Fated Encounter 10

By Female Heero Yuy

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D whimpered as he quite litterally gripped his stuffed horse tightly. Walking through town in his new attire. Compared to the others, it didn't take much to make him appear as a woman. The more difficult part was covering his pointed ears. But after working with his hair, Doris managed to get it to cover the tips of his ears, by putting some of it back and tying it with a white hair ribbon. His black dress looked regal, yet gothy, but suited him quite well. Even Twinkie had a matching white bow to match. Doris kept snickering as she never dreamed she'd see him in a dress. The rest of the group looked miserable.

"Aww come on it's not that terrible." she stated as she tried to make the men in drag feel better. "See even D isn't taking it so badly."

"That's because he's waiting for us to take him to a candy store." Holmwood's gaze shifted off to the side.

That made everyone else blink several times. "A mother's touch indeed." Jonathan stated as he rolled his eyes. He should of known it wouldn't be that easy to get D in a dress. Even with a childlike mind. "In anycase stop using masculine terms. Or people will be suspicious." he whispered. Though no one was really paying attention to the group.

"D you shouldn't touch that." Dan stated to him. D was poking at some roses by a store. "You could get in trouble."

"Oh it's quite alright." a blonde woman with short hair stated. She spoke with a rather masculine sounding voice, but it was clear she was a woman. Picking a single rose she handed it to D. "A beautiful rose, for one of beauty." she smiled.

D just stared at it for a moment as though he didn't know what to think. But he also made no attempt to take the flower either. After a moment he ran and hid behind Jonathan and whined slightly while frowning.

"Ahh..." the woman blinked in shock. But smiled after a moment. "It seems i'm not liked by such a beauty." she brushed back her hair.

"I'm sorry, she's exceedingly shy you see." Doris explained. "Could you tell us where the hotel is?"

"Of course, it's just past the square on the right." she pointed. "If you see the liquor shop, then you've gone too far."

"Thank you." she replied. Waving the woman off as she left holding the rose.

D looked about and something seemed to catch his eye, his childish persona seemingly drifting away. Slowly he started going towards whatever caught his eye, and soon gained speed and even jumped up on a fountain and using his momentum to reach the roof a building until he was jumping from building to building.

"Gah!" Holmwood shouted as he finally noticed what D was doing. Quickly going after him. Though nearly tripped over his dress a few times. "Come back! D!" he shouted, making everyone else aware of what was going on.

"Oh no. What's he doing?" Doris grabbed the reins to the carriage and snapped them to make the horses go. Following along the ground.

Eventually D made it to a field, and was running up some steps, and into a very lavish building. The collosal pillars were a sight to behold, but he paid them no mind. Eventually he came to a wall that had a massive mirror on it. And he stopped just before it, looking entirely mesmerized by it. Even while the others were trying to catch up with him, he was still a distance away from them. Then his attention went off to the side once more and he ran in that direction.

"Can somebody tell me...where he's going?" Quincey panted as he realized how hard it was to run in womens shoes.

"If we knew that we wouldn't be following him!" Jonathan responded. Getting a small glimpse of D before seeing him take off again. "D!" he started to pant heavily. Until they finally caught up to him in a garden. He was on his knees, Twinkie beside him as he was clearly holding something else. "What...on...earth...did...you run...for?" he tried to catch his breath.

D simply looked up at him with a smile. It was hard to tell if it was just a simple smile or if he was amused by his caretaker's plight. In his arms something squirmed. Falling to his back he held up the thing to Jonathans face even as some grass got into his hair. "Kitty!" he proclaimed adorably.

Blinking several times, everyone sighed. "D..." they groaned with distaste. They thought he'd been leading them to an important clue for their mission.

D on the other hand blinked as though he couldn't understand why they were aggitated. The cat licking Jonathan's nose as if it was stating understanding.


They went to the hotel after that. Unfortunately D also started to cause a huge fuss for two reasons. The first was because they hadn't taken him to the candy store yet as they had promised. Something that made him greatly aggitated. The second, was due to the fact that twinkie's eye was coming off. Which is what escalated the situation. To make matters more complicated. D refused to go to the store without it, and he wouldn't let them just get him something from the store while he waited. "Come on D, your being impossible." Dan complained. Wanting to go to the candy store himself.

D just kept watch as Doris was fixing twinkie's eye. Waiting eagarly until she was finished. "There." she announced after a few minutes. Handing D back his stuffed horse. "All better."

"Twinkie..." he hugged it. "I missed you."

"She only had him for ten minutes!" Dan rubbed at his head in annoyance.

"Dan." Doris gave him a look that clearly stated he needed to calm down. Though she took missed the old D. And wondered how long it would be before he was his normal self again.

"Twinkie..." he cooed again. Rubbing his face into the stuffed animals back with a smile.

