out!" he said while taking candles out of a drawer in the living room. He lit them and put them on the coffee table Blossom and Dexter where working on.
"Sorry about this." Professor said to Dexter, "For some reason crazy things always happen when you come over." He said, looking worried and embarrassed. Professor sighed and left the room.
Bubbles came into the room smiling, "Hey guys." She said trying to act casual, "Mind if I put some of my music on?"
"Uhhh, sure I guess" Blossom said
Bubbles held up her boom box (which was battery run.) and put it on the table, then she turned it on and it started playing some sappy, calm, romance music. Bubbles smiled and skipped to the kitchen.
Dexter and Blossoms eyes widened and they both started blushing insanely at how awkward their position was.
Dexter scratched his head, "Uhhh… we should y-you know… get back to work."
What the heck is Bubbles trying to pull? Obviously she's trying to set us up.
Blossom put her hand on Dexters.
He blushed like crazy.
O-oh yeah… Blossom is so dense. No wonder she doesn't know Bubbles is setting us up.
Dexter's Body started to tense up and he could feel his face burning, he swallowed hard.
Blossom was pretty nervous too.
Dexters hand is really warm… now that I think about it… His body is always so warm…
Bubbles came in the room with chocolate cake. "Hiiii, guys." She said behind the couch they were sitting in. they both jumped up and their faces became even more red then before.
"Bubbles! O-oh… it's just you! I was startled for a second!" Blossom said nervously.
Bubbles giggled "I brought you two some chocolate cake I made myself." She said a sly grin.
Then she walked into the kitchen. She saw Buttercup spying on them herself.
"Buttercup? What are YOU doing here?" Bubbles smirked "I thought you didn't want ANY part of this."
"Well…" Buttercup said "I changed my mind."
Now why would Buttercup change her mind?
"I'll c-cut the cake." Blossom said nervously with a smile.
Bubbles, back in the kitchen continued to write in her diary,
Dear diary,
Step two: I've turned on romantic music and given them chocolate cake.
Buttercup rolled her eyes at Bubbles. (With her habit of speaking out loud when she wrote)
Dexter watched closely as Blossom cut him a piece of cake. He loved to watch her do anything, her gestures and movements all looked so beautiful and interesting to him. The way she did things was like a mystery to him. Dexter hated not knowing the answers to things. This only made him more interested in her, and to find her even more addicting to be with.
Blossom cut him a slice and put it on a plate for him. He took a bite to find it tasted revolting, but he swallowed it anyway to be polite.
After a few minutes he started to look sick.
"Ugh…" he moaned and clutched his stomach.
"Dexter are you ok?" Blossom asked worried about him.
He didn't answer.
Blossom began to panic, "Bubbles!" she called her sister
Bubbles came running into the room, "What? What is it? What's wrong?" Bubbles asked confused.
"What did you put in this cake?" Blossom asked her sister.
"W-well some, cocoa mix, uhh sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, and flour… nothing I don't usually put!" Bubbles said nervously.
"Don't forget you put cumin Bubbles!" Buttercup said as she came into the room.
"CUMIN!" Blossom shouted, "Dexter's allergic! Seriously Bubbles! CUMIN IN A CAKE!"
"B-But I swear I-I never put cumin in it!" Bubbles said trying to justify herself.
Dexter ran outside their door because he was going to puke. Bubbles chased him because she thought she had scared him off, "No wait Dexter, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to put cumin in the cake!"
Bubbles ran right in front of him and he puked all over her new shows. Bubbles trembled over her new shows as if they were once alive and now dead, "M-my… N-New shoessss… EEEEEEEK! MY NEW SHOES ARE RUINED!" She ran inside of the house and threw her shoes in the washing machine "It's alright my precious… you'll be better in no time!" She tried to push the power button but she forgot the power was out. She cried over her new shoes.
It's no fare! I swear I didn't put any cumin in the cake! What could have happened to my cake? Blossoms date was ruined, and I never got to see them kiss! And Buttercup was mean to me all night an-… BUTTERCUP…
"IT WAS YOU!" she shrieked. She ran over to Buttercup and tackled her, "YOU RUINED MY NEW SHOES! YOU PUT CUMIN IN THE CAKE! IT'S ALL YOUR FAILT! YOURS! YOURS! YOURS!" she punched Buttercup for every "yours" she said.
"Get off of me!" Buttercup said struggling to get away from the mad shoe chick.
Blossom just stood there with her mouth wide open.

