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Ch:1 There goes the bride's dress!

Edge Vanhite had never before seen anything embarrassing before in his life. So embarrassing, that it was to the point of it being too painful to even watch. He never had exuberant friends that would be willing do almost anything they thought was a good idea. Granted, he never had a lot of friends, but the people that he knew at the guild were always either calm, formal or polite (not including Phenyl, of course), so there was nothing that ever made him question his sanity.

…But when you are close friends with Iris Fortner and Nell Ellis, there are always some outrageous things that they would like to do that would make a person pretend that they had never met them.

It all started when they have received that request from Yach, the shop-keeper of the potions shop. He had wanted them to make an extravagant wedding dress for a female friend of his.

Iris had successfully created the dress with no problems with the help of her skills as an alchemist and as well as the use of some extra materials that they had collected from the Alterworlds.

After the threesome had it delivered did then Nell spoke up about how "romantic" it would be if they could get to wear a wedding gown while fighting monsters. Even though she wasn't completely serious about actually doing it, Iris had absolutely loved the idea. So much, that when they had returned to the workshop later that day, she had immediately went to create two more wedding gowns for the both of them.

…And here he is now. Walking through the Posporia Battlegrounds behind two girls that are dressed in the frilliest, brightest, flamboyant wedding gowns that he had ever seen.

"Iris, Nell… tell me again why it's a good idea going into a battle while wearing a… a… a wedding gown, of all things?" he almost pleaded, looking out for any monsters or battles that they might have to avoid. It's better than looking at the sight of the two girls in front of him.

Even though he already strongly voiced his opposition to the idea several times back at the workshop, the girls were not to be swayed. It wasn't until they both had put on their gowns that Edge had reluctantly given up on trying to change their minds.

The trip to the portal of the Alterworld was not at all comfortable either. When the threesome had left the workshop, Edge had suggested taking a fairy's cab to take them to the Beastmen's quarters. To his absolute horror and dismay, they waved off the idea, claiming it's best to save up as much money as they can, since they had spent a huge sum of them into buying medical supplies and alchemy recipes.

And also, because of the fact that they have little to no customers to earn their desired income, the fairies have temporarily raised the price of their rides. Edge knew about this even before he asked, but he still wanted to avoid facing the humiliation of having everyone in town staring at them as they pass by.

…Unfortunately for the red-head, that's exactly what has happened. Everyone on the streets and nearby shops had stopped their current activities to gape, stare and point at them. Manna and Ella had also come out of their respective shops to witness the spectacle, eyes wide and urgently whispering to each other.

He had a strong, sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that everyone in town will definitely know about this by tomorrow.

Even Papal, who had been playing with Gon when they passed by the fountain, had ran to back to her house to get a bouquet of flowers. When she, along with Kuu in tow, had gotten back up with them, she had proceeded to throw flower petals in their wake as 'their flower girl' while Kuu is holding up a pillow with cheap plastic toy rings as 'their ring bearer' while chanting 'Here comes the bride… dum, dum, da-daa!' repeatedly. The innocent green-headed girl and the 'cool, awesome raider in training' (or that's what Kuu had dubbed himself nowadays) had assumed that they were 'playing wedding' and had wanted to join in the fun.

So by the time they had reached the Beastmen Quarters, Edge had wanted nothing more to do other than to just crawl underneath a rock and stay there.

"Why not? It's a lot of fun," the alchemist replies cheerfully.

"Yeah. Besides, don't you think we look pretty, Edge?" Nell giggles childishly, swaying her dress from side to side.

They were passing through the fairies' territory by now. After handing over the dress to Yach, and before heading back to their house, they had went back to the Guild to see if there are any other jobs that they could take to earn some more money. There was a request from a peddler that needed some claws from an owl-bear to make some kind of charm. The pay was good and reasonable, so they had accepted.

Edge smacks a hand to his forehead irritably, "It's not the fact whether you guys are good-looking or not. A wedding gown is not the best choice to wear to go into battle with! The skirt would get in the way of your footing, it's restricting almost all of your movements, it offers little to no defense, not to mention that it can easily get snagged by a monster or onto something else. Can you see what I'm getting at?"

