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Ms. Swan

Chapter 2


"Mike?!?!?!?!?" I exclaimed. My eyes bulged out of my head. I could feel the shock covering my face. He just kept that stupid little grin on his face. I could feel a wave of emotion coming over me. After being alone for so many years I had finally found someone who I know and trust. So I hugged him. I didn't realize what I was doing until he hugged me back and that really surprised me. In my human life, I never really paid much attention to poor Mike. I guess I just thought Jessica would be mad if I took too much interest in him. But I couldn't even lie to myself. The real reason why Mike had been such an insignificant character in past life is that I was distracted by something…no, someone else. Someone with burning topaz eyes and reddish brown hair….. Damn it Bella!! Stop!!! I scolded myself. If I let my mind off the leash for one second it starts to remember things that I put so much time into forgetting. Thoughts that could cause great pain that I had experienced before. I shuddered at the thought.

I pulled out of the embrace, and as I looked up at Mike, it looked as if there was a bit of disappointment of his face. Is it possible the boy still had feelings for me? I hoped not.

"So Ms. Swan, we've found our way back to forks have we?" He asked.

"Yeah….I guess we have." I gave him a small smile. "So would you like to tell me what the heck happened to you or are you gunna let me die of impatience?" He chuckled.

"I don't think now would be the very best time for life stories because there are many rowdy teenagers in that classroom and one is about to walk out here and see if we're making out." His smile grew wider, "And unless you want to entertain the humans, I suggest we go back inside and discuss this at some later date." I nodded my head in agreement.

"Come over to my house tonight. 9 o'clock. I live on the edge of town, to the north. Take the highway for 25 minutes then look for a little dirt road to your right. It should be fairly easy to find." I said to him.

He nodded his head and said "ok," then he looked behind him and said "let's go."

We stepped back into the classroom and everyone was starring at us but the just grinned and me and took his seat. I heard a red haired girl in the 3rd row whisper to her friend "Why is it always that the pretty rich people hang out with each other and no one else?" I heard Mike chuckle under his breath. I cracked a smile. I turn back around to the class.

"Ok everyone quit the talking!" I clapped my hands together to enforce my words. Then I sat back down at my desk and started correcting papers from the last class. It just so happens Robby Failed. I laughed out loud. Before I knew it the period was over and the students were putting their papers on my desk. Mike was the last one to give me his paper.

"Don't forget about tonight." He reminded me.

"I won't." I promised him. Then he walked out. I wondered why Mike didn't hate me right now. I didn't treat him that well back in my human years. I was always blowing him off, telling him that Jessica liked him and that I wasn't really interested. I was so confused by his reaction to me and I decided to do something that I didn't think I'd ever do. I decided to read his mind. I tried to channel into his thoughts…. following his sent with my mind until I reached him. He was thinking about me. The picture of me in his mind was extremely distorted. I looked more like a model from the cover of an airbrushed swim suit magazine. Apparently he thinks my smile was very "sexy". If was still human I would have been blushing.

But my worst fears were conformed. Mike still had feelings for me. He also planned to win my heart over. He thought that if he tried to be more like my past love….. he could replace him. How very wrong he was. No one could replace…him. I wanted to have at least one friend. Not a secrete admirer. I really hoped Mike would get over his crush soon, so things wouldn't get awkward. I also hopped tonight wouldn't end badly.

The sound of someone approaching brought me out of my thoughts. The door opened and in walked Robby; Hair slicked back and collar up. I could tell he was trying to make himself look seductive. I mentally rolled my eyes, what a loser! He came up to my desk, strutting for god's sake!!

"Hey there babe." He said in a low voice (I mentally gagged) "Do you have any plans for tonight 'cause I'm free." He winked again.

"Actually it turns out I do have plans and they don't include you Robert so please leave my classroom before I call the prince able!" He frowned when I used his full name. Then he turned on his heel and walked out. When he was well out of hearing rage I had a total and complete laughing fit. I was practically dying on the floor. Wow I couldn't believe the human had actually just done that!!!! That was hilarious!!!

I had myself composed by the time the next class came in. The day when smoothly after that; nothing out of the ordinary. By the time the bell rang I was calm and ready for Mike to come over. I packed up my papers and rain coat and headed out the door. I needed to get home to clean and organize my house. I climbed into my sleek black BMW shaking the water droplets out of my hair. Then I started the engine and streaked out of the congested parking lot.

As I drove, I looked out my window enjoying the scenery. As a human I had hated the green that covered almost everything in forks. But now I could cut it some slack. The green was pretty. It resembled life to its fullest. With normal eyesight you wouldn't be able to see the great detail in the woods. All the insects burrowing deep in the trees and dirt, the birds chirping through the leaves, echoing over and over. The sounds of nature calmed me.

I pulled sharply onto the little winding dirt road that I called my driveway. I lived well out of town, and out of the way of nature trails and hiking areas. The house I had found had been out of pure luck. There were actually a lot of old and forgotten houses in the woods around Forks. There used to be a road going through these forests and on this road is where all the rich people lived, back in the 19th century of course. I had been hurting in these woods on one of my first days in forks when I had stumbled across my new home. It was the most beautiful house I had ever laid my eyes on. It was on top of a hill, the dirt path coming up to meet it. It was four stories high, with many elegant windows.

I had redone most of the house. It was hundreds of years old and falling apart, But now it looked like it came right from 1800's, perfectly new again. I loved that house, it made me feel young, not 100 years old.

I parked my car in the garage that I had built connecting to the house. I closed the garage door behind me and got out. I walking to the kitchen realizing that I would have company soon. I quickly ran through the house making sure every spect of dust was gone. I didn't want to look messy. I then got some tiger blood out of the refiridgeorator. You see I made use of the kitchen. I used it to clean and drain exotic animals I found of their blood. Then I kept it for special occasions. I hoped Mike likes tiger I thought to myself. I set the glasses down letting them heat up to room temperature. They were better that way.

I went upstairs and changed into a short black skirt and navy blue tank top, I didn't want to look too dressed up. I also painted my nails blue thinking it would be a nice touch. Just as I was finishing the door bell rang. I didn't even hear him approaching! I had to get used to the idea of having vampires around me again, not clumsy, loud humans. I put my nail polish on my night stand and walked down the stairs to get the door. "Oh god," I thought to myself, "What did I get myself into?"