Fated Encounter

By Female Heero Yuy

Disclaimer: I do not own any official characters. If I did i'd be making alot of money.

Using some obvious characters I hope you all enjoy this. Don't worry I do explain in the story how it happened and such. XD


D was typically used to a majority of the unexpected. Majority because there were still some things that shocked even him. And even he it shocked him, he usually never showed it. So it was always hard to tell what he was thinking, especially if something surprised him. This was one of those times where D wasn't surprised about it at all. His sliced his enemy with his sword in one fatal swoop. And as soon as it had come his sword was back in it's sheath on his back. The enemy he'd killed a weak vampire who thought itself big due to receiving the kiss of nobility. He'd slain hundreds of people upon receiving that kiss. It was in his bad luck that D was traveling through and happened upon him while he was enjoying his latest kill.

D saddled up on his horse, preparing to leave for he'd received word of another vampire in the next town. Whether it was true or not he'd find out for himself once he got there. But first he'd have to resupply and have his horse checked before leaving the strange town. Making his way to the general store to pick up a few necessary items. Supplementary tablets were a must on the frontier, and he'd been running very low on them. Though he was half vampire, he still required them as a need. Even D got hungry out on the frontier and when food was scare they were very useful. Grabbing some jerky and other things that wouldn't go bad right away as well he paid for his purchases at the counter and shoved them in his sadle bags. Stopping in his packing he'd realized he forgotten to get some oil as well.

"Well well well, seems you should of listened to me when I told you to make a list." came a voice from the vicinity of his left hand.

"Quiet." D responded, finishing in his packing before going back into the general store. Even he made mistakes once in a while. Walking up to the counter the owner looked at him.

"Forget something?" he asked in a haunty tone. Obvious that he'd rather not be working.

"I'd like some mechanical oil, as well as some gun powder." he requested, getting right to the point.

"How much of it?"


Blinking, the old man simply got off his seat and went to the back to get D's requested items. Mumbling about the youth and their lack of specifics on his way. When he came back he placed the items on the counter, "That'll be 38 dalas."

Paying D took the items he'd forgotten and stepped out of the store.

"Are you sure you didn't forget anything?" came the voice in a manner that could only sound as pestering.

Remaining silent D simply walked over to his horse and packed the newly purchased items as well.

"The silent treatment eh? Well just to remind you, you forgot to get some propane."

"They were out."

"Oh really? Are you sure your not just saying that so you wouldn't feel stupid?" the voice asked almost in a laughing manner.

Lifing his left hand towards a sign at the window, a small face appear in the palm. Once it'd read the sign it exclaimed, "Well i'll be damed!"

In the window of the general store was a sign that clearly stated out of propane in bright read wording. What would D need propane for? Only one thing really and to him it wasn't a big of a need. His little electric burner that could also use propane to cook things or boil water. Finishing in his task he made his was to the pharmacy, picking up the last of a few items that he didn't really need but got in case of emergencies. Bandages, medicines, disinfectant, all these things that he'd norminally not buy as his left hand had made fun of him when he'd first bought a firstaid kit. But after the incident with Leila and discovering she hadn't restocked her own kit, he wasn't going to take any chances. He wouldn't tell anyone, but he'd felt abit embarassed when his was all his medicines were expired at the time. Doing a final check, he walked over to the counter to complete his purchases, asking the clerk if they'd gotten any blood tablets, but they hadn't so he wasn't so lucky in that department either.

Not even bothering to put the items in the first aid kit, D just stuffed the brown paper bag in his pack. Making sure his things were secure he was about to get on his horse when he sensed someone behind him. Without turning around he asked, "What do you want?"

The voice of a very young gentleman reached his ears, "Turn around very slowly."

But he didn't as he sensed there were others nearby, eyeing him as well. With some spectacular aerobics he lept to the side, doging not bullets, but darts. Dashing towards the fountain he tried to determine where the attack was coming from. Throwing some wooden needles of his own, he managed to get two of his assaultants.

"Damn it!" Came a voice as he'd been hit with the wooden needle. It was thrown to disarm him not kill. The same happened to his companion.

