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Ch:2 Sexy Robe

It was a quiet night at the city of Kavoc, with only the sound of chirping insects from outside breaking the silence. Their songs were peaceful and soothing… very much unlike the loud and raucous (and decidedly ear-shattering) 'singing' of Hagel from the weapon shop. It is true, as anyone who is not deaf would prefer the songs of the late night insects better, as their songs were peaceful and soothing to the ears of anyone who was not awake at that time of night.

Lita Blanchimont was one of them.

The teenage female brunette stared up at the ceiling with a tired sigh, turning from side to side in hopes of finding a comfortable position sleep with. She was unsuccessful, so she settled for looking up at the ceiling again with an annoyed sigh; her arms spread wide on either side of her, and her long brown hair sprawled out along the pillows.

She should have a blissful sleep filled with pleasant dreams by now. Mull was gone, the town was rebuilding with everyone helping, and the entire party was safe and well. Even Arlin, who they all thought was dead, was there with them now. The party had heard rumors about him appearing in a lone dungeon far from here, and they had sought him out to find out that the rumor was true.

The party had all decided to stay together longer to help with the rebuilding of the town, as well as tie up some loose ends before going on on their own ways, so they all were staying at the base, just like before.

Lita's happy, she really is. In fact, she even expected to get a good night's sleep by now…

…but she's just feeling so damn uncomfortable with her current sleepwear at that moment.

Lita let out a quiet groan (not wanting to wake the others in the separate rooms, the walls were not really all that thick) as she thought about the… the 'sexy robe' (or as Veola had enthusiastically named it) that she was wearing right now.

Normally, Lita would swear to the Mana Spirits and to any other divine entity that she would never, not even in a million years, even thinkabout wearing the cursed thing (though Delsus would say otherwise, the pervert)… but if it hadn't been for Norn…

"This sucks…" She closed her eyes when she remembered what the feline-girl had done when the party was on their way back to Kavoc after their battle with Amalgam. It had gotten late, so the party had agreed to set up camp before continuing their way back to Kavoc.

Somewhere during the night, when it was Lita's turn to keep watch for a while. She had changed into her sleepwear yet, though she did leave it out next to her bag when she was done with night watch.

Norn, who was already asleep that time, had thrown off her blanket when she had tossed rather forcefully in her sleep. Noticing that she was missing a blanket, the half-asleep and exhausted young girl had reached out and grabbed what she thoughtwas her missing blanket. In actuality, it was Lita's only sleeping gown. Unfortunately for the claw-wielding female, Norn was not aware of that fact.

The brunette teenager had entered their tent, only to see her favorite nightgown being drooled and chewed on, as well as some tears courtesy of Norn's sharp claws. To put it simply, Lita no longer has any desire to wear that nightgown again, in the condition that it was.

So that had left Lita with no choice but to sleep in her blood-stained, dirty purple battle attire for that night. Marietta does not carry any extra clothing (she only packs what is needed for herself), and she doesn't want to ask any of the boys for their clothes either.

After arriving in Kavoc the next day, Lita had immediately entered their house and slipped on a new outfit that was similar to the one she usually wore before going out to purchase a new nightgown for herself. Unfortunately, most of the clothing stores were closed, as the owners were helping with the reconstruction of the town. And she didn't want to rely on any of Veola's wacky outfits either.

So when night had fallen, Lita had grudgingly slipped into the only sleep-wear she has left with her at that time, and here she was now. The others were unaware of what she was wearing at that moment, and Lita planned to keep it that way. The sooner morning comes, the better.

Frustrated at her sleepless state, Lita threw off her covers before swinging her legs over to the side of the bed and sitting up. Maybe a glass of water would help… everyone should be asleep by now, so Lita won't have to worry about anyone seeing her in the humiliating sleep-wear now.

With that in mind, Lita quietly stepped out of the room, making sure to keep her steps light to prevent waking anyone up. After walking past everyone's rooms (she noted that Delsus was snoring quite loudly from his own, and had to stop herself from chuckling), she finally arrived at the dark kitchen. After lighting up a candle there, Lita pulled a glass from one of the shelves before filling it with tap water.

Satisfied, she turned off the tap before raising the glass to her lips and started drinking the cool liquid eagerly.

"Uhh… Lita?" A very familiar voice sounded from behind her, forcing her to stiffen in shock.

'Oh no… please don't let it be who I think it is… please don't let it be who I think it is!'

