WARNING: contains rape, lemon yaoi and strong language.

Pairings: LinkxDark Link, Fierce DeityxLink, Fierce DeityxDark Link


A Shaking teenager rose up from a lake -looking floor...only to get smashed against a lonely tree soon after. Dark Link's blood red eyes was shining as he watched the blonde Hylian boy. Link had no power left to struggle anymore. He had already lost quite much blood and some of the biggest cuts in his arms haven't stopped bleeding yet. Dark's definitely going to kill him. Those fierce eyes leave no doubt about that.

"Pretty weak, aren't we?" Shadow smirked pressing the blade against Link's throat.

"Do you really thought you could beat me that easily? Naive little boy. They didn't choose me to guard the longshot for nothing."

Link glared at the black haired boy bitter tears filling his eyes. That monster was right. he was weak. All the time Dark had just played with him without getting a single hit...and sure got some sadistic satisfaction of it. Link knew his darker counterpart could have killed him the second he entered the room if he only wanted to...but Shadow didn't. Not yet.

The Hylian shut his aquamarine eyes avoiding to look Dark Link anymore. It could be helped this time...Link had always had friends willing to help him when really needed but not this time. He was all alone yards below the bottom of Lake Hylia. No one knew he was here. He's ready to die if he must but Dark's toy he would never be...

Dark raised his black version of Master Sword and grinned while making a little cut to Link's left cheek.

"You're kind a cute" he said smiling. "My Master will be very pleased..."

Link gulped. "Wh-what?!" "What the hell are you talking about?"

Dark raised his eyebrow a bit. "What do you think why have I gone so easy on you?" "We expected you to come here sooner or later...and you definitely are part of my Master's plans. And yes, you really were a weak little weed. We expected that, too. So I just came down here and took my time. It's really shame that you belong to him now...otherwise, maybe I would have taken you myself." Dark licked a drop of blood away from Link's cheek.

"Cut it out!" the elf shrieked. "What the hell do you think you are doing? And what's going on here? Who's that so-called Master of yours?"

"You'll find out soon enough" Dark said in a bit softer voice. "God, you have no idea how sexy you look covered in your own blood. If you only didn't belong to someone else..." Dark tickled Link't chest under his tunic and let the hand slide downward.

Link gasped turning even more pale if possible. "NO, STOP IT I SAID! I'M A GUY!"

"Yeah, I have noticed. And damn cute one. You bet I'd take you right here if I only were allowed to touch you that way..." "But I think there's still something I could do to you."

Without a warning Dark Link tossed the Hylian to the ground and sat on his back. He tied Link's hands around the tree while looking lustfully the boy under him. Link would have ran if he could but he was still too weak. He was terrified as he felt Dark's hands around his most private places which had never been touched by anyone. "D-Dark..."

"Shhh, just shut up. I promise you'll enjoy it...whether you wanted it or not. That red eyed Sheikah guy had more guts to fight back but he also liked it in the end."

"You...bastard! Did you do this to Sheik too?"

"Yeah...and can you believe, he even begged me for more when I finally released him" Dark laughed. "He was such a pretty boy...but let's concentrate on you now. Dark moved the hem of Link's tunic up and smirked.

"Commando, huh? So you are a naughty boy after all..."

Link said nothing. He was too embarrassed to speak at all...a moment before he was terrified because he thought his own shadow is going to kill him but now...now he almost hoped Dark had killed him.

"Don't be so shy" Dark fondled Link's entrance and slowly slid one finger in, causing the boy blush.

"I bet no one has touched you this way before but don't try to claim you don't like it" Dark said in a voice which gave Link chills. He stopped suddenly but continued a while after a mischievous expression on his face.

"Actually...it was this you came for, wasn't it? Very well then..." Link felt cold metal pressing against his entrance. Dark sneered and pushed the tip of the Long Shot slowly inside Link. This was really something Link didn't expect. He cried out loudly while Dark Link pressed the weapon deeper inside. "STOP IT! IT HURTS LIKE HELL"

Dark withdrew and licked Link's thigh. "It won't too long. Just relax now..."

"Besides, I think you need to get used to some pain. But as you wish..." Dark took a small bottle of green Chu Jelly from his pocket and placed the whole bottleneck inside Link. Ignoring Link's whining and angry curses, he tilted the bottle, causing the jelly flow inside to prevent the friction. Soon after he entered with the Long Shot again, moving it slowly back and forth occasionally hitting the point he knew to be sensitive. "Dark...please...stop it already"

"For the Din's sake why...It doesn't matter what you say, I can see you enjoy this. Your muscles are already relaxed." Link hated to admit but Dark was right. It was extremely embarrassing but at the same time it felt like Heaven. Link was really close to lose control as Long Shot started to move with more speed. "Dark...damnit..ah...I said...I..."

"Now you are being a little unclear. Do you really want me to... stop?" He hit the weapon directly at Link's most sensitive point, rubbing it with force. "How is it?"

There was nothing Link could do anymore. His mind wanted to say yes...his body didn't. Link had never felt anything like it earlier. Dark sure has done this many times before. "No...please..don't" Link had get all hard already...unwillingly. His enemy was absolutely very skillful, which made the situation even more disturbing.

"Don't what?" Dark stopped moving but left the Long Shot inside.

"Don't...don't stop like that." Link moaned. "I can't take it anymore"

"As you wish then" he growled to Link's ear. "I wanna hear you sream..."

Dark's wish came true quickly. He loved the sight of a blonde Hylian boy gasping, moaning and sreaming while metallic Long Shot moved inside him. Link couldn't stop it anymore...he ejaculated spreading his sperm all over his green tunic. Only to pass out instantly. He had been at his limit because of the blood loss and now rest of his pover was took off. The darker elf gave an amused look to Link while withdrawing from him. He kissed Link cheek softly. "My little toy...rest now. You'll need your energy soon again."


....Poor Link. I'm almost getting ashaimed myself...almost. This is my first fic so I'll really value comments.