Disclaimer. I would love to own the rights to this. That way, I would've given us a Jak 4, not Jak X. But I don't, so lets just leave it at that.

AN: This is set just after the metal heads break into the city in Jak II.

Captain Sarah Rowan of the Krimzon Guard looked at the control panel in front of her once more. Reports of metal heads inside the city were coming in fast and furious. She sent Krimzon Guards into battle after battle, but it was never enough. They were desperately outnumbered and without the shield wall, it was only a matter of time before the metal heads overran the city.

Falling into her seat, Sarah reflected on the decisions that had lead her here. When she joined the KG, she'd volunteered to join the external defence forces, her contempt for the internal guard and their corruption made her determined to join the external guard. Over the following months, she rose through the ranks with astonishing speed. Although her in field fighting skills were at best mediocre, her ability to organise her troops in action meant that she was given more and more responsibility, until she was given command of the Krimzon Guard command and control centre.

A thud on the door.

"Stand ready people!" Sarah bellowed out as her troops grabbed their rifles. With another thud, the door gave way and metal heads came flooding in through the door. The first dozen or so metal heads die under the collective firepower of her troops and she feels a sense of pride that her desk jockeys can fight as well as those troops in the field. Bur their brave stand doesn't last very long. Soon, metal heads are tearing into their ranks and their guns are empty. Without armour, they're vulnerable to metal head claws and soon the room is covered in the blood of her troops.

Firing her last pistol shot into the face of a metal head grunt, she turns to see another grunt practically next to her. It swipes a claw across her face and she is sent flying to the ground. Grabbing the emergency control system from her inner pocket, she pulls the device up to her mouth and whispers.

"Alpha, Omega 666." The self-destruct code for the base. As she looses conscious, she sees the screens turn red. The resulting explosion completely wipes out the control facility.

Everyone is sure that it'll take a miracle to save the city now. What only a handful of people realise is that a miracle is on it's way in the form of Jak.