D took cover behind the fountain he staying in a kneeling position, ready to spring. Out of the corner of his eye he saw something had been thrown in his direction, blocking it with his sword so it'd deflect away. But it didn't it'd wrapped around his weapon and the person at the other end seemed to pull to try and take his sword away. Letting go of the hilt D dodged more darts that were coming towards him. Embedding themselves into the side of the fountain.

Unfortunately the unexpected happened, for as he dodged the darts, some strange thick wire had been shot in his direction at the same time, wrapping itself around his upper torso, down to around his thighs. Pinning his arms to his sides. With a forceful tug he was thrown back in the direction he'd come, landing on his side. He tried using his strength to break the thick wire around him, but for some unknown reason it wouldn't budge, no matter how much he struggled.

"We're in trouble now." came the voice from his left hand.

It was then that his assailants came, surrounding him in a semi circle. There were five of them and all of them male. One of the elder ones knelt down near his face, "You gave us one hell of a time." He said, his gaze never leaving D's face which was mostly covered by his hat.

The two he'd wounded his with wooden needles were holding their hands, trying to stop the bleeding as they'd pulled them out.

"Let's get this over with already." one of them said, as he was pissed off for miscalculating their prey.

"Now hold on, we can't just go around killing people, we have to make sure he's one of them or else we'll regret it later." said the man kneeling near D. Grabbing part of the wire that was in front of D's torso he lifted him up to an awkward sitting position against the fountain, and snatched his hat off. Luckily for D the sun had been going down and was behind him so he wasn't blinded by it. The man grabbed his chin and pulled back his upper lip with his free hand. Seeing the fangs within his mouth. He knew D wasn't human, but something caught his eye. Something that really shouldn't of caught his attention in the first place. Releasing D's upper lip he tilted his head further up to get a better look.

"What's wrong Quincey?" the younger man asked.

The man kneeling, named Quincey kept his gaze at D, specifically his eyes. "Your...his eyes."

"What about them?" Asked an elderly man who was still as fit as could be, but obviously the oldest of all the five men.

He couldn't explain it, but he couldn't tear his gaze from D's eyes, after a moment of silence all he said was, "Mina." in such a low whisper that the other men weren't even sure that they'd heard it.

The other men looked eachother as if they were trying to figure out if anything had even been said. "What was that?" asked the next man who could be possibly the third eldest.

"It....it's Mina!" he said shocked as he pulled his hand away from D's chin. D himself having a slight look of surprise. But no one would've been able to tell unless they looked very closely at his eyes which were slighty widened more than usual.

"Don't be ridiculous! He's obviously male!" came the eldest man's voice again. "A very pretty male, but male none the less."

"I tell you Mina's there! Look at his eyes! There her eyes!" He shouted, then grabbed the youngest of the men, "Jonathan, look at his eyes and you'll see. You should know better than any one of us!" he pleaded, though it was uncertain what he was pleading for.

"Mina is dead Quincey!" Jonathan shouted back, "You know that, I know that, we all know that! She was taken by that monster!"

"Jonathan you know as well as I do that I would never joke about such a thing." Quincey stated with a shakey voice. "All i'm asking is that you look....just one look." releasing Jonathan from his grip as he finished.

"As abserd as it is i'll grant one look and nothing more." Jonathan announced, kneeling in front of D who was only listening to the conversation. Tilting his head up, Jonathan looked, intending to only check quickly to bring D his demise after. He was about to turn away, but looked back, shock filling his face. "Oh my god." he whispered. Pulling back quickly he panicked, placing his hands at the sides of his head. "No! That's not possible!" he shouted. "It can't be, Mina is dead! Has been dead! There's no way that this is possible!"

D was completely confused, he didn't know how these men, who definately smelled human knew of his mother. Yet here they were talking about her as if she'd been around only a few years ago, when in fact it'd been decades since she died. Far too long for anyone to know of her these present days with the exception of himself, his own father, and nobles who either knew of her or had heard of her. A shadow fell over him as he thought of this through his mind. His chin pulled up once again, but this time by the elderly man.

"It seems there's a question that must be answered." he said, gazing at D with eyes as if to examine him. "Holmwood, get us a room at a hotel. I should like to conduct a blood test on this creature." he ordered, not taking his eyes off D for even a second.