"It's alright, don't worry about us," Iris reassures him, "I'm sure we can handle it. And the dresses have a high-resistance to any elemental damage, so we're not going to have any problems at all with any magic thrown at us."

Edge started to say something else before closing his mouth. He let's out a defeated sigh instead, "Fine… if that's what you want."

"Oooh! Guys look! There's an owl-bear over there!" Nell points towards the large red creature that is a few distances away in a wide clearing excitedly.

Edge slowly drew his weapon out from his back and got into his attacking stance. "All right…" he whispers, "Let's get this over with."

With that, he charges towards the monster with a battle cry before delivering a heavy slash to it's side. The owl-bear roared in pain, angered at the sudden attack. Edge continues to attack it, jumping out of the way when it's necessary. With it's body weight and it's large build, the owl-bear has a hard time moving away and Edge would always notice when it's going to attack him.

Unfortunately, Edge has miscalculated a move and the owl-bear took that moment to throw the red-head a far distance away with a heavy paw. Edge's head crashes against a nearby tree and his body fell limply to the ground.

"Edge!" Iris calls out in concern. Too worried about her childhood friend may be suffering a concussion to think about her actions, Iris quickly rushes forward to his form. However, since the owl-bear is in the way of getting to the red-head, the alchemist quickly charges up her powers.

"My powers…" she started to chant as blue runes swirled around her body as she continues running, "…UNLEASH!"

Large blue beams rained down upon the owl-bear, making it roar from the extreme pain being dealt to it. When it was finally over, the owl-bear angrily shot a huge paw out, managing to grab onto Iris' wedding skirt before she could get away. The bear pulls it's paw back…

…when the sound of fabric getting ripped echoes around the area. Nell's mouth was agape at the sight in front of her. Edge, who is now sitting up and rubbing his head to get rid of a headache, looks up.

Only to snap his head the other way as a dark blush spread across his face. Even the monster was staring in confusion at the object it now held in it's paw.

Iris, who is currently at the centre of the attention at the moment, also had a shock and embarrassed look on her face. Her wedding gown is now missing almost all of the fabric from the waist down, revealing her white cotton panties in all of it's glory for the entire world to see.

With a heavy blush and a high-pitched squeak, Iris took refugee in one of the thick bushes in the area. "You big stupid monster pervert!" Nell screams angrily, charging forward with her lance pointing towards the monster's chest, where it's heart is. Too slow to move to defend itself, Nell's lance found true to it's mark as she finishes it off.

Knowing that it's done for, but still wanting to have it's revenge, the owl-bear uses the last of it's remaining strength to grab onto the startled teen before throwing her as hard as it could into one of the trees. With her lance still lodged deep in it's chest, the monster let out a dying roar before falling to the ground unmoving.

Using his sword to prop himself up, Edge looks towards where the monster has thrown Nell, only to see the blond hanging by the hem of her shirt on a tree branch that is a few feet above the ground. "H-Hey! Help! Get me down from here!" Nell squirms around frantically, her feet dangling in mid-air.

Suddenly, for the second time that day, there was another sound of fabric ripping as Nell's wedding shirt is torn open. Nell let out a surprised yelp as she fell towards the ground heavily, now topless as her wedding shirt is still dangling against the tree branch.

She frantically tried to cover up her chest as she ran towards the same bushes that Iris was hiding in. She quickly jumps in and a few seconds later, both of the girls meekly poke their heads out to look at the only male in their party.

Edge sighs before rubbing his head awkwardly. "Well, now we all know why we should not wear wedding gowns into battle," he spoke sheepishly.

Suddenly, the threesome found that their bodies appears to be fading away from the background.

"Crap! Our time here in the Alterworld has run out!" Edge swore. If their time has run out, the party will automatically be transported right in front of the Alterworld's entry gate.

One thing's for sure… They're going to have a hard time going back home.

This will be heard all over town and in the news by tomorrow, they were sure of it.

The moral of this story… DON'T ever wear a wedding gown unless if you're getting married. That's the only thing it's made for. For other things… it's a bad luck charm.

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