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Chapter 19 - Love at first sight

EPOV (Edward's Point of View)

I made sure I was out of earshot before I dialled my Master's number. My heart skipped a beat out of fear as he picked up. "Edward. I have been waiting for you call." His silvery voice hummed.


"How is…Isabella Cullen? I expect she is growing accustomed to the vampire traditions? What is she like?"

Silence. "Edward? I asked you a question."

"Um, sorry Master, I-she's fine. But, there is something different about her."


"I can't seem to access her thoughts as I do with everyone else."

"Really?" He muttered menacingly.


"Interesting, very, very interesting. Well, leave me now to contemplate and get back to me soon."

"Yes Master." I replied with fear etched into my voice.

"And Edward? Keep your mind on the job at hand, I can sense it is going…astray."

"Yes Master." I hung up and sighed guiltily. How could I lie to Bella when I needed her? I heard her coming out of the bathroom and sprinted to the sofa where the TV was already humming as a distant background noise.

BPOV (Bella's Point Of View)

I walked upon Edward who was sitting on the sofa and smiled shyly at him through my hair which had flopped over my face. I slouched onto the sofa next to him, wincing in pain slightly and snuggled up to him, however he seemed to stiffen just as I did so. "Edward?" I said softly. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." His tone was short and I gazed into his eyes, looking for an answer, but in vain. I leaned in closer and inhaled his sweet vanilla scent. He seemed to lean away from me and hastily stood up. "I'm sorry Bella, I have to go. But please, make yourself comfortable." His voice was cold and distant as he got up and walked out the front door.

My heart sunk. I was hurt, what had I done wrong this time?

For 3 hours I waited, in the same position, in the same place, but Edward did not return. Did I really disgust him that much? With a hint of realisation I realised that I must have dreamt the whole "I Love You" thing. Surely, this wouldn't have happened if that had been the case?

I slipped on my shoes, grabbed my purse from the entrance table and as I did so spotted a pen and paper on the table.

Dear Edward,

Thank you for your hospitality and I really appreciate everything you've ever done for me.

Sorry for this evening and I am sorry to have disturbed you.


And with that I made my way back home. By the time I was home it was 3 am, and to my dismay, everyone had noticed my absence. "She's back!" I heard an anxious voice chime as the front door flew open and I was enveloped in a stifling hug from Alice. "Bella where the heck have you been!"

"I'm so glad you're alright!" Rosalie smiled.

"Bella dear, what sort of a time do you call this?" Esme sighed.

"I am so sorry, Esme, Carlisle, everyone. I was, just a bit caught up in things, um Edward offered to take me to his place and…um"

"Oh, I see." Esme smiled bashfully and eyed my clothes. I realised with a start that I was still wearing Edward's Red Sox pyjamas. Everyone was smiling at me cheekily, but unfortunately, I could not return the favour.

"Oh no! It's not what it looks like!" I shook my head and blushed deeply as they all laughed.

"We'll leave you alone now Bella." Carlisle laughed. "Come on, anyone up for a late night bite?" Everyone agreed apart from me. I needed some alone time. I waved them off and stumbled up to my room, slumped on the couch and sighed.

What had I done? Edward almost seemed disgusted by me; one moment he loved me, the next he wanted to get as far away from me as possible! My heart seemed to beat slower when he wasn't around; no love was there to keep it going.

A few minutes later, a quiet knock on the door gave me a start. "Come in?" I asked and saw Jasper at the door. "Oh, hey Jazz, come in, sit down."

He quietly walked in and sat down at the end of the couch. "I thought you were going for a hunt?" I asked the unusually quiet Jasper.

"No. Bella, something is wrong."

Damn those emotional senses of his! I cursed under my breath; he could obviously tell how I was feeling. "What? Nope. Nothing is wrong Jasper, I'm fine." I squeaked, my voice quivering a little.

"Tell me." He almost ordered and I had to. I told him everything, every little detail, even the rape, and surprisingly, I felt better afterwards. I didn't realise that Jasper was shaking once I had finished. "That bastard! How dare he play with your feelings like that! I'll give him what for I will!"

I was touched by his care, but did not want to incite trouble. "No, please Jazz, don't."

He seemed to understand and nodded. "Come here Bella." I awkwardly entered his open arms and felt him instantly calm me down until I could have fallen asleep if I were human. "Thanks Jasper, I needed that."

"Always here to help Bella. Please, if you ever need me as a brother or a friend, I will be there for you. And I won't say a word."

"I appreciate that." He nodded as he left the room, leaving me stunned on the sofa. I never knew Jasper had such depth in him! No wonder Alice loved him, he was perfect for her! I really didn't want to face school tomorrow; I couldn't even bear to face him.

But I didn't have a choice in the matter. Tomorrow I would have to spend an hour in the same room as him, my beloved sweetheart bastard.

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