Once they procured a room in a nearby inn, taking even D's horse to the stables, the four men sat in the sitting room as the elderly man was alone in one of the bedrooms with D. Stating he didn't require any assistence for a simple blood test. As much as those men didn't like it, they made no arguement and sat around drinking as they waited.

It hadn't been easy carrying a tied up dhampire into the inn, they wrapped him in a sheet to hide his features from prying eyes, claiming him to be a person who was sick, and after some convincing that his "illness" wasn't contagious, they managed to get a room with enough room for them all.

"I don't see why we don't just kill the damned creature." came the voice of the man who'd yet to have his name mentioned.

Leaning against the wall stood Quincey, "You know very well that'd we'd all feel regret if we don't atleast know the answer."

"I think out of everyone you'd be the most interested John." Jonathan, putting in own input.

"Oh come off it!" John shouted, "You all know as well as I do that he's not human. His features are of that of him!"

"We don't know that!" Jonathan shouted. "We don't know anything."

Getting off from his spot on near the wall Quincey walked over, placing a hand on Jonathan's shoulder. "Jonathan, I know your as hopeful as I am, but your child has been long dead. You know there's no chance of him being your son. Even if he did take Mina alive, we all know your child was dead." he said sounding remorseful. He remembered that day that they'd gone to save Mina for the second time. Entering a castle and finding a young babe in the clutches of the brides of Dracula. After a test, they'd found it was Jonathan's son. Mina was pregnate when she was taken, and it'd taken them months to arrive at Dracula's castle once more. Mina and the vampire king no where to be found.

Rubbing his hands together, "What if he'd been turned? What if there's the chance...even the slightest chance that that's the way it happened?" Jonathan continued. He just couldn't think on what he'd if that were the case.

"Then it will have been a miracle of god that was brought upon such irony." Quincey replied, implying that D being only half was only an act of gods wishes to not fully turn him into a vampire.

The door to the room opened, signaling to the men in the room the elderly man was coming out.

"What news Abraham?" Jonathan asked eagerly, he couldn't wait any longer.

"I did the test as I promised, using the dna samples we've kept this whole time." Abraham replied as he headed towards the bar in the room to pour himself a drink.

"And your verdict?" John asked, his interest showing on his face.

Almost as if he were talking about the weather, "He's Mina's child. I have to say I was indeed shocked at that finding. Considering I myself was thinking he might just of been a distant relative." he said, taking a drink of his brandy.

In a very eager manner, "And?" John added. Knowing full well that his teacher always kept the most shocking parts last.

"And what? You wanted to know his relation to Mina and i've told you." Abraham responded.

The other four men looked at each other, thinking it was obvious as to the other part of the question. Holmwood decided to ask, "What of his father? Is it Jonathan?"

"Ah that, that is a question that I found to be most intruging as I did the test myself." Abraham responded, not actually answering the question.

"So is it?" Quincey asked.

"Truthfully the answer to that question only brings another question. If I were to answer the first you will only ask the next obvious question that will end up remaining unanswered unless we got the creature himself to speak." he continued, calling D the creature as he put it.

"We have to know Abraham. Who is his father!?" Jonathan asked harshly.

"That answer my collegues is simple." Abraham taking a drink of his brandy.

Being surrounded by the other four men, "Who is it man?!" John asking just as harsh, he couldn't take Abraham's dawdling.

"His father is a man of greatness and high ranking. My friends, the father is none other than nosferatu, the vampire king himself, Dracula." Abraham announced happily, like he'd made a discovery that was magificent to the world.

Silence hit the room like a time bomb, it was like all form of communication was thrown out of the room at that moment when Abraham made his announcement. Until Jonathan spoke up.

"You lie!" he said with venom.

"Why should I lie? The truth lies in the blood samples." Abraham responded as if he didn't care.

"Your lying to torment me! Mina would never bare that things child!" Jonathan said with such anger and none of the other men knew what he might do.

"Whether or not she would isn't the question, the proof is right before us in the other room." Abraham continued, his tone very serious.

Sitting on the couch Jonathan clasped his hands in front of himself, "How can it be possible? You yourself said decades ago that there was only a one in a thousandth chance that he'd be able to make a human woman pregnate."