"Oh lord someone kill me now." Lefty complained. Greatful that not many knew of his existence.

"So what do we do now?" Dan asked.

"Candy store!" D demanded.

"Yes D. We will take you to the candy store." Jonathan stood in thought. "Doris and Dan will take D to the candy store. The rest of us will make sure we weren't followed."

"How could Helsing follow us?" Quincey spoke with great annoyance. "This is a town of women and children."

"Don't be so foolish. We all know he'd find a way. And it is better to be safe than sorry." Holmwood drank some water.

"We should also find another way of getting D to listen to us." John added in. "We cannot keep using sweets and toys as bribes. It's simply spoiling."

"Well if you come up with another way to get him to listen. I'm all ears." Jonathan crossed his arms. D was exceedingly stubborn. And would throw tantrums until he got his own way. He briefly wondered what he'd been like as a child. Though he supposed when one was the son of Dracula, one was catered to without any fuss.


Doris walked along with D and Dan to the candy store. While at the same time. Keeping alert. Her eyes shifted every so often, looking at everyone who passed by to see if they were suspicious.

"D, what's the matter?" came Dan's voice. This caused her to turn around to see what was going on. D was looking down at a stand that held many books. His eyes seemed to tremble slightly, making it seem as though he were upset.

"D?" Doris put a hand to his shoulder. "What's wrong?"

"Mother..." he spoke softly.

Doris looked at him in utter confusion before looking down at the book he was staring at. It was the story of Peter Rabbit. 'She must of read it to him when he was a child.' she thought. Closing her eyes as she felt sorrow. Shaking her head she opened her eyes again. And was shocked. "D?" she looked about. "D?!" she kept looking. "Dan, where did D go?" she looked to her brother.

"Uh...I dunno. I wasn't really paying attention." he rubbed at the back of his head sheepishly. He'd been taking a peek at some adult books that were nearby on the stand.

Her eyes grew wide as if knowning what happened "Oh no..."


D had found himself in a dark room with broken windows. And it was only dark due to the fact that the room was a room within the building. "D..." came a ghostly voice that was soft spoken. He walked about until he got to the center of the room. And before him appeared a shadow. "D..." the voice sounded clearer.


Letting the others know what happened, they searched. Even when night had fallen, they did not stop. Meeting at the very place D had lead them earlier.

"We lost him...now what?" Dan asked.

"Well he has to be somewhere here right?" Doris asked. "We'll just keep looking til we find him."

"But how? We don't even know where D is." Dan crossed his arms.

"I just realized what this place is." Jonathan looked about. Some of the walls were new, but others were distinctly ancient. "Could this be..."

"Uhh..." Holmwood looked upon one of the pillars. "This is the place where we traveled long ago. I can't believe it changed so much." he was shocked. On the pillar was a marking they'd placed long ago as a symbol of where they'd defeated Dracula once before. It was the same church, where Mina had decided to be with her beloved.

"Then that means..." Jonathan turned where the old church used to be. Going down a long hall and finding a door. Slowly he pushed it to open it, and there was D on the floor unconcious. "D!" he ran to him and picked him up in his arms. There was a strange fog wrapping about his body, and even when he lifted him, it didn't disipate. "Wake up D! Open your eyes!" he shook him. "D!"

"To think such a place is now a safe haven for women and children." Holmwood spoke in awe as he touched the familiar wall. "But why would he come here? He wasn't even born when we were last here."

"I can only think that something brought him here. But I don't know what." Jonathan stated. Quincy just stood idly by as he watched. After a moment he gasped. "What is it?" he asked, but then he too gasped. "...Mina..."

There she was by the altar as she'd been so many years ago. She flowed down and touched D lightly before giving him a light kiss on his head. Making the fog disappear.

"Mina..." Jonathan breathed. He couldn't believe he was seeing her after all those years. It broke his heart to see her spirit. And he couldn't help but wonder if she were cursed to stay there for eternity.

"Jonathan..." her voice was still serene. "...please...please..." she stated before giving him a kiss before fading away.

An awkward silence engulfed them for several minutes. No one knew how to react. No one really knew what to even say. "What...was that about?" Quincey asked. It seemed like the most logical question to ask at the moment.

"I..." Jonathan started. Trying to find the words on how to explain what just happened. "...I think I know how to stop Helsing."

"What?!" Holmwood looked at him in shock. "But how?"

"Mina...she..." he tried to think. Tried to keep the pain in his heart from engulfing him. "...she brought D here because she knew we'd come looking for him. She brought him here, because what we need is here. In this very room."

"And what is it that we need?" John asked as he looked about.

Lowering D to the floor, Jonathan walked up to what was left of the altar. Going behind it, he pulled out a weapon that had been used long ago in their battle against Dracula so many decades ago.

"But thats...!"

