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There is a fine line between reality and fantasy. It's so thin though, that it can easily be broken. Raegan, however, didn't believe in that. She did wish that she could escape to a different world away from her job and her backstabbing friends. There was no actual reason to stay here, so why should she? Her only time of the week that she had a break was when Supernatural was on, she loved that show to death and she treated Thursday as if it were the holiest day ever.

Today though, wasn't Thursday, and Raegan got out of the bed half-heartedly, deciding it best to maybe just skip work or drive in and quit.

'Yeah, good thinking. Then how will you pay the mortgage?' she thought.

She entered the small closet, choosing a black slim tank top, a pair of tight wash low waist jeans, and her combat boots. When it came to wardrobe she kept it pretty simple, clothes that show off her curves, but nothing too skimpy.

"Grocery store, home, then work," she listed, snatching her keys and wallet from the nightstand.

Not even bothering to brush her elbow length jet-black hair, since it was fine the way it was, she didn't skip out on placing her usual amount of eyeliner…heavy. That was it, no other makeup. She was always told that with how her hair was, and how blue her eyes were she didn't need any other. Once that was finished, Raegan headed outside and into her beat up 1973 Pontiac Trans Am.

"Will you start today? That's the question." She grunted as she twisted the key into the ignition, hearing it sputter and try to attempt at living. When it died on her completely she sat in disbelief.

So instead of car transportation, she walked to the store, it wasn't like it was far, maybe a few long miles separated from civilization, but Raegan made it in the end. The feeling of the cool air conditioner hit her hot and sweaty skin as she entered the little grocery store—okay fine; the closest thing she reached was a gas station that happened to be a supermarket.

"You attack left, I'll attack right," a voice murmured.

Instantly, Raegan's head snapped up from where she was searching the drink area. 'Jensen?' she thought, confused.

She couldn't help but sneak around the corner to the next aisle, finding that Jensen Ackles was indeed there. There he was, looking and grabbing snacks and stuffing them in his arms for better chances at holding more stuff. Raegan didn't know what to do, her eyes never left his very real and physical form, leaving out the whole trying to be inconspicuous thing. Suddenly, he glanced at her, making her suck in a breath sharply and turn out of the aisle, managing to run into non other than…

"Oh sorry," Jared said.

"It's okay, it's my fault. Just try to ignore another crazy fan."

"Fan?" he asked, his face screwing up in confusion.


Before Raegan to explain more, Jensen came up from behind with a grin that was anything but shy, like he was. That part puzzled Raegan; in fact, the whole appearance of them puzzled her. They were dressed like their characters Sam and Dean off their show, not to mention, they were kind of acting like it too, what with Jensen grinning that way.

"Excuse my brother. I'm Dean," he said.

Raegan didn't need time to think this through logically and how this couldn't possibly be real, all she did know is that this was really happening, she was face to face with the Winchester brothers, and there was only one thing she was going to do.

A loud slap sounded throughout the small store area of the gas station, and Raegan glared at the taller sibling as he rubbed his red cheek with a pained expression. Dean looked shocked though.

"I know that I ran into you but that doesn't mean you get to--," Sam began.

"Shut up Sam. I don't care what you have to say, because frankly I am very pissed off at you," Raegan snapped.

"Whoa, lady, we don't even know you. And how did you know his--," Dean started.

"Name? Oh everyone knows this demon slut sleeping with jackass whom you call your innocent and self riotous brother!"

Raegan couldn't believe she was yelling at the boys, she loved the show, but there were so many emotions she wanted to get out and let loose on them that she never got the chance to when they were on the screen.

"You slept with a demon?" Dean asked, turning on his brother.

"No. No. What the hell? Ms. I think you have it all wrong," Sam said.

"Ruby! Don't play dumb with me! You slept with you Ruby!"

The Winchesters instantly grabbed her, covering her mouth with their hands as they tried to restrain her. Raegan didn't like be handled this way and so she struggled, noticing how easy though the brothers were able to hold her down and shuffle her out of the store, all the while giving the clerk a good excuse as to why they were doing it. One moment she was in the store, now she was in the front seat, in between them, in the Impala.

"Sam, get the duck tape from the backseat, or something to hold her down," Dean ordered, starting the car and pulling out of the area and onto the open road.

"Let me go! You may be the people from my favorite show, but I seriously do not like--."

Raegan's words were cut off once the duck tape Sam had found went onto her mouth; her hands rose to take it off, but were also contained in the duck tape. She swiveled in her seat so then her legs could come up, her boots making contact with Sam's chest, pushing him as far into the passenger door as possible, while her head currently rested in Dean's lap. Dean stared down at her in amazement and for a brief moment her eyes met his and she softened.

How many times does a person actually get the opportunity to rest their head in Dean's lap and stare into his eyes, while he was driving, which wasn't safe…?

Raegan realized a little too late that with how quickly she softened, Sam held tight onto her now taped legs that were resting in his own lap. "Damn, I think she bruised a rib," Sam winced, rubbing his torso gently.

Raegan huffed in defeat; there was just no use at trying to struggle when in the hands of the Winchester boys.

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