"That was simply a theory, you know as well as I there was no definate proof that nosferatu and humans couldn't breed at the time. Look around yourself, half breeds are all around us. The times have changed since we made such a theory." he said as he took another drink of his brandy.

"I don't understand." Jonathan replied.

"The fact that we're still around even beyond our own time can be taken as a cruel joke or a gift from god. So why wouldn't such changes exist for the very creatures we seek to destroy." Abraham said as he walked over to Jonathan placing a hand on his shoulder as Quincey had before. "All I can say is though the father may be different, it must be gods will that brought Mina's child into our hands."

"You preach nonsense." Jonathan stated as he swatted Abraham's hand away. Getting up off the couch he headed towards the room where they'd put D for the blood test.

The other's were about to go after him, but Abraham stopped them, "Let him go. He needs time to figure this out on his own."

Unsure, they did as they were told, not knowing what the outcome would be.


D laid on his side on the bed they'd placed him on earlier. They'd retied him with the same wire they'd used to snag him. Wrapping it around his upper torso, tying his hands behind his back and tied at the knees and ankles. They'd shoved a metal bar in his mouth that'd been wrapped in a cloth as it was silver. The straps bound tightly around his head. They'd taken precaution, removing his sword's sheath, cloak, and check for any other possible weapons he may of had, after they'd been satisfied. They'd pulled out a syring filled with some sort of liquid, emptying the contents through his neck. Now all he could feel was that his body was like lead, and he felt sick. It was like he was going through his heat syndrome, but only he wasn't passed out from it, and he could breathe.

After they'd brought him to the room, the old man had taken an empty syring and took a sample of his blood. Leaving him to lie on the bed as he sat at a table with medical instruments as he checked the sample. When that was done he'd come back and plucked a strand of his hair and continued in his task. Though he could only see so much from where he lay, he saw the man take out what appeared to be other samples of some sort and put them under a microscope. Doing this multiple times per sample. Then mixing his blood after taking drops of the other samples in some chemicals. From D's perspective he couldn't help but think how archaic the man's way of testing was. As technology had advanced, though most of it was lost. He was sure there was a more up to date way of doing it. It wasn't until he heard the man say "Interesting." that he knew his test was over. No long after he'd left the room. D still on the bed feeling as sick as ever. He couldn't be too sure but he was sure he'd received a fever from that strange liquid. As he was sweating profusely, but was chilled to the bone, shaking constantly.

What seemed like a long time but was only about 30 minutes in reality. A man came into the room. D knew it wasn't the old man, but since his back was turned to the door he couldn't see who it was. When he was shoved to lie on his back and the man sat on his belly was when he'd been able to see the man. It was Jonathan, his eyes wracked with anger and pain. He was still shaking from the feeling of being cold, his eyes blurring right before him as the man leaned towards his face as if to get a better look. He was hit with a sudden cough that was muffled by the bar in his mouth, tilting his head to the side as coughed for several minutes. Once he'd finished, the man pulled his face to face him. Their noses inches apart. A bead of sweat trailing down D's face as the man stared at him intently as if there was some answer on his face. Then the unexpected happened, the man lifted him fearcely to the point he was sitting up at an angle, the man sitting on his thighs, with his free hand raised as if he were about to slap him. But he never did. His arm just shook in the air, then as if it became too heavy to hold it up, it dropped to his side as he still held D up in that sitting position, his face facing downward. Letting go of the wire to let D fall back against the pillow, he got off D and sat in a near by chair, his face still downward and his sat there looking as if he were exhausted.

"That was strange." came the voice of his left hand, who'd only spoken loud enough for only D to hear.

Mentally D had to agree. But physically he wanted nothing more than to be wrapped in a blanket to help with his chills. That's when the man got up again, standing before D as if he were someone of high authority.

"I'm going to remove the bar from your mouth, bite me, and this will be the last night you ever see, creature." Jonathan stated. Waiting for some sort of reaction.

D couldn't see straight, Jonathan only appearing before him as a blob of some sort now. He knew Jonathan had said something as he'd clearly heard the word creature, but he couldn't comprehend the full sentence as he was starting to feel fatigued. It was only when the bar was taken from his mouth that he'd understood what the man had said.

