WARNING! This story contains rape, graphic gay sex and sadism. A Lot of them. It's also very sick occasionally, particularly this time. I'm writing this to those who like to read stuff like that...If you are looking for something else or don't find these themes suitable, I recommend not to read this one.


Dark Link grinned while walking towards Link who was lying on the ground, all tired and sweaty. His legs was shaking as he watched Shadow coming closer and closer. Although Link had still hard-on, he wanted to escape just then. These two were just playing with him having seen how sensitive he was. Link had no intention to be forced to orgasm again but he sure knew he had no chance to prevent it. He had already noticed how skillful Shadow was. That sadist... he had apparently enjoyed seeing Link's distress. His growing erection left no obscurity.

Shadow knelt down next to Hylian and smiled. He tapped Link's head dominatingly and tickled his stomach with the other hand.

"Poor boy...I knew you were a first timer. But don't worry. Innocent guys like you make me all horny...I'll teach you", he whispered to Link's ear and bit it. After doing that, he walked in between Link's legs, spreading them apart. He licked Link's dickhead quickly and observed the boy's reaction. Link bit his lip, trying not to make any sound as Dark began to lick slowly his whole lenght. Dark stopped for a while, starting to fondle Link's perineum and balls with his fingertips. Noticing Link to relax a bit, he continued running his tongue around the Hylian's glans, stopping every time he saw Link's body enjoying it.

Dark..." Link groaned. "You bastard...hurry up...do it already if you must!"

"Shut up now...I'm in no hurry. We'll have time until morning if needed. Guess again if you think I'd let you come that fast."

He swallowed Link's dickhead, sucking it just lightly...he closely avoided causing too much pleasure. Link felt pressure growing in his crotch, and it was almost painful already. Dark definitely had decided to drive him grazy. To make him beg for it.

Link gasped suddenly, feeling Dark Link taking the whole lenght in his mouth. His eyes were now closed and his breath turned heavier. Whether he liked it or not, his body sure longed for his enemys touch badly. The mischievous counterpart stopped again, causing Link to groan loudly this time. Link was evidently at his limit, after beeing teased so long.


"What is it?", Dark asked, fondling Link's hard member lightly and tormenting slowly. "If you want something, you must ask for."

"Just do it..."

"I'm afraid that wasn't enough" Shadow smirked, stopping the movement of his hand. "I'll make you beg for it, even if it would take the whole night."

"No...just suck it...please. I can't wait anymore!" Link screamed, lifting his hips a bit.

Dark seemed to be proud of himself as he started to squeeze Link's penis harder. "Fine...THAT was what I wanted. How pathetic... you should see youself now..." he smirked before swallowing Link's member again, sucking it lightly at first. The harder Dark sucked, the noisier Link turned. He moaned and shouted loudly as his penis hit to the back of Dark's throat and the underpressure in the mouth grew bigger.

"No...", Link screamed. "No...I can't...unghh...I can't take it anymore. Please, hurry up... "

Link's wish came true as Dark started to move his head back and forth faster, sucking with even more force. Link's scream filled half of the mansion. He was just about to come when Shadow stopped sucking, starting to squeeze and pump Link's swollen penis with his hand instead.

"Don't think you are allowed to ejaculate in my mouth..." Dark uttered, looking at the squirming Hylian who now came at his hands. After his orgasm, Link's body relaxed quickly. He stayed still lying on the ground, breahting heavily, his blue eyes still closed.

"Well then...it wasn't that bad, was it?" Oni asked, walking closer the other two.

"That was a real blowjob which I expect you to posses. Make sure you practice diligently..." he said, a strange glow in his white eyes.

"Actually, you can rest now. You might be a little tired currently, so I'll let you recover tonight. Dark will guide you to your room. For some time, it'll be in the catacombs...if you wonder why, let's say I'm quote disappointed on you now. As soon as you prove to be worth it, I'll treat you better. Go now you two..."

"And Dark...", he added. "Don't stay too long. I have a reward for you."

Dark smiled lustfully and grabbed Link's wrist, starting to lead him downstairs. Link was way too tired to fight back, so he followed unwillingly across the staircase and long hallways. The mansion was gigantic...the mere dining room was size of Queen Gohma's chamber. The long oak tables were surrounded by decorative chairs, and the floor was made of gray, polished marble. There was also a longcase clock in one corner, the sound of which made the ambience a bit cozier.

Dark kept on pulling Link, still staying completely quiet. Link sure was grateful that Shadow wasn't teasing him anymore, but at the same time he got a bit nervous. The boy just seemed to be too serious currently, taking into account the first impression Link had got.

After a few more staircases, they ended up to and heavy-looking wooden door. Shadow opened the door, pushing Link in and making him walk in front. It didn't look like the same building anymore. The stairway was cramped, gloopy and wet. The more they walked, the darked it turned. At the bottom Link took a good look around. This really was far from the mansion above...there was a bunch of spider webs hanging from the ceiling, which was made of gray stone, just like the walls were. The air smelt like mold. And the floor...there was no floor at all. A Few green torches gave a small amount of light, but creating and eerie ambience at the same time. The whole place seemed to be infested with rats...this definitely was the last place Link would like to live in.