With the glass still pressed to her lips, Lita spun around so fast, her hair nearly whipped her cheeks. There, standing in front of the kitchen door with a confused and slightly dazed look on his face, was Klein Kiesling. The blonde alchemist stood there silently, blinking several times to get rid of the sleep in them. When he finally noticed what Lita was wearing, his blue eyes slowly widened as he became more awake.

The sexy-robe left very little to the imagination. The robe was a light baby-blue blue in color, and had only stopped right past below the stomach. There were no buttons or zippers on it… the robe was only held together by a singly tiny pink ribbon at the neck-line, but that is enough to give Klein a full view of Lita's legs and her torso. Her breasts nearly peeked out from the robe, making Klein to start blushing. The only body-parts that were covered were Lita's arms, thanks to the robe's frilly sleeves.

If that wasn't enough, the blue robe was completely see-through. If it weren't so dark in the kitchen, Klein may have seen much more than what he had bargained for.

"Ah… uhh... I thought… you were…" Klein immediately began stammering, his mind a jumbled mess right now. "I mean… it's late, and I- well… came out here to… um… read, because, ah~" He coughed, finding a very hard time to tear his eyes away from Lita's body, only embarrassing Lita further. "You look… no… wh-what I meant to say was…"

Unfortunately for the poor teenage male, he did not speak fast enough. Spitting out her drink and spraying it all the floor… Lita let out a shrill scream.

"KLEEEEIN~!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" The blonde winced it that, trying to get something out to defend himself, but failing miserably. "WHO SAID YOU CAN LOOK! GET OUT! GET OUT~!!"

Raising up her glass, a scarlet-faced Lita threw it at the alchemist, who jumped back to avoid it. The glass shattered into a million pieces on the floor.

To make things worse, the sound of running footsteps can be heard, before the door to the kitchen slammed open.

Arlin, with his hand on the sword next to him stepped in, looking more than ready to battle any intruders if necessary. He immediately stopped in the doorway when he saw only the two teenagers in the kitchen though, and his eyebrows furrowed with confusion.

"Is something the matter here?" The swordsman asked, his crimson eyes looking from Klein to Lita. After seeing the brunette's choice of clothing however, his eyes immediately focused back on Klein. There was an awkward silence between the three of them for a moment, before Arlin let out a quiet sigh, lowering his sword.

"I suppose not… I will leave you now." Closing his eyes, Arlin turned to leave the kitchen, only to stop when the door was suddenly was thrown open again, and Delsus and Marietta rushed in.

"What the hell happened!?" Delsus immediately asked after he entered the room.

"I thought I heard someone screa-" Marietta abruptly stopped talking when she saw Lita's 'interesting' sleep-wear at that moment. And, much to Lita's horror, Delsus immediately took notice too.

He couldn't help it. He really couldn't. Delsus had to make a comment about all this!

"Well, well now… looks like some of us are up to some late night activities here!" He laughed jokingly, and the alchemist and the claw-wielding girl blushed even more than before, if that was even possible.

Shaking his head, Arlin chose that moment to silently leave the room; already bracing himself for the screaming that will inevitably start next as he walked back to his room.



Picking up another glass from the shelves, Lita threw it towards the offending archer, who took the hint and immediately scrambled out of the kitchen, with a blushing Klein soon following him after.

Back in the kitchen, a very flushed-looking Lita was breathing heavily from all the screaming she let out just now. Quietly, Marietta took off the robe that she was wearing, revealing a dark-violet nightgown underneath, before draping it around the younger girl's shoulders. Even though she did not show it, Lita was glad for the extra clothing.

"Men are all so dirty-minded!" She huffed, blowing some of her bangs out of her eyes.

"Just relax, and go back to bed. And then the both of us can go shopping tomorrow for some more… suitable night wear for you." The red-haired knight patted Lita's shoulders in a comforting gesture, and the brunette sighed.

"…Help me think of something to get back at Delsus another time?" Lita asked hopefully, a mischievous smirk now spreading across her lips, and the older female chuckled.

"Why not? I'm sure it will be… fun." Marietta smiled back at the other girl.

From his bedroom, Delsus suddenly shuddered before getting back to his bed. "Must be just me," he remarked, oblivious to the two plotting females back in the kitchens.

And in Klein's bedroom, a certain wood mana was laughing hysterically as his master lumbered back to his bed, still blushing.

"Popo… never remind me of this again, alright?" Klein asked tiredly, and the fairy snorted.

"Whatever you say, ol' buddy!"

Oh… he can't wait to tell Pilke and the other manas about this!


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