Placing the bar on the table, Jonathan pulled the chair he'd sat in prior to the edge of the bed closest to D's head and sat in it once more. "Now i'm going to ask you some questions, and I expect answers. First tell me the name of your parents." When D didn't reply, he pulled D to lay on his side again, forcing his upper body to lean at an angle as he held him up. "Answer me!"

D could no longer comprehend the words coming from the man's mouth, his ears were pounding as he was hit with a migrane, and a wave an nausea. He started panting as he was finding it suddenly difficult to breath. Without intending to he fell forward into Jonathans arms, panting as he fell, he felt he was going to passout at any given moment. Strangely Jonathan seemed to hold him to keep him from falling to the floor. He heard some muffled shouts coming from above him, but he didn't know what was said. All he saw was the other men running into the room as he world turned black.


When they'd heard Jonathan shouting for them, they'd thought the worst had happened. So when they came in and saw D's pained face in Jonathan's arms they thought he'd been beaten by their own friend.

"Jonathan! What did you do?!" John shouted from where he stood.

Looking insulted, "I didn't do anything! I was asking him questions when he suddenly collapsed on me!" Jonathan shouted to defend himself, as D's breathing pained and irregular. Whether he was concious they didn't know, for he seemed to try to place his face at Jonathan's arm in an attempt to cover it. Much like a puppy would attempt if it were cold. But in D's case it didn't work so he had to settle for laying on Jonathan's arm.

Abraham passed through the others, doing a check on D's vitals as Jonathan held him. "Get me lots of water and the medical bag!" he shouted a moment later. John taking action to get the bag, and Holmwood ran to get the water.

Jonathan was the one to ask the question, "What's wrong with him?!" he asking in a concerned tone.

Pulling instruments from the bag, "I think we overdosed him on the drug we gave him earlier." Abraham replied.

"Overdosed?! How can that be? Didn't you measure accordingly?!" John asked hasitily.

"Of course I did, but as I precaution I gave him the dose for a full vampire." Abraham responding, as he pulled a tube out finally from the bag.

No one said anything more on this, for they all had thought prior to the testing that D was a full vampire.

"What are you gonna do?" Quincey asked, concerned himself.

"What does it look like? We have to flush his system and induce vomiting, or else his body will shut down completely. And then he will die." Abraham said as he pulled out some strange substances. "Morris get me an empty bucket, lest you want to carry him to the bathroom."

Quincey looked frantically for a bucket, finding none, he opted for carrying D in a hurried pace to the bathroom. Untied the wire so they could hold him up properly. D was on his hands and knees as his eyes were glazed over, he couldn't see, he couldn't hear anything beyond a muffled sound, all he knew was he was no longer tied up, but that didn't help because he couldn't move an inch even if he wanted to. Suddenly his head was shifted upward and something put into his mouth as it was held open. He tried to turn his head away, but his head was being held in place as he was picked up and being forced to move somewhere he didn't know. And then he was hit with a sudden urge to throw up. Which was exactly what he did.

Jonathan and Quincey held D as best they could as he vomited. As soon as he legs gave away after they'd pick him up and put his head over the toilet they lowered him gently, Jonathan holding back D's hair as he held on to his arm.

But once D's body completely gave away they'd let go of his arms and hair as he held the the porcelian bowl for dear life as he vomited. Even when he'd finished he panted frantically as he felt his own stomach twist and turn. When he thought it was finished, they'd tilt his head and pour water down his throat and continued his torture by putting whatever it was at his throat again to make him vomit some more. For a time he thought he'd throw up his own stomach if it kept up. What felt like an eternity, was a total of an hour process as they flushed his system with water and made him vomit over and over. By the time it was complete, D thought he was going to die via vomiting.

As they watched D panting, Quincey and Jonathan still at his sides, Abraham walked over pulling D so his back was at his chest as he examined him, holding him up by wrapping an arm around his waist. Jonathan taking this as a sign to flush the contents in the toilet to their watery way. They watched as Abraham checked D throughly, ensuring they'd fixed their mishap of overdosing the poor thing with the very drug they'd developed for vampires. With all that transpired they'd actually felt bad about it. So they awaited the verdict of D's status. After a few minutes Abraham nodded in satisfaction, as some color had returned to D's features, even if he lacked normal color to begin with, they could tell it was an improvement.