"Nice, huh?" Dark finally spoke. Something in his voice was different. It wasn't mischievous and dominant anymore but more like...cold and serious. "It seems you are here to stay, so you probably need to know at least something about him." he continued while they walked ahead. Link tried to remember the path they walked...left...right...right...no, left...it was impossible. The number of tunnels was just too great and every one them looked completely the same.

"You may -at least you should- be aware of the three Goddesses who created our world and gave birth to all life forms amoung us. However, just a few knows that Din, Farore and Nayru had once a little brother living with them. That's what Master is...or was. He was so different from them that severe disagreements couldn't have been avoided. In the end the three great bicthes allied against Oni, sealing him out from the Sacred Realm forever. They planned to make him live as a mortal, but that didn't go exactly as they wanted to. He's still demigod. He's still immortal. He may be unable to do everything he wants to, but he still have more power than any mortal could ever have. I'm just happy to live with him..."

"...But I hoped I would had been enough for him" he added silently, as they stopped in front of a small chamber.

"There's your place. Be a good boy and try not to escape. You are safe here, but I can't ensure what the other residents do if you take a walk outside. Now excuse me..."

"Hey, wait a bit..."

"I've waited enough. Besides, he told me to return quickly", Dark added in a bit happier voice. "I'm going now. Just remember what I said and everything will be alright"

Link sat down on a narrow bench. The whole situation was irrelevant...the latest seven years he had been on his journey. He had travelled over the kingdom and faced extremely tricky situations and dangerous enemies. Even though the risk of death was present all the time, never had he scared like this time. Now he had found himself as a sex slave of a sadistic demigod he had never heard about. And still he didn't know enough...what was that place anyway? Why there was a catacomb under the mansion? Link had no idea what kind of other residents might live there with him. Or maybe Dark was just pulling him leg. It was dead sure, no one would live willingly there...

Link took his time sitting still and thinking. How he missed home...he missed adventure, his frieds, everything. He even missed his fairy, and wanted more than anything to hear her shrill voice again. Link stood up suddenly, opening the door of his small chamber. He wasn't going to stay here...if he couldn't escape, he would at least die trying.

Link took a few steps forward, only to notice again that all the tunnels really looked the same. He had no idea which way was the correct or what else could be found in the catacombs, so he just chose the closest one and started to walk it along. The more he walked, the more nervous he turned. Link had lost already, so there were no chance turning back now. But more disturbing was the low moaning he heard occasionally...so he wasn't alone. The voice gave Link chills and sounded in some way a bit...familiar. He had definitely heard it before but couldn't recall when...or where.

As he walked around the next corned, he found himself gazing at a tall, human-like creature. It's skin was rotten...ribs was penetrated through it...the face was covered with a wooden mask and mouth was just a round hole. ReDead.

Link freezed as the creature made a bloodcurling shriek and slowly started to walk towards him.

"What a great timing" he thought. These creatures were the last thing he wanted to face now. They have never been very problematic to Link when he had been equipped. But without a sword...no chance.

The distance between them decreased...5 meters...4...when it was only 2 or 3 meters, Link finally found enough power to run. He chose a random path and ran along it, ignoring the fact that he didn't know where it would lead. Link didn't feel he was safe, however far he ran, because the sound turned just louder. After turning around the next corner, his heart leapt. Another zombie was walking towards him...two of them were coming from the left and three fromthe right. Link noticed he was completely surrounded by these thing. There was no way escape. He would die here...

Link felt a buch of hands all over his body when the creatures reached him. They were pulling his hair, ripping the rest of his clothes off until he was totally naked. The hands kept on running over his back...some of them was squeezing and sratching his face.

"What the hell...", Link gasped as he felt hands touching his more private places. Now he was way more terrified than before if possible. The hands were tweaking his nipples and massaging his crotch. He made a sudden yell when two rotten fingers were sticked inside him. Soon third one entered him...and the forth. Link cried out loydly from pain when the creature pushed its whole wrist into Link's rectum, thrusting it deeper and deeper until Link felt he could tear apart. Soon the hand was replaced with a ice cold dick which felt unnatural soft...and rotten of course. Another piece of rotten flesh was forced into Link's mouth, which made the boy retch. The taste was unspeakable...he felt he could vomit right away as the ReDead kept on thrusting in and out. It's member will definitely break in Link's mouth sooner or later if it continues any longer...

After finishing penetrating into Link's rectum, the other ReDead unleashed for a short moment so that another one could continue. It was Link's chance. He struggled fiercely, punching hard the ReDead in front of him, which caused the enemy sway and collapse. Link jostled the undead away and ran for his life. He still had no idea where he was but it was a minor point. He didn't even stop to listen if he was still followed or not, until reaching a huge wooden door. Link pushed the door open and breathed from relief while looking at the vast garden behind it. He was safe.


Should I have warned about sex with the dead...does it count as necrophilia when these guys are walking, talking and fucking instead of just rotting...

Link: I said you were sick!

Dark: And I said your puctuation sucked but did you listen to me?

Author: Oh, shut up both of you or I'll make you have threesome with Koume and Kotake next. ^^

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