"The very knife that was used when Dracula met his end...at that time." Jonathan held it in his hands. "The very knife Mina herself used."

"How is that going to help us defeat Helsing?" Quincey asked skeptical of it.

"It's covered in the blood of Dracula. But at the same time it has become a holy weapon. The blood has now become a poison to kill immortals."

"And your telling me, that Mina told you this?" he raised a brow.

"I'm not saying that it makes any sense, or that you should believe what I am telling you. All I am saying is that you should trust me...trust Mina."

"Your insane." he turned his back on him.

"Even if I were insane...I trust Mina with all my heart. And she wants us to protect her child. I as a man who loved her. Loves her still...am willing to grant her this."

"So is everything that we have done til now been for nothing?" he spat.

"No. Everything we've done has been for this. For only someone who can use magic can use this." he clarified. "Though my abilities are lacking. In the very least we can use this...this is far greater and faster than me learning to use magic properly." he breathed. "We use this. It's over. We use this. D goes back to normal."

"Even if we have this. How are we supposed to find Helsing?" John asked. "We don't know where he is. For all we know he's miles away from us."

"We don't have to find him." Jonathan remarked. "We already know where he is."

"What are you talking about?" Holmwood looked even more confused.

"I think we've always known where he was. It was just a matter of forcing ourselves to admit it." he took a deep breath. "There's only one place he would be." he prepared himself. "The home...of Lucy Westenra." he finished. The others looking at him in either shock or confusion.


Helsing kept mixing concoctions and smiling with glee. Many corpses in the corner that had been disembodied showing either organs or bones of having decaying after being left out so long. This did not bother him. All the servants he'd had had served their purpose and use to him in one way or another. He was a scientist after all. After each experiment he'd proven many things. That the creatures of the night held far more of a purpose than man realized. Using their blood alone could create remedies, potions and even poisons if one worked with them in particular ways.

He found that if he left the blood of Dracula out under a full moon, it became a cure for all diseases. Adding wolfsbane could turn it into a love potion. It was really a rather remarkable thing to him. That a creature so vile could create such wonders. If he so wanted he could poison an entire country with just a single drop of the blood if he mixed it with extract from lilies.

He knew time drew near. For soon, those so called companions of his would be arriving. That much he knew. And on their arrival, they would be bringing the greatest creature he could use for his experiments with them. A dhampire of D's calliber was rare. Most went insane, or committed suicide to try to stop their eternal hunger.

Once D was in his possession. He'd have the ultimate weapon known to man. And he would use that weapon for his own purpose. His own needs. The world would not care that he used him for his own purpose. For the world was cruel, and foolish. They had a savior to save them from the creatures of the night. But shunned him due to being a halfling. He would take Dracula's own research. His own work. And do as he wished.

Then those pathetic people would realize how reliant they were on D. How reliant they were on him before D had even been born. They'd mocked and scorned the name Helsing due to his own research. Calling him a devil. Treating him as though he were Dracula himself. Some even dared to claim he was even more insane than the King of the night. He'd shown them, shown them how cruel he could be. Though he'd have to admit, he actions probably stated more than they should have. All of the night would fear the name Helsing. While those of the day would praise him once more. He would gain funding for his research with ease. That he was certain. And with luck, he could get others to bring him more specimens. At a price of course. As humans were exceedingly greedy creatures. But he'd have to admit such specimens were rather hard to obtain. He would have to expect to pay a fair price for the beasts.

And even so, in order for his plan to work, he'd have to first commit the eviliest of evil. The crime of crimes, that even Dracula and Satan themselves would never be so bold as to commit such a heinous crime. He would reduce both worlds population down to nearly half. And in the midst of the chaos he'd come out as a savior. Taming the creatures of the night to do his bidding after a while. Making them slaves of man. While at the same time, getting man to worship him. Practically being slaves themselves. He would be King of everything. And nothing would stop him. Not even God himself would dare to bring down his hand against the one who dared to take control of it all. Slowly he started to laugh. Until his laughter broke out as though it had been blocked by gates and was now flooding. Manical laughter filling the room, leaving anything that heard it in utter confusion. Save for the one locked in his cage.

For Dracula could not think any less of the man. It was already certain in his mind that Helsing was far more insane than the definition of insanity implied. He'd seen creatures of the night who only lived for blood be far more sane. Which was saying quite alot all things considered. Morals. Had the man had any? He didn't think so. Had it not been for the cage he was locked in, he'd of simply fled. Even if he would be marked a coward at such an action by his fellow creatures of the night. Or perhaps they would of joined him. It was hard to tell. Surely even the humans wouldn't spare a moment with such a person. If they agreed, it would be the first thing humans, demons, and monsters every agreed upon. A rather revolting thought to say the least. But he couldn't seem to get himself to think otherwise.

And that.

Even for him.

Was saying something.


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