"It seems the worse is over." Abraham said as D turned over on his side as he shut his eyes and breathed softly as he layed in Abrahams arms.

"So now what do we do?" Holmwood asked, his features considerably calmer now.

"What else, we clean him up and put him to bed." Abraham stated as if he were talking about a normal person.

Jonathan seemed to return to being upset, "You mean we're going to keep this...this thing with us?"

Abraham turned to Jonathan, "But of course, how else do you intend to get your answers that you seek? And besides, weren't you concerned a moment ago of his well being?"

Jonathan bit his tounge at that remark, for he knew Helsing was right. He couldn't hide the fact that he'd been worried when D collasped. All he could think of when it happened was that Mina's child needed help.

When it came to cleaning D up they could say it was very diffcult as removing his vomit covered shirt seemed to become a dispute, but in the end, they'd bathed and put D in one of Quincey's shirt and laid him to bed. Once it was done. Holmwood had taken it upon himself to do the clean up of D's clothing and bathroom. Quincey's shirt was very oversized on D, the hem, coming at his upper knees and the sleeves very long. But since he was passed out it wasn't like he was going to notice any time soon. So they all decided to take turn watching D as he slept so he wouldn't run off while no one would notice. They'd retied his wrists with the wire in front of him and tied the other end to the headboard. But they left enough slack for D to turn in his sleep if needed. So they slept, hoping the morning would bring answers that they couldn't receive that evening. Jonathan taking the first watch.


When D woke up the first thing he noted was he was very stiff. The second his wrists were tied and a rope trailed to the headboard where the other end was tied. Finally, that there were arms wrapped around his waist and that he was pulled in an embrace by someone behind him. Attempting to get up, D was promptly pulled back into the unwanted hug. Trying again, he still met with the same resistence. But this time the person placed their chin at his shoulder, so he was able to get a side glance at the person. It was the young man he'd seen come into the room last night. Blinking he also noted he wasn't wearing his own clothing. 'What happened?' he thought unsure of what transpired. He thought about each step carefully. 'I felt sick, this man grabbed me and pulled me towards them, then I couldn't see, and I remember alot of vomiting....what happened after?' he thought, trying to remember. But he just kept drawing a blank.

"D? You awake?" came a voice only he could hear.

"Yes." He whispered so only his left hand could hear. "What happened?"

"From what the old man said it seems they overdosed you with some drug, so they flushed out your system and made you throw up alot. After which you passed out."

'That makes sense.' D thought to himself, "My clothes?" he whispered.

"Hehehe, you barfed on youself so they gave you a bath and they were even nice enough to wash your clothes for you."

D's eye seemed to twitch at his left hand's remark, but said nothing on it. "Is there any particular reason this person is holding me?" he whispered, deciding to skip over the fact that he was laying there.

"Oh that? Well last night after his shift was done, cause they set up a watch to watch you and took shifts, he said he'd take the first watch, and at some point he looked at you longingly." his left hand cooed.


"Yeah, he's kinda weird though cause as he looked at you he called you Mina then laid besided you. Isn't that sweet D? He thinks your a girl." his left hand snickered.

But before could do anything, Jonathan's arms seemed to wrap tighter around his waist, and that's when he mumbled in his sleep, "Mina..."

D laid completely still as he listed to the sleeping man.

"Mina...i'm sorry....come back...come back....Mina." then he rubbed in face in D's shoulder blade. "Mina."

"Boy does he have the hots for her." his left hand remarked so D could only hear.

Then the door to the room was opened, Quincey stepping through. Gazing at D he saw that he was awake and walked over to the headboard to untie the end of the rope. "Get up." He ordered after he untied it. Tugging at the rope for emphasis. But when D didn't move he pulled at his arm, and met with resistence from Jonathan. After a moment of fighting with the sleeping Jonathan he'd freed D from his grasp and pulled at the rope again. This time D followed, narrowly escaping Jonathan's searching hands. D was lead to the living area, the other three men awaiting their arrival.

"Where's Jonathan?" John asked.

"Sleeping. I had to pry him off this guy." Quincey responded, pointing at D behind him.

