A/N: Hey everyone, I wanted to redo my story "Come Together" so it could be fresher, better, and more enjoyable. I hope that you like it. Read and enjoy.

Some people might say that I was running away. Running away from my responsibilities, running away from my problems, but everyone could agree that I was just plain running. And they may be right about that. I was running. I think when you can no longer stand to look at the people you once considered family without wanting to cry, you have a reason to leave. When you can't even stand to look at yourself in the mirror, I think you have a reason to leave. And when you can't put the effort of leaving your home because you know when you do everyone will look at you like your trouble, you have a reason to leave. All I knew is that I couldn't stand being in New Jersey were I'm known as Alexandria Flores; Rafael "The Florist" Flores's daughter.

I needed to breathe . . .

I needed to leave.

Abuela give me strength on what I have to do.

I decided that fate deciding on where I was going to go. Jez, my grandma would be proud. My future was going to be decided by a spinning globe and me touching a spot on it with my eyes closed. Opening my eyes I saw where I was destined to be: England.