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Alex couldn't decide what she was going to do about the offer from Alan. Sure it sounded like a great idea, and lord knows she needed the money, but she still wasn't sure. Maybe it was because the offer was so sudden and out of the blue, or maybe it was because it has been a long time since anyone had been so nice to her. Either way she told Alan that she would think about it, and would tell him what she decided by the end of the week.

The rain had stopped when the gang left the pub. Alex decided to walk to the hotel that night after declining an offer from Ed to give her a ride back. The hotel wasn't that far away and Soap volunteered to walk with her just in case there were any "baddies" around.

The night smelled fresh as Alex inhaled a deep gulping breath. There was no noise other than the light footsteps' of Alex and Soap. Calm. She couldn't remember the last time she was this calm. Relaxed even . . .

Alex looked over at Soap and noticed that he wasn't a big talker at the bar, didn't have as big a personality as Bacon or Tom, or even Ed. He was the silent one. The Tonto of the group if you will. He was the type of person who would talk only when he had something significant to say. He didn't need endless, meaningless, small talk. Soap didn't seem to mind silence which made it easy for Alex to be around him because she didn't have to struggle to think up a topic of conversation, . . . or dodge any unwanted questioning. Or so she thought.

They had walked all the way to the hotel entrance were Alex was about to say goodnight to Soap when he decided to ask her some things that she had hoped to avoid that night.

"So, I noticed you never really told us why you came to England." He said looking at her a little more than curiously.

"Oh, well, I guess you could say I just needed a change of scenery." Alex said simply as she walked into the hotel, followed quickly by the now more curious Soap.

Walking through the lobby Alex found Ronny now asleep over the hotel check-in counter, not wanting to disturb the boy Alex left the umbrella by his snoring head.

"Some security he is." Soap commented as he followed Alex who was quickly climbing up the stairs. She was hoping that he would drop the subject, but he didn't. He easily kept up with her pace and went up the stairs.

"So, you came over three thousand miles for a change of scenery?" Soap asked dubiously, clearly not buying her explanation. "For some reason, I just can't see you doing that. Now come on Alex. Why did you really come here? Is it because of the fish and chips?"


"Is it because of our 'fantastic' weather?"


"Is it the tea, you are an obsessive tea drinker then." She simply shook her head as she reached a hall filled with numbered doors. "So you came for no particular reason? I don't buy that. Tell me honestly Alex. You can trust me. Why would you come all this way -?"

"Just drop it Soap!"Alex said, turning around to him, clearly fed up with Soap's questioning. Any sense of calm she had within her was torn apart, and all that was left were uncontrolled emotions.

She closed her eyes and leaned on a door that Soap guessed led to her room. When Alex finally opened her eyes, she looked at him with tired, watery eyes. "Just drop it." She said quietly.


Soap looked at her with sympathetic eyes. He could tell that life wasn't being very kind on Alex for quite some time now and she was trying to find a way out. She was trying to start anew. That was something he could sympathesize with. His life wasn't filled with peaches and cream either, it was more like paprika and cayenne. His friends knew that he had a somewhat dark past that he never talked about. He did things that made him feel guilty for a very long time, but he was trying to get over it, just like Alex was trying to get over whatever happened in her life.


Soap wasn't looking at Alex with fake sympathy or pity, but with understanding. And even though they didn't know each other long, in that moment a bond was formed between the two. She knew that whatever she told Soap he wouldn't judge her and for that she was grateful.

They stayed like that for a few moments, simply looking at one another until Soap yet again broke the silence between them. "Alex, if you don't ever want to tell me why you came here that's fine. But I want you to know, that if you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm here. You can trust me."

She did want to tell him, she really did. She wanted to let this burden off her shoulders and just tell anybody what happened. But she wasn't ready, she just wasn't ready. She offered Soap a sad smile instead and said, "I know that Soap. Thank you."

She opened her door ready to go in and take a long needed rest when she stopped and faced green-eyed, shaggy haired Soap. "Do you think I should take that bartending job Alan offered me?"

"If you are worried about him or any other bloke over there, don't be. Alan yells a lot but he's harmless and if anyone gives you grief than it's lucky for you that you have your own personal set of bodyguards at your beck and call. And I think that goes especially for Tom. From the way he was drooling all over you tonight I get the feeling he fancies you."

"Really, and I thought he was being subtle." Alex shared a smile with Soap and said goodnight.


As Alex was resting on her bed later on that night, she was thinking about the offer from Alan. She was arguing with herself because she almost felt like she was getting a hand out from someone who felt sorry for her but she knew that that wasn't what it was at all. Alan was simply being sweet and helpful to her, and she would be around the guys, who were really great to her. But, she reminded herself, she was trying to be independent now and only rely on herself. However, how can she rely on herself when she had almost no had no money? Boy was she confused.

She kept going back and forth until she made a deal with herself: If she couldn't go out and find a job by the end of the week then she would accept Alan's offer. At least with this she could say that she tried to do this herself.

Snuggling in to her pillows and close to sleep, Alex decided that tomorrow she would search and get a job . . . At least she hoped.


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