"We should go and get him." John remarked, getting off his seat.

"No leave him be, it'll be much easier without him." Abraham stated, walking over to D and examining him. "You seem well this morning." he remarked at D as he continued in his examination. "We have a few questions we'd like you to answer. Depending on your cooperation will determine your fate."

D said nothing as he man prodded him, shining an annoying little light in his eyes, and prodded some more until he was satisfied. He was then lead to take a seat on the couch as Quincey held on to the rope as he sat next to him.

"As you should remember last night I did a bloodtest on you." Abraham started, waiting for a reaction, when he received none he just continued. "My findings were very interesting to say the least, do you know why?" when he still received nothing, he just continued, not becoming upset in the slightest. "Your DNA is that of a couple of people we know very well. Very well indeed. So we ask you to see if you'll be honest. What are the names of your parents?"

D just stared at the man, and decided to ask a question of his own, "Yesterday you mentioned the name Mina, how do you know that name?"

Taken back by the reply, Abraham simply smiled, "I see, I guess that answers my question doesn't it." He stated, getting up and looking out the window. "I don't blame you for being cautious, anyone in their sane mind would be. As it is, since we're the ones who, shall we say snagged you, I guess we should introduce ourselves. I am Abraham Van Helsing. These are my collegues, Quincey Morris, John Seward, and Arthur Holmwood. The one currently sleeping is Jonathan Harker."

"Jonathan Harker." D repeated speaking abit more audibly than usual.

"Hmm his name seems to bring a thought to you, do you know who he is?" Abraham asked, interested in D's reply.

Thinking for a moment, 'Jonathan Harker..that name is so familiar..but...wait!' D thought as it finally hit him.

"I'll ask again, do you know Jonathan Harker."

After another moment of silence, D muttered "Yes."

Everyone other than D and Abraham started blinking in confusion.

"That's impossible how would you know Jonathan?" John asked arrogantly.

"He..." D took a moment to remember, "He was...Mina's first husband." he finished, calling his mother by her name.

Shocked the men except Abraham stared at him.

"So it's true....you must be...but how?" John rambled, understanding yet not understanding.

"How do you know he was her first husband?" Abraham asked, ignoring John's question.

Looking straight at Abraham, D replied, "She told me so."

"Why did she tell you that?"



D just looked over away from Abrahams eyes.


"...." D just shifted in his seat. He didn't like where this was going.

Sighing, Abraham walked back to his seat. "Alright i'll ask a different question. As it is apparent that Mina was your mother can you explain any circumstances of her care?"


"Yes, was she being held against her will for instance."

"As far as I know she was there willingly." D answered, feeling slightly insulted at that remark.

"You lie!" came John's shout. "How dare you lie about it!" he continued, ready to slap D across the face, but was stopped by Holmwood.

"I think it's best if we hear everything before jumping to conclusions...don't you agree John?" Holmwood remarked, hold his hand in his grasp.

Pulling his hand out of Holmwood's grasp, John huffed but sat back in his seat.

"Well then, I have a question that you may or may not be able to answer. Mina had given birth to a child before you, know anything about it?" Abraham asked, thinking D wouldn't have an answer in his mind.

At first D just blinked, then leaning back in his seat, "She told me....that she was sad about it." D replied, sounding abit mournful.

"Sad about it?" Quincey repeated, abit shocked at the reply.

"Why was she sad about it?" Holmwood asked, curious.

Taking a breath, "The baby was still born." came D's reply. Silence hitting for a few minutes.

"Still born?" John repeated.

D simply nodded.

"That's perposterous! Dracula's brides must of sucked it's blood to kill it!" John said after.

It was D's turn to blink, "Kill it? She told me the brides where told by him to attempt to bring it to life." tilting his head in confusion at hearing a different side.

"What?!" Came Abraham's response, apparently he was very eager to hear more, for he leaned over the table soon after. "How were they to do that?"

"As far as I know, they tried giving it some of their blood, but it didn't work. He giving some of his own, but nothing happened. Or so I was told." D explained. He didn't really know. His mother telling him about it when he was a child. She'd kept telling him how happy she was when he was born. Always making sure to be by his side when he'd slept until he grew older.

