If she could scream she would have done so. Raegan would feel Lilith testing her mind, trying to break the barrier to get into her deepest thoughts. Know what she did and it was pure torture. Everything was tossed at her and when she wouldn't give up the information on the future of the Winchester brothers, she wasn't skilled on keeping all the other things from slipping. Her life, the moments in time at her job, love lives, her crush on the brothers, her friends, her family…it was horrible how she was made to replay so many things and see them twisted to make her spill. When the onslaught stopped she was able to breathe.

Lilith observed her clean hands and sighed. "It doesn't have to be this way Raegan. Either way I get what I want."

A punch at the corner she was shoved into, a perfect little boxed room in the head, made Lilith's eyes roll over white. Raegan never wanted to run into this bitch. It was easier watching on television wanting to kill her, maim her and curse at her. And no it was not like she was being tough, cocky or anything, it was more she was trying to survive. Who was to say that if Lilith broke through there wouldn't be death that led to Raegan's freedom in the end.

"Just because you killed someone for the first time doesn't mean you are any better at keeping things in. Maybe I should wind up going back to them. They might just lead me to you giving me answers." Fear raced into her heart and Lilith picked up on it. "Hit a nerve did I? Wonder if it will work." A ram into that wall and she grinned, standing up to undo the bow in her hair. "What? Don't want to see the boys? I thought you were liking this."

Steps coming closer told her that one of her followers had arrived. Turning to face them, Lilith dropped the ribbon and began to remove her dress. "Everything is in motion."

"Good. I'll be ready for travel soon. In the meantime, take a gift." Motioning with her hand to the family she had tied up and caged. Walking behind the paper screen to change her clothes into what Raegan wore naturally she listened to the muffled cries of help and fright as if it were a lullaby.


The brothers were flipping out. They had tried calling, they had tried to look for her and they had run up with nothing. One moment she was with them and then next she was gone. It had been nearly two weeks since she had disappeared. Dean kept mentioning that maybe she went back to her life and that she wasn't cut out for this after all. That maybe it was a mistake for taking her with them in the first place. She did kill someone for the first time and it made sense to Dean. Sam on the other hand thought differently.

If anything Raegan would have been shaken up and would have stayed. Why go back to her life at her home after that? It just didn't seem like her that was all. "We have to keep looking."

"No. We have to do the job. That is what we are supposed to be doing Sam. Face it Rae is gone and now we can get back to what we do best without worrying about this kind of thing."

"She was helping us Dean. She knew things before we even did. We need her."

Dean looked at him and he stared hard. He didn't want to admit that Sam was right, but he was stubborn. Opening his mouth as he turned his head back to the road he slammed the brakes and held on tightly to the steering wheel as he cursed. Coming to a complete stop he stared wide-eyed at what was barely touching his front bumper. Raegan.


Lilith watched as the brothers stared at her inside the Impala. It was as if they had never seen the world before, like brand new babies. That almost made her smile at the thought but she stared in turn until they removed themselves from the interior and walked around to where she was. Stepping back she met both of their gazes. "Sam…Dean…" Not getting anything else out she was engulfed into their arms, no way out, nowhere to go. "You've been looking for me."

Sam pulled back and Dean let go as if he never even acted with his brother. "Of course. Although Dean was ready to give up."

Raising her brows she directed her head in his direction. "Gave up on me that easily?"

"Where were you?" The question from Sam brought her back to the tall hunter.

Sam Winchester. The one she was looking for, her contender and the weak little boy that had others against her with high hopes. Like Ruby, what did she see in him? What power did he hold that could outweigh Lilith's? So far she could see and sense nothing, he was a puppy to the tiger. "I needed time to myself. You know…after what happened with Gordon."

"You didn't even let us know. Leave a note or anything."

"I wasn't aware that I was being babysat."

'Sam! Hello! Please know something is wrong! Lilith is going to do horrible things to you guys if you don't get away now! Leave me behind, just go to safety!'

Raegan was frustrated. They were right in front of her, looking at her, listening to her but it wasn't her. Not entirely. How could they believe this bull shit? They wouldn't and Lilith was too blind to see it. Or was she? Maybe there was more to her than Raegan thought. Listening as Lilith remedied the situation from her words and tone they led her into the backseat of the car to head to a motel. The explanation, about how she wasn't herself anymore, how the experience changed her. Almost like a psychotic break. The question that came was how she found them or how they found her and that could not be explained.

When things had no answer they tended to go into that red flag vault in the Winchester's heads so Raegan waited for them to pull over and turn around with holy water, guns and an exorcism ready on the tongue. Nothing. Were they playing it cool? Waiting till the motel instead of the roadside? The brothers were about as hard to read as a damn science equation.

Once they arrived at the motel and signed in, it was the big moment when they walked through the door. The boys again did nothing but Lilith could sense their silent talking to each other with a couple looks. "Have you figured it out yet?"

That seemed to startle them. Dean turned first to stare right into her blue eyes. "Who are you?"

"I think Sammy boy here knows. Don't you?"

Sam tightened his shoulders and she watched the slight blight of fear in his eyes as he said her name. "Lilith."

"What? Who's Lilith?" Dean asked.


Lilith rolled her eyes to pure white as she smiled coyly. "The conversation between Rae and Sam of course. The demon that holds you very contract Dean. I wanted to meet the both of you. Sure I wanted to wait till the end game or at least somewhere in the middle. To watch you struggle harder to find a way to save your brother. Raegan seemed a better opportunity. Interesting how she knows so much about the two of you more than yourselves or anyone else. Something about a television show…finding it is impossible but there might be a reason to that for those of us in it. Or at least that is what I am deducing."

"Let her go."

Sam was always the one to be the knight in shining armor as Dean seethed and his fists balled, clenching and unclenching just itching to have his 45 in his hand. Lilith tilted her head up and they flew to opposite sides of the room to be held there. "I'm not a normal demon boys. If you even try exorcising me it won't work, at least not with the new ink. Think of it like this, I'm giving all three of you an ultimatum. This poor innocent I am wearing has information. Information that I want and if I don't get it let's just say that when I find no use to keep playing this game I will remove myself by making an incision over that ink and through the femoral artery."

'Oh god…I'm going to die. Either way, I'm going to die.'

"Now that you realize the situation, how about we start with a little game called Operation?"