The Next day around sunset Bubbles was in the cherry blossom tree, she had climbed it to watch Blossom and Dexter read together.
Dear Diary,
I've climbed this cherry blossom tree to spy on Blossom and Dexter while they read on a romantic sunset.
Bubbles once again forgot about her habit. Blossom heard her talking and looked up, "Bubbles? What are you doing up there?" she asked.
Bubbles blushed and jumped up causing her to fall of the tree, and since the tree was on a hill she rolled down the hill.
"EEEEK!" she shrieked.
"Bubbles!" Blossom called as she and Dexter ran down the hill "Bubbles are you ok?" she asked as she got to the bottom of the hill.
Bubbles wobbled around as she tried to get up, "Y-yaaa I-Im superrrr." She said with her eyes crossed.
"Still… Why were you in the tree?" Dexter asked her.
"Uhhhh… ummm… I just like to climb trees is all!" Bubbles said nervously, than she ran away so he couldn't ask her anymore questions.

~~~~~~~ The next day

Bubbles sat in her classroom and sighed. She looked over to Dexter who was about two seats away from her.
Dear diary,
Nothing I do seems to work. (Everyone in the classroom started to stare at her.)
I don't get this math lesson ether, and Dexter has been staring at Blossom all day as usual.
Everyone in the classroom quickly turned their eyes to Dexter who turned bright red.
Dexter put his head and arms on his desk to hide his face.
Bubbles noticed her habit.
CRAP! I forgot AGAIN!

~~~~~~~After school

Bubbles was walking in the hall way when she felt a chill down her spine. Dexter was right behind her "BUBBLES…" he said in a creepy scratchy voice. "Eep!" Bubbles shrieked trying to run away but Dexter grabbed her shirt, "It's time for your tutoring lesson, Bubbles…" He said "And let me tell you today the lesson is going to be ESPEICALLY LONG." Bubbles quivered.
Dexter taught her how to overcome her habit of speaking out loud when she wrote. He ended up falling asleep under the tree they were working under. Bubbles just stayed by him reading a book. Blossom came over to Bubbles. "Hey, Bubbles. Is you lesson over?" Blossom asked. "Ya." Bubbles said, looking up from her book.
"I see he fell asleep." Blossom said giggling.
"Yeah…" Bubbles sighed, "Its hard work teaching THIS girl." She said pointing to herself.
Blossom giggled and collapsed next to Dexter resting on his shoulder. Her eyes widened and she made a strange face.
Dexter's body is… cold?
Bubbles laughed. "I know what you're thinking." She said smiling sweetly at her sister "It's because he doesn't know you're here."
"What?" Blossom said confused.
"When we were dating…" Bubbles began, "I remember holding his hand… it was always so cold; he's just a calm guy you know his blood doesn't rush that fast in general… But… whenever he saw you or knew you were near… I remember his hand always became so warm… it just another sign you know? That he liked you… and not me." Bubbles looked serious as she talked.
Blossom stared at her for a good long time, "I… I'm sorry I hurt you Bubbles…" Blossom said to her sister.
Bubbles chuckled and said "Silly girl… What happened didn't make me hurt… it made me stronger."
Dexter seemed to be moving around in his sleep. He hit his head against the tree trunk and his eyes flung wide open. He then blinked his eyelids a few times because of the blinding sunlight.
"Good morning sleeping beauty" Bubbles joked as she kicked his big black boots.
He rubbed his eyes and adjusted his glasses. Bubbles smiled at him as if he were a delicious dessert or food. He gave her one of his best awkward looks. "What?" he questioned. "Nothing" She said continuing her grin. "Welcome to the family genius boy!" Bubbles hugged him.
"Wha? Family?" Dexter said confused.
"Yes, now that you're dating Blossom, you are an official Utonuim!" Bubbles squealed.
"U-Utonium? But I'm the boy! So won't my last name be Blossoms?" Dexter said scratching his head.
"OH! So you guys are getting married?" Bubbles blurted out.
"NO! Wait Bubble that's not what I-," Dexter began,
"OH BLOSSOM! I SAW THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DRESS IN A MAGAZINE! And of course we'll have to wait a few years. OH! What are you gonna name your children? I'm a fan of the name Trixy, myself. Have you picked out the date yet?" Bubbles blabbed on and on about their future.
Blossom and Dexter just sat there frozen with red faces.
"OH!" Bubbles got up. "Come on I-," she tripped and feel face first into the dirt. Blossom and Dexter couldn't help but to chuckle at the hyper active girl.
Bubble got up and looked at them with dirt all over her face. There was a moment of silence between all of them. Then Bubbles started giggling. Soon Blossom and Dexter followed and it turned into laughter.
Sigh… so this is how it's going to be for a long time…
Bubbles smiled to herself.
I guess I didn't get them to kiss. But I'm sure it will just come naturally. I'm happy as long as we're together…
we'll make it through, even the toughest of problems.
Everything is closing up… I can feel it… This is the end… My heart is finally healed.

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