Abraham's face seemed to shine eagerly, like he was plotting something in his own mind. "What happened after?" He was very much enjoying D's cooperation.

"They got married, and I was born." D finished. Not really wanting to continue anymore. "How do you all know of this?" he inquired.

Leaning back in his seat, Abraham lit a cigar and took a hit off it. "That's simple. We for the most part. Were there."

"Wow!" came a shocked reply from D's left hand. Causing everyone to look at his hand, then back at D's face. "How is that possible?" D asked. Squeezing his left hand just a smidge.

Taking another puff of his cigar, "An interesting question isn't it? How can five men who are human still be alive who should of died centuries ago. But how we exist today being the mystery the answer is simple." Abraham started. D having a blank look on his face. "We were granted a gift from god." he finished.

D's blank looked stayed in place, his left hand making a reply, "Someone's just come off the looney train." causing everyone again to look. D was so surprised by the reply that he didn't even squeeze his hand to make it shut up.

"I can see you are surprised by my response. But I tell you it is true. We were given the gift of god himself to live throughout these centuries. But you could imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon you. The child of our dear friend Mina, wife of Jonathan Harker, taken by away, or as you said, willingly went with Dracula." Abraham preached. "I can honestly say this much we are your elders that is for sure. So we'll kindly ask you to answer where Mina is."

"She's dead." D responded.

"Dead?" Holmwood repeated.

"She's been dead for centuries." D replied once more.

That's when Abraham pounced, grabbing D at the shoulders, "Tell me what was she when she died?!"

Slightly confused by the question, D didn't reply, but Abraham seemed to sense this so he rephrased his question. "Was she human or turned?!"

"She was human even in death." D replied as he finally understood the question when cleared up.

"Mina was human?" came a response from away from the group. Making everyone turn at the doorway to the owner of the voice.

"Jonathan, when did you wake up?" Quincey asked, as he looked at his friend who looked as though he'd be ruffed up.

Walking over to the group, "I've been awake long enough to hear as early as still born." he said as he sat next to D.

"I think he likes you." his left hand snickered so only he could hear.

"So she was human....even when she died..." Jonathan muttered, seemingly smiling at the thought. It brought him joy to know she'd still thought of him. Then his expression shifted to a sad one. "So why did she leave then?" He asked. Hoping for an answer.

D memory seemed to open to him as he remembered he'd asked his own mother that question. She simply smiled at him and said she'd fallen in love even before she'd thought of being with Jonathan. Since he was so young he couldn't understand the logic of marrying someone you didn't truly love. Now that he was older he thought it was silly for him to think such a thing. As now he understood there were many reasons to marry even without love. He just remained silent, thinking on Jonathan's past reactions it'd be best not to say anything. Though it seemed he wasn't the only one who wanted to know. But no one asked, taking his lack of response as a sign he didn't know.

"So that's it then." Quincey said as he leaned over to untie D's wrists, but was stopped by Jonathan.

"What are you doing?!" Jonathan said angrily.

"What's it look like? I'm untying him."

"Are you insane, he's that things child!"

"But he's also Mina's child."

That made Jonathan go silent.

Pulling D's wrists away from Jonathan, Quincey proceeded to attempt to untie him, but was stopped again, this time by Abraham. "I think it's best we keep precautions up. Lest he comes around. Besides we don't know where his loyalties lie." Abraham said. Quincey made no futher attempts to untie D.

D just tested the wire, it was like rope but definately wire. He couldn't figure out how it was that he couldn't break it. But what ever it was, apart of him wished he had some for his own hunts. The other part of him disliked it.

As if to lighten the mood at Jonathan's expense, Holmwood said "Well I guess it's good he's not your kid anyway Jonathan, from what I saw of him during his bath, he's very well endowed, which is more than I can say for you. That and he'd probably be whiney all the time."

Jonathan glared daggers at Holmwood, a silent promise to destroy him when he got the chance.

Though his predicament wasn't good. D couldn't help but smirk at the remark. The other's laughing up a storm as Quincey agreed since he'd be the other one to bathe D last night. No one concerned that D was still only in Quincey's oversized shirt.

"Oooooo burn." came a voice from D's left hand. Causing everyone